This is the third story in the five part series with Derek who has been hired by the university athletic department to tutor five really hot athletes to assist them in understanding and passing their zoology class. The studs were Jerry, the big football defensive end; Bo, the Greek god and top wrestler on the university team; Ryan, the tennis star and a theater arts major; Donnie, a handsome starting guard on the basketball team; and finally Tommy, one hot and sexy member of the soccer team.

My name is Derek and in this story I share with you readers my first session of tutoring Ryan, the tennis star, following my sessions with Jerry and Bo. So far I had failed to remain my professional duties to simply assist their understanding of the chapter in the zoology text of the male reproductive system. I had surrendered to my lustful and horny condition as a campus slut to be fucked by both Jerry and Bo. I was determined to get my act together and only tutor Ryan and then go to a local bar to find a hot gay trick.

I had called Ryan and set up an appointment to met him at his apartment for the tutoring session two days after my session with Bo. I arrive for my appointment at 6:30 PM following dinner at the graduate hall cafeteria. When Ryan answered the door, I was relived to notice that he was not the sexy hunk that had been the case of Jerry and Bo. I let out  a breath of thankfulness that I would get by this session with no sex. I felt that my libido and hormones were under control. Ryan was a 22-year-old senior majoring in theaters arts and the number one single's player on the university varsity tennis team. He was only one year younger than me. As I introduced myself, I noticed he was around 6-feet and 3-inches tall; blonde hair and blue eyes; a tall, slim, lanky and almost geek looking guy; plain looking face; a two-day scruff blonde fuzzy beard from not shaving over the past two days; small arms and biceps; normal sized legs; and totally flat stomach and chest. I had u looked him over as we entered his apartment as he was only wearing a pair of tennis shorts. I knew I'd have no trouble resisting sex with him. He was very nice and polite but no sex god.

Ryan had us go into his small living room and take a seat on his two person love sofa. I thought this rather strange but again we could both get a good look at the zoology text as I began to discuss the male organs as he took notes. The tutoring session went well and after an hour we had finished the chapter and Ryan seemed to understand the material.

As I got up to leave, I said: "Ryan this went well and I think you will be fine with the test. May I ask you to sign this sheet indicating that we had the session?"

"Sure Derek. And thanks for being so helpful. I just wish my professor could explain things as well as you do. Let me thank you by offering you a beer. You indicated earlier tonight that you would really like to learn how to play tennis. Lets have a beer and I'll share some tennis tips and I'd be happy to give you a few tennis lessons."

"Gee Ryan, thanks. I'm so interested in learning how to play tennis as it is a life time sport that one can play when one is even much older. Yea, I'll have a beer with you."

Ryan got two beers from the frig and we sat back down on the two-person sofa as we consumed the beers. He spent some time giving me the details of the scoring system and techniques for playing tennis. I became so interested that before long we had consumed a six-pack of beer and we were feeling very relaxed. Ryan retrieved one of his expensive tennis rackets, had me stand up, he put the racket in my hand, he got behind me, took his hands around to my wrist, pulled the racket back and moved it forward to show me how to hit a tennis ball from the backhand. Holy fuck, as he demonstrated the backhand, I felt his lanky hot body drive up tight against my back and holy shit, he had managed to pull his rock hard cock out of his shorts and that monstrous dick was pushing against my pants trying to fuck my ass. I felt his hot breath on my neck, his hands had become sweaty and with all my experience I knew he had a horse sized cock. As a lover of big cocks and his manly smells had all my resistance melt away. Shit I wanted that cock in my ass. His moves had worked as I felt my cock began to grow in my pants. 

Ryan knew he had turned me on and I was ready once again to be a bitch for a big cock. He took the racket out of my hand, turned me around and Holy Louise his cock was beyond my dream of what a cock should be. It was so big and I'd never seen a larger thick girth of a cock shaft. Holy shit it turned out to be, if you could imagine, 13-inch rock hard wood with a shaft riddled with big veins running down that awesome shaft filled with blood. I'd never seen more leaking or dripping pre-cum from a cock's piss slit. Man, I wanted that police night stick up my ass. I had to have it. Shit, I'd failed once again to stick to just tutoring a hot athlete. Even though Ryan was not a stud in the normal sense, he had just what I wanted in that abnormal cock. Man was I hot and I began to sweat as Ryan grabbed my crotch and began to rub my stone hard cock trapped in my boxer shorts.

Ryan gave me a shitty grin and seductive use of his tongue to wet his lips. Without any comments, he took my hand and led me to his big bed in the bedroom as his huge cock bobbed up and down on his abs. He pushed me down on the bed on my back and began to undress me. With my feet dangling off the bed, he got down, took off my shoes and socks, reached up unzipped my pants, pulled them down and off of me, pulled my polo shirt up and off my head and he observed the big bulge in my boxer shorts. He came down and used his hands to rub across my cock still hidden from view. Soon the front of my boxers began to show a widen wet ring of pre-cum. Holy shit, Ryan took his lips and tongue and licked across my wet smelling cum soiled boxers. He became so turned on, I felt his hand run up and under the bottom of my shorts and locate my throbbing cock. He began to jerk my timber harder and harder and then finally he pulled my aching cock out the right side of my boxers and began to swirl his tongue around the head of my cock.

It was not long until he took his thumbs, put them under the top of my boxers, pulled off my boxers as my hard cock flopped up against my abs and he took my throbbing cock in his hand, clamped his mouth and lips hard down on my cock head and sucked the life out of my boner. Man he had to be an experienced cock sucker. He started playing with my balls as he began to go down on my cock inch by inch until he was deep throating my entire dick. He sucked my cock going up and down my cock shaft with his hot lips and tongue. I felt him use his tongue to massage the underside of my cock shaft. Shit as he gave me an awesome blowjob, he began to use his finger to play with my ass. As he became wild sucking my cock, I felt him drive his finger deep into my ass. Yea, he was preparing me for the fuck of my life with the biggest cock I'd ever seen. My ass puckered desiring that manhood to fuck me raw. He continued to finger my ass and give me a nut gathering large supply of cum that was preparing to blast off, out of my cock and down his throat.

As Ryan feasted on my throbbing cock, oral service of my favorite organ and dripping pre-cum in his mouth, he felt my cock shaft thicken even more, my cock head enlarge and my breathing become rapid, he knew I was ready for a maximum climax. I thought he might pull off to avoid the spunk but he actually began to suck me harder. In less than 30 seconds, I once again had the most awesome feeling a guy's cock can have, when my balls released a flood of semen that rushed up my cock and into Ryan's waiting wet mouth. I felt as least five huge spurts of my cum fill his mouth followed by several smaller shots. Ryan sucked my cock as he swallowed ever bit of my nectar. When I was spent, he came off my cock and said: "Derek, you hot bitch, you campus slut, I want to fuck what I hear is by far the best ass meat on campus. Let me drill that ass and fill you with my hot thick creme. Man, I've planned all day how to get you in bed and fuck that round beautiful bubble ass. The campus ass servicing lots of guys hot cocks."

"Gee shit, yea Ryan, fuck me with that incredible cock. Who told you about my ass?"

"Hey Derek, you failed to resist both Jerry and Bo's big cocks. They both told me how awesome their cocks felt in your pussy. They said they had never experienced such a great man pussy or female pussy that felt as good as your ass. They said you really know how to use your ass to drive a man crazy with his cock in you. Man, I'm about to come just thinking how that pussy will drain my cock. Let me in that ass now."

"Fuck Jerry and Bo, those ass holes told me this was our secret. Man, I know I'm going to get fired as a tutor. Hell, it is too late now. And yea I crave that incredible cock of yours. Give it to me now."

"Derek, I hear that you are really good on your stomach taking a big cock up that pussy. Get on your stomach and let me use my entire body to plunge this horse cock up that ass."

Now I was beyond horny as I got on my stomach, spread my legs as far apart as I could, I took hold of my ass cheeks and spread them inviting Ryan's monstrous boner inside my cherry. I felt Ryan pour what I thought was lube inside my worn ass and then I felt the head of his huge cock rub up against my ass crack, soon his huge hot wet cock head popped my rosebud and that snake began to drive deeper and deeper into my ass chute. Holy shit it hurt so bad regardless of how many big cocks had spread my ass before. Fuck, this was the biggest tool to ever invade my private ass. Although it hurt for a few minutes, I was crazy with lust to feel that entire beast banging my ass. This had to be the best fuck ever. Before long, the pain had been replaced with pure erotic pleasure. Ryan ran his cock down, sideways and all over my prostate. No cock had ever been that deep inside my gut.  As Ryan became crazed with pure animal lust, he lowered his body on top of my frame and used his long lanky body to hump me hard as he drove his cock deep inside me. He lasted for some ten minutes when his cock actually grew some more, ripping my ass and I heard him yell: "I'm going to come. Yea, take my spunk you whore, you slut and you fucking bitch."

The dirty talk so excited me that my cock began to swell and harden. Then I felt a volcanic rush of semen fill my ass to the brim. I felt Ryan's cock swim in all that cum as he fucked my now greasy ass for at least two more minutes before he pulled his manhood out of me, he turned me over, plunged his cum covered cock down my throat and I sucked it clean.  Ryan saw my hard cock and began to jerk me off and within a minute I shot my second load of cum all over his hands. Man, his cum was both sweat and salty as well as very thick. He sucked my cum off his fingers.  We kissed and enjoyed the taste.

After we used cum rags to clean off, Ryan said to me: "Derek Baby, I'll give you free tennis lessons if you will pay me each time by letting me fuck the hottest and best man pussy on campus with my big rod."

"Hell yea Ryan, you have a deal."


Naughty Eric


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