I was laying on my back on the ground, my legs in the air, a sizzling hot cock reaming my butt. My vision was filled with the sight of the gorgeous man above me. He smiled down at me as he fucked my ass better than anyone else ever had.

All I could see around him was the green of plants. Huge tropical leaves dripped with moisture, voluptuous blossoms sagged sensuously on their stalks and tall tree trunks disappeared into the bright sunlight above. A tangled orgy of vegetation surrounded us on all sides.

It was so real-looking, it was hard to believe I wasn't getting nailed in a real jungle, by some hot forest man that had been raised by wolves or something.

But it wasn't a jungle. It was a plant shop. And Jake wasn't a forest man, he was the shop's owner.

But it didn't make any difference.

I wouldn't have changed a thing.

It all started like this...

From the moment I first saw Jake I knew I had to have him. It took a little while to find him, though. The store called 'The Greenhouse' was overgrown with leaves and vines, tall shelves with hundreds of flowering plants...almost like a maze -- a labyrinth of foliage.

I had come in to ask some questions about the little orchid I'd gotten for a birthday present. I wasn't sure I was taking care of it properly and wanted an expert's opinion. But when I found my way to the front counter, there wasn't anybody there.

'Hello?' I called.

'Back here!' a deep voice answered from somewhere in the man-made jungle.

'Where?' I yelled. 'How can I find you?'

'Follow the sound of my voice!'

Some directions, I thought, but I wanted to see the owner of that husky masculine voice. Trying not to get my hopes up about what he'd look like, I started to track my way through the plants in the direction I'd heard the voice come from. The vegetation was thick and full, rising almost to the ceiling. Shadows were rich and black, seemingly able to hide anything within them. I half-expected to see pairs of eyes looking out at me from among the stems and branches, the eyes of the jungle's inhabitants.

Lifting long leaves gently out of the way, I began to notice how warm it was getting. The further into the place I went, the more steamy and humid it seemed. These plants must need a tropical environment, I figured. The heat was making me a little anxious. My cock was getting hard, like it always did when the temperature got hotter than usual.

Imagining myself an explorer in an adventure movie, I pretended I was fighting my way through the dense rain forest. I had come a long way, seeking a treasure, some shining artifact of unimaginable worth.

I paused for a second to wipe some sweat off my forehead before moving on. Suddenly I turned a corner and stepped out into an open area. Bright sunshine was streaming into the building from a huge skylight in the ceiling.

But it wasn't the sudden wide open space or the light that made me stop in my tracks. It was the man kneeling in the center of the room.

From the angle I was at, I couldn't even see his face, but it didn't matter. I could see all I needed to know I was looking at one serious hunk. He was wearing a skintight t-shirt that was stained dark with sweat. The shirt was sleeveless, showing off his full biceps and triceps well. Shorts that looked at least a size too small gripped his abdomen, clearly revealing the outline of his bubble-butt underneath. Stocky muscular legs tapered down to feet that were covered with dirty tennis shoes. His long hair was pulled back into a sexy ponytail.

I had found my priceless treasure. He was kneeling in front of me like a living statue, unaware that his perfection had been discovered at last.

He was tending some of his plants, gently plucking dead leaves off and packing the soil around their stems. I was amazed by the contrast between the delicacy of the work he was doing and the obvious brute power of his hands and body. The guy looked like he should be a fullback on a football team, and he was taking care of plants as carefully as if they were infant children. I found the contrast irresistible.

I didn't say anything right away, because I wanted to have a minute just to feast my eyes on him. My dick was seriously hard now, and with good reason.

My imagination couldn't help but fill my head with pictures of what I wanted to do with this guy. I imagined what it would be like to put my hands on his body, to feel every inch of him, to memorize the shapes of his muscles. I imagined licking the sweat off of him, bathing him with my mouth and tongue. I imagined taking his dick into my mouth and my ass, taking it anywhere he wanted to put it, and then shoving my own cock inside of him...

'You found me.' It was that voice again, but this time its source was right in front of me. The man was looking up, an open-lipped smile on his wide tanned face, his pretty eyes as green as the plants all around us.

'Yeah,' I said lamely, not sure what to say to such a hot man that wouldn't sound dumb.

'What can I help you with?' he said as he stood up, cracking his back. He was my height, about five foot eleven.

'I need some advice on orchids,' I said, suddenly remembering why I had come to the plant shop for help, not to cruise. 'I'm having trouble keeping one happy and healthy.'

'Yeah, they're temperamental, aren't they?' he said, laughing cheerfully. 'You got to treat them with real tender loving care.' I couldn't tell for sure, but I thought he winked at me. The sunlight was so bright, I could've imagined it...but did I? I hoped not. This stud was so hot, it'd be heaven on earth if he was feeling about me what I was feeling about him. 'Mind if I take my shirt off?' he asked. 'It's damn hot back here.'

'Not at all,' I said, hardly believing my luck. Catching a whiff of his sweat-smell as he lifted his arms over his head, I tried to suck it up as much as I could without being obvious. His chest was nice, with big firm pecs and a perfect pleasure trail of hair leading down past the waistband of his shorts.

I had to have this guy. I just had to. A few more minutes of this and I wouldn't be able to control myself. Something about it all -- the heat, the sun, all the beautiful plants, the incredible man himself -- it was all conspiring to make me hornier than I'd been in months.

'My name's Jake,' he said, sticking out his hand. I shook it firmly, and was pleased to feel him squeeze my hand back. So many guys these days have wimpy handshakes, but not this one.

'Dan,' I said as he smiled at me again. I couldn't help the goofy grin from spreading on my face, but Jake's good energy was contagious.

'Just let me go check something, and I'll be right back...' he said, heading off into the jungle. Suddenly alone, I took the chance to soak in my surroundings. Breathing deeply, I closed my eyes and just let the place talk to me.

The steamy heat was making me sweat. I impulsively took my own shirt off, letting it fall to the dirty floor. Then one of my hands worked its way down toward my crotch, where my cock was still hard and pressing against my jeans. I rubbed myself through the denim, loving the rough hard feel of it.

I heard Jake's returning footsteps but didn't even bother to stop what I was doing. My eyes were still closed as he came back into the room, and I listened to him stop at the sight of me, then come closer slowly.

'Looks like you had the same idea as me...' he said. Opening my eyes dreamily, I saw the gorgeous man start to rub the prominent bulge in his shorts.

'Oh yeah?' I said.

'Yeah. I just locked the doors. We're alone...'

'I can come back later, if you're busy...I mean, I don't want you to get in trouble...' I started to say.

'Dan,' he interrupted. 'It's my place. I can do what I want. There's no one else here.'

I couldn't hold back any more, he'd gotten me so aroused I had to do something. We were only about an arm's-length distance apart, and I lifted my hand and touched his chest. His skin was smooth and soft, with rock-hard muscle underneath. I gently worked my fingers through the fine hairs, thrilling at the tiny shivers that passed through his body from my touch.

Jake was watching my hand intently, as though the sensations were something new he'd never felt before. No, it wasn't that...it was more like he was really present, really there with me, giving the experience his whole attention. It was so exciting to realize that this stud was so enjoying what I was doing to him. I was dying for him to touch me, and luckily I didn't have long to wait.

He reached out for me with both hands, carefully touching my neck and face. His fingers were delicate with me, like they had been with the plants. I could sense the strength in them, strength that was being held in check. I loved the way he moved, the way his big green eyes took in everything around him. Something about him was almost like the surrounding plants...infinitely patient, slow and careful, sensual and ripe, rich and powerful.

When his fingers reached my lips I let them enter my mouth, sucking and pulling on them gently with my tongue.

'I think your orchid isn't the only thing that needs my tender loving care.' Jake said.

'You got that right,' I said, nearly out of breath.

Slowly we decreased the distance between us, wrapping our arms slowly around each other until we were embracing face to face.

'Do you need me to take care of you, Dan?' he whispered.

I put my head back, exposing my vulnerable neck to him.

'Please, Jake...' I whispered back as I felt his lips on my throat. Gently he caressed it with his lips and tongue, covering every inch of it lovingly. Then I couldn't resist any longer and brought my face back down level with his.

Our lips met and it was the most wonderful kiss I'd ever experienced. His lips were strong and yet soft and giving. Unhurried, he slowly engulfed my mouth with his own, his tongue entering me and running around the inside, feeling my teeth, my gums, everything.

As we kissed for what seemed like forever, my hands slid down his muscular back to find his ass-cheeks, I gripped them tightly, not wanting him to go anywhere, wanting him to just stay where he was, kissing me so wonderfully, for as long as we both could stand it.

It was almost like time stood still for us, with the sunshine streaming down onto us, as if we were like the plants -- drawing energy and strength from the light. His hands moved down and came around in front and started rubbing the lump in my jeans.

If I thought he felt good kissing me, it was even more stunning to have his hands feeling me that way. Then we were both undoing each other's clothes, me pulling down his shorts and him unfastening my buttons and letting my jeans fall to the floor.

But we didn't separate. The kiss was too exquisite to do that. Jake's hard cock touched mine, crossing with it like they were two swords. Feeling his manmeat next to my own was amazing, opening up another dimension of sensation for me. I was already close to being overwhelmed. It almost felt like I could come without even touching myself, and I hadn't done that since high school. That decided it. Jake was by far the hottest man I'd ever been with.

Then I broke the kiss. I had to, the desire to feel more of him was too much for me. Down on my knees, I stuck my face into his crotch and breathed in his deep, masculine odor. The smells from the place all around joined with him, and it was like I was smelling the blossoms of the plants and the fragrant soil that they grew in, and it was him, it was Jake, all of those things. He was a part of this place, and everything in it was part of him.

I stuck my tongue out and licked his soft pubic hair. He tasted so good, so warm and salty. Finding the base of his cock, I mouthed it and caressed it with my lips and tongue. Starting there, at the root of his organ, I followed its length with my mouth. Jake let out a shuddering moan as I got closer and closer to the head. Trying to move as slowly as I could, I felt his hands gently work their way into my hair and take hold of me. It was like he wanted me to stay where I was, to never leave the spot, to take root like a tree and remain there always.

Then I was at the end and I ever so gently let my lips engulf the pink mushroom head of his cock. As I took it in there was a wonderful feeling of fullness, of being filled up, that I hadn't felt before. With his hands Jake started guiding me back and forth, pushing his cock further into me with each stroke.

My crotch was flaming. I had to answer the demanding call coming from my dick and nuts, so I closed my hand over them and started rubbing. I wrapped my other arm around Jake's waist, holding him in place so he wouldn't move. It felt so wonderful, it was unthinkable that it might end.

The smells all around me seemed to get more intense, as if having sex with Jake was somehow making my senses more alive. Everything seemed more exciting than usual...the rich earthy aromas of the soil and plants; the exquisite feel of his ripe cock, hard as the bark of a tree; the sight of Jake above me, looking down with a delicious expression of tenderness and passion; colors more vibrant than ever before; the salty taste of him in my mouth and the wonderful sounds of our heavy breathing and the dripping of moisture taking us far away...we might as well have been in some real tropical jungle. We didn't care about anyone or anything else...only each other.

Jake was moving, and his dick popped out of my mouth with an audible slurp. I must have moaned a little in protest, because he laughed gently.

'I'm not going anywhere,' he said softly, as he got down with me on the ground and wrapped his arms around me. 'I just don't want you to have all the fun.'

He pushed me down on my back and got himself in a sixty-nine position. Then all at once he lowered his luscious dick back between my lips just as he took my own pecker deep down his throat. I would've shot right then and there, but I gave my nuts a good squeeze to discourage them.

Not yet, I thought feverishly, I've got to let this go on as long as I can. Still I could feel a steady stream of pre-cum oozing out of my dick into Jake's mouth. He licked it up eagerly, pressing his tongue into my piss-slit like he couldn't get enough of my silvery man-juice.

We pumped each other's mouths that way for a long time, the sun beating down on Jake's back and his weight pressing me into the ground. Our rhythm became exactly synchronized as we fucked each other's mouths in unison.

Jake worked his hands down between my butt and the floor, gripping my ass-cheeks tight and squeezing them. I groaned in ecstasy as the feelings piled up on my brain: the feel of his dick in my mouth, my cock in his, his hands on my ass, and his finger poking inward between my cheeks, working its way towards my excited hole.

Then he pulled his hands away and out of the corner of my eye I saw him reach for something in his discarded shorts. It was a package of condoms. He lifted himself up off of me, his muscles flexing gorgeously before my eyes. As tragic as it was to stop our glorious suck-fest, seeing him that way above me, the sun shining around him like he was a Greek god or something, was worth it.

Kneeling down next to me, he tore open the package and pulled one of the rubbers out. I couldn't help laughing when I saw it.

'What?' he said with a grin as he unrolled the latex sheath over his tool.

'I might've known you'd have green condoms,' I said.

'Hey, my thumb ain't the only thing about me that's green.' he said as his emerald eyes flashed at me. 'I've got to get into your ass, Dan,' he breathed. 'From the first moment I saw you, I needed to fuck you like you've never been fucked...'

To answer him, I flexed my legs upward and then bent my knees, exposing my quivering asshole. The garden stud got himself between my legs and greased up his condom-covered dick with some spit.

Moving forward, I felt the head of his cock press against me. The desire to feel them man inside me was intense. My neck craned as I watched him glide between my legs, my sphincter ring expanding to receive the organ Jake was pushing into me.

'Relax...' he breathed, and it was like hearing the wind speak to me. With one hand he pushed our clothes together into a soft pile behind me, then gently guided my head down to rest on it.

I looked up into the skylight, the sun blinding me. Jake started fucking me, and it was like living a hot, wet dream. The force of his cock entering my body was completely painless, as if my body welcomed him. I hadn't let anyone screw me in a long time, I couldn't believe I'd loosened up so fast for anyone...but then, Jake wasn't like anyone I'd ever met, much less had sex with.

He plowed me with the same delicious rhythm he'd fucked my mouth with, moving in and out slowly and deliberately. It was as if we had all the time in the world.

But I knew it wouldn't last long, we were both so close to shooting our loads. I knew we were both holding off but couldn't keep the floodgates up forever. Soon enough we'd have to give in to natural instinct and let it go.

'I'm gonna come, Dan...' he said breathlessly.

'Let it go,' I coaxed him. 'Come on, Jake, shoot it off...fill up that condom, I want to see it plump and full of your jizz when you pull out of me...'

His eyes rolled back in his head. I knew my talk was pushing him over the edge. His screwing got faster, moving in and out of me with sumptuous passion.

'Plant your seed in me, Jake.' I whispered into his ear.

'Oh, God!' he moaned and shoved himself into my ass as far as he could go. I wrapped my legs around his torso and squeezed him tight. His dick shot off inside me, filling up the condom with his hot man-cream. Jake whimpered and groaned with bliss as the orgasm spread through him.

He collapsed on top of me. I hugged him tight, whispering and cooing in his ear. He shuddered for a few minutes, then relaxed. Slowly he pulled out of me, gently removed the condom and tied off the end.

'What're you doing that for?' I asked.

'You'll see...' he said with a smile.

I got up and reached for one of the condom packages.

'C'mere, you hot stud, you...' I said. 'It's my turn.'

'Mmmm,' he said. 'Be my guest...'

I gently laid Jake down on his back and got between his legs. Then I slid the green condom on over my dick. I loved how it looked. Pulsing with warmth and life, my penis now resembled a plant's organ, like a giant stamen, ready to fertilize other vegetation. And that was exactly what I was going to do to this hot forest man, this garden stud that had enflamed my passion like no one else ever had.

Jake had licked his fingers and was gently probing his asshole with them, getting himself ready. By the time I got up on my knees and aimed my manhood, his hole was hungry and waiting.

Like he had been with me, I entered him effortlessly. It was as if our cocks and holes had been made for each other, molded from the same model. Jake cocked his head back as I went in further and further. A sigh of ecstasy escaped from his lips as I started working him, fucking him in and out with slow strong strokes.

It was fucking fantastic. Screwing this man, being inside him, was even more exciting then getting nailed by him had been. His body was so warm, so alive, it was like I could feel every beat of his heart in my cock. We had joined, the two of us, like the lichen plant that was actually two different organisms working together to form a new and complete one.

I pushed into him, anchoring him to the floor with my weight. The foliage around us seemed to lean inward, as if drawn to our energy and passion.

'Oh, yeah, fuck me, man, fuck me, please...' Jake moaned. I sank my hands into his hair, untying his pony tail to let it hang free. My fingers swam in it, luxuriating in the wondrous energy of it. As I did, I imagined myself making love to the earth itself, losing myself in its sensual power. Jake's hair was like grass, long exquisite fabulous grass, shimmering with life.

I realized my eyes had been clenched shut. Now I opened them and looked down at the wonderful creature I was possessing with my manhood. He was staring up at me, the adoration and excitement in his eyes as perfect and flawless as that in an infant child's.

That's what it was like -- being with this man was like being reborn, getting a second chance to enter the world. The power of our lovemaking with primitive, primeval, stronger than any verbal communication could ever be.

Soon enough I couldn't hold myself back anymore and had to let it out.

'Jake, it's coming, man, I can't wait anymore...' I moaned.

'Let it go, Dan,' he whispered back. 'Fill me up, give it to me, give me all your magic, take me, make me yours...'

That did it. He was mine, I knew that nothing would ever be the same after this. The power of our union was too great to ignore. It was like a once-in-a-lifetime thing...I was an explorer that had found this priceless treasure in a lost jungle and wasn't giving it up for anything.

I came. My spunk spurted out of my dick and was instantly caught by the condom, suspended in place and held there like a butterfly caught in a net. A long groan of pleasure and satisfaction came out of me. The feeling was incredible, like the first time seeing a sunrise, or the first time watching the miracle of a plant bloom and blossom, the flower opening up to receive the sun for the first time.

When it was over, I rolled over next to him on the ground and pulled the condom off.

'Tie it off, keep it safe,' Jake murmured.

'Okay,' I said, following his instructions. 'You gonna show me why?' Jake grinned as he got up. He took the two full condoms and walked over the sick little plants he had been tending when I arrived.

He untied the condoms and before my eyes emptied them out into the soil of the plants. The dirt absorbed our come instantly, soaking it in and making it a part of itself. 'Does that work?' I asked.

Jake laughed.

'What's so funny?' I said, grabbing him and squeezing him tight.

'Look around,' he said. 'You tell me if it works. Every time I jerk off, my come goes right into the soil of the plants. Judge for yourself...'

Looking around, I started laughing too. Realization swept through me. I understood at last that all the feelings I'd been having since being here were no accident. This whole place was a tribute to Jake. The luxuriant jungle was a living monument to his power, nursed and grown on his life-force.

Jake was the plants. And the plants were Jake.

He was a forest man, more priceless and special than any treasure.

I held him tight, and he returned the embrace. The moment was perfect. As we sat there, on the floor in the sun, surrounded by the miracle of growth and life, I knew something for sure.

I knew that I was going to be a regular customer at the Greenhouse plant shop.

And that my relationship with its owner was going to grow and evolve, and maybe someday it would become as fabulous and wonderful as the jungle that surrounded us.



Christopher Pierce

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