In the spring of 2003, when I was 17, I decided to sign up to a local gym; I went down, signed the relevant forms and booked an induction with a guy called Jack. At this point in my life, I had some niggling doubts about my sexuality, but still considered myself straight and had a girlfriend. When I arrived the next day, Jack came to meet me at the reception desk - even the staunchest heterosexual could not deny that this guy was extremely good looking. Jack was about 6'2' and really muscular, he wasn't skinny and lanky, but perfectly in proportion - an Adonis.

The instructor had olive skin, jet black spiky hair, massive brown eyes and a pearly white smile - his face and body was absolutely faultless. As I got chatting to him, I quickly realised that Jack was a really nice guy and not in the least bit aware of his good looks. Although I knew he was handsome, my thoughts on Jack did not progress any further for a few months. But, as I slowly came to terms with the fact that I liked men and women, I quickly realised that I was highly attracted to my sexy gym instructor and had to be mindful not to become aroused while working out.

It would, however, be four years before my cock hungry thoughts of Jack manifested into anything more than a quick jerk in the showers. I had, had a break from the gym after having spinal surgery and when I returned 2.5 stone lighter and much weaker, Jack saw that I needed help. He was incredibly kind and decided that he would help me construct a fixed exercise programme and high protein diet. He rescheduled his shifts when possible to fit in with my regime so he would be there to help me and before I knew it, I was stronger and more muscular than I was before the surgery - and had a mean scar the length of my back to show off too! Throughout these months, Jack and I became close and found we had a lot in common. But one thing we never talked about was our sexuality or whether each other had boyfriends or girlfriends; one evening, however, this would change and it would bring me and Jack closer than I could ever have dreamed.

One day, I had a string of hospital appointments and wasn't able to attend the gym at my usual time. I text Jack the night before to tell him that I would be there in the evening for my workout, I got a speedy reply from him, saying that if I arrived at nine, he would do an hour with me before he went home. I was surprised by his eagerness to spend time with me but was delighted at the prospect of being alone with him! I agreed and after a day of x-rays, scans and blood tests I had some dinner and made my way to the gym - Jack was just showing out the remaining customers and let me in, locking the door behind us.

We began our warm up and as I was doing my stretches I noticed Jack seemed a bit preoccupied. 'What's up mate? You tired? I asked, and to my utter astonishment, Jack fired back - 'Do you have a girlfriend Alan?' I was quite taken aback and hesitated before replying 'No Jack, not at the moment, but I'm always on the look-out for the next guy or girl that takes my fancy!' I awaited his reaction and it felt like we were staring at each other for hours. Then, suddenly Jack burst out laughing 'What?' I said, puzzled by his outburst 'You're kidding' aren't you?' Jack asked through his laughter. 'No Jack, I'm bisexual' are you bothered by that?' I replied half smiling to ease what I thought could turn into an awkward situation 'No cause not' Jack hastily added 'It's just a relief' I was worrying how I would break it to you that I was gay!' We both fell about laughing and began to talk about the ins and outs of our sexuality; it felt so natural after spending four years avoiding the issue. I really felt comfortable and at ease with Jack and my sexual attraction to him was as strong as it always had been. It was that night that I began to realise that my feelings for him maybe reciprocated. It was that night too, that I would find out that they definitely were!

We finished our workout and I went for a shower whilst Jack cashed up and secured the building for the night. When I got to the changing rooms, I ran the shower to warm the water whilst I stripped naked and got my towel and shampoo out of my bag. As I sat on the bench and the room filled with steam, I looked up and caught a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror. My mind was so preoccupied with the discovery that Jack was gay, I hadn't realised that I was sitting naked with a 9' concrete boner. After noticing my juicy fat cock was ready for action, I slowly started to stroke back and forth, as my balls swung and softly slapped the edge of the bench. I often have a sneaky wank in the gym showers, so I hastily made my way to the steaming cubicle. I pulled the curtain across and stood under the shower head, the water gushed down and trickled over my chest and soaking my pubes, it fell either side of my stiff cock and cascaded to the floor from my sagging balls. I squirted a dollop of shower gel onto my chest and with both hands began to rub gently into my torso and then slowly across my groin and arse, creating a thick lather of suds which coated my throbbing meat. Using the suds as a lubricant, I began to pound ferociously on my swollen cock whilst teasing my ring by rubbing a finger around it in a circular motion. I began to moan loudly with sheer pleasure - confident that Jack was the only other person in the building and that he would never hear me whilst cashing up downstairs.

As I jerked faster and harder, I thought I heard a sound like a door closing, I cautiously called out to see if Jack answered and when there was no reply, I continued my wank under the steamy shower. A few moments later, as I stood with one hand against the wall, beginning to reach a climax, the shower curtain tore open. I jumped back and spun around to face the most mouth watering sight I had ever seen. Jack was standing, naked and fully erect with his hand wrapped round his cock - I admired the sight, taking in every last detail. His 6'2' tanned and muscular body was glistening in the steamy atmosphere and all of his rock hard muscles bulged and twitched. Jack stared at me, not knowing what to say and my eyes were suddenly drawn to his gorgeous cock and balls. The stud's prick was fat and perfectly formed, it was not as long as mine, but was definitely thicker and his bell end was juicy and in good proportion to the shaft. His black pubes were trimmed but not shaven, although his massive, sagging balls were. Jack had a fine coating of black hair on his mammoth chest but his six-pack was bald, other than a neatly trimmed trail of hair leading from his belly button to his groin. The arse came second best only to his gorgeous cock - it was pert, muscular, waxed and totally irresistible. I knew now, that my age old sexual fantasies for my hunky gym instructor would become a reality and boy did he make it a night I would never forget!

Jack stared into my eyes and then down at my cock, he walked slowly towards me, leant in, slipped his tongue between my lips and kissed me passionately as though he'd been wanting to for years. He suddenly pulled away and pushed me back against the wall; Jack slowly dropped to his knees whilst staring seductively into my eyes and gently held my cock around the base. He licked the rim of my bell end and the underside of my shaft until I quivered with the sensation, then Jack opened wide and took my dick into his mouth. As his lips glided back and forth over my pulsating, veiny, rod, Jack moaned with pleasure as his hot, wet mouth generated a sudden flood of precum from my bell end. I had to taste it, so pulled his head away from my cock and shoved my tongue down his throat. The salty precum wet my appetite for Jack's prick and I was eager for my turn. I told him to get up and, as he had done to me, I pushed him against the wall and lowered myself to his package. Jack's cock was perfect, but had become a little flaccid, so I instantly took the whole shaft into my mouth and slowly massaged it with my tongue. The generous girth began to swell in my mouth and it was only seconds before I had to come up for air. It was so thick, juicy and perfectly angled upwards; I began to stroke his cock slowly and then took it into my mouth once more, jerking and sucking simultaneously for a while, until he shuddered and had to withdraw quickly to avoid coming. I caressed Jack's muscular arse and fingered his tight ring whilst we kissed under the steamy shower. Then he turned off the shower and took my hand, guiding me back to the changing area where he laid down some towels and prepared himself for a good, hard fucking.

Jack knelt on the towels and looking at my reflection in the mirror, told me to fuck him. I squatted behind him and spat on his ring; licking in a circular motion around Jack's hole, I jerked his fat cock as his back arched and tensed under my touch. When his arse was well lubed, I spat on my dick and penetrated the sexy instructor. The feeling of his pert, muscular arse slapping against my stomach and pubes made me fuck him harder and faster. We stared at each other's reflection as I pumped Jack's gorgeous ring, he moaned with pleasure as my juicy length ploughed in and out, stretching his gaping hole. As I observed our heated fuck in the mirror, I noticed a string of sticky precum leaking from Jack's bouncing hard on. I withdrew from his quivering sphincter and lunged towards his sticky prick to lap up his salty entre. I stared seductively into his deep brown eyes as I glided my mouth up and down Jack's veiny shaft. His body was so muscular and powerful, I couldn't wait for him to be thrusting inside me.

I lay on my stomach, with my torso propped up with a towel. Jack spat on my ring and began to finger it. I shuddered with the pleasure as he slowly lowered his groin to my wet hole. As Jack slowly penetrated my flinching arse hole, I gasped with each eruption of sensation; I could feel his pubic hair brushing against my cheeks and he lay with his torso pressed and rubbing against my back with each thrust. Jack's swollen cock filled my rectum and as he pumped in and out of me, I could not contain my ecstasy or my sheer delight at having this Adonis fucking me senseless. He lowered his head to mine as his rod glided back and forth and kissed behind my ear. Then, Jack playfully bit my lobe and tugged it making me spasm with the thrill. After several minutes of hard fucking, the stud began to moan and flinch and I could see he was going to cum.

Jack said 'I wanna cum in your mouth and lick it up!', 'Oh yeah! Come on then' I replied, I love cum swapping and doing it with this stud was almost too much for me to handle. Jack stood in front of me jerking his rod ferociously, he moaned louder and louder and then he let out a shout, 'Ahh! Ahh! Oh yeah! Eat it! Eat it!' Jack demanded as five massive eruptions of creamy jizz squirted from his swollen bell end and landed in my mouth and all over my face. As his body writhed with orgasmic spasm, Jack leant forward and began to lick his salty load from around my face he then kissed me passionately, transferring his juice from his tongue to mine. His cum was warm, salty and tasty and I savoured every last drop as he knelt down and jerked my cock whilst sucking the tip.

It wasn't long before I began to reach climax and as Jack lay on his back, I sat on his groin and pumped on my throbbing meat. Within seconds I let out a wail of ecstasy and shot seven jets of sticky cream all over jacks stomach, chest and face. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I had, had for a long time and I didn't want it to end. I sat and looked at Jack, covered in my jizz and couldn't resist licking up every last drop. When I had gathered all of my juice from the stud's gorgeous body I hovered over his open mouth and let my huge load trickle from my mouth to his. He lapped up my salty deposit and we kissed for a while then lay motionless together on the floor, body to body.

My gym instructor had been an amazing fuck and well worth the four year wait; we continued our intense sexual relationship for a couple of years unbeknownst to the rest of the staff and customers, until Jack moved away to be a football coach in the USA. I really miss him still and hope that we'll be together again, one day.


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