I just got through with my workout at the gym. I was keeping fit but had not been able get laid. I am 19, 5 feet 8 inches and 150 pounds, dirty blond hair and always get compliments on my smile. Bummed realizing I haven't been laid since graduation 2 years ago, I headed back to showers.

My luck was about to change. In the Get Fit 24/7 gym in Metropolis, Georgia, I was the only one until midnight while I was in the shower. Soon a hot hunk walked in must have been in his late 20s or early 30s. He was six foot, had jet black hair blue eyes. Not to mention his perfectly chiseled muscles! He began to undress slowly.

When was fully undressed I couldn't help myself from starring at his cut 8' cock and smooth body. 'Like what you see?' he asked me. I responded, 'Hell YES!'. He then motioned me over to the employee only exit which goes to an enclosed outdoor area.

Immediately he began kissing me passionately. A burst of lighting flew across the sky and rain fell. Both of us are now wet and horny. Continually to kiss passionately he gradually made his way to my penis.

He was flowing up and down my penis so smoothly and fierce. I was moaning with intense pleasure. Still sucking on my cock he stuck two fingers up my ass hole pleasuring me even more. Unable to with hold the intense pleasure I moaned louder and louder and shot my hot load in his mouth.

Taking it in and swallowing he got up and pushed me down to pleasure his cock. I worshiped it with all my might. He would bend over and spank me, making me even hornier. After a few minutes I could not wait any more 'FUCK ME!,' I yelled, 'Fuck me now!'.

Without hesitation, he turned me around and immediately started to give a rim job. Moaning even louder as his tongue penetrated deep into my but hole. He was stroking his cock to keep it hard. Spitting several times my ass was well lubricated and ready for action.

He pushed me down into doggy position and began fucking the hell out of me! After about two minutes of intense fucking, he swung into a standing position against the wet concrete bring wall. As a immediate shiver, from the cold rain, went down my spine. He began fucking me brutally as I screamed with pain and pleasuring. After several minutes of absolutely hot fucking and passionate kissing, he pulled out his eight incher turned be around and pushed me down to the concrete.

Having me were he wanted me, he moaned with great pleasure as his hot man juice squirted me all over my face. I licked my lips with delight.

He took me back into the locker room. Where he devoured my cock one more time before I exploded all over his perfectly defined abs. I continued to have sex with other guys in the gym and on the equipment at least once a week.



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