You'll want to know about me. I'm 19, lounging around this summer, trying

to get into the college of my choice. I have a lot going for me, I'm a

standout footballer at my prep school and have a 4.80 average. I wrote for

the school newspaper and was senior class president. I'm 6'1' 165 pounds

of blonde male pulchritude. I have an athlete's build and a jock face.

What's a jock face: square, stern, but breaks into a sunny smile, natural

eyebrows, close cropped hair and big blue eyes. Do I get layed? Yeah,

almost anytime I want. All the girls in school want to be with the most

popular kid on campus. Do I like fucking? Yes and no. I always get off,

the girls almost always gets off, but...'

That 'but' is the bane of my young life. I like girls, I get an instant

erection if I even see a breast, but....that 'but' again. I have something

deep inside of me that hankers for a tender experience with a male. It is

not likely to happen because I am so straight, butch, and rough acting.

Every traditional sign of straightness I have in abundance. Therefore, no

kid who would like to initiate me, or would even dare approach me. Being

an athlete, I see lots of great looking guys. I shower with them, see

their cocks, and we pat each other on the rump...jock style.

It looks as if I will go to college, start my career, marry and never tap

into that longing. Yeah, that's the way it looked until that day at my

Dad's golf club. This is a super deluxe club with a full service heath

club. The members are old guys like my Dad. I have to tell you that old

straight guys do ogle me and smile, then they ask stupid questions about my

sex life. 'You getting' any kid?' 'Yeah,' I tell them, 'I have to fight

them off with a stick.'

Today I saw a young guy, I guess about my age. His looks made my dick feel

like there was some tiny guy inside my pants who was pulling at it. He had

the kind of face and body that I dream of when I wank. He had thick, dark

curly hair tumbling over his ears and forehead. I took him to be about

5'7', very lithe of build and slightly tan. His body was like that of a

gymnast. He possessed a Greek statue's face. Yes, the curly hair, the

perfect bold nose, the slight sneer from his curly lips. I saw a statue

called 'Young Greek Athlete' in the museum. He could have been the model.

I first saw him as we were both shaving. We stood in front of the mirrors.

He was naked, a towel over one shoulder. I could see his penis, darker

than his skin color and his dark purple balls. I had a towel decorously

tied at my waist, already slightly bulging from being near him. His face

was so smooth, I wondered why he had to shave, then I realized he was

applying some type of lotion. It was thick and left his pink lips exposed.

The effect was startling, especially when he smiled at my reflection in the


I was scratching away at my heavy beard, unusual for blondes, but there you

are. He finished his lotioning, wiped it off and walked gracefully out of

the room.

After my shave I decided to visit the steam room. I usually stay only a

few minutes as the fat shapes and stupid conversation about stock and bonds

bored me. Also I felt they were staring at me too boldly. I opened the

door. The steam was just beginning. I could easily make out the figure of

my Greek boy in the corner. I settled myself down far enough away not to

impinge on his space, but still affording a good view of him. His head was

thrown back and his eyes closed. His towel was folded and lay across his

lap, effectively hiding his equipment, but showed off his smooth pecs and

muscled belly.

Neither of us spoke. Then Greek boy opened his eyes and looked at me and

smiled broadly. He parted his lips and spoke in a smooth, lilting voice

with a slight accent. Christ, he actually was Greek. 'Do you fool


How to answer that. I tried. 'You mean am I a player with girls?'

'No, I see you have gay tendencies, I just wonder if you follow them out.'

'What makes you say that? I never did anything gay, and I don't think

there is anything about me that would lead you to say that.'

'This is one subject I am never wrong about. You took the gay location so

you could see me. There are several other spots here you could have

chosen. You modeled me by taking off your towel--incidentally, nice

package you have--to expose yourself and then sat down and put your towel

across your lap, like mine.'

'Again I ask, do you fool around?'

I loved this kid. He was so cute and so direct. This just might be the

experience I was looking for. 'I never have.'

'Are you interested?'

'Here and now?'


He took his towel away. His penis that looked pretty generous when he was

in the bathroom, now seemed really big. It rose from his lap, and the

foreskin was slightly retracted exposing a cherry red head. I audibly

gulped. He motioned me to remove my towel. I did so and was surprised to

see that I had a hard erection. Then he motioned for me to come over to


I shook my head, no. He laughed. 'What's your name. Mine is George. It

seems most Green boys are named George, no?'

'I'm Darrin.' I got up and crossed the small space between us. It's

seemed okay to shake hands. His hand clasped mine strongly and pulled it

down so that the side of my hand was touching his penis.'

'Hello Darrin. I have a strong attraction to you. You have a compelling,

fresh, American athlete look. I like your muscles and your model's face.

Just looking at you makes my desire boil and I think you have a strong

desire to be intimate with me. You are breathing hard and your cock is

jumping in passion. Why do you fight so hard?'

'Someone might come in.'

'I can fix that. My father is the owner of this club. I will put the sign

that says 'Temporarily Closed' then lock the door from the inside.'

That seemed a big commitment and I knew if I said to do it, that it was the

same as agreeing to the homosexual stuff. He put his hand on my shoulder.

'This is the last time I will ask you. If you do not agree, I will leave

this room.'

He stared into my eyes, his face very close. I said in almost a whisper,


He laughed and got up, crossed the room and out the door. I could see the

shadow of the sign on the frosted door and he reentered and locked it. I

noticed that he was still hard and he had gone out with no effort to cover

himself. What a wanton kid. He came back and put both hands on my

shoulders. He stared into my face. His eyes were pale gray. Almost as if

he read my mind he said, 'You have the bluest eyes, they go right to my

dick.' He leaned forward and placed his perfect lips against mine. The

kiss was very gentle. It was like an invitation and he kept them pressed

on mine, waiting. I began to press back and slightly opened my mouth. We

stayed like that, breathing each other's mouth. His breath was sweet and

olivey, if you can imagine that. Suddenly I felt his tongue touch my lips,

I went into a dizzy spin and relaxed my lips and met his tongue, pushing

and probing his mouth. Finally we parted. My knees were shaking and I was

gasping for air.

'Now boy, sink to your knees, kiss my cock. It wants your hot mouth and

you want it too, so bad that you can hardly think straight.'

He pressed gently on my fuzzy, crew cut head and I sunk down, staring at

his pulsing cock. I leaned toward it. I was immediately assailed with a

spicy odor that blocked my senses. I put out my tongue and swiped it

across the damp red head and piss slit. He grunted in pleasure. 'Good boy.

You're making me feel very good and you want me to feel good, I know.'

I felt myself going down from a thinking person to a reactive sex machine.

I was pleased, as though he had petted me like a dog. I took the head into

my lips. It felt wonderful. I licked it over and over again. George was

stroking my head in approval. 'Go deeper Darrin, don't fight it. You want

to have it all in your hot mouth to suck and lick me until I make you a

present of my sweet cum.' He massaged my shoulders and stroked my cheek

lovingly, breathing with a panting sound.

I felt my mouth filling with the saliva of lust and I moved to get his

still pole deeper into my mouth. 'Yes, yes,' he was crooning with passion.

'I love to get sucked, but it is even better with a beautiful boy like you,

especially when he is a virgin to boy sex. Can you go deeper so that I am

right down your throat?'

I would do anything he asked. I was his to command. I breathed heavily

through my nose and opened my throat and he slipped down. I swallowed

rapidly in nervous alarm. 'Oh Darrin, my lovely boy, you have done I it.

It feels beautiful. I am just a minute from launching a volley of cum. I

know you want to taste it.'

Suddenly I stopped. He looked at me in surprise. 'Is something wrong?'

'No I loved sucking you, but suddenly I don't want to have this one sided.

Can you suck me, just a little?'

He sighed, half annoyed and half sympathetically. 'I know, your big

American jock cock is hurting. It wants to feel so good that it will

discharge your load. Okay, I will solve your problem. Here, layout on the

tile bench.' George arranged himself so that he could take my cock in his

mouth and I could continue sucking him. I saw this in a movie, but it was

with a boy and a girl.

As soon as his mouth swallowed my cock in one motion I cried out in shock

and pleasure. He sucked me vigorously. My head was spinning. Suddenly he

spanked he hard on one butte cheek. 'Hey shit head, don't hang there, put

my cock deep in your throat. I want to get back to where we were. I want

to spew, I'm so stiff and so full of cum.'

I resumed my sucking. His work on my cock was exquisite. I had to stop my

sucking to get my breath back each time he deep throated me. I was moaning

around his shaft. I think he liked that as he patted my head gratefully.

We seemed to forget about ourselves as we struggled to get the other to

shoot. Finally I felt George's cock stiffen and his knees began to thrust.

He froze and delivered great quantities of salty Greek cum into my gullet.

I kept swallowing and then I was overcome with my own orgasm that shook my

body and thrust me onto a new plane of consciousness. I was shouting my

cum chant as I trembled and undulated against his sucking mouth. Finally I

stopped shooting and panted trying to catch my breath.

George was now sitting up, a big smile on his beautiful mouth. 'You liked

that didn't you? Now you're as queer as I am. I hope you will stop

pretending that boy sex isn't your life. I bet you never got so hot with a

girl or ever came with that force and pleasure.'

I had to admit that he was right. 'George, can we get together again


'Well there is a lot to teach you. Your ass is so fine, I would like to

fuck you, but I think you will have to learn this from some one else. I

never have sex twice with the same boy. I know it sounds strange, but that

it the way I am. I couldn't even get hard with you if I tried.'

He patted me on the head and scratched my ears. 'Good doggie, I have to

go. Have a good life.'

He unlocked the door and left. I was shocked and perplexed. At this

moment I had fallen in love with him and his beauty. Here I was alone.

Would I ever find someone as hot and loving as him. I felt a sob escape my

throat and some tears fell on my naked body.

Just then the door opened and two older guys came in. I fixed my towel

into a more modest position. 'Hi kid, your look beat. Too much steam I

think. You better take a cold shower.'

They were right. I never saw George again around the club and once I asked

the owner where his son was and he told me that he had no son, only




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