It was June 30, 2011 and me an my dad went to the gym at Bally total fitness. I love going to the gym because I always get to see some buff hairy men in the shower. The second day we went I did my normal routine and then caught up with my dad at the gyms pool area. When I got there I laid back in the jacuzzi. I saw a lot of hot hairy sweaty men there but I had no intention of trying to get at them. After that me and my da went to the showers to wash up. When we walked in a couldn't help but check out my dad, he's a hot dark skinned Mexican with hairiest cock I have ever seen. Halfway through my shower a kina chubby balck man came in with a hard one that I couldn't keemun my eyes off. He was of course checking me out too. Then he started jerking off right then and there. I was so turned on!! I aa about to burst. I just wanted to suck on that big fat juicy cock!! But my dad was there so I had to hold myself back. My dad finishe first and left. When the coast was clear the black man came to the shower next to me and started to clean is asshole...then my dad walked in and told me to hurry up so I got out! I wa drying myself next to the showers and me and the black man kept eyeing eachother! Then it started to get fun another man came out with a sexy hairy chest and a nice stiff cock so then I gave all my attention to him!! He too started watching me and strocking his cock!! When I was sure there was no one else but us three I started jacking off, it wasn't soon till I started Cummings all over the place!! I could see the black man leaning on the wall about to eject!! The hairy man was smelling at me and continued jacking off!! When we finished I left the showers and went to the locker room where my dad was changing...I got another glimps at his furry bush!! As soon as I was about to leave I saw the two men walk out the showers and give me a warm smile!! I wish I could have gotten there #s!!



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