It was a Saturday night and I was antsy. It had been six days since I had gotten my last load of cum and I was thirsty. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since I'm such a cum whore and size queen. For those of you who haven't read some of my other adventures, my name is Chad. My earlier adventures were based on my time in community college but a lot has happened since then. I'm still 5'10" and have kept my weight at 165 through regular workouts and long runs. While my eyes are still blue/green the color of my hair has changed many times. When it's natural, I've got dirty blonde hair. But over the years I have lightened it, darkened it, highlighted it, let it grow out and also cut it short. Right now it's in its natural state but with a few highlights. I keep it at a length that I can have it be appropriate for work but also allows me to give it the messy look when I go out and about in search of cock. I've also recently had a mini crisis when I turned 30 in March. I'm worried that I'm getting close to my "best by" date.

Since graduating from State, I've held several jobs but currently work in human resources for a large, national bank. I get to travel quite a bit and usually have a lot of luck hooking up with guys in the hotel bar or on Craigslist. Depending on the city or town, I may also find an adult bookstore with glory holes. Other times I may hit a local cruise bar depending on what time my first meeting is the next day.

This particular week I hadn't been traveling and had been working a lot of hours so I needed some cock bad. I went out to one of the Levi and leather bars in town with some of my friends on Saturday. It was the usual crowd. I'd been fucked or had fed off of most of the hot men in the bar. I've become the kind of guy that doesn't like to hook up with the same guy twice, college had taught me that it doesn't work out well. Those of you who have read my earlier adventures know what I mean, I referred to him as Jake the Asshole.

Since I was determined to get laid, I made sure I looked good. I put on one of my favorite pair of tight jeans that had strategic rips in all the right places. Since we were going to a Levi and leather bar, I decided to only put on a black vest that I kept unbuttoned showing off my smooth, taut chest and my muscled arms. Before I left my condo, I made sure my hair was mussed the way that I like it.

Luckily when we got to the bar, I saw a guy that I'd never seen before. He looked to be about 6' or 6'1" and maybe 200 pounds. He looked to be a few years younger than me and had brown hair and eyes and was sporting some stubble on his face. Our eyes met across the bar and he gave me a little crooked smile. At that point I was hooked. I made my way around the bar until I was few feet from him. He was wearing a pair of worn jeans that fit him perfectly. The shirt that was tucked into the waist of his jeans wasn't that tight but it still showed off that he had a nice upper body. He had the sleeves of his shirt rolled up enough so that his guns were partially showing. Nice biceps get me horned up whenever I see, and hopefully, get a chance to touch them.

The man I was now focused on finished talking to some guy at the bar and turned to me. I introduced myself and he told me that his name was Henry but everyone called him Hank. The combination of his jeans, his biceps and his name had my mouth watering and my ass twitching. He told me that he lived north of Phoenix in Prescott and that he worked construction. Could this guy be any more of a hot top cliché?

Prescott is not really rural but it's not urban in the slightest. There really wasn't much of a gay scene in Prescott so he and his friend, Billy, had driven down for the weekend to hit some of the clubs. They both worked construction and had run into each other last year at another bar in Phoenix and found out they were both gay. They also found out that both of them were strictly tops so only a friendship developed. The friend was pretty fine as well but not as hot as Hank. He seemed to be a really nice guy as well. We talked about all sorts of stuff and he bought me a drink. Hank was drinking Bud, something me and friends would never do, for us the name of the beer had to be followed by the word light. I could tell that he was in to me by the way he'd put his hand on my shoulder or wrap an arm around my neck when we were talking to some of the people I know. After a few beers he told me he had to go to the john. Being the slut that I am, I followed him into the john to try to get a glimpse of his cock, which he made sure I saw....very nice! He started stroking his dick and stepped a bit back from his urinal.

"Go ahead and feel it, you need to know what you are going to get later tonight." I glanced around and then toward the door. "Who gives a fuck? Anyone who comes in is going to be jealous that you got me or that I got you." My fingers wrapped around his growing piece of meat. My fingers couldn't touch and it had to be about 7" long. A couple of guys did come through the john and either smiled or shot daggers with their eyes at me, fuck 'em.

One guy, a little bigger than Hank in height and weight started to rub the growing bulge in his jeans as he watched me gently stroke Hank's dick until it was completely hard and now about 8.5" and almost as thick as a beer bottle. Hank looked into the guy's face and said "Hey man, go ahead and pull it out. I'd like to see how Chad here can work a cock. I want to know what I can look forward to in a little while."

The guy pulled his meat out and started to stroke it. While it wasn't the size of Hank's, the guy had nothing to be embarrassed about. Hank but a hand on my shoulder turning me toward the guy and pushing me down. I didn't want to put my knees on the gross floor of the bathroom so I squatted and held on to the guy's thighs as I moved my mouth closer to the head of his cock. I wrapped my lips around the crown of the guy's dick and tickled the underside with my tongue eliciting a moan. Hank moved his hand to the back of my head and began to push me farther down the guy's stalk. When my nose touched the guy's pubes and I hadn't gagged, Hank whistled and said, "Man, I know I'm going to have some fun tonight." Hank kept his hand on the back of my head as the guy I was sucking started to fuck my face increasing his speed and pressure with each forward stroke.

Hank said to the guy, "Dude, don't cum in his throat, I want to see you drop your load on his tongue." A crowd had gathered around us, some were just watching while others either were groping their bulges or pulling out their cocks. Hank ruffled my hair, "Chad man, you really know how to take a cock. I'm ready to blow my load just watching you."

The man with his cock in my mouth pulled back, he must have been ready to cum. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out just in time to catch the first of what turned out to be four strong shots of sweet cum. While some of it dripped onto the bathroom floor, I was able to keep most of it in my mouth. Hank ruffled my hair again, "Let me watch you swallow it" which I did with pleasure. "That was some hot fucking sucking."

I was still in my squatting position, licking some cum from my lips, when one of the bartenders came into the john, "What the fuck guys, we could lose our liquor license with shit like this going on. As I started to straighten up, the men that had been around us watching either left the john immediately or shoved their cocks back into their pants before also leaving the john, leaving just Hank, me and the bartender. The bartender locked the bathroom door. "Man, you do this again without telling me first or doing me first, I'll throw your ass out of here so fast your head will spin. If you and your friend here don't want to be thrown out right now, you better take care of this." The bartender was rubbing the outline of his cock that snaked down his right leg. I wasn't going to turn down another serving of cum so I took care of the bartender the best I could as Hank watched again.

When we got back to the bar, Billy had picked up a rather skinny twink that I had seen around town but didn't know. The kid had a pretty face and a nice looking ass. Billy told Hank that he was going to take the kid back to their hotel room and asked Hank if he could stay away for a couple of hours and take a cab back to the hotel. I used that to take control of the situation, I told Hank he was welcome to come to my place. Win-Win for everyone. Hank had another can of Bud while I continued to nurse the vodka and diet coke I had been drinking before the fun in the john.

If I hadn't been driving I would have been giving Hank head in the car after we left the bar. The best that I could do was put my hand on his bulge for the duration of the drive until I had to put my car in park. We couldn't get up to my condo fast enough. In the elevator Hank started to nibble my neck as both of his hands played with my ass with a couple of his fingers finding the rips that were exposing some of the skin on my ass cheeks.

When we got to my condo and after I locked the door, Hank didn't waste any time getting me on my knees. He pulled his cock out through his zipper, not even opening his belt or unbuttoning the top of his jeans. Fuck, his cock was nice. Since we were both so horned up it didn't take long for him to shoot his first load, I let him watch as his first load coated my tongue and then I made a show of swallowing. While I was ready to go for round two, well actually round four, he wanted to relax a bit. Hank went over to my wall of windows and looked toward downtown Phoenix and asked if I had anything to drink before settling in on my couch. While he was sitting on the couch drinking one of my Coors Lights, which I keep around for friends, I enjoyed myself with unbuttoning his shirt. He had a hairy chest but he must shave because it was stubble, just like on his face. I tried to start giving him another blow job but that wasn't his plan. He told me to stand up and strip, which I did of course, slowly removing my vest, taking off my shoes and socks, and then stepping out of my ripped jeans. Then he had me finish undressing him. As I slid his shirt down his arms there was confirmation that his biceps were even more spectacular than I imagined.

He didn't stand up as I worked to get his jeans off. I unbuckled his belts and opened the top button of his jeans. I took off the shoes and socks from his feet. He raised his ass off of the couch so that I could pull his jeans down. I then saw that he was wearing a jock. He had pushed the pouch out of the way when he had pulled his cock out before. He raised his ass again so that I could pull the jock off. All the while I had been removing his clothes his cock had stiffened up again. Without clothes his cock looked even bigger. "You think you can ride this?"

I didn't want him to know that my ass had seen more cocks than I could even remember, so my response was, "I sure hope so". A smile crossed his face.

"Do you have any lube?" Not wanting him to know that I had tubes of lube scattered throughout my condo, I hurried to the bathroom and grabbed one, even though I could have grabbed the one that was in the drawer of my end table. I also grabbed a bottle of poppers since his cock was really thick and they would help me relax and then fuck like it had been months since the last dick had been up my ass.

I squeezed some lube on my hand and slicked up Hank's cock. He scooted forward slightly on the couch and I straddled him. He took the lube and put some on his fingers and began to explore and lube my twitching hole. First one finger entered me followed closely by a second. He moved his fingers around. "Your pussy is really tight." All those exercises I do to keep my ass tight really had paid off. A third finger entered my hole and he started to twist his fingers as my head rolled back and I whimpered. He pulled his fingers out and aimed the tip of his cock toward my waiting hole. Before I sat down on his cock I took two large sniffs of the poppers. My head almost immediately started to spin as my heart rate increased.

The tip of Hank's cock felt like a branding iron against the ring of my ass. I slowly began to lower myself onto his thick dick. Even though it was probably one of the thickest cocks my ass had stretched for, it felt great. I had my hands on Hank's hard pecs as I continued to slowly impale myself. Hank still had the fingers of one hand on the base of his cock. With the other hand he tweaked one of my nipples and then then the other.

When I was about half way down Hank's dick I stopped just to enjoy the feeling. Hank must have taken this as my unwillingness to take any more of his cock. "You're doing great buddy. I usually can't get guys to take even as much as you have." Wanting to let him think he had the biggest I had ever experienced, I pretended to take another hit of the poppers and slid a bit farther down his dick. Hank moaned "Oh, fuck." He removed his hand from my nipple and took the poppers from my hand and held it up to his nostrils. When he had finished he threw them to the side and started to buck his ass making more of his cock enter me. Hank started moaning "fuck, fuck, fuck".

Whether it was the poppers or my ability to take as much of Hank's cock as I had, he lost control. His hands moved to my hips and he pushed me down as he raised his ass. His entire cock was now deep within me. Between me trying to move my ass up and down his fine cock and his hips trying to thrust even deeper his frustration and urgency must have increased. He put both hands on my ass and started to stand. All his muscles were taut as he rose slowly from the couch. I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep from falling. Holding my ass firmly in his hands and with my hanging on, he carried me to the only other door in my condo besides the bathroom he had seen me use. We entered my bedroom and moved swiftly to the bed. He leaned forward and I fell back on to the bed. His cock never left my hole. With his feet planted firmly on the floor and my back against my comforter, Hank grabbed my ankles and pushed them back toward my head. Using my legs for leverage he began to pound my ass. With each movement, his cock would almost leave my ass but then he would ram it forward making sure I felt every millimeter that he had to give.

While the fucking wasn't brutal, it was definitely rough, the kind of fuck I like to have occasionally, well maybe more than occasionally. Sweat was dripping off of Hank's chest onto my abs. His eyes were tightly closed. I wanted to reach up to feel his sweat covered pecs but I didn't want to distract him, he was in the zone. Hank was old enough to know how to throw a fuck and young enough to have amazing stamina. His relentless jabbing of my prostate caused me to cum twice while he fucked me. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride.

Hank growled and then said, "I'm getting close man". Then after a few more thrusts and ragged breathes he asked "Do you want me to pull out and cum on you or fill your tank." I used my body to reply, I thrust my ass as hard as I could against his cock. With a final growl from Hank, I felt the walls of my ass get coated with Hank's thick, hot cream. I could feel three powerful spurts as Hank got as still as a statue. After a few more ragged breathes on both of our parts, Hank slide his cock slowly back and forth in my ass using his seed as the lubricant. When his cock finally started to soften and begin to slide from my ass, Hank collapsed on my chest totally covering my body under his. He had let go of my legs so I was able to lower them a bit on either side of his broad chest. When he started to regain control he flicked his tongue on one of my nipples and then the other. He moved his head up slightly and nipped and sucked on the skin over my collar bone. I was sure there would be a hickey there in the morning.

We laid like that for a while before Hank stood up. "Man that was incredible. I've never had a piece of ass that could take me like that." I started to sit up. "Don't get up, just get comfortable. I'll go get us some drinks. I'll be right back." While I scooted up the bed so that I was resting against the pile of pillows I have on my bed, I finally got to see Hank's ass. As he walked out of the bedroom I was fascinated watching the muscles of his ass tighten and then release with each step.

I heard the shower in my bathroom as Hank must have taken a quick rinse. It wasn't long before he returned with a towel wrapped around his waist and a can of Coors Light in one hand and a vodka and diet coke in the other. While he sipped his beer, I went in and took a quick shower myself.

We sat side by side on the bed sipping our drinks. I let my hands wander over his muscled body. He obviously was proud of his body because he made sure to flex a muscle when my hand was skimming over it. Soon my hand found its way back to Hank's cock which began to harden as I slowly dragged my finger across the pronounced vein that ran along the bottom of his dick. It wasn't long before his cock was hard as steel for the third time. He ultimately pushed my hand away and started getting out of bed.

"Where are you going?"

"To get the lube." That sentence made my ass twitch again.

"No worries, I have some more right here." He dropped the towel from around his waist and got back into bed. I pulled open the drawer to my night stand and grabbed one of my other bottles of lube. Hank noticed the dildo I kept in the drawer and reached over me to grab it. Luckily it wasn't one of my bigger ones. I didn't want him to think that I had had anything bigger than him in my ass.

"Rollover." I rolled on to my stomach with my head resting on my arms. "Spread your legs." I did and I could tell that he was on his knees between my legs. "Put one of those big pillows under lower stomach." Placing the pillow there raised my ass higher off the bed. I heard Hank squeeze some of the lube into his hand. He didn't rub it into my hole, instead he had covered the dildo with it and started to rub the dildo along my ass crack. After teasing me for a while, he place the head of the dildo against my hole and pushed it into my hole. I pushed back into it. "You are one horny little bastard."

Excruciatingly slow, he pushed and pulled the dildo in and out of my ass. Each time he pushed it a little farther but he would still pull it out all of the way before sliding it back in. There came a point when he stopped. I guessed that the dildo was about half the way into my ass. He grabbed my hips pulling my ass a little higher into the air and stuffed another pillow under me. I heard him squeeze out some more lube and heard the distinctive sound of lube being applied to a cock.

It felt like Hank was holding the dildo in place and then I felt the hot head of his cock push against my ass and the dildo. "I've always wanted to try this." I felt more pressure from his cock. "You ok? Do you need some more poppers?" I shook my head and said no before burying my face in a pillow to stop him from hearing me moan. Hank started to pull the dildo back a bit as he pushed his own cock with a little more force. The motion of both resulted in the head of his cock entering my ass ring with the dildo still within me. I'm not quite sure how he accomplished it but he would make what little of his cock was in my ass and the dildo move in opposite directions. Finally, even though I pride myself on being a size queen, I couldn't take it anymore and pulled forward until his cock popped out but the dildo was still inside me. "That was amazing. I hope I didn't hurt you too much."

"It's ok, just put your cock in and fuck the hell out of me", hich is exactly what he did. Even though he had only fucked me once, he knew how to take me to the edge then back off and then take me to the edge again. Since he had already given me two of his loads he was able to fuck me much longer and I enjoyed every minute. When he was close to coming he put more of his weight on my back. The feeling of his body against mine and his cock deep within me made me cum on the pillow. This time he pulled out and shot all over my back and ass. He grabbed the towel from the floor, cleaned his cock and then wiped the cum from my body. He laid down next to me or hot skin touching.

"Do you think I can get a cab this late?"

"You don't have to leave." He rolled on his side and pulled me to his chest. With his arm around me we both drifted off to sleep.

I was woken by the sound of a ring tone but not my own, I realized it was Hank's cell phone. I went out into the living room and was blinded by the light coming through my windows. I got the phone from the pocket of his jeans and brought it to him. My movement and the sound of his phone must have woken him because he was sitting up when I came back into the bedroom and handed him his phone.

It was Billy on the phone and they spoke for a minute then Hank asked me what my address was which he in turn told Billy. After hanging up he told me that Billy had to check out of the hotel since it was already 11 am and was coming to pick him up. We took a quick shower while I gave his morning wood a workout with my mouth. He put on his jeans and shirt. He shoved the jock into his back pocket. I put on a pair of nylon running shorts and a cropped tank and then went to make some coffee. As we drank our coffee, Hank asked me if I would consider servicing Billy and him at the same time. He said it was something they had talked about doing but never could work up their nerve when they came to the city clubbing. Even though my ass was sore I immediately agreed.

When Billy showed up he was wearing different clothes than he had been the previous night. He was still wearing jeans and boots but now was wearing a tight t-shirt. His shaggy hair was still a little wet from his shower. He looked damn hot. He was carrying a small overnight bag that he tossed to Hank, "I thought you'd like some clean clothes. I'm assuming the ones you were wearing last night might have gotten a little funky since you spent the night here." He said it with a grin on his face.

I went into the kitchen to pour Billy a cup of coffee and I could hear their voices. They must have talked about Hank's idea since Billy already had his t-shirt off when I came back into the living room. Unlike Hank, he was completely smooth with a chiseled chest and a set of biceps to match Hank's. He pulled of his jeans and boxers and displayed a nice piece of meat. Based on cock size these two men could have been brothers.

Hank put one of his meaty hands on my back and pushed me toward his friend. I got down on my knees as Billy stroked his cock to his full size. As I pulled Billy's cock into my mouth Hank said "You're not going to believe what he can do with his mouth but his ass is going to blow you away." While I worked on Billy's cock I heard Hank remove his jeans. Together they moved me to the arm of my couch so that Hank could get to my ass while I continued to work on Billy's cock with my mouth. It didn't take long for Hank to find the bottle of lube we had used the previous evening and it wasn't long before I felt his fingers in my ass again followed shortly by his cock. Over the next hour I got two loads from each of my construction hunks in both my mouth and my ass.

When they had finally finished with both of my openings, Hank and I shared cell phone numbers and he told me that he would text me before they came to town again. Maybe I would break my rule and enjoy both of these cocks again. Maybe they would even bring another friend.

Be Well,


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