I couldn't really believe it! Here I was sitting between the legs of probably the hottest guy I'd ever met. I was about to see him completely naked for the first time and couldn't wait. We had met about a week ago at the local fishing hole by the lake. I usually went there just to sit and take in the beautiful scene. Now here I was about to suck Caleb's cock. I felt excited and nervous all at the same time. I knew he wanted more than just a blowjob but I didn't know if I was ready for him to see me completely naked. His beautiful dark eyes sparkled as he looked down at me. I began massaging his thighs. "Keep that up and I'll be rock hard!" I smiled. "That was the plan." He smirked. I watched as he lifted his shirt over his head and placed it on the couch next to him. His chest was smooth and sculpted with two perfect, dime size nipples. His stomach was flat and ripped. He had a nice golden "farmers tan". He began unzipping his pants but I stopped him. "Allow me." I untied his shoes and slid them off. His feet in his socks were long and beautiful. I'm not really one of those guys who has a "foot fetish". Caleb's were nice though. smooth skin and long toes. I massaged them a little. He closed his eyes and smiled. "I couldn't even get my ex-wife to do that." I smirked. "Let's not mention her ok?" Caleb smiled. "Oh yeah. Sorry."

Slowly I unzipped Caleb's pants. Being single and alone most of the time had given me time to think about various techniques of pleasing the man I was with. I wanted to give Caleb as much pleasure as possible but I also wanted to make the first time he came memorable. He raised his narrow, bony hips off the couch as I pulled his pants to his ankles. I pulled them off one leg at a time and threw his jeans behind me with a playful smirk. "I'll need those again." he exlclaimed. I raised my eyebrows. "Not to soonly I hope." He wore a pair of grey cotton boxerbriefs. I could already see the tent in the pouch. I was making him hard! "Good" I thought to myself. I scooted closer and smiled up at him. "What are you thinking right now?" Caleb laughed. "I'm thinking how much I wanna rip you're clothes off, bend you over this couch, stick my fat, hard cock in you're beautiful ass and fuck the hell outta you!" I laughed. "We'll get there. Don't worry." He nodded. "I'm not." I reached up and placed my hand on the pouch of his boxers. I could feel the hardness of his cock in the soft cloth of his underwear.

Slowly, I began massaging his semi hard pole. He sat back and closed his eyes. "Yeah, play with my cock!" he moaned softly. I hooked my fingers in the elastic waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. I saw the V shape of his pelvic bone and the beginning of his dark, curly bush. Pulling a little farther down, I saw where his cock extended from his groin. Smiling I gently kissed it and licked it. His skin felt soft and smelled clean, like soap. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see it. I yanked his boxers down and watched as his cock flopped out and smacked against his stomach. He giggled. I couldn't say anything. I was too shocked. I had hoped Caleb's cock would be big but damn!!! It was long and thick. 10 inches at least and thick as a cucumber with a pink, mushroom like head. His balls were smooth and fleshy. They were the size of two extra large eggs. Like Dr. Evil said, "looks like two eggs in a hankie!" My mouth watered.

"Damn! What the hell do you feed that thing!" I asked. Caleb laughed. "My trouser snake loves manass!" I laughed. "Oh really?" I had made up my mind then and there to let Caleb see what I looked like naked. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head. "What'er you?" he started to say but I shh'd him. "Just enjoy the show." I slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my undies off. My own 5 inch cock stood out like a hard roll of quarters. I stood there and smiled. "Well, what do you think." Caleb smiled. "Come here!" I sat down next him and the next thing I knew, he was laying on top of me pressing his lips to mine. I could feel his semi hardness as he lay against me. "I can't tell you what this means to me baby!" he said placing one hand on my cheek. I smiled. "Just be gentle." He smiled. "Don't worry, I'm driving now!" He kissed me and I felt his tongue slip past my lips to dance with my own like two horny, slippey eels. I moaned softly and placed a hand on his smooth, firm asscheek as he moved against me, grinding our cocks together.

After a few minutes of making out, he sat back on his haunches. His hard cock poking out right at me. "You ready for me to rock you're wold?" I giggled and nodded.

To Be Continued.......

Mwahaha!!! I know alot of you guys hate "to be continued" stories but I love giving my readers something to look forward in the next part. They'll be steamy hot sex between these two lovers in Part 3. Promise! P.S. Can you guess which of the two guys represents me? :) I try to inject my own personal fantasies into each story I create:) I hope you like this one.



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