It's a mid-September Friday, 9:15am in the office, and I just shot a fucking HUGE load in the stall in the 8th floor men's room.  I came within 60 seconds of unzipping my trousers and pulling out my already semi-hard, precum-dripping dick.  And I'm still kind of hard.

I usually hate rush hour, the subway push from Brooklyn up into Manhattan, the crowds, the pressure, the claustrophobic pressing in against total strangers. But this morning, oh man! This morning, and one of the hottest guys I have ever seen on my daily subway commute, changed all that.

I'll describe this guy in a moment. I first saw him on the platform at Nevins Street, waiting for the 4/5 Uptown train like I was.  But, to sketch out the scene for you, here's me.  Age 26, Italian/Jewish, 6'1 tall, fit, well-built, very good looking, gay but masculine.  Dressed in shirt/tie, office-casual trousers, brown leather shoes and a mid-length brown leather jacket. 

One time when my friends and I were out and getting drunk, one of them said to me, "Rob, we decided you are the perfect example of Big Dick Face."  I laughed because it's true in my case.  They went on to describe my face: deep-set dark eyes, strong cheekbones and jaw, thick wavy dark hair, Roman nose, full lips.  "You see that face and you know, you just KNOW he's got one."  I bought the next round. Flattery. It works on me every time.

So this morning I get on the Uptown 2 Express at Bergen Street, my neighborhood stop, and it's already jam-packed at 8:11am.  I don't carry a work-bag, don't need it, I like to move fast on/off the crowded trains and not be weighed down.  I keep gym stuff and snacks and all that stuff in drawers at the office.

A few stops later, if you want to transfer to the 4/5 line, everybody knows Nevins Street is the best stop for the switch; the trains crawl up to adjacent sides of the same one long platform, and you just step off one train and walk across onto the other.  And that's what I do most days, to get from home to the office near Grand Central.

So I get off at Nevins, as usual.  And I'm walking up and down the long crowded platform, seeing if there's a break in the crowd and maybe I can wedge myself onto the next train.  Excuse me. Pardon. 'Scuse me. I keep muttering as I move through people trying to get a better spot in the rush.

There’s no 4 or 5 train coming, but the LED display tells us one is coming in 2 minutes. The crowd is more packed than usual, and there’s some announcement about “After an earlier incident, 4 and 5 trains are running with delays.”

A little more than halfway down the very crowded platform, as I walk through all the other commuters, I pass this really hot looking guy. He's a bit older than me, maybe 30-32, and he has this hyped-up butch look that I can't tell if he's active US military or just gay.  You know what I mean? Immaculate precise crew cut, square jaw, unusually perfect skin, fit buff body. Here in NYC, this means 95% chance he's gay. 

So yeah, he is dressed casual in a navy blue polo shirt that squeezes over his strong shoulders, pecs and biceps. And tan khakis that can barely contain his meaty thighs and big round melon butt.  I’ll mention here, I'm a top.  So, yeah, I see that awesome ass and I slow down, it's like I'm spellbound: Want. Crave. Need to have. Must FUCK.

I glance at this hot stud, his crew-cut and muscles, as I pass by very slow.  He looks up from his paperback book and glances at me, crowds of people all around us, his eyes lock with mine for an instant. The eyes are a handsome light blue.  Ok: he swings my way. Yeah!!  I'm psyched, inside.

I try to stay cool.  I keep walking. Of course I turn around, five seconds later.  Now he's holding the book up a little closer to his face but he's been watching me the whole time.  I circle back past him, our eyes lock again.  I make a hint of a smile on my face as I look at him, he instinctively half-smiles back at me.  All of this is subtle; the rest of the packed crowd doesn't see a thing.

I wait down a bit further on the platform, I keep glancing back over at him.  He's looking the other way mostly, but he stands now at a slight tilt, and that muscle-ass of his is looking incredible, outlined fully in his pants.  I bet he can squat 350 lbs.  Easily. And then he turns his handsome head again to look back at me. I feel my dick stir to life a little, in my trousers.

Our uptown 5 train is finally arriving.  The crowd lumbers in a mass movement toward the track.  I move out in a loop, moving swiftly back behind Stud's area, and am in the crowd behind him, just two people behind him.  He's glancing back down the platform to where I used to be, and he doesn't realize that I'm now behind him.  As the train pulls up, we all push forward.  And now I get really psyched and turned on, because I know how to wedge into and right through a crowd, like a fucking jacknife.  And if I want to be pressed right up behind this hot guy and his beautiful ass and broad shoulders and perfect crew cut, then that's where I'm gonna be.  He's about to be mine!

Stud doesn't know it quite yet, as we all push onto the unusually packed train.  But I only need two moves in this game, and I take them fast.  Move #1: Ice-coffee-sipping straight chick, 'scuse me, sorry but yeah, I am plowing past you, and sorry I’m a little rude about it. Nothing personal. Thanks. Now there's just one person in between me and Stud - a short, middle-aged black woman with an elaborate braided hairstyle and a bright red “Executive Woman” type of pantsuit and blazer.  The train really is crammed beyond capacity, more and more people are trying to press onto it, shoving rudely into one another.  I press into executive black woman in red, and I murmur an apology as she ends up pressed up against the back of Stud.  He glances behind and sees her - and he sees me.  For a split second his cool facade drops, and his blue eyes register sudden surprise.  Our eyes lock again for an instant. I smirk and look away.  The train doors close and the Uptown 5 train rumbles forward.

Stud glances back at me a couple of times.  My eyes are sort of on him, sort of absently looking ahead.  I’m trying not to get a boner too soon; I do have a big dick and if it gets hard it's very obvious - and I do not want to be on the receiving end of a face-slap from executive black woman in her red suit.  But ohh yeah, I'm looking at this hot handsome man with his thick tanned arms and I'm thinking, dude, I am going to HUMP YOUR ASS GOOD on this train ride. Get ready, because I am. I unzip my leather jacket and I empty my front pants pockets.  I want nothing in the way when I get to him.  Body to body.

"Now entering.... Borough Hall."  The train slides into the next station. Doors open.  It's so packed that even though some people realize that this is their stop, they can barely move to begin to get out.  A few passengers rise from their seats.  Lucky me: one of them is right beneath/next to me and the well-coiffed black woman in red.  I make space as the grunting passenger squeezes out past me, and I motion to the woman: "seat?"  Ha, I didn't need to, she already swooped down into that seat in a quick 0.2 seconds.  Damn right, she's a native New Yorker.

I am too.  I make my own move in the next 0.2 seconds, and the space between me and Stud gets closed up tight, with me right behind him.  A flood of new passengers shoving and pushing onto the train.  They surge and press and shove against me from behind. Hey man, nothing personal but now I have to press my whole body right up alongside yours. Blame all these people behind me.  Good thing my mid-length leather jacket, open/unzipped, prevents other passengers from seeing my crotch, or seeing just how tightly my lower torso is pressed against his. Because it's kind of indecent and my dick is already starting to swell, nudged up into the cleft of his pants.  Feels so fucking good. Train doors close shut. Feels like a thousand people all packed into this train-car. We begin to move. And I'm where I wanna be.  Burrowed deep against this beautiful man and his big strong sexy ass. Home sweet home for the next 15 minutes.

My man here, I can tell he's as excited about this situation as I am.  He starts gently pressing his ass back into my boner, press.. press.. press.. press.. press.., in time with the rolling rhythm of the moving train.  Again this is such a fucking packed train, nobody can even turn around or look down at what's going on. We all really are like sardines in a can.

So yeah, one minute of this and I am fucking ROCK HARD.  I wonder if he is. He's holding his paperback book carefully down in that area so I take that as a big Yes.  His body is square in front of mine, my hips are tight pressed on his big muscle-butt, I fit perfect on him, like gloves on hands.  He keeps pressing, even grinding a little with that amazing ass, and my dick is so fucking hard and I'm getting so turned on I can't believe it.  I find myself looking at the contours of his handsome face, just inches from mine.  The tanned/rosy red little curves of his outer earlobe.  The clean-shaven hint of stubble on his broad handsome jawline.  The soft tender nape of his neck and the little light hairs on it. I think of how I’d like to lean in and kiss that place on him, while my dick keeps on humping his ass.

All this time his body is gently going grind.. grind.. grind.. grind against my hard cock, and I'm giving it right back to him hard, firm, steady: grind.. grind.. grind.. grind..  I glance around, everybody else is hating the claustrophobia, the jam packed subway car, they're just trying to deal with it, tune it out, get through it.  Not me. And not my man here. Everybody else will get relief soon, it'll be over, but not the two of us: we want this situation to last and last.

It really did last, a good 15 to 20 minutes.  We were pretty much slow-motion fucking, and I do mean fucking, with our clothes on.  It was so goddamn good.  This hot man right in front of me, grinding on my dick, me grinding on his ass, on and on and on and on and on. The heat between us grew and grew on the crowded train, and I felt new little beads ofsweat begin to form on my brow.  The same little beads of fresh sweat that began to trickle down from his crewcut-trimmed sideburns right in front of me.  I felt like we were alone naked somewhere else in a sauna, just this man and me, and at the same time we were right here, fully clothed on a max-capacity subway train.  I fucking loved it.

At one point as we were grinding, he lifted his muscular arm up to hold the railing, and the arm was inches from my face.  Grind.. grind.. grind.. I have never in my life wanted to throw a man down and just fuck the fucking FUCK outta him, as I did then.  My eyes traced the light brown hair on his strong forearm.  I breathed onto his arm softly, intently. Grind.. grind.. grind.. my hard dick right at home there in the cleft of his butt.  I breathed more fully onto his forearm.  My man, he liked that a lot; he glanced back at me for the first time and then looked straight ahead, his warm full ass pressed even more completely against my big dick, both of us straining the fabric of our clothes.  And he inhaled and exhaled deeply.  I did too, breathing out deeply onto the trickle of light fur along his meaty forearm, as it stretched diagonal up toward the railing, resting in front of my face.

"Now entering... Wall Street."  Some passengers started to exit, a few more got on.  There was a little bit more space, but the train was still jam-packed enough that we could get away with the clothes-on sex that we were having.  I was still insanely turned on, feeling the heat of him right in front of me, my body pressed onto and into his from behind.  I figured it would only be a few stops more, before this thing ends.  Fuck!  I don't want it to end!

I just kept on humping and humping into his butt, and the train ambled on again toward Brooklyn Bridge.  Grind.. grind.. grind.  Hump.. hump.. hump. Good God, he felt so fucking good.  I was starting to feel crazy with longing, like I would literally pay $1000 for all this crowd to go away and I could just have this hot beautiful man in my bed, or his, wherever, anywhere, and I could fuck him all morning long instead of going to work. Want. Crave. Need.  I could feel how much he was in the same state.  His paperback book stayed fixed in front of his pants, made me want to see his erection as he kept it hidden from the crowd standing shoulder-to-shoulder all around us.

"Now entering.. Brooklyn Bridge."  Passengers pushed and shoved to get off the train.  New passengers moved and shoved to get on.  I stayed right there on my man, hips on hips, cock against butt.  And he stayed right where I wanted him to.  Another little bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face, resting on his beautiful muscular neck.  I wanted to lick it, taste it.  The train doors slid shut again.  The next stretch was a longer ride, 4 or 5 full minutes, express up to Union Square/14th.  The train rolled forward, moving faster, rocking a little more vigorously from side to side as it barreled forward.  I humped my man in time with the train as it rocked.  I wanted to talk dirty into his ear, just a few inches in front of my lips.  I wanted to grab his belt, unbuckle it and whip it off, pull the tight khakis down and pull down whatever underwear he was wearing, and I wanted to throw him face down onto my bed (or his), and just bury my fucking face and tongue in that beautiful round ass.  Licking, tasting, growling softly, making that big strong ass of his feel warm and wet and incredibly good and ready for an all-out fuck.  Not coming up for air until I absolutely had to.  Rimming that hot beautiful hole of his.  Just losing myself in that perfect man ass.  

The fantasy was so intense, almost real.

Grind.. grind.. grind.. hump.. hump.. hump..  The crowd, all this time, shoulder to sholder, having no freaking clue what we were doing.  He inhaled and exhaled deep again.  Me too.  I glanced ahead to keep from losing control, I felt like I could actually cum right there in my pants. I was still so fucking hard, grinding my dick up against his butt.  Clock; look at the clock, the LED display on the subway.  Steady. Don't cum. Look ahead. Clock.  It now read 8:38.

My guy dropped his arm from the overhead railing, switched his book to that arm, and reached into his opposite front pocket with his free arm. Grind.. grind.. hump.. hump.  He took out his iPhone and fiddled with it for a few seconds.  Then brought it back to his pocket.

Grind.. grind.. hump.. hump. Still feeling so good, so warm, horned up beyond belief. And then I felt a nudge of something against my hand.  It was his hand, passing me his iPhone.  I took it and lifted it to see. It was open to Contacts, he'd set up a new entry called "5 Train".  Oh fuck yeah!!  I hurriedly entered my cell #, looked at it carefully to be sure I got it right, pressed "Done."  I almost sent it back to him, but then took it again and in the last name field, below "You", I entered "my name is Rob".

I slid the phone back to him, hand to hand.  Again I glanced around at all these strangers, shoved in so tightly all around us.  Still no sign that anybody else knew what we were doing.

The train stopped at 14th Street.  My man slid forward away from me and moved to the door, pushing his way out along with at least 20 other passengers.  He glanced behind to me one last time, just a second, then he was gone.  I saw his strong thick legs zip past the train window in an instant.  And that was it.  But he has my number.

I hastily reached down and zipped up the lower part of my leather jacket.  Shit, I guess my huge erection was kind of obvious.

Across from me, a young woman arose from her seat.  The iced-coffee-sipping chick from the very beginning of the ride.  Ages ago.  She passed by me, glanced upward at me from her designer glasses, and murmured "Impressive." Then she continued on toward the other end of the subway car, stopping at its door, positioning herself well for the Big Mass Exit that happens at Grand Central. I stood there wondering, did she mean Impressive about all the humping? or about the man-to-man cell phone handoff? or about my unusually huge erection?  I thought the leather jacket was covering our activity and my body response to it.  "Impressive." Ha, I'll never know.

So yeah, I got to the office and was like a crack fiend, I don't think I have ever needed to shoot off a load so badly.  So much fucking cum blasted out of this dick of mine, in that office restroom stall!  Now I'm settling in back at my desk.  And glancing down at my cell phone every 30 seconds. 

Text me, my man.  Please.  Get in touch.  You just turned me into a sex-crazed animal and I need to fuck you, and I mean fuck you FOR REAL.  Soon.  Like tonight. Tomorrow night's looking pretty good too.  Hell, anytime, I'd cancel any plans.  Damn, I’m looking down again: still nothing.  I cannot stop thinking about you.  I can still feel that warm big round strong ass, still see your broad shoulders and handsome face and the pattern of light brown hairs on your thick golden-tan forearm.  Come on, buddy. Let’s do this. Me, balls-deep inside you. We both want it. Come on.

TEXT ME!!!!!


Paul Lantoro

[email protected]


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