One night after drinking, my friends and I went for Food & coffee. We drove to our favorite coffee house. We went in, sat down at a booth. As our waitress took our order, 3 college guys came in. They were tall, and slender, wearing very loose fitting shorts. One guy sat facing me. After a while, I guess He saw me staring at his crotch. He leaned back in the booth, put one leg bent up into the seat, and spread the other leg out. He wasn't wearing any underwear, and I had a clear shot of his BEAUTIFUL cock. I got ROCK hard! I was already hornier than a two peckered BILLY GOAT! My friends decided to leave, they were drunk. I got up and went to the restroom. As I was taking care of business, the guy I was staring at came in. Asked me if I liked what I saw? I said,I DID! He then invited me to a small party that was going on at a friend of his house, and I excepted. We walked out of restroom together, I paid my bill, and we all 4 walked out together. The three guys were in one vehicle. So I asked if one of them wanted to ride with me? The one from restrm rode with me. I'll call him TOM. As I drove to their party, and TOM gave directions, we talked. Tom asked what I liked? I said' I'm versitale,I mainly like to be fucked, but will do the same for YOU. We pulled up in front of this house, and got ot and walked inside. We were the only 4 there. Jimmi pulled out this table he made in his garage. He called it the sexxx table. About 4ft long, sturrips at both ends, legs were adjustable, for height, well padded, and both ends had a rounded curve to inside. Jack told me to get un-dressed, and get on my back, and place my feet into the sturips. I did just that. then jack climbed over me, and the to other guys took measurements. The Jack climbed off, and told me to do the same. They adjusted the height, and said get back on. I did. Jack, again climbed over me in 69 position, but this time naked, with his hard 7' cock riht at my mouth, pre-cum a flowing. I licked it, then engulfed it deep into my hungry mouth! He to started sucking, licking. Then I felt some warm fingers rubbing my BROWN BUTTON, and then slidding in. Tom pulled his fingers out and stuck his NICE TOOL inside. Made me lose my train of thought, and I maoned! He pulled it out, all the way, the slowly pushed it all the way in. He was fucking me slowly at first, and it was hard for my to keep my rithym with Jack. DAMMMMMMM it felt sooooo good. Jack kept on sucking as he was getting his ass pounded. I finally got back on track, and gave Jack a mind Blowing Orgasm. He fired a masive load of CUMMMM, down my throat! Some crept out of the corners of my mouth, but I licked it all up! Then I felt Tom un-loading in my ass! And saw Jimmi fire his load up inside of Tom. As he kept pushing in/out of Toms ass, Cumm ran out of toms ass, and down his cock to my waiting mouth. I licked it up too. We all got away from the table, and two by two went for a shower. When I thought the fun was over, and gladly found out different. We all got a beer, watched some good gay porn, and Jack asked me if I'd mind starring in an amature porn movie? I said 'OK'. After calming down a bit, drinking a few more beers. We all went into his small studio room. Where there was big camera's, small camera's, bed with satan sheets, and a whole lot of SEX TOYS! WOW! I thought. Then we all got it on. in another foursome. But this time, I got my ass fucked, and fucked! DAMMMMM it felt GREAT! as soon as 1 guy got off, another one got on, even two in my ass at once! and one in my MOUTH! I was getting fucked like never before! CUM was running out of me at both ends! We all finally calapsed and passed out. In the morning, when I woke, I went to the bathroom, got a shower, got dressed,, and walked out of the house like I had a corn cobb still stuck in it. But it sure felt great at the time! Yes! I'd do it again.




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