"Get up, my little sleepy head," Walt said, then playfully slapped my bottom. "You don't want to be late!"

I was graduating college, today! Not only was I getting my art history degree, I was also getting my Masters! Nina was getting her degree, also. Miguel and Silve, the Garza's, Jackie, and Tracy would be there. Roger and Stephanie planned to attend. Walt was taking us all to dinner afterwards.

We were showering together. I love showers with Walt. He pays particular attention to all of me, soaping me thoroughly. You'd be surprised how difficult it is to cover me with soap when I have my arms wrapped around your neck and kissing you passionately! My bottom gets most the attention then. He tells me my eyes shine brighter when I'm wet. I love him washing my long hair! His hands are in my hair, our mouths joined ,and my hands are wrapped around his huge eleven inch cock. That's all I usually soap. After all, this is about me! I wonder if he ever wishes he'd hooked up with someone closer to his age rather than with me. He's twenty years older, but I don't care for men my age.

He soon came in my hands, and then it was time to get out. I was ready to fuck, but he reminded me of the time. Walt made me dress nicely since we were going to a very nice restaurant for an early supper after graduation. Before we left he handed me a small box. Inside was a beautiful pearl necklace and matching earrings!

As he helped me with the necklace, he whispered in my ear, "Maybe you'll model these for me later." Translation: "I want to see these on your naked body!"

Graduation went well. Nina and I hugged afterwards. Walt took us all to a very expensive restaurant. I could tell Miguel and Silve were impressed. Walt is well off, but not wealthy. He must have saved for a long time for this! I was suitably impressed!


Later that night, as I lay next to him, Walt asked my plans. I discussed teaching in a junior college. He offered to pay if I wanted to continue my education.

"Would you like to get your doctorate, or maybe consider another field? Say, architecture?" He asked.

"Could you afford both?" I teased.

"If you want."

I got out of bed and grabbed one of my textbooks. I lay on my stomach and opened it up.

"What are you doing?" he asked with a confused looking.

"The only part of my art degree you really followed was my ass!" I teased. "Otherwise, you would have noticed, I minored in architecture and design. I only need a couple of semesters to get another major."

I wiggled my ass enticingly. "Come fuck me, and I will tell you all about it."

Walt lubed and pushed his fat cock head in. As usual, it hurt like hell at first. As he slid further in, the pain diminished. He fucked me slowly, making sure I took his entire eleven inches! He would look over my shoulder as I explained the different building styles and the engineering involved in their construction. He ground his pelvis against my bottom as he filled my ass completely.

Finally, he said, "Angie, please shut up and let me fuck you in peace!"

I laughed, "Start fucking me harder and I'll moan for you, instead."

He started nibbling my neck and shoulders and thrust harder. He hit the end of my chute so hard, I yelped. He started to pull out, but I thrust my ass back against him. I begged him to keep fucking me. I was okay! I gripped the bedsheets and buried my face in the pillow to muffle my moans. Walt acts like he's afraid I'll break. I hide my pain, because I also feel very good when he fucks me. He can tell when I'm close to coming. My moans become softer and I relax underneath him. He'd learned to fuck me a little faster to push me over the top. This time was no different as I came all over the sheets. (I wash a lot of sheets!)

"Darling, I want to face you, now" I purred quietly. "I want to see your face."

I wrapped my legs around him, rocking my ass to match his thrusts. As he fucked harder, it hurt a little more when he hit the end of my channel. I always flinch a little.

"Babe, am I hurting you? He asked.

"Don't call me 'Babe'," I snapped. I really hate being called babe or baby! I also hate 'the little woman' and 'ole lady'! I knew I'd hurt his feelings. He wants to use terms of endearment, and I love hearing them, just not those.

I softened my tone as I pulled his face close. "My darling, if you aren't hurting me just a little, then you aren't really fucking me like you're supposed to. You're not fucking me like I want! I promise, I will tell you if you're hurting me too much!"

I bit his ear as I whispered, "Fuck me hard enough and I might scream out your name in passion!"

He started thrusting harder and harder. I could feel that baseball-like cock head travelling the length of my channel. I feel so full when he is inside. He's ruined me for other men. I held him close, anticipating every thrust!

"Oohhh, Waaaalt!" I screamed. "I feeeel sooooo goooood!"

My eyes must have glazed over. He started fucking harder, getting close to coming. Damn! He was fucking me with a baseball bat, he was so hard!

I like it when he comes inside me. His hot load hitting the end of my chute and flowing out my hole around his cock is unlike anything I've ever felt with another cock or dildo! I came a second time, covering both our stomachs.


"We have intern positions in our office, if you're interested," Walt informed me over breakfast.

"I'd be more than happy to intern under you anytime!” I purred.

"It might be better if you interred in another group. I don't think I'd get anything accomplished with you bent over my desk."

"Keeping me well fucked is an accomplishment of its own!"


Carolyn, one of the partners, agreed to let me intern with her group. Her teams worked a different floor, so I probably wouldn't see Walt very often. She assigned me to an older woman, Maddie, as specialist in home renovations. Maddie asked to see my portfolio. All I had were a few sketches I made of ideas I had for Walt's wing of the offices and of ideas I had for our apartment. She admitted she'd read my papers Walt had in his office. She questioned me most the morning and took me to lunch.

After lunch, she took me by a house she was working and asked my ideas. I shared my thoughts on several aspects. She liked my ideas for the kitchen and bathrooms. We tossed around ideas for the rest of the house.

When she asked about bedrooms, I replied, "Bedrooms are for sleep and sex." She laughed at that and said, "Well, it's been a long time since I last had sex." She then motioned me to the car.

When I asked whose house it was, she replied, "mine. You're hired. You have until the fall semester. I'm moving in then."


Walt and I discussed my first day at dinner. He paled when I told him I was Maddie's intern.

Every morning, I would meet with Maddie and discuss the previous day's work. She would ask why I did some things, and occasionally offered suggestions and question me about the suggestions. I learned a great deal from her. She went on weekends and inspected the work. She was impressed at how few things needed changing.

When my schedule started slipping, I decided to go one weekend and paint. As usual, I was wearing my cutoffs and an old Hello Kitty tee shirt, my painting clothes.

I was on a ladder when I heard, "I can see why Walt desires you. You're very pretty." (Funny, only women call me 'pretty'. Men tell me I'm beautiful.) "Walt told me I'd find you here."

Maddie was dressed in old jeans and shirt. She grabbed another brush and started painting. We said very little that afternoon as we painted. I was soon back on schedule. That evening she pulled out a basket and handed me a sandwich and a beer.

"Do you find me attractive?" Maddie asked. When I replied I hadn't thought about it she said, "Good answer. I'd have fired you if you said yes. You won't get ahead fucking the boss."

Then her features softened, "Woman to woman, do you find me attractive?"

"Yes," I said. To which she replied thank you.

We had another beer when she surprised me, and asked, "Is what I hear about you true? That you're......?"

"That I'm transsexual?" I laughed. "Actually, I'm a transgendered woman. I think of myself as a woman, I live as a woman. Is that going to be an issue?"

"Nope! Just being nosey." Then, "When's the last time you and Walt fucked? Don't you think you should be getting on home?"

When I looked at her funny, she laughed and said, "I overheard him tell Wren you've been so busy, he hardly sees you now!"


Walt was napping when I got home. I saw flowers in a vase on the table and a bottle of wine on ice. He doesn't care for wine, so I knew he really missed me. I leaned over and kissed him.

"Sweetheart, I need a bath. Come scrub my back, please!"

Sex in the shower is great, but a leisurely bath is even better! I leaned back against Walt in the deep tub. It was my front that ended up being scrubbed! His cock stiffened behind me and I could feel him squirming, trying to fuck my back. I raised up and sat on his cock, forcing it in my ass. He washed my breasts and my hair with his cock in my ass! I finally leaned over the tub so he could fuck me doggy style. He grabbed my waist and thrust deeply, with long strokes. It hurt more than usual, but he wanted me so badly he didn't realize he was hurting me.

I wasn't going to say no, even though I'd promised. I wanted him as much as he wanted me! He was fucking me so hard my small breasts and cock were swinging. I and to hold the edge of the tub to keep from being driven into to wall! The soap had dried me out so much, I hurt badly. I was nearing telling him to stop when he grabbed me hard and with one final thrusts emptied into me. Fortunately, he pulled out and pulled me to his lap kissing me passionately. I faced him allowing him to finally scrub my back!

The next morning, Walt said very little, just stared at me smiling. He helped me with the cleaning and we sat back on the sofa.

"Angie, would you.......would you take me in your mouth?" He shyly asked. It's funny, he'll say fuck and pussy and ass, but he can't bring himself to say blowjob! I smiled and undressed.

He sat on the edge of the sofa, with his pants unzipped and his flagpole exposed. I took the head in my mouth and ran my tongue around the head and across the slit. He came very quickly, filling my mouth with his hot, salty cum. But I wasn't done. I swallowed his load and started sucking again. I ran my lips over the head. Kissing the tip and sliding back down. I tickled his balls and used both hands to stroke his thick cock. He moaned in pleasure, running his hands through my hair. I would twist my hands as I stroked and sucked him. His TV show went through several commercial breaks before he dumped another large load into my hungry mouth!

Walt tried to have me sit so he could suck me, but I refused. I made him sit back down then sat on his lap. (I wonder if he tires of me sitting on his lap. I rarely sit on a chair when his lap is available!)

"You can play with my breasts while you kiss me. And when you tire of my breasts, you can play with my cock!" I said.

I leaned to him as he played with my breasts. They're small, but round, with nice nipples. Walt plays with them any chance he gets, and I make sure he gets plenty of chances! I finally had to move his hand down to my cock. He kissed me continuously as he gently stroked me. I came in his hand and drew it to my lips, licking off some of my cum. I looked into his eyes as I did this. He returned my gaze then licked the rest of my cum from his fingers.

I snuggled into his shoulder, content.


I'd finished my project without any further slippage. This one was actually easy. Next summer, I would have to manage two or more projects! Maddie asked me over to celebrate. She prepared a light meal in her new kitchen and we ate in her new dining area. We drank wine by the fire in her main room.

After a while Maddie said, "I won't be upset if you say no, but, would you like to celebrate my new bedroom with me?"

I called Walt and told him I was spending the night. I went over and kissed Maddie, then led her to her room and slowly undressed her. She is my height, but much larger. She had wide, inviting hips, and very large and full breasts. Very full figured, but very sexy! I slowly undressed for her.

I started at her mouth and slowly worked my way down, exploring her voluptuous body with my mouth. When I reached her hairy pussy, I didn't like the feel of her hair on my face, but I licked and nibbled till she came. When she started coming, I stuck a finger inside. She moaned loudly and started thrashing around on the bed.

I let her rest a moment before I resumed kissing upwards. When I reached her mouth, she reached between my legs and stroked my cock. When it was hard enough, she guided me in.

"Please, go easy, "She asked. "I haven't been with anyone for several years. Not since my husband died." I realized I knew very little about this supposedly hard woman.

I eased in slowly, savoring how tight her pussy was. She gasped, at first, but slowly relaxed as I slid all the way in. I managed to last about five minutes before I emptied into her. I pulled out and started to work my way back down, intending to lick her clean, but she stopped me.

"Please, lay beside me. This feels very nice, and it's been too long since someone has held me close."

I held her a while and savored her warmth. While I prefer men, especially Walt, I enjoy women, too. Walt is comfortable with my occasional flings. He knows I'm insatiable! He is the only man in my life.

Maddie kissed me and fondled a breast. "May I?" She asked. I smiled and she proceeded to kiss and nibble each one. She kissed down my stomach until she reached my cock. She was surprised I had no balls, but took me in her mouth. It may have been a long time, but Maddie remembered how to suck a dick. She would take all me in and run her tongue along the area where my balls used to be. I find I am still sensitive there and a tongue or finger lingering in there often makes me harder. Not to mention it feels wonderful!

As she sucked upward, her tongue ran underneath my shaft. She would nibble and kiss the head. She gave me a very slow blowjob. I ran my hands through her hair and squirmed beneath her. I love long blowjobs. I'd rather have, and give, a long one, rather than several quick ones.

As I came I said, "Please don't swallow, share with me."

Maddie kissed me, opening her mouth and allowing some of my cum to dribble into my mouth. Our tongues explored each other until all was gone. We fell asleep intertwined.


I woke around 7 the next morning and Maddie had already left. She always goes in early. She left me a note instructing me to be at her office by 1 for final evaluation.

Maddie and I met with Carolyn, her boss, and Martin, another partner. Walt sat in the back, silently encouraging me with his presence. He wouldn't play a part in this evaluation. Maddie was rough, but fair in her criticisms. She emphasized where I needed improvement, yet praised the things I got right. Martin and Carolyn asked why I did what I did and if I'd do anything different.

I left the room while they discussed me. Walt waited with me, holding my hand. After what seemed like ages. We were called back in.

Martin spoke first. "Maddie recommends we offer you a continuing internship during the school year and summers until you graduate."

Carolyn explained I would work Thursdays and Fridays in her group, rotating between different senior architects. Everyone congratulated me and left the office.

Maddie held me back. "Thank you for last night. That said, back to business. I expect you to work even harder but you can handle it." She ushered me to the door and said with a smile, "Go celebrate. See you in two weeks." She then swatted my bottom and said, "Go!"

Why does everyone like to swat my bottom? I'm in my late twenties! (Of course, Walt can do it anytime he likes.)

Over dinner, Walt told me how proud he was! If I can impress Wren and Maddie, I was past the worst. Maddie is frequently brutal, and she isn't afraid of any of the partners.

After dinner, Walt said he needed to return to his office, briefly. He locked the door behind me and asked, "Feel like taking dictation?"

"Anytime, my love, anytime!"

I raised my skirt, bent over his desk, and took notes as he fucked me with his magnificent cock. (I doubt he could read my writing, but I tried! You try writing when someone is plowing your ass with a huge cock!)


Angie K


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