I was out on my own doing the rounds of the gay bars and clubs. It was getting late and I had not been picked up. I was dancing on my own when I heard some guys singing out loud to the music. When I looked I could see two guys stripped to the waist swinging their T-shirts above their heads and shaking their bodies to the beat of the music. Generally having a good time.

They were both over 6'tall and had well toned bodies. Their glistening muscles were attracting a lot of attention from the guys that were gathering around them. It was obvious that they were enjoying the admiring looks they got from the guys floating around them. I made eye contact with one of them and he immediately came over and started dancing with me. I guess I should describe myself I'm Jamie, 21 years old and skinny, 5'8" (173cm) 120lbs,(54kg) 28" waist, I have long brown hair in a ponytail.

"Wow! You' re a pretty looking boy," he said looking me up and down and rubbing the growing bulge in his denims. He then took my hand and rubbed it over his broad hairy chest down to his bulge. He reached out and pulled my T-shirt off and tucked it into his belt with his own. "You've got a very sexy body, nice and firm" he said as he stroked his hands over my naked chest. I suddenly felt hands stroking my back and butt. I had not noticed that the other guy was dancing behind me. My names Nick and he's my buddy Carl. (They both look to be 30 something over 6'tall (183cm) and muscular. About 250lbs,(113kg) plus in weight.)

Slow music came on and they both wrapped their arms around me, sandwiching my body between theirs. They slowly swayed their hips from side to side and simulated fucking me. When the music stopped Nick said. Let me get you a drink, and asked me what I wanted we moved to the bar. Nick got three drinks. Nick and Carl sat on bar stools, I stood in front of them. They chatted to me for awhile telling me that they were ex-marines working in security and were in town for a meeting.

Nick had his legs wide apart. He reached out and pulled me between his legs, wrapping his legs around me. He had one hand behind my neck and the other hand on my back. "Your very kiss-able" he said as he pressed his wet lips on my lips and penetrated his tongue into my mouth. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. "Let's see what you look like when your hair is free," he said as he removed the tie of my ponytail. I shook my head so my hair would hang loose (It hung just below my shoulders.) "Wow look, he sure is a pretty boy with his longhair," said Nick to Carl as he ran his fingers through my hair. I felt Carl's hand run down the back of my head and then he stroked my back, which made me arch my back sending a feeling of excitement through my body. My cock was rock hard and aching in my pants.

You looking for some fun tonight asked Nick?" "What kinda fun?" I asked. Placing his hand at the back of my neck and pulling my face close up to his he said, "sexual, we both feel horny," He ran his other hand down my back and over my butt squeezing my ass cheeks tight. Carl moved up close behind me on his stool, "Yeah we need someone to fuck," he said as he leaned on my back and placed his chin on my shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me; I could feel his hands running over my bare stomach and chest. My body was trembling uncontrollably. "WELL! You up for it, you think you can satisfy 2 guys' sexual needs? It's been four days since we fucked our wives," said Nick with a grin on his face. It was then I noticed they both wore wedding rings. "Your both married?" "Yeah why that put you off?" Asked Nick. Fuck I had been so overwhelmed I had not realized they were married guys. "NO! No, not at all" I said. I wanted them to have me even more now.

"Come with us," said Nick. I followed them out to the parking lot. "Get in the back with me, Carl will drive us to a motel," said Nick. Nick wrapped his arms around me and hugged and kissed me licking my chest and nipples. He loosened my belt and undid my zipper so he could stroke my ass with his hand. "That's a nice firm ass you have boy," he said as he ran his hand between my ass crack. He circled the rim of my hole with his finger and partly penetrated my hole making me inhale and sigh out loud. "That's a tight hole you have boy, we gonna enjoy fucking that." My body was trembling with excitement as he gently kissed my face and ran his other hand over my thigh.

I ran my hands over his well-developed torso and well formed legs. He told me to unzip his zipper and play with his hard cock. I reached inside his pants with my hand; I could feel something hard and bony. "You like the feel of it?" he asked as I slowly stroked it. "It's just so fucking big, I've never felt one that big before." I said. "You wanna see it?" he asked as he struggled to pull it out of his pants. He held it in his hand and slowly stroked it. "Fuck it's massive," I said. It was at least 8" and thick. Carl turned and looked at us, laughing he said, "yeah boy you got 2 like that to fuck you." My legs were trembling; spasms of excitement were shooting through my body. Fuck what have I taken on I was thinking.

"Suck and lick it till we get to the Motel," said Nick. Precum was dribbling out the pee slit making my hands sticky. I could smell his manliness as I kissed the head before I ran my tongue over it and around the head. Nick let out a very audible groan. I reached into his pants and started to massage his large nut sack. I stretched my mouth as wide as I could to take the head of his cock in my mouth tasting the sweet nectar of his precum I slowly slid my lips up and down the shaft of his cock. Nick was straining his hips trying to force his cock deeper down my throat. No way could I take it all without more practice I was thinking. Nick stroked my head and naked back as I sucked down on his hard cock. I squeezed his balls he gave out a moan of pleasure.

We're there said Carl as he pulled into the Motel. Nick pulled his cock out my mouth. The light of the motel lit up Nick's cock it was the first time I had seen it in the light for so long and could see it had prominent veins running down the whole of the shaft. Nick struggled to get it back in his pants as I zipped my zipper and did my belt up.

Carl sorted everything out; we had a place, which was isolated from the main part of the motel. "You can make as much noise as you like boy no one will hear you here," said Carl. Nick closed the door behind me and looked me up and down. "We're going to fuck you till we fall off to sleep," he said. Nick unbuckled my belt and Carl unzipped my zipper, they both pulled my pants and briefs off. They were both staring at me as they stripped off their jeans and briefs. Both had big thick hard cocks, which sprang up when released from their Jeans and enormous ball sacks that swung from side to side as they stripped off. I could see the sexual lust in their eyes as they groped me. There was a table in the room, Nick picked me up and laid me on my back and lifted my legs up. Carl had a small bottle in his hand he ran it under my nose and told me to take a deep sniff. I knew it was poppers. I had this sudden head rush. Nick stuck his finger in my ass, come on boy relax. My sphincter immediately relaxed as he penetrated me with three of his fingers. He finger fucked me making sure I was loosened up enough to take his big hard cock. With glazed lustful eyes he looked at Carl and said, "he's ready for fucking."

He grabbed me around the front of my neck with one of his large powerful hands and pressed down hard, pinning me to the table. His grip was so tight I was struggling to breathe. I had both my hands on his forearm trying to pull his hand off my neck. Carl stood on the opposite side of the table facing Nick. He leaned over and held my ankles with his hands, spreading my legs apart and pressing them down on my shoulders, forcing my ass to stick up in a good position for penetration. Nick held his hard cock in his other hand and leaned in and pressed the head of his cock against my hole. With 2 strong thrusts the whole of his cock slipped in to the hilt making me gasp and scream out. I could feel his coarse pubic hairs rubbing against my ass. Nick started to fuck me gentle at first, pulling nearly all the way out then thrusting all the way back in. His fucking got more aggressive as he started to fuck me more vigorously. He was still pressing hard down on my neck as he thrust all the way in and pulled all the way out. He rammed my ass for near on 15 minutes as I lay there enjoying every thrust he made into me.

He threw his head back. "This is so fucking enjoyable, feeling my cock slide in you boy" he said as he looked down at me and then at Carl. I felt his cock throbbing inside me as his whole body convulsed. I felt a warm sensation inside my gut as he squirted his full load into me. He pulled out and said to Carl, "your turn. Fuck him good." Carl soon penetrated me and started to fuck me more aggressively than Nick had done. He was obviously more excited having just watched nick fuck me. My head was hanging over the edge of the table. Nick fed me his semi hard cock, "suck on it" he said as he lit up a cigarette. I could taste both Nick and me as I sucked on his cock. He was taking deep drags on his cigarette and blowing the smoke over my naked body. Carl fucked me for about 10 minutes then shot his load into me. Nicks cock was getting hard and he was thrusting his cock deep down my throat making me gag. My saliva was dripping off the shaft of his cock. His ball sack was hitting my head with each thrust. He soon squirted copious amounts of cum juice down my throat and over my face. It ran off my face into my hair.

After they had fucked me on the table, Nick picked me up and laid me on the bed. "Time we double fuck him," said Nick as he looked at Carl. "Hell yeah," said Carl. "FUCK NO!!! I can't take you both, you're too big to take at the same time." I pleaded. "YOU CAN!! AND YOU WILL BITCH!!" said Nick as he glared at me with wide open eyes. I tried to get up from the bed and stand up. Nick grabbed my long hair and pulled me back down. "Here have some more of this," he said as he held the bottle of poppers under my nose. I felt a sudden rush again to my head. Nick forced me onto my back and straddled me. He raised my legs up and pressed them down onto my shoulders. His hard cock soon slipped all the way into me, making me yelp. He then flipped me over so he was underneath me and I was on top of him with my ass in a good position for Carl to penetrate me. Nick held me firmly while Carl's fingers probed my hole. I felt his chest bearing down on my back as he thrust at my hole with his hard cock. I was struggling to free myself pleading with them to not double fuck me. My attempt was futile and if anything it made them both more excited as I tried to resist them.

I was surprised how easily his cock slipped in. Must be the poppers. Pain and fear soon gave way to a sensation of shear pleasure. They both had their cocks in me and were fucking me aggressively. I was enjoying every moment. It was a surreal feeling. I ejaculated without touching myself. I was so turned on. I've never had 2 cocks in me the same time. These were two big thick hard cocks. It was an ecstatic moment. I was sandwiched between their sweating bodies as they both eventually squirted more cum juice into me so much it was spilling out my ass. They lay there with me between them as their cocks drained cum juice into my gut.

They were biting and sucking my neck and shoulders. I felt their cocks shrinking inside me until they started to grow hard again. It's a great feeling to feel a cock growing hard inside your gut. An even more awesome feeling to have two cocks grow hard the same time in your gut. They flipped me over so that Nick was atop of me and Carl was underneath me and then fucked me again. Both were inhaling and exhaling rapidly as they fucked me aggressively until they squirted another load into me.

They continued fucking me until Nick fell off to sleep with his cock still inside me. Carl had not finished with me and continued to fuck me. Filling me with even more cum juice then he fell off to sleep. I could feel their warm juices seeping out my ass as I lay there between them both with their flaccid cocks firmly jammed tightly in my hole. I eventually fell off to sleep.

Their thick fleshy cocks were still stuck in my hole when they started to stir in the morning. They did not pull their cocks out of me until they had fucked me yet again.

We then had a quick shower. In the mirror I could see bite marks on my shoulders and neck and finger bruises over my body. They had fucked me well!! They dropped me off at my home, then went on to their meeting. Nick gave me his cellphone number. We have another meeting in a few weeks time, we'll need you agen................ I had a funny walk for several days after. They are both very fit and demanding guys!!!!



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