Moving to a new florida for university left me with very few choices to encounters such as the one with sean again. It wasn't that I had a lack of chances but the fact that in university news travels fast which could have put me in danger of being ousted so I completely let my horniness be treated by random sluts from the university where in a state of drunkenness I would be being fingered rather than the one boning the chicks. Thankfully though none of the girls were sober enough to ever remember,

however coming back to the subject, one of my new pals at the university; scott, was my new crush however the cute guy type crush nothing for me to be all horny over. He was jus a bit chubby which sometimes put me off, but hey not all the guys in the wold are gonna be perfect greek gods. So scott coincidently lived int h same area as me, and we had never met before. When summer vacations finally came about, scott and me went back home and started seeing hanging out a lot. I had even went to his home but never noticed any siblings so I assumed he must be a single child.

One day scott called me saying he had got the new modern warfare ps3 game and wanted me to come over to play with him, attempting to get closer to scott I had to jump at every chance to hang out so I agreed immediately.

Going to his home, I was now such a frequent visitor that I didn't even have to knock on the door, I went straight into his room and lo and behold guess who was playing he game with scott. Sean was sitting there playing with scott.

Once the initial greetings were exchanged I found out that sean was scott;s brother who also went to university in new york and had just graduated this year completing his bachelors.

I couldn't help but keeping my boner the whole time I was playing at scott's even after sean left to catch up with some of his buddies.

So casually I asked scott in conversation wether sean had any girl and scott's immediate reply was no, saying that sean was too much into his career path to date girls although he brought the random girls over christmas home but none of them were serious enough.

The next day I went to scott's home again unannounced to discover that scott had gone on a date but sean was all for playing games without even a hint about our sexy encounter in the gym.

He acted as if he never knew me before scott introduced us.

It had ben hours since we'd been playing games on the ps3 and listening to songs when sean finally got up and asked me if I wanted to eat anything I said sure, completely over the fact that sean even remembered me now.

When sean came back he set a plate full go heated pizza slices front he night before and sat down on the bed beside me. Slowly he put his hands over m shoulder and kissed my neck.

You could guess my reaction, I totally freaked out!!!!

I couldn't understand what I felt, horny, excited he remembered me, scared that scott might walk in on us and also a bit mad that he didn't mention anything at all before.

However the sexy's eyes were too mesmerizing for me to let go and I returned the kiss passionately. Suddenly remembering that scott might come back any moment, I asked him if he was sure it was safe since someone might walk in on us, he told me that all the doors were locked so no one could get in unless he let them in. We had the home to ourselves since his parents had also gone out.

We had a lon conversation and make out sessions as well in between explaining all that we've been doing since and catching up. We finally agreed to take it slow reason being scott and it being a late night full of drunkenness, so it was best if played safe rather than hurry. However we didn't stop at that we agreed to meet up the next day alone at a cheap motel and finish what we had started 2 years ago.

After all pounding each others ass did not account for passionate sex in our books but rather a fuck session. We wanted the real deal this time, to make love rather than a bathroom stall fuck.

Scott conveniently came in right after we made our deal but he and his girlfriend were drunk and obviously needed the room. Upon me exiting the room , I could immediately hear scott pounding his girl like a rabbit and her screams were enough a cue that if I didn't leave soon me and sean might do something in our horni-ness that we might regret later if someone found out.

I left sean's house, but not before a passionate long kiss from sean on the balcony. I just had a feeling that this time will not be a quick fuck session but something much more meaning full......

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