Isn't being a teenager great? Some of the best times of your life, some of the worst, time for learning and growing, although sometimes it can be scary, even when you have the right kind of support from friends and family.

I'd never been too popular, I was pretty average, 17, 5 foot 11 inches, short medium brown hair, good shape, I played soccer for 5 years but I wasn't cut muscly or toned but also not flabby and my best feature was my grey blue eyes.

So as I said, a time for learning and growing, going about secondary school was a bit of a drag, but most days it was ok and I'm not one for complaining, except that I'd never had a girlfriend or any encounters with a girl at all, it was intimidating but thankfully I wasn't the only one in my little circle of friends.

It started around after New Year's, when the weather finally changed back to the normal cold instead of the insanely freezing dark winters that you get here in Ireland.

One of the boys I am friends, Evan with was turning 17 like I had a month previously and decided to have a bit of a get together instead of a "party" we were too "old and cool" to have a birthday party odds are you know the situation, a couple of movies, a couple of boys a couple of girls, food and music, only this friend was lucky, he had a Jacuzzi that we got to make use of.

So let me tell you about Evan, Blonde medium length hair, green eyes and very toned from all of the soccer he'd played over his time growing up, I thought nothing of this, let's continue shall we?

After arriving to his house on the night with the rest of my friends, we sat and watched a movie, I can't even remember it now, I didn't pay much attention, and I'm kind of a wimp with scary movies. It ended and we all jumped in the Jacuzzi, this was the first time I'd seen a girl in a swimsuit as I don't swim and the beach is far too cold for me! I liked it.

Suddenly, one of the boys shouts "Truth or Dare!" and I instantly got uncomfortable but went with it. So we take a few turns and people aren't too brave and all pick truth, it gets to one of the girls and she picks dare, instantly she's asked to flash her boobs which she does with only a little hesitation, me likey.

A few more rounds and there's been a kiss or two and I'm still uncomfortable, until it gets back to one of the boys, Connor is dared by one of the girls to kiss one of the other guys to which he argues he's not gay, but sure why not it's only a kiss but the girls get to pick who he kisses. Me.

So Connor, Short, spiky jet black hair, good tan and body, with big brown eyes standing about 6 foot.

I protested the kiss a little because I hadn't even kissed a girl yet, but I went with it when the chanting "kiss kiss kiss" started, oh boy peer pressure. So I sit still and eventually Connor giggles and announces now or never, leans in and gives me a peck on the lips. The girls were not happy and whined "That's not a kiss!" and so forth, great I have to get another?!

He leans in again and tells me to pretend it's a girl, that doesn't help, I've never kissed one! He slowly presses his lips to mine and gives me my first kiss, geez my face went red as I thought "This isn't bad at all, it's pretty nice!" Apparently my penis thought so too because it started to stir.

We briskly break apart while there's hollers and whoops and laughs from everyone else, I excuse myself to the bathroom while Evan goes to get a drink. After a couple of minutes my face returns to normal, as does Mr Happy, as I'm leaving Evan asks slyly "How was your first kiss ?" with a knowing look and a satisfied grin on his face," just great" I think.

"If it's any consolation, Ava was my first kiss tonight" I catch the tone of excitement, "At least you got to kiss a girl" I shot back trying to laugh it off, as I'm walking back outside I hear him say "A kiss is a kiss" which left me confused.

The night continued on and I got to kiss Jen. Both of my first kisses in one night, with a male and a female, they were quite fun.

Queue the scary confusion.

To be continued.


Evan R


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