Gym daddy while traveling for work

by Slut4Daddy

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After meeting up with Rick I would primarily hook up with him when i needed to get fucked as I knew he could fuck me good and he had a bunch of daddy friend who could fuck me too. It was the perfect situation as I would enjoy my life fucking and dating woman and going out with my friends but when i needed it I had a daddy who would dominant and pound me. A couple months after meeting Rick I started a new role that had me traveling a lot for work which unfortunately left me with very little time to get fucked as most of my time home was on the weekends and I end spend them out with my friends fucking women, typical mid 20s guy in NYC. 

A new project had me in another city for the next 2 months flying in Sunday night and out Friday evening. It was not an ideal situation being away from home for so long but a great work opportunity and they put me up in an airbnb which turned out to be a really nice apartment so at least I wasn't staying in a hotel. I got in my first Sunday and fired up all the apps (straight & gay) but sadly it was very slim pickings as all options were terrible. Really no attractive woman or daddies so I was I thought I was screwed and figured I'd have better luck at the local bars. Now I have only hooked up with guys off apps and had no intention of finding one in person, to be honest I generally never saw a guy and thought I wanted him to fuck me unless I was looking at an app. I know it sounds weird but it's the way it is. I also never wanted anyone to see me meeting a guy in public and think I was gay especially in my own city. 

I got in early afternoon Sunday to get my apartment and settle in for the next few months and after that figured I'd check the area out. After walking around there were a bunch of great options in terms of food and bars so that had me feeling pretty good about being here for the next few months. The first couple weeks were easy work but it started to pick up and my third week in I knew I was going to be swamped and drained from the week so I decided to not fly home and just take the time to relax at the apartment instead of going through travel there and back. By the time I got out of work Friday I walked home and immediately went to bed as I was drained from the work that week. Saturday I woke up early refreshed and decided to hit the gym near by to beat any crowd. Luckily there was only a few of us in there which is ideal for me having my pick of any equipment. I went into the locker room to gather my things and as I turned out a man can to a locker a few down from me and he caught my attention like no man had before. He had just come from the shower and unlike most guys with the towel around his weight it was draped around his neck leaving nothing to the imagination. This man was a giant, probably 6'5 and huge. He had giant arms and big burley chest with a little bit of that strong muscle bear belly. Short salt and pepper hair wtih a thick trimmed beard and what couldn't be missed was his fat long cock, even soft I'd say it was close to 6 inches. I tried my best not to look and only out of the corner of my eye as he sat on the bench looked at me "Nothing like an empty gym on a saturday, am I right?" I laughed and said "seriously, I love not having to wait for anything or sub a movement". He agreed put out his hand and introduced himself "Jim, you new here? Been going here for years and Im great with faces". "Kyle, First time here. I'm in town for work for the next for months". We chatted a little bit all while he sat there completely naked with his fat cock just dangling there, I had never wanted a man I met outside of an app like i wanted him. Turns out he lived in the same complex as where I was staying. He told me some good places to go on a Saturday that is more lively for a "young guy chasing tail" i thanked him and said I'll see ya around. 

I got back to my apartment and all I could think about was that bear of a man manhandling and dominating me as I begged him to pound me hole. I didn't see a wedding ring and he never mentioned a wife or gf so I checked A4A hoping I could find him but no luck. That night I decided to go to that bar he mentioned as I had no other plans and figured it'd be fun to see if there are any girls around worth chasing. I got to the bar and it was far from lively and most of the patrons were older men but figured I'm here might as well have a few drinks and watch some games. After a couple beers I felt a giant hand on my shoulder and a familiar voice "Looks like you found the place" I laughed and said "I did guess the tail didnt find it though". He chuckled, "guess its a slow night" as he ordered a beer and sat next to me. I figured company wouldnt hurt and he was nice all while I was trying to not think about him fucking me. We chatted for a bit told him I'm single in NYC which is a great place to be a single guy to which he said he can imagine. He then told me he was divorced and after they split he moved here to start over. After hearing he was married to a woman it made it a lot easier to stop thinking about him sexually since he was straight. I said I was heading home and he said he'd walk with me since we lived in the same complex. As we got there he said "It is still early, want to try this new bottle of bourbon I got? Prefer to share the good stuff and could use the company" to which I said ok. 

We got into his place and he poured me a glass and we sat on the couch and throw the game on and chatted some more. I asked him how dating as his been since his divorce and he shocked me with his response "Not too many dates with woman but honestly that's fine, not trying to get into a relationship again. Lucky for me I can find a boy to fuck pretty easily" and I almost choked on my drink as she smirked at me. I froze not knowing what to say, even though I had been fantasizing about this bear using me he has no idea I've been fucked by many daddies and love it. "I saw you not being able to look away in the locker room, dont lie to daddy boy I know you want it". Still frozen as he is smirking at me and puts his hand on my shoulder "Tell daddy what you want boy" at this point I go from scared to FUCKING FINALLY and say "I want you to fuck me daddy". He get closer, "you like daddy cock boy?". Im all in and reach over and grab his bulge "I love daddy cock, I want you to fuck me so badly daddy". He leans back as he undoes his jeans with my hand rubbing his thigh and pulls out his fat semi hard cock "Show me boy!" and I immediately drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth. 

He is moaning with his hand on my head as I suck his now rock hard cock which has grown to at least 8inches and even thicker "Fuck yes, thats right boy suck daddy's big cock. Suck a good little cocksucker" I moan even louder as he calls me a cocksucker. He clearly notices "OH you like when daddy calls you names huh? Are you a little faggot for daddy cock?" I break still stroking his big cock, "yes daddy!" and get back to my job of worshipping this bear. He is so loud moaning and grunting turning me on even more as he sounds like such an alpha "Fuck yes, I'm going to own this ass while you are in my town, you got that faggot?". Its like music to my ears "yes daddy! please use my holes, they are all yours" and he pulls me from his cock puts his face right in front of mine "Thats fucking right boy, I'm going to use and breed you whenever I want you got that faggot?". I couldn't be more turned on as I say "Yes daddy!" and he shoves me back down to sucking his cock while he sips his drink. 

Soon he picks me off his cock and pulls me to his bed room where we both strip as he rubs his hands all over my chest, abs, nipples and slaps my ass "Fuck yeah, what a sexy boy bod. I'm going to have fun making you all mine. Fucking his ass dumping my daddy load in it, you want that boy?" I instantly reply like a desperate slut "yes daddy! Please use me and give me that alpha load!" As he shoved face first onto his bed bent over as he goes to town eating my hole and I moan non stop. He is tongue fucking me "Fuck daddy please fuck my faggot hole, please daddy I need it so badly!" He breaks and slaps my ass as she shoves me up onto his bed my head on his pillows as he grabs the lube from his night stand and starts to finger my hole and lube his cock. "I want to see that pretty boy face when I enter that little hole of yours" and he pushes in as I gasp and moan. "You been fucked by a daddy before boy?" to which I answer "Yes daddy! I love it". he starts to slowly thrust his entire cock into me "Lucky me, I got an experienced faggot. that's good because I fuck hard and dont accept tapping out". He really starts to pick it up full strokes of his entire fat cock going in and out slamming me as I moan and my eyes rolling back. He continues to pound my hole every thrust as deep as he can and every time he slams me I moan even louder "I havent cum all week boy, I'm going to fill you the fuck up!" I can feel him getting close and tensing as plead "Please breed me daddy! please fill me wiht your cum!" He goes into complete animal mode as he pounds me, feeling his cock swell as he grunts louder and finally shooting his weeks worth load deep inside me sending me to my own orgasm cumming all over myself. His pulsating cock shooting more and more cum into me as I cry out in pleasure.

After he finishes cumming he collapses on top of me covered in sweat still buried deep inside me as we both try and catch our breath coming down from our highs or cumming. He eventually pulls out and grabs a cigarette and hands me one and lights them up "fuck boy, that is some great hole. I'm sure glad I found you" I thank him and thank him for his load. I go one to tell him about Rick and the sex parties and how much I love getting fucked by daddies. "You are one slutty little faggot, I'm going to have fun with you the next couple months". Eventually I get up get dressed and make my way across the street to my apartment completely spent still leaking his cum and quickly shower before passing out. I couldn't believe how lucky I was that I happened to stay this weekend and see him in the locker room that morning. The next day all i could think about was my new daddy Jim and getting that big bear cock again, I needed it. I texted him thanking him for last night and he sent back was a picture of his cock "come and get it faggot" I threw on the closet pair of shorts and raced over to his place, walked in the door and immediately stripped to find him on the couch stroking his cock "that was fast, what a hungry faggot you are!" and I starting sucking his cock before I could even get a word out, I needed his cock more than anything. 

After sucking him for a little he rag dolled me onto the couch and put my legs in the air as he started to eat my hole sending me into a slutty frenzie of pleasure moaning uncontrollably. Soon he pushed his giant lubed cock into my pushes me legs into the couch folding me like a pretzel as he slammed me making me whimper like a slut. "Who's hole is this faggot?" he knew I was all his "it's yours daddy! my hole is all yours daddy please dont stop!" I kept begging him not to stop pleading for him to keep fucking me like a desperate slut. He was fucking me so hard and deep I couldnt believe how powerful he was. He put my legs over his shoulders and literally scooped me up and lifted me in the air picking up and off his cock fucking me like a doll. Ive never felt so inferior and I loved it, this man was a complete alpha and was showing me who the real man was. he carried me into his bedroom with his cock buried inside me as I leaked precum like crazy before he tossed me onto this bed. He shoved me face down and flat on my stomach as she slid back in and started to jack hammer into me. Each thrust so deep I could barely get out "OH..MY...GOD" over and over sending me into an orgasm shooting a load against my stomach and his bed. "thats fucking right boy, cum for daddy like a little faggot! cum like the bitch you are while a real man fills you up!". He continued to pound me for god knows how long easily doubling his time from last night as he laid on top of me and pulled me head next to his thrusting so fucking deep I couldnt even speak "You're fine faggot, this is my ass now! I own you mother fucker!" I coudlnt get words out and could only moan and whimper. "Here is comes! UUUUGGGGHHHHH" as he shot his giant load in me for the second time in twelve hours as I laid there taking it completely under his control and its all I wanted it. Both of us breathing so heavy with his weight on top of me, the feeling was so overwhelming I literally passed out with this bear on top of me buried deep inside me. Little did I know he also passed out and both of us feel alseep with his cock still inside me. 

I came to waking up to hearing him breathing heavy in my ear realizing he was sleeping and his cock still buried in my ass, I didnt want to wake up but started to squeeze his cock with my ass and slowly he woke up as he moaned "mmmm I fucked you right to sleep huh?" and that he did "fuck yes daddy" and he slowly started to harder inside me and slowly thrust his cock in and out, feeling his cum still inside me as he picked it up "You want another load boy?". Obviously I did as a slowly and seductively said "fuck yes daddy" his now rock hard cock going slowly balls deep in and out of me and he took his weight off me and pulled me up now fucking me doggy style slamming me back to grunting like an animal. "Im going to cum all over that pretty little face faggot" as I begged for it and he continued to slam me over and over. He then pulled out started to stroke his cock as I laid on my back under him and he came shooting another giant load painting my face with shot after shot, god could this bear cum. All i could say was "thank you daddy" and he looked at me "Now you look like a proper faggot". I slowly got up and as I was grabbing my clothes he came up to me and grabbed me like a child "don't you wipe that off boy, go home covered in daddy's cum like a good faggot" I was terrified, it's daylight out, what if someone sees? But I couldn't say no "yes daddy!" I finished getting dressed and quickly raced across the street still covered in his cum and leaking cum down my leg for anyone to see. Thankfully I got into my apartment unnoticed but also so turned on. This man could do whatever he wanted to me and I'd gladly do it. 

I showered and laid on the couch and while I already knew I loved getting fucked and dominated by a daddy I had never felt this under the control of one before. The fact that I raced over the second he texted me and left his place with a face covered in cum because he said so without questioning was crazy to me. Obviously I loved the sex with dom daddies but this man had me completely under this control and I would do anything he said. Even as I laid thinking this I still knew I wanted him and the second he called I'd be his to use as he pleases and he knew it too. The next week I hadn't heard from Jim and ended up going home for the weekend which was much needed to get to see friends and fuck some pussy, even with getting fucked by a daddy i still needed women. I flew back early afternoon and got to my work apartment and laid on the couch thinking I hadn't heard from Jim since he made me walk across the street covered in his cum. I decided to go grab a drink as I was getting bored at home and watch some football. As I was sitting there I heard Jim's voice "There's my little faggot" and I almost choked on my drink looking around to see if anyone could hear and luckily we were pretty alone "Don't worry no one will find out you are daddy's fuck toy". We chatted for a minute before he got up and said "Come over in 10 minutes, I need that ass" which instantly made me rock hard and my asshole pucker. 

I finished my drink and watched the time on my phone and the second 10 minutes were up I was out the door as I sped walked to his place. Like previously I tore my clothes off as I walked in the door but he was no where to be found and I was really confused standing in this man apartment completely naked (rock hard of course) searching for him. I noticed a piece of paper on the bed and read it "I know you are already naked like a good faggot. Go into the closet and put on your new outfit and wait on your knees for me to return". I go to the closet and find a collar and chain leash hanging there, without thinking I grab it and read the collar "FAGGOT" and put it on and get on my knees and await my daddy. I was kneeling there waiting for 20 minutes before I heard the door open and at no point in that time did I even think of leaving. I hear Jim yell "crawl to me faggot" and I immediately start crawling into the living room to find Jim standing there shirt off undoing his pants as he laughs "Look at you, such a fucking faggot for daddy. I knew you'd follow my orders like a good like bitch" as he sat on the couch now completely naked and as I go to grab his cock he slaps my hand away and says "What the fuck are you boy?" as I whimper wanting his cock "Im a little faggot for my alpha daddy!". "Beg for my cock" and I started begging and pleading like my life depending on it "Please let me suck your cock daddy! please fuck my faggot hole and fill it with your alpha cum daddy! I need it so bad let me be a good faggot and take that huge daddy cock!" He was smirking laughing at me as I pleaded over and over and literally on the verge of tears needed his cock so badly. 

Finally he slapped me in the face with his cock and said "That's what I thougth faggot, suck that dick" I started suckign him faster and harder than every before, like if i didnt suck it I would literally die. I was moaning none stop as I slobbered and stroked this alpha bears cock all while he was degrading and laughing at me which only turned me on more. He was now holding the chain saying "you are all mine faggot, I own you and your pathetic holes. You got that faggot?" and yanked me off his cock by the leash "Yes daddy! my holes are all yours, please use and fill my pathetic faggot holes with your daddy cock!" letting me suck him again going back into heaven. After a few minutes I felt him tensing up as he gripped me head holding me there and shooting a giant week long load down my throat and holy fuck was it huge as he just kept cumming and cumming feeding me the biggest load I've ever swallowed. I kept sucking making sure I got all of his cum as he said "Dont let me get soft boy, if I go soft you go home" and at that moment I made sure to suck him even hard and stroke so fast knowing I couldnt leave without him fucking me. Lucky for me I am a great cocksucker and I was able to keep him rock hard and when he was ready he stood up and walked me like a dog to the bedroom.

As we got to the bed up picked me up like a child and threw me onto the bed "on your stomach faggot" as he slapped me ass so hard making me whimper. he lubed his cock and my hole and slides his fat daddy cock into my hole and unlike before he did not go slow, instantly he was slamming into me and I was whimpering in pain and pleasure and as much as I wanted to tell him to slow down I know i had no choice but to take it. "That's right faggot, take daddy's fat cock. take that fucking dick faggot" and quickly the pain was subsiding as I was moaning none stop "Oh my god daddy please dont stop, oh my god fuck your hole" as he slammed me he put his hands under my chin and pulled me face up bending me backs words as I looked into his eyes "THIS IS MY HOLE FAGGOT!" and spit into my face and yelled "OPEN UP" and spit into my mouth as he held me there and kept pounding me none stop at a pace I couldn't believe he was keeping. He just kept going slamming me none stop over and over as my eyes rolled back and I started to cum not even able to speak just making sounds and moans in complete bliss. Even after cumming I was still craving his cock fucking me and I needed it to never stop. After god knows how long I felt him tensing as he grip on my chin tightened his cock swelling and shooting another load inside me sending me into another orgasm at the same time. His giant think load painting my insides claiming his hole again, each thrust as hard and deep as he could go until he emptied all of his load inside me collapsing on top of me. 

We laid there for a few minutes before he got up and pulled his fat cock out of me telling me "Fuck I missed that hole boy" to which I responded "God I missed you fucking me daddy, I love your fat cock so much". As I got up and made my way to my clothes he stopped me "You might want to take that collar off and laughed which made me actually laugh too. "Leave it behind the door, every time you come over you strip and put that on, got it boy?". "yes daddy, as I finished dressing and left. Every time I left there I couldn't be more drained and I showered before passing out completely spent and satisfied beyond believe. sadly I saw an email saying the project was in fact wrapping up at the end of the week so my time wtih my new daddy was cut tragically short. That week I spent every night at his place getting pounded and bred, begging for it all while wearing my new collar like a good slutty boy. What should have been a quite boring work project ended up turning into a few weeks of me getting filled by a sexy daddy and could not have been better. 

by Slut4Daddy

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