I'm Josh Davis. I am a 28 year old gay white constructon worker by day and a hungry cock sucker at night. Actually, I own my own small construction company but can't afford to sit in an office. I have always liked my men clean but yet manly smelling. Some sweat and musk odors were a turn on. But suddenly things changed andI craved sex with the raunchy dirty guys on the street.

I make a fairly decent living and am always able to put money into savings every payday. Like I said, I am a gay white male and love dropping to my knees and sucking a guys cock and for the right guy I'll gladly offer my ass for him to fuck, but not often.

I noticed that as I cruised around town, that more and more often, the young to middle age nice looking homeless guys were turning me on. I didn't understand it. They were dirty and smelly, unshaven, and at times dangerous looking. But more and more , I wanted to try and get some of them in my bed.

Then one saturday morning I couldn't help myself. I saw one I had to have, or at least try and get.

I pulled up to the light at a major intersection. There he stood, holding his sign: 'Vet...Homeless...Hungry...Please Help.' I pulled into a parking lot across from where he was standing and surveyed him. He looked to be in his mid twenties, about six foot tall, dirty blond hair, wearing a stained tee shirt and tight shorts. He was well built but you could see that the absence of food was beginning to take it's toll. I sounded my horn and got his attention and motioned for him to comeover to me.

He grabbed a mwdium sized duffle bag and trotted over to me as I got out and stood next to my car.

'So, you're a veteran?' I asked.

'Yes,sir, Army. I got out about six months ago and when I went home to go back to my old job, I found out that they had gone out of business. I looked for work but no luck and ended up spending what savings I had. Thsi is where I've ended up. I never thought it would happen to me.'

'What type work did you do?' I asked.

'I worked at a lumber yard back home.'

'When was the last time you had a hot bath or a good meal?'

'My last decent meal was about four days ago and the last hot bath was over a week ago. I try to wash up daily though.'

'Look, I'm Josh Davis and I'd like to help you. Care to get in and we'll get something to eat?'

'Mr. Davis, I'd like to but I can't go in any place looking like this.'

'Well, we can go back to my place. You can relax in a nice hot shower and I'll fix us some breakfast.'

'Are you serious? Why are you willing to do this? What's the catch?'

'There is no catch,' I lied. 'I just want to help. I can't imagine what it's like to be in your situation.'

'Well, okay. I'd really appreciate it. And I'm Greg Turner.'

He threw his bag in the car and we returned to my home a few miles outside of town on eighty acres, most of which were thick with brush. No neighbors could see my house or yard and I liked it that way. I liked my privacy and the opportunity to go out into the yard naked when I wanted to.

As we drove out we talked and I got more information from him. He was from a small town in Oklahoma and was twenty-four.

I asked about living on the streets.

'It can get real rough sometimes.' He said that about three months ago, a group of four guys jumped him while he slept under a highway ridge and proceeded to rape him and force him to suck them off.

'That must have been a horrible experience,' I said.

'Well, Mr.Davis, I'm going to be totally honest with you since your being so nice. What made it horrible, was the fact that it was forced.'

'Call me Josh, and are you saying that you would have done all that willingly?' My heart began to beat rapidly from excitement thinking that he had had sex with men before.

'Let me put it this way. In my situation, you do what you have to in order to survive. I've had guys buy me meals and allbut they wanted something in return. It was usually my mouth or my ass. I would oblidge. But these guys gave me no choice in the matter. I was literally held down and raped, and had their cocks forced into my mouth.'

'That's horrible. What about the guys that bought you meals? How did they let you know what they wanted?'

'Oh, after buying me the meals, we be in their car and they would asked what they got as a thank you. They'd usually rub their crotch if they wanted me to suck them or try and feel my ass if they wanted to fuck me.'

'And you did it willingly?'

'Not willingly, reluctantly. At first it was hard and painful, but even though I don't consider myself gay, I actually got to where I enjoyed it with some of them, those that were gentle and caring.'

Wepulled up to the house and Greg said how nice and peaceful it was. I told him that was the reason I had bought it and cleared just enough to build the house and have a small yard. 'None of the neighbors can see the house or yard,' I said.

When we stopped, I turned to Greg and said, I have a confession and after you hear me if you want me to I'll take you back to town.'

He turned and looked at me, his face expressionless.

'Greg, I AM gay, and I picked you up and made my offer hoping to get you in bed, not to have you service me but hopefully for me to service you. The offer of the shower and mealis still good and there will be no strings attached. I won't try anything with you. You've been through enough.'

'Josh, I knew from the beginning sex would be involved. I'm street savy shall we say. You seemed different though from the start and if I hadn't known what was up, I wouldn't have come with you. Now, where is that shower?'

I smiled and led him into the house. I took him to my room and showed him the master bath and where the clean towels were.

'While you're showering, I'll get things ready for breakfast,' I said. 'Would you like me to start your clothes washing?'

'Hey, that would be great, but what would I put on?'

'When you're through with your shower, I'll find you something to wear. I usually go nude when I'm home. It's a lot more comfortable.'

He smiled and stripped naked and tossed his clothes over to his duffle bag. 'They're all yours,' he said.

Damn, was he ever built and well endowed. He must have been at least seven inches soft.

I took his clothes and put them into the wash, the headed for the kitchen to get ready to prepare breakfast.

I had laid out bacon and eggs to fry and bread for toast. I had also started a big pot of coffee. I suddenly heard a sound and turned to see Greg standing in the doorway, totally naked. He had showered. His hair was clean, and I realized that it wasn't the dirty homless guys I was turned on by but what was beneath the dirt and grime.

'Let's go see what we can find for you to wear,' I said.

'I really don't need anything if you will join me. You said you go nude and after all, it is your house.'

'It won't bother you or make you feel uncomfortable?'

'Nope. I'mused to seeing naked guys running arouond. Remember, I was in the Army.'

I smiled and went to my room while he poured the coffee. I returned totally naked and began breakfast. After we ate, I suggested that we go out to the patio.

'Like this?' he asked.

'Yea. Like I said, no one will be able to see us.'

We sat for a few minutes, when I asked, 'Greg, what made you decide to stay and get naked?'

'Well, one I like being nude also. Second, I'm curious. I've always been on the giving end. I'd like to see what it's like on the receiving end. It will be a new experience for me.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yes. We don't have to rush it, but whenever you're ready, I'm here. Just do what you want to do.'

I could only smile. My dream was coming true.

After about an hour of idle conversation, I suggested that we go inside. He started to sit on the sofa and as he did I took his hand and gently led him back to the bedroom and had him lay on the bed.

I began to caress his body and as I did, his cock began to rise. I kissed his neck tenderly, then his ear, then his cheek. I wanted his lips but was afraid that he'd turn away. He turned to me and smiled. I went for it. Our lips met softly. I slowly parted mine and was shocked to find him do the same. Our tongues explored each other's mouth.

I continued kissing and licking his slightly hairy chest, stomach and finally pubes. He moaned softly. By now his cock and reached it's full length of ten inches. It was beautiful.

I moved lower and began licking his big nut sack, soon sucking each orb into my mouth and washing it with my tongue as I slowly stroked his cock. Then I slowly raised his legs and began tongueing and licking his soft pink hole. When the first drop glistened on the tip, I slowly licked it off. He moaned again. Unable to contain myself, I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.

'Oh, fuck,' he said softly.

Slowly, I began to swallow the massive tool, determined to take it all. Willing my throat to relax, I soon had my nose buried in his pubic hairs. 'Mother fuck! Oh, shit!' he exclaimed.

I began sucking first slow and easy then faster and more eagerly, then slower, then faster.

I could feel his cock grow harder and the head expand and knew that he was close. I wanted every drop of his love necter and soon I was receiving it. His cock exploded with huge thick ropes of cum shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I stopped counting after seven, but there were several more. I swallowed ever drop.

When it was over, I moved back up beside him and kissed him again. Again he responded, offering his tongue to me. When we brok the kiss, he smiled and said, 'Man, that was fucking awesome.'

'Was that your first time having a guy do it?'

'A man yes, but a buddy did it in high school but nothing like that.'

'I've got somethingelse planned later.'


'Wait and see.'

We lay silent, cuddling. I gently rubbed his cock and ball sack and after a while he again began to respond. When he was fully hard, I reached for a tube of lube, applying a generous amount to his cock and my ass. As he lay on his back, I straddled him and centered my ass over his cock.

'Fuck, you going to try and take that up you?'

'No, I'm not going to try. I'm going to do it.'

i began lowering myself on his spear. Slowly, I lowered myself and after a few minutes, I was litereally sitting on his pelvis, every inch of his cock up my ass. He had watched the progressing in awe. 'Fuck, I can't believe you got the whole thing up your ass.'

'And it feels great,' I said.

I raised and lowered myself several times, then told him that I was going to put him to work.

I pulled off and quickly got on my back and raised my legs. He knew what to do. Getting into position, he reentered me and began his job of fucking my horny ass. Soon, I felt myself nearing my own touchless climax. When I erupted, sending my own huge pent up load out onto my stomach and chest, he responded, filling my as cavern with another huge load. Collapsing on me, my cum was smeared on both of us.

'Damn, that was awesome,' he said.

'Yes, it was. It was the best fuck I've ever had.'

When he rolled off, we looked at our cum coated bodies and decided to shower. This time we showered together.

I suggested that we go into town because I needed to do some shopping. I found him something to wear, and away we went. We returned with clothes for Greg.

That night I offered Greg the guest bedroom, but he smiled and said, 'Do you have any objections if I sleep with you?'

'Not at all,' I said with a smile.

WE went to bed and cuddled and soon both of us was fast asleep.

I awoke the next morning to find Greg sucking my cock. I eased myself aroound so that we could have a sixty-nine. We climaxed together, kissing afterward. After breakfast, he smiled and said 'Follow me.'

He led me to the bedroom and reached for the lube. I assumed that he wanted to fuck me again and I knew that I'd love to have it.

To my surprise, he greased my cock and sat on me. I was fucking him. His ass was tight and velvety. It didn't take me long to coat his insides with my load.

We kissed and I looked at him and said, 'Greg, stay with me. You can live here free and I'll put you to work.'

'I don't know, Josh. My dad is trying toget me on with him back home. I need to call him tomorrow and see what the status is.'

'I understand.'

'The next morning he made a phone call and came to me and said, 'I have to go. Dad's got me a job and he needs my help at home. He's going to have a ticket waiting for me at the bus station. But I'd love to come back and visit.'

Greg, you are welcome anytime. You don't need an invitation.' We kissed and I took him to the station before going to work.

On the way, he said, 'Josh, if you want to help others, there are two guys that I met that work the same corner where we met. Don is about my height, black hair, and has a heart tattoo on his left bicep. He wears a red cap backwards. Luke is a little shorter and usually wears a checkered head band. You can trust them both, I promise.'

'Will the accept any advances if I decide to make them?'

'I sure they will. The three of us were a little high on some cheap wine one night and we fucked around sucking each other.'

'Thanks for the info. You take car of yourself.'

'I will and thanks for everything.'

I went to work with a hollow feeling. I began looking for Don and Luke. About two weeks later I saw Luke. I did the same with him as I did with Greg. We ended up at my place, had sex, offered a job which he accepted then disappeared after his first paycheck. Later I found Don. It was almost a copy of Luke's action. Both had been great in bed. Both were well endowed but not nearly as well as Josh.

About two weeks after Luke left, there was a knock on my door around nine saturday morning. I walked to the doorand opened it and in the drive was a huge black limo. The driver was at my door. He handed me a letter and said, 'I'll be waiting at the car, Sir.'

'What'sgoing on?'

'The letter will explain everything.'

I opened the envelope and looked at the gold print at the top. 'From the desk of: JONATHAN WINSLOW THORPE'.

Thorpe was a multi-billionaire and donated millions to charities.

I began to read: 'Mr. Davis, It in imperative that I see you in my office immediately on a very important business matter. My driver will bring you to the office and return youto your home when the meeting concludes. Please do not keep me waiting.'

The letter was personally signed.

I dressed quickly, not knowing what was going on. As I stepped out of the house, he driver opened the door. It was my first ride in a limo and I was in awe. We arrived at the Thorpe building and I was ushered into his plush private office like I was royalty.

He sat behind an ornate desk and as I entered he stood and offered his hand and said, 'Please have a seat.'

'May I asked what this is all about?'

'In due time. Coffee?'


After the coffee was served, he began.

'As you know, I give to many charitable organizations. The homeless people of this city need shelter and I understand that you yourself have helped out several. I admire that. I intend to build a homeless shelter where every resident will have a private room with kitchenette and bath. It will be along the likes of a motel. I want you to plan it, get with my architect, then build it. I understand you have your own construction company.'

'Yes, sir, I do.'

'Fine. You will be completely in charge. The architect is aware of this and will be waiting for your ideas. You set your own fees on this project. I'm told that I can rest assured that you will be fair.'

He sipped his coffee before continuing. I sat in shock. This was the type job I had dreamed about.

'Now for the rest of this meeting.'

I heard a door open and in walked Greg, Don, and Luke, all dressed in suits and clean as a whistle. I looked at them and back to Mr. Thorpe.

'I see you recognize these gentlemen.'

'Yes, sir,I do.'

'Well, for the project I have given you I wanted to know about life on the street. These three men work for me and I first talked to Greg and he recruited Don and Luke. They were instructed to keep notes and report to me. If they found anyone that went above and beyond a simple donation, they were to get as much information as possible and let me know.'

He pulled out a large folder and opened it.

'All three report that you called them to your auto, offered meals and a place to clean up, did their laundry, bought them clothes and offered jobs to them. This is most commendable. No one else even came close to what you did.' There was no memtion about the sex at all.

'In recognition for what you did for these so called homeless men, I'd like to present you with this check as an appreciation for what you did when no other ditizen would. This has nothing to do with the shelter project. This is yours for you to spend as you see fit.'

He handed me the check as the three men began to clap. I looked at it and everything went black. When I came to, I was on the sofa looking up into Greg's face. I was completely embarrased at having passed out and tried to find the words.

Mr. Thorpe stood next to Greg and said 'I see I caught you off guard. I apologize for that.'

'I'm so embarrased,' I said.

'Don't be. It will be out secret,' he said with a smile. I again looked at the check. Three million dollars.

'Sir, I can't accept this.'

'Nonsense. Someone would have eventually received it. And from what these gentlemen tell me you were almost like a father to them. Enjoy it.'

I thanked him and as I started to leave he said, 'My secretary has an envelope for you with some ideas. Use them if you want or shit can them. It's totally up to you. There is also the name and address of the architect. Let me know weekly what you need for expenses and I'll write a check.'

Greg, Don, and Luke walked out with me. I found out from Greg as he walked with me to the car, that all three never mentioned sex in their report. Greg confessed that he was gay as was Don, and that Luke was married but very bi-sexual.

As we neared the entrance I looked at Don and asked,'Is this check for real?'

'Oh, yes, very. And each of us was paid a bonus of half million for our reports.:

'Nice boss,' I said, then asked, 'What are you doing this weekend?'

'Spending it with you, I hope.'

'I've missed you even though we only had two days,' I said.

'I've missed you too and thosae were the best two days of my life.'

'It doesn't have to end you know. In fact I'd love it if it could become permanent,' I told Greg.

'So would I.'

Greg spent the next three weekends with me and the ourth weekend he moved in as my lover. The shelter was completed and above all else I received another large check as a bonus. Greg continues to work for Mr. Thorpe, and I receive all contracts for any construction that is necessary.

Thank goodness I decided to put the make on a 'homeless' man.

The End.

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