I worked at a fitness equipment store. We sold all types of fitness equipment. Treadmills and rowing machines etc. I 'm also a personal trainer at the local gym. . I also supply other services if guys ask me too. I'm Jon 21years old 140lbs (64kg) 5'10" (178cm) athletic build. Oh! And I'm gay.

I was busy working away at the store when I noticed these 2 fit guys walking around looking at the equipment. They looked like father and son. I had plenty of time to check them out. It was obvious that they had been working out for sometime. They both had what looked like reasonably well-toned bodies underneath their tight fitting T-shirts and shorts. They both looked incredibly sexy. I smiled at the thought of them pumping weights with their strong arms while they fucked me.

The bulge in their shorts was already having an effect on me making me have a semi hard. The father I guess was 45ish 200lbs (91kg) same height as me. Tattoos on his arms and legs. The son was about the same age as me, and the same height. About 180lbs (82kg).Toned with more of an athletic body.

They eventually came over to me and started to ask about the equipment that they were interested in. The father did most of the talking. The aroma they gave off was intoxicating. The father had the perfect bubble butt. "Like it if you would demonstrate some of the equipment for us" he asked. "Can ya take your shirt off when you do it so we can see which muscles you are working on." I thought it not an unusual request even though no one had asked before. I did a warm up then worked out on the equipment they were interested in.

I demonstrated 6 pieces of equipment. They said they would have all six I was feeling pleased, it had been worth it. "Ok let me see you flex your muscles. Arms first." Asked the father. He reached over and felt my arm muscles. He looked into my eyes and said, "they feel hard." He looked over to his son; "feel his muscles." When his son touched me I reacted with an uncontrollable shudder. His son looked at me and smiled. I was enjoying the adulation and the touching as they ran their hands over my torso and legs.

My dick was tenting in my shorts they could not have avoided seeing it. Ok said the father; "we have seen all we want to see. I want you personally to deliver it. Can you arrange delivery?" he asked. "Ok I will arrange that for you." I said.

"I'm Jed and this is my son brad, and you are?" He asked. "I'm Jon." I told them I could deliver it tomorrow. "Hope to see you tomorrow Jon", he said looking down at my hard tenting dick.

They were farmers lived just out of town. I made the delivery the next day. "Over there boy that's where its going, in the old stable", said Jed. "We're setting up our own gym", maybe you can give us some advice on training," I agreed I would. I did wonder why they needed my help, they appeared to be doing ok, and they were both reasonably well toned.

A few days later I got a call from them. They wanted me to call round and help with their work out. They had done a good job the equipment was all set up; they had mirrors in the right places so you could see their reflections as they trained to give them encouragement. I worked out a program for them and advised them on parts of their body that they needed to work on more.

We were all stripped down to just our shorts for the work out. We worked through parts of the program. Then it came to the bench work. I was stretched out on my back on the bench with my legs spread apart. They both stood over me. The bulge in their shorts was giving me a stiff, agen my dick was tenting in my shorts. No way could I hide it.

"Look at that", said Jed as he ran his hand over my abdomen then under the waistband of my shorts. I gave out a loud sigh as I felt his hand stroke over my hard dick. He looked at Brad and said " let's have some fun with him." Brad unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the ground; he stood over me and slapped my face with his precum dripping hard dick. His precum smeared my face. Jed told me to arch my ass up so he could slide my shorts down I then raised my legs so it was easy for him to pull them off.

"Stick your dick in his mouth while I take my shorts off " he said to Brad. Brad grabbed me under the chin and positioned me so my head was hanging over the edge of the bench. My mouth was lined up ready to take his hard dick, which he snaked down my throat. His balls were hanging down over my eyes and forehead. I had a hand on each of his firm ass cheeks. I felt Jed's lips sucking on my hard dick as Brad slowly and gently thrust down my throat, stretching my gullet making me at times gag. When I gagged I moved my hand onto his hip to push him away. He roughly pulled me back. "Don't do that agen bitch," he said.

His hard dick was covered in my saliva. Jed was thrusting down and sucking hard on my dick. He squeezed and pulled on my balls making my legs shudder. I soon shot my load into his mouth some spilled out.

Brad's dick was near down to the hilt; I could feel his wiry pubic hairs on my lips. His balls slapped on my face with each thrust he made. "Hey look", said Brad to Jed, "how his neck expands when my dick slides down his throat." They both laughed. Jed had his hands round my ankles he lifted my legs up; Brad then took hold of my legs from Jed and pressed them down onto my shoulders. Making my ass easier for Jed to penetrate.

Jed stretched my anus open and spat a mouthful of my cum into my hole. I felt his finger being inserted into my hole, first one then two and then three. He spat some more of my juice and his saliva into my hole, as he finger fucked me. Brad thrust harder down my throat he was getting more and more excited fucking my face and watching me being finger fucked. Brad threw his head back and moaned out loud, a sudden gush of warm thick sperm filled my mouth and throat he breathed heavy as he continued to pound my throat making sure he fed me with every drop. A pool of his juice and my saliva was forming on the floor as some spilled out my mouth.

Jed positioned himself so he could penetrate me with his dick. Brads dick was softening in my mouth as Jed pressed hard on my hole making me give out a muffled yelp. I tried to push away from Brad's semi hard dick that was in my mouth as I felt the pain of Jed's dick sliding into my gut stretching it as it slipped into me. Brad held my head firmly so I could not pull away. I felt the full weight and force of Jed's body as he thrust into me. Jed took his time to fuck me. Jed licked and sucked my nipples as he fucked me, making them swell up. Brad slipped his dick out my mouth and made me suck on his hairy balls.

Jed fucked me more vigorously pulling all the way out and ramming all the way back into me. His whole body convulsed I felt his dick throbbing in my gut as it squirted his hot liquid deep into me. He continued to slide his dick up and down inside my now well-lubricated gut. I had sensations of ecstasy running up and down my body, making me tremble uncontrollably. It was an awesome experience.

Jed looked at Brad's now hard agen dick. "I see ya ready to fuck him", said Jed. "Hell yeah", replied Brad in the positive. Jed pulled out of me, as he did some of his sperm spilled out on the bench. Brad was quick to position himself over me and penetrate me with his dick, which slipped in easy on Jed's juices. It was an awesome feeling his dick sliding in me.

Jed positioned himself so he could snake his semi hard juice smeared dick down my throat. It was not long in my mouth before it was hard agen. Brad was pounding me like a man possessed while Jed face fucked me. I loved every moment of the attention they were showing me. They took it in turns to fuck my face and ass. They fucked me in several positions on the bench, for over 2 hours, until they were both satisfied and needed to rest. I could hardly walk for awhile after the fucking. That was a fucking good workout.

Later when I was leaving Jed said, "same time next week for more workout" "Sure" I said.



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