Gino's Profile

He is the typical very hot handsome and dark tanned Italian lover. He stands 6-feet and 2-inches with coal black wavy hair; deep brown eyes; rock hard athletic muscled body; weighs 210 pounds; rock hard arms with huge ribbed biceps and lined veins down his arms; flat ribbed chest and stomach; large protruding men's breasts that look like a woman's breasts; big hard nipples; very large legs and thick thighs; and an awesome10-inch cut cock with a very thick shaft and large low hanging balls.

He was 25-years-of-age at the time of our first sexual encounter.

My Profile--Borg

I am of Swedish decent featuring short blond hair; light blue eyes; stand 5-feet and 9-inches; weight 158 pounds; light skin with a hairless chest, stomach and legs; muscled body from four years in high school and four years in college as a varsity wrestler; and an 8-inch cock with a thick shaft.

I was 22-years-of-age at the time of my first sex with Gino.

When we got to my condo, Gino kept me company as I prepared our dinner consisting of the pre-meal shrimp cocktail. The dinner included a green salad, main course of baked salmon, baked potato, mixed vegetables, sliced tomatoes and hot chocolate cake.

The preparation and dinner took 90 minutes. We spent the entire time getting to know each other. I discovered that Gino was a black belt and that he also had been a college football center. We also learned that we both belonged to a national gay organization.

I personally had become horny as hell. I wanted this hunk to fuck me senseless. It was at this point that we consumed a couple more glasses of wine as the conversation turned to sex. I would do anything to have sex with this incredible hunk. My cock was aching for relief from my pants. I also noticed as we discussed sex that Gino had developed a huge protruding bulge in his hot black silk tuxedo pants that he was still wearing from the wedding. There are not adequate adjectives to describe how hot he looked in that tuxedo. The hard on pushed his pants out until it looked like a flag pole. Man it looked big. If you guys could have seen this scene, I guarantee you that not only would have gotten rock hard but you would have done anything to get fucked by Gino. I hope you are getting real hard just reading this story about big Gino.

I was dressed in a very nice pair of black pants, white shirt, a red tie and black dress shoes. I was not bad looking either at this point and could turn a few heads of horny gay guys.

As we left the dinning room and went into my den, my swollen cock had formed a big tent in my pants.

"Borg, look at our bulges. We both are steel hard."

He rushed up and grabbed me putting his hands on my back. He began to separate my lips with his hot tongue and soon he drove his tongue deep into my throat. We engaged in a long series of of steamy hot sloppy kisses as our crotches drove into each other. I could feel our stone hard cocks banging against each other. Our embrace became very tight. We began to hump as lust had become our master. Soon we both had developed wet spots or rings of pre-cum in our shorts and leaking onto our pants. I could feel the thrill of wet cum on my clothes. The air was filled with man odors. We had become a wet mess yet still dressed.

It had become clear as I had hoped that I had become Gino's bitch at least for the night. He took total charge of me and what would happen to me for the evening. I'd never been so dominated by a more handsome and rough stud. I just decided to relax and go with the flow. I wanted him to devour me. I gave myself to this sex machine. This hot Italian obviously loved ruff sex and I was his willing bitch. He would use his football and black belt experiences to show me what a real man was like, he was ready and I was ready.

After some 10 minutes of the wildest kissing and humping while we stood in the middle of the room, Gino lifted me up into his huge arms, carried me over to one of my large sofas, threw me on the sofa on my back, jumped hard on top of me, jerked hard as he put my legs and feet on his lower back and drove his very wet crotch deep into my crotch. He began the roughest humping I had ever experienced. He dry humped me with one hard thrust after hard thrust. I just held on for the ride. He breathed hard directly into my face and once again parted my lips with his wet tongue. I gladly let him drive that sweet tongue deep into my mouth. This nasty stud began spitting gobs of spit in my mouth. He was a nasty dude when he was in lust for man sex. This sexual position lasted until we both were near coming.

Then my hot Italian lover got up, took off all his clothes and then ripped off my clothes until we both were stark naked. Man he looked so delicious. He took me in his strong arms facing him. He used his herculean body to lift my wet crotch up to his mouth, put his big hands on my butt cheeks and began swallowing my aching cock down his throat. WOW, I'd never been in this position before. It was blazing hot. I used my smaller hands to hold on tight tot eh back of his huge muscled neck. He gave me the blowjob of my young life.

He used his strong hands to continually force my bubble ass cheeks forward as my cock went down his slick throat, back out and back in over and over. He seemed to have gallons of saliva that kept my cock so wet as he sucked on it. Finally, I could not control my cock muscles or the trigger device that released a huge load of warm cum from my balls. I shot load after load of my salty cum in his throat.

When I was spent, he pulled off my cock and dumped part of my cum out of his mouth onto my crotch and pubic hair. I felt the warm cum as it coated my pubic hairs together.

Next he put me down on the carpet on my back, lowered his face onto my face and began to kiss me. He seemed so gentle at this point and even romantic. It was so wonderful.

Gino stood up with his tan body and huge cock standing above my now limp body stretched out on the carpet as I glared up at this gorgeous man and his Greek looking body. I became dizzy with lust when his cock started to leak drops of pre-cum onto my face. The taste and smell were intoxicating despite the fact that I had just shot a big load of my seed down his throat. He was so handsome that I felt lie I could shoot another load any second. He could cause me to come many times was my thought.

Gino picked me up and placed me on top of my pool table on my back, lifted my legs and feet up to my chest and had me hold them there. H pulled my ass over the edge of the pool table, got down on his knees and began spitting his goo into my ass. He used his large fingers to drive his saliva deep into my man pussy. After driving one and then two fingers deep into my ass and hitting my prostate, he opened my ass wider and wider preparing my ass for his huge cock. Ever thing he did to me was so rough. I loved it. Next he used his tongue to lick and rim my ass. Man, his tongue was rough but so cool.

"Hell, please eat my ass. Eat me, eat me. Give me your tongue. Hell, oh shit, this is so hot."

He finger fucked me some more and then the nasty dude had me suck his fingers and taste the man juices. He was beyond anything I had ever experienced. But I was his willing bitch. I did whatever he demanded. I was hot again.

After 20 minutes of playing and devouring my ass with his tongue and fingers, I felt the tip of his big cock push up against my asshole and the entrance to my pussy. I knew he was ready to breed me. Before long, I felt his huge cock head part my outer ass ring inch by inch as he drove all the way in until his balls were up tight against my flesh. He began to fuck me with the force of his entire athletic body. It was the roughest man on man sex possible. The pool table was shaking and looked like it might crash.

I loved the feel of his huge tool filling ever corner of my ass. I moaned and groaned, as did Gino from the flesh on flesh of his cock and my ass walls rubbing against each other. The feel was like nothing I had ever experienced before. He fucked and fucked me for the longest time. He used an increasing speed to drill his cock to the depth of my enter ass. He was magic at how he could move his cock around to ever spot in my pussy. He actually used his cock to massage my entire ass. It was so arousing that I became rock hard again.

Then all at once I felt his cock become steel hard in my ass, his thrust became harder and his breathing increased until I felt a river of wet seed erupt deep in my ass. The feel of his warm cum caused me to blast a second load of cum without touching my cock. I shot such a blast of my cum that it splattered all over Gino's chest. The feel of my cum on his chest drove him wild as he continued to pump my ass with his cock for several more seconds. The smell of cum was so erotic and lustful. Man, this was the best sex.

When he was finally drained, he pulled out and began to suck my cock to make sure I was drained of the milk. He pulled me off the pool table and I used my tongue to clean his chest of my load of cum. We kissed and savored all that cum.

We took a long break, showered and watched an xxx gay video. We then went to bed where we spent the rest of the night rimming ass, sucking cock and he fucked me twice more before morning.

We agreed that we would get together a least once a week for wild sex with me of course as his bitch. Gino was a man's man in all respects. I loved his body and especially his tanned or dark hard cock with the very sweet and salty cum.

Gino made it clear that I was his bitch and he would drill my man pussy with his big cock; but I'd never get t fuck him. He was the man and I was the bitch. That was just fine with me.

We would give each other blow jobs but only his cock would breed me. His ass would remain a virgin ass.

"Borg from now on I'm your only lover. No other cock is allowed near you. You are my bitch and belong to me. You understand that all those other cocks you have had are now off limits."

"Oh fuck yea Gino. I only want you and your cock. I don't need any one but you. You know how to satisfy your bitch. I'm all yours anytime you need me."


Naughty Eric


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