By Mighty Mouth

A guy with two cocks? Impossible, you say. Well, it is possible. What a shock. Just Goggle in the word “Diphallia,” It is also known as penile duplication (PD). One in every five million males is born with two dicks. So your chances of meeting one are rather slim. And now on with my story.

I have read many stories where the author claims how well he makes out on Craigslist. This has not been my case. I have met very few guys this way. One reason is that I prefer straight guys, and they do not usually check the male 4 male section. I always state that I just want to suck a dick, no reciprocation necessary. However, I have had a few that are straight, or say they are.

At least this time I scored. A guy answered my ad saying that he was interested, but had an unusual situation. I replied and asked him what it was. He explained that he had two dicks, and that this turned off many people. With two dicks, he couldn’t handily screw a women, nor fuck a guy in the ass.  But he loved to get blow jobs.

Instead of turning me off, his reply inflamed me. I asked him to send a fully-nude photo, which he did. He said he was 25. He had a great muscular body, and was a good looker. And sure enough, I saw his two cocks. I arranged for him to visit me, and could hardly wait to see this phenomenon in the flesh. 

He arrived promptly at my house at the appointed time. He was wearing very loose-fitting trousers, and I could imagine why. Fewer stares from people.

I offered him a drink. He accepted an Irish whiskey, and I accompanied him with the same drink, which I much prefer to Scotch. I said, “Take off your clothes. I am anxious to see this.” He wasted no time and then sat back down nude, sipping his drink. I asked him if he went often to the gym, and he replied no, that he was too embarrassed to go. He had set up a home gym in his house. And he told me he preferred that, as it was more convenient.

I couldn’t keep my eyes from staring at his two treasures. They were both about eight inches in length. They were placed side-by-side, with about two inches between them. He had huge low-hung balls, obviously sufficient to produce a lot of man juice. One of my favorite situations is to suck off two guys at the same time. And here I had the opportunity to suck two dicks, both on the same person.

I said, “Let’s go to my bedroom. Bring your drink with you.” One of my favorite positions is to have a guy lie on my bed, with his legs hanging over the foot of the bed. When I am servicing two, I have them lie side by side, with me alternating from one to the other. This time, I didn’t have to move my mouth very far to suck two dicks.

By the time we got to my bed, amazingly, both dicks were hard. I told him how to position himself. I was instantly on my knees on the floor. Then I hesitated, which one should I start with? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Which one should I blow? The one to the left seemed to beckon me to start with it, and so I did.

            He gasped with pleasure as I swallowed the whole thing, while gently massaging the other one. If he realized that he was getting a gum job, he didn’t comment. 

            But he did say, “This the best damn blow job I ever got. Hey, not so fast. I want this to last. Get on the other one, and go slow.”

            I love when the suckee takes control of the situation and tells me what to do.

            Then he surprised me by saying, “I wish I could have two guys suck me at the same time.”

            I came up off his dick long enough to answer him. “Well, that’s not possible, because there wouldn’t be enough space, and I don’t have two mouths.” I told him that I had a flesh light he could use and that there was enough space so that I could suck one and manipulate the other with my flesh light.

            He liked the idea, and said, “Let’s see if I can get them both to come at the same time. I’ll let you know when to speed up with one or the other.”

            I thought that this was a great idea, but lamented that I would miss getting two loads down my throat. But what the hell, I had to please my customer.

            Surprise! He was able to use good control and together we managed to bring his two cocks to simultaneous orgasm.

            He gushed, “Wow, that was awesome.  I want to repeat that again with you in the future.”

            “Always at your service, I replied.” I gave him my phone number and told him that he could phone or email me whenever he was ready for a repeat.

            I could hardly wait until his next visit. But he didn’t phone, nor did he email me. Eventually his email address no longer worked.  I don’t know what happened. I decided that he must have found a guy with two mouths.


Mighty Mouth


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