I don't recall too much about the night that Gus and I first had sex. But I remember everything about the morning after.

About waking up next to him in the grey coolness. Both of us naked, as stale spunk still dribbled from my ass-hole. Him still asleep, with his arm raised up against the headboard. My head snuggled into his pit. My arm straddled across his broad, athletic chest. My fingers running through the slight wisp of hair between his dark nipples.

Taking a deep breath through my nose. Smelling the heady scent of his underarms. Brushing my face against the bush of dark hair that nestled there.

Yes, like I say. I remember everything about that morning ...

I lay there for fuck-knows how long. Taking gulps of his fresh hormones, whilst my cock ached and strained. Engorged with the excitement of just being there alone with him.

Gees, he was gorgeous. Everything I'd ever dreamed of. Dark, but relatively smooth. Manly, but with a defined gentleness about him. And hung like a donkey, with a pair of massive low-hangers that looked like they were literally weighted down by the sheer mass of spunk inside them.

But my very favourite part of him, strangely enough, were his pits. Those deep, sweaty, private caverns, which never failed to incite me into unrivalled passions.

In fact, it was the very smell of Gus that excited me more than anything. The rich aroma of manly sweat that literally oozed out of him - not least of all in bed. It was under his arms that the smell was most intense. Trapped by those thick, dark, curly hairs. Why, just one brief whiff was enough to give me butterflies. To send blood rushing to my cock. As I discovered that first morning we lay together. Two young lovers. Full of hormones and spunk and unable to keep our hands off each other.

I think my penchant for his pits amused Gus. Never more so than on that very first morning, when he opened his eyes to see me happily nuzzling there.

'Hey, what ya doing ...?' he quizzed. An inquisitive smile on his face.

I pulled away. My face shot with embarrassment. 'Nothing,' I protested.

'Yes you were,' he insisted. 'You were sniffing my pit!'

'I wasn't!' I retorted - a little too hastily to be believed.

So Gus pulled his arm away. At which point the disappointment I felt deep inside must have been written all over my face.

'Okay, okay,' I finally admitted. 'So I was. But it smelt - well, real good ...'

He seemed flattered and threw his arm back to its original position. Exposing the sweet pit once again. 'Be my guest,' he motioned with a grin.

I lifted myself up a little. Kissing him gently on the lips, then falling back towards that fuzzy, scented chasm. Pushing my face into its aromatic glory. Gently licking the hairs with my tongue like an obedient pup. Savouring every moist, clammy moment.

'I have got another one,' he finally whispered, noting my enthusiasm - and (by the hard-on he was now supporting) quite obviously encouraged by my devotion.

So he lifted up his other arm, whilst I leant over his muscular frame to take full examination of that crotch also. Noting that it seemed sweatier than the first and that the hairs were stickier and tastier. By which point I was feeling so fucking horny that all I wanted was for him to lift me up and place me down on his hard, throbbing weapon.

But Gus was in no desire to rush. Instead he pushed my face even deeper into his pit, so that I was almost suffocated by his sweaty intoxication.

'Sniff that stench,' he insisted. His voice firm and determined.

So I did as he instructed. Sucking some of the fuzz into my mouth. Swallowing great mouthfuls of the rich air that was trapped there.

'That smell good?' he teased at last, rubbing the hair on my head.

I nodded in agreement. For his pours were producing a quite indescribable odour - the like of which I don't think I had ever experienced before.

As such, my mind span in delight. As I snorted the powerful scent that marked him out as a virile spunk-machine. Fuck, it was good. And I couldn't help but groan to that effect.

'Man, you like that - don't you ...?' he observed.

'Sure do,' I mumbled. Before deciding that I wanted to explore the rest of his sweaty body. Not least of all his furry groin, which I knew would be a haven of filthy stench.

I sucked his nipples. Now firm and erect.

Then pushed down towards the treasure trail of hair below his navel. A thin, dark patch of glory, where the musk was again inescapable.

Finally, into the deep roughage of hair around his cock and balls. A smart mass of wonderful fluff, that I dived into like a man possessed. For the scent was so pungent, so stimulating, that all I wanted was to surround myself with its primal source.

His shaft was pulsing before me. Dribbling its appreciation from the end of its bulbous crown. But I confess that I hardly noticed. For I was drunk on his meaty tang, his scent of manhood. That incense of piss and cum and sweat that nestled there like a heavy mist. Taking a deep breath, I could almost feel it filling the very depths of my lungs. Drawing Gus into me. Making him feel as though he was an integral part of my body.

I was almost like an animal now. A sniffer-dog, tracking the scent that would lead me to my prey. Taking in the trail of my lover. Sucking him in and out. In and out.

His hairy cum-bag was particularly aromatic. Its smell almost as defined as that of those gorgeous pits, in fact. It was decided relish that I snorted against the skin there, grabbing the occasion whiff of his ass-hole beyond as I did so.

'You like my balls ...?' Gus quizzed at last, knowing full well that I did.

'I love them,' I assured. Meaning every word.

I couldn't resist sucking them. Pulling one of the precious orbs into my mouth and then the other. Lapping on the hairs and tasting their heavy scent.

Yes, I loved them. I loved what was in them. I loved the thought of all those countless tubes inside, brimming with the very spunk that fuelled his manliness.

But most of all I loved their almost sickly odour. Their sweaty brew of male youth. Stronger and deeper than any cologne.

I glanced back up across his entire body. So taut. So muscular. So utterly irresistible.

I began to imagine what it must be like after a hard workout at the gym. After pumping iron. When the perspiration drips from his skin like pearls of honey. Before he showered and washed the scent away.

Gees, I would love to be there with him. Sniffing away. Taking him all in. Savouring the bold, masculine whiff that surrounded his body. Why, just the thought of it was enough to make me cream myself on the spot.

'You alright?' Gus quipped.

I smiled. 'Promise me you won't shower next time you go to the gym,' I insisted.

'Okay ...' he agreed, but looking somewhat puzzled.

'I wanna lick you all over,' I explained. 'I wanna taste that sweat real bad.'

'Why wait for me to go to the gym?'

So I began to trail my hungry tongue over his meaty thighs. Covered as they were with a slight roll of dark down, which tickled my lips but which made me warm deep inside.

Then I pushed further down his leg. Over his knee. Onto his shin, where the hair was coarser and thicker. Where I lapped like a cat. Matting the handsome follicles with my saliva. Whilst Gus laid back into his pillow and relaxed. Content at such coarse adoration.

I reached his foot at last, where I knew his smell would be stronger. Where the scent of his existence would again fill my lungs with a life-giving essence.

I was not to be disappointed. For there was a distinct, unmistakable aroma. Most notably between his toes, where I pushed my tongue with bold, unquestionable desire.

Then I began to suck the thick, manly digits. One by one. Relishing the cheesy taste that hung upon the flesh like a blanket. Devouring his stench into my nostrils, whilst instinctively rubbing my own body against his as I did so, as if to smear my own particular scent on him. For I wanted us to be one that morning. Together in union, as only lovers can.

Gus could not disguise the pleasure that he was now feeling. His body writhing slowly upon the mattress beneath us, as I continued to fondle and gorge upon his flesh. Even more so when I turned my attention to the bottom of his foot, where the pours oozed a thick, undiluted perfume. For I couldn't resist licking the entire length of his soul with the full extent of my tongue, from the heel to the tip of his toes. After all, I wanted to drink him fully in. Consume him in an act of total communion.

I turned my attention to his other foot. Equally obliging in its bouquet.

Then slowly worked back up that leg, before finally returning to the heavy bag of jizz that hung proudly between his thighs. That thick-skinned, wrinkled scrotum, that (if anything) smelt even more appetising than it had done before.

I pushed my nose between his oversized balls, snorting their unmistakable flavour. Now mixed with my own scent, deposited on my previous visit minutes before.

Then I slipped my lips over each in turn. Feeling the tubes inside the bag with my tongue. Wishing that their precious nectar was already in my mouth, but equally aware that that would happen before the morning was through. Relishing the thought of all his eager sperm, churning inside just for me and wishing that I could somehow be like them. Inside him. Part of him. The two of us together forever.

I wanted his cock so fucking badly now. Laid out as it was on his belly. Throbbing. Drooling. Thick and crimson. The helmet poking out of his skin like a half-opened birthday present.

But I wanted to make the moment last just that little bit longer. Besides, I craved the smell of his armpits again even more. The sweaty scent that I knew would always be there for me. Ready to turn me on like a drug, yet better than any popper.

So I arched myself over his frame. Like a cat purring for its owner. Straddling him so that I could actually feel his shaft lying directly under my ass. Then I kissed him on the lips. Before trailing down to his ear. His neck. His shoulder.

Finally, to his pit. As Gus stretched out his arm again to reveal the full extent of that gorgeous den. That private chamber of hair and sticky secretions.

I burrowed deep. Perhaps a little too much so, given that Gus gave a sudden, unexpected laugh.

'Hey!' he exclaimed, clearly not wishing to be tickled. 'Take it easy, man!'

But I secretly enjoyed the amusement and began to bury myself back into the spot that excited him. At which point, he laughed again.

'Stop it!' he declared - but without any force of malice. 'It's not nice!'

That, however, was the point. It clearly was nice - and the fact that he was laughing and panting simply proved it.

So I continued. Until finally he tried to push me off. Away from the delicious source of all that manly scent, which was giving me such a fantastic rock between my legs that I honestly thought the skin might split.

We began to tussle. But laughing and joking as we did so. With me trying hard to straddle him fully once again and him trying to prevent me.

But it was nothing serious. If anything it was an indication of how comfortable we already were. How much we enjoyed being together. How natural it felt to have our naked bodies pressed against each other. This despite having never seen each other naked before last night.

The battle eased, as I finally secured my position above him again. Looking down into those dark green eyes of his and smiling.

We kissed again. Before I turned my attention to his other pit. Lapping at the hairs inside. Tasting the layer of manly broth that I found there.

But I was finding myself increasingly distracted now by the feel of his cock beneath me. Lying, as it was, between my butt-cheeks. Its end touching my own hairy cum-bag.

So I slid down his body once more. Knowing that this time I was going to give that shaft my undivided attention. That my lover's wait was almost at an end.

I wanted to get to know his cock as if it were my closest friend. I wanted to know its every line. Its every fold of skin. Its every vein and wrinkle. Above all, I wanted to know its smell. Its salty, indisputable spoor. So that I might sniff it out from a thousand others and still know for sure that it was his.

So I ran my nose up and down its full eight inches. From the fuzzy curls at its base, where the smell was sweatiest. Right up to its skinny end, where the ooze of excitement made for a beach-like scent. A mix of sea and youthful freedom.

As I did so, holding its stem in my one hand, I noticed a veritable pump of pre-cum pool in the eye-hole. Then watched as it trickled slowly over the ridge of foreskin and down the shaft.

So I leaned forward and stemmed the flow with my tongue. Trailing back to the delicious spring, where the drool was greatest. Where my satisfaction seemed most intense.

It was then that Gus groaned. A deep, happy, contented groan. The sort a man perhaps only gives once or twice in his life. When he realises that he has found someone who understands him. Who wants him. Who needs his cock and who will do anything to keep it.

And believe me, I was that someone. For to me his swollen man-rod was the most precious thing I had ever held. For it symbolised everything we shared together. Everything we meant to each other.

I wanted to examine his foreskin intimately now. To see for myself what tasty mucus Gus had stored there just for me. So it was with somewhat deliberate manipulation that I promptly pulled back his skin and fully exposed the puffy crown of flesh beneath. Drawing my head close to the exposure. Sniffing the musk which was finally being released into the air.

And there it was: that natural roll of grease around the base of his helmet, which I quickly rolled my eager tongue across. Tasting his most intimate and darkest product. Memorising the tender morsel, before glancing up at him again with a suggestive twinkle.

I had him where I wanted him now. Every aching inch of him. To prove my point his cock continued to weep its juicy appreciation. Another slobber of anticipation rising in his piss-hole, before dripping gently down.

Yes, there was no denying the fact that Gus was relishing every cum-churning moment of this divine act of worship and could now probably think of nothing else but slipping his hard cock through my ring and depositing his latest load of goo deep inside me.

What's more, it was pretty much all I could think of too.

But first, I opened my soft lips and drew the weapon into my mouth. Sliding myself down on the unforgiving pole and gradually working my face deeper into his crotch. His sweaty, smelly, manly crotch. Where his scent was strongest.

Cupping his balls in my hand, I gave a loving squeeze. Yet my keenest attention remained on his throbbing cock, which by now was pushing towards the back of my throat. Smothering my tonsils with pre-cum in the process.

At which point, Gus grasped hold of the headboard above him. Clinging on for dear life, as it were, to the bevy of cum that he had stored in his balls. After all, he didn't want to cum. Not yet, at least. Not until he had stretched my tight sphincter with his engorged shaft.

We kissed again now. This time an open, inviting smooch, which signalled my surrender to his invasive forces. For I wanted Gus deep inside me now. I wanted to feel him parting my muscles and pummelling my rump. I needed to feel that we were truly one. That we were in total union. Two halves of the same whole.

As such, I raised myself up over him. Straddling his body as I had before, but this time with the solitary intention of sliding down onto his cock.

What's more, he seemed to know instinctively that this is what I wanted. As if he could read my mind and knew exactly what it was that made me happy.

'You wanna ride me?' he quipped. A grin from ear to ear.

I reached out behind me to grab his monster. So that I could guide it into me.

'You bet!' I quipped. 'I wanna ride you all day long ...'

With that I pushed down upon him.

I could tell that the head of his engorged shaft was now knocking on heaven's door. Pressing against my ring of tight flesh.

'Permission to enter?' Gus teased.

'Permission granted,' I sighed. My willingness written all over my cute, young face.

So he pushed up, as I pressed down. Whilst our faces fell together in another impassioned clinch. Our mouths opening. Our tongues flicking and tasting.

For a few brief moments, my tender hole refused to accommodate its anxious visitor. Buckling at the last second, as it were. Yet kissing this handsome angel was more than enough to secure my ultimate submission and before long I felt myself opening up like a summer flower. My tender circle spreading out wide to embrace his manful hardness.

The helmet finally slipped into my exotic darkness. Just as our smooch concluded and I once again started to work my lips down towards his pit. For I craved the crude fragrance there more than ever now and it was with crude, animalistic fervour that I promptly buried my nose back into that deep forest of pleasure. Gus raising his arm to the head of the bed to oblige my devotion.

Fuck, it seemed to smell better than ever. Warm and clammy. The intensity heightened by the fact that we were beginning to make love again. Taking a solid, almost unrelenting breath, I finally arched my whole frame upwards. Impaling myself completely on him. Surrendering my gagging rectum to the total length of his shaft.

I can't deny that it stung. Like mad, in fact. But not in a painful way. Not in a manner that made me want to recoil.

No, it was a decidedly pleasurable feeling. One that told me that we were finally together again. That Gus was where he belonged: deep inside me.

Indeed, what smarting I sensed down there quickly disappeared. As the feeling of completeness began to overwhelm me. Of being filled and stretched into life. Of touching eternity. Of reaching an epiphany.

As such, I slowly found myself riding him. Gradually moving up and down his length. Trying to push myself deeper into his crotch so as the end of his cock would penetrate parts of my guts that had never been touched before.

And as I did so - mumbling and groaning in ecstasy - I found that the drool from his cock was beginning to act as a fine lubricant between us. Oiling our delicate flesh and stimulating even further the very nerves that had excited us to start with.

Little wonder, then, that we should both quickly find ourselves reaching a new level of carnal agitation. Our hairs and nipples standing on end. Our breath quickening. Our hearts pounding. Blood coursing into both our cocks.

Which explains why my own shaft was now raging solidly before me.

Throbbing and pulsing. Screaming out for the manipulation of my tight fist.

And indeed, before I really knew what I was doing, I'd grabbed hold of my shaft and was stroking the flesh back and forth. Pulling the fold of skin off my crown and revealing my own layer of tangy mucus beneath in the process.

Whilst all the time I was slapping harder and harder on the cock beneath me. Jumping for joy on my lover's lap and literally trying to squeeze the cum out of those fabulous balls of his. For I would not be satisfied until he had spunked violently inside me. Filling every crevice with his thick and generous load.

We had no concept now of anything other than our own blunt coupling. The world outside that room did not exist. And what thoughts we had were purely selfish. Totally devoted to our own immediate gratification.

But why should we feel guilty? We were young and falling in love and the rest of the universe did not matter. Like lovers up and down the ages, all that counted then was achieving our own sexual relief through means of the other's pleasure. Of emptying our boy-glands of the inward pressure of cum. Now bubbling and fizzing within our swollen tubes. Ready to spray liberally in all directions.

Gus was writhing in near-agony by this point. As I continued to pump with an almost masochistic vengeance. Banging up and down, up and down. Slipping from the crest of his shaft, before falling into his groin with a slap. Again and again and again ...

'Oh, fuck!' he screamed. 'Fuck man, I'm gonna shoot! I'm gonna shoot my load!'

'Then shoot!' I insisted, riding him even harder (if that were possible). 'Let me have all that spunk you've got stored in your balls! Come on - give it me now!'

His eyes rolled in his head and he gasped. At which point I realised that he had reached the brink. The point of no return. And with that I sank right down onto his pole, wanting the seed as deep within me as it could possibly get.

With a primal grunt, he lifted himself up and grabbed both my arms. Moulding us into a rampant ball. A complete circle of copulation.

Whilst he continued to drive me from beneath. Forcing his hips up and shunting my ass with all the male force that he could muster. As the end of his cock spurted and spluttered its juicy satisfaction. Erupting like a volcano into the tight recess.

Heaven knows how much man-milk burst from the end of his shaft on that occasion, but there was no denying that it was a more-than-generous quantity. In fact, it wasn't many moments before I started to feel the excess (of which there was plenty) slipping out of my hole, down his cock and into the fuzz of his hair beneath me.

By which point, my once-tight crack had been transformed into a wet, slippery pucker. Now utterly lubricated with his cream. Hot and slippery, just as any ass should be.

Which probably explains what happened next. For rather than falling back exhausted, Gus immediately seemed exhilarated by the feel of my sloppy, gaping slit. And lifting me up, he promptly threw me onto my back and pushed my legs over his shoulders.

This time, then, it was he who was pummelling me. Rather than me riding him. Thrusting into my open chink, already dribbling with his spent sperm. Pushing his pelvis with a heavy, deliberate roll, whilst grunting and groaning for all that he was worth. Leaving me completely prostrate to his unforgiving, uncharmed manner.

Not that I was complaining in any way. True, I hadn't for one instance expected him to carry on like this. Especially having just spewed such a truly magnificent load into me. But my surprise was an additional factor to my present rapture. My senses now reaching an even higher pitch, as I grabbed hold of my own cock once again and began to pull on my hard flesh for dear life.

Knowing that it would not be at all long before I billowed and ruptured.

We were a frenzy of heat and sweat. Great beads of perspiration pooling on our skin. Not least of all on Gus, whose whole frame now bore down on me with a look of almost frantic desperation.

Gees, he was even more beautiful now than I had thought before. For his muscles literally rippled before me. Glistening with a film of clammy nectar, which I would've just loved to have licked from his flesh right there and then.

As it was, I had to be content with running my fingers over his chest. Feeling the clammy pours, as he continued to thrust harder and deeper into my rear. Gasping and grunting for all that he was worth, whilst I tried to push my legs up even further in an attempt to allow him even greater access.

All the time my cock strained in my crotch. As I thrust my tightly clenched fist up and down its aching length. Slapping the monkey like some desperate, over-sexed teen.

My frenzied manipulation could not continue for much longer, that was for sure. For one thing, the sweet sensation at the end of my pole (as I slipped the skin back and forth over my helmet) was now so intense that some happy release was quite inevitable. Not only that, but parts of my guts were now being touched that had surely never been touched before, as Gus pushed to the very hilt of his manhood, straining every sinew in the process.

But surely the most pressing factor to me was the very smell that filled the room. The smell of sex. Of hot, uncompromising man to man fornication. Of hot sweat and stale spunk. Of reckless desire between two guys in their prime.

It was a smell that seemed to fill my entire being. As I pulled in the air through my nose with a heavy drawl, flooding my lungs with the rich, fertile scent in the process.

Gees, it was good. Fucking good, in fact. So good, that the next thing I knew I had the distinct feeling of cum balling up at the base of my cock.

The moment of divine fulfilment had finally arrived. Staring my cock directly in the eye, I prepared for the first climactic crystal bolt to boldly erupt.

'Fuck!' I screeched, unable to catch my breath. 'I'm gonna -'

But I never got round to completing the sentence. For the first thick bolt of cream had already spurted out of my piss-hole. Arching right across my entire body, before landing with a distinctive splat against my right cheek. Then slowly trickling off my chin and running down my neck and onto the duvet beneath. By which time my cock had spewed another volcanic blast. Equally venomous. And, like the first spume, easily able to whitewash my startled face.

Wad after wad now fired in my direction. A veritable blow-out of cum-snot, which poured in all directions. Indeed, it was difficult to believe that my sac was actually big enough to contain such an angry torrent. What's more, it left me in a somewhat perilous state. With great globs of sap not only liberally festooned across my face and chest, but also in my hair and across the bedclothes beneath. Believe me, spunk was everywhere and it was sobering to think that Gus himself was not far short of reaching a similarly sticky conclusion.

Indeed, the fellow's splutters were testimony to his critical state. Whilst the cheesy stench of ejaculated cum now surely only served to force him to a furious conclusion.

After all, who could not be encouraged by the present stench that gripped the air? The very scent of love and lust. The fuel that had driven the human race for generations.

His hips gave an even harder thrust, as he finally exclaimed his conclusions and I could feel his cock swell between my aching ring as he fired deep inside me yet again. Filling me with his copious batter. Leaving me content and satisfied, as only fresh spunk can.

With a final burst of liquid fury, we fell together in a sweaty, clammy embrace. Gus kissing the remains of my sperm from my face, whilst his own delicate honey slowly dribbled from my gaping ass-hole, pooling on the sheet beneath.

Whilst I took another refreshing gulp of air, now sweet with his rich odour, before nuzzling under his arm for a stronger whiff of his manly brew. Lapping at his thick, dark hairs - matted with a sweaty coat of goodness. A taste that hung on my tongue with such acrid longing that I realised that I might have loved Gus even before I had ever met him.

Like I said, I remember everything about that first morning together. But above all things, I remember his smell. The smell of a young guy in his prime.

The very scent of man-sex. Which will remain with me forever.


Marc Oranje

[email protected]


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