Gloryhole High School

by Holden

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25-year-old Philp Harris was excited and nervous as he drove his car into the Danton Academy parking lot; it was his first day teaching English there. He had gotten his master’s degree in education from New York University and his bachelor’s degree in English from Adelphi University. He had spent time student teaching at a Long Island high school. His uncle was a retired English teacher at Danton, and so Philip had strings pulled for him. Philip was medium height, trim and good looking with short brown hair and quiet brown eyes. He would fit in.

Founded in 1827, the school had celebrated its 150th anniversary last year, as it was September 1978. Henry Danton (1744-1825) was a bachelor  Revolutionary War general who left funds in his will to build a first-class boy’s prep school in his Connecticut hometown. By the end of the 19th century, it had become a revered institution with most of its graduates heading off to Ivy League universities. There was a grand bronze statue of the imposing General Danton on horseback holding a sword raised high, at the front of the campus. 

“Your credentials are impressive, and you are Leonard Grant’s nephew” chuckled Michael Jarvis, Danton’s headmaster in his office to Philip during his interview in June. A senior class English teacher had to resign due to illness and a replacement was needed for September. Jarvis was a slim 48-year-old with a gray hair who looked the part of a WASP headmaster. He was friends with Leonard Grant and was aware that his nephew was looking for a job. “The position is yours, Philip.”

“I accept! I will do my best, sir” said the ecstatic Philip. 

“I know you will” said Jarvis, shaking Philip’s hand, “Come, I’ll give you a tour…”

The senior class building was a large edifice that contained classrooms to educate its 125 students. Philip thought it strange when Jarvis ushered him into a restroom. 

“There’s something you need to be aware of” said Jarvis as they went to the last stall, Jarvis opened it.

“Do you know what this is?”

In the wall of the stall was carved a circular slot with diameter of six inches..

“No, sir.”

“It is what is called a gloryhole. There’s one in every restroom in this building. One of my long ago predecessors instituted this tradition. We’re dealing with healthy young men with urges, it was felt it was best for all involved for them to have private outlet to act on their desires. Someone in the next stall puts his penis through the gloryhole for someone else in the next stall who craves to orally gratify it, there are even instances of anal copulation performed in this manner. There had been too many incidents with boys getting caught at all this, disciplining them was too messy and scandalous. This remedy lets them do it discretely, they’re going to do it anyway. This is common knowledge among students and teachers, but is never discussed. You need to know about this situation, so as not to be surprised or concerned should you come across such events. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, have a wonderful summer, see you in September…” 

18-year-old Chuck Gallagher walked into the Danton senior building bathroom on the morning of the first day of school. Chuck was six feet tall and had the athletic solid build of the football jock he was. His hair was sandy, his eyes were brown, and his face was a chiseled portrait youthful masculinity. His dick was hard in his khakis, his older brother had gone to Danton and had told him of the benefits of being a senior at Danton. There were two other handsome students in the school uniform of khakis, blue blazer, white shirt and striped, red tie, silently milling about near the door of the next to last stall. Chuck took his place in line.

In the last stall, 18-year-old Rick Marshall in his uniform was on his knees. His was 5’ 10”, he had a lean sinewy torso which served well on the swim team. His curly hair was black, his eyes were green, and his facial features were striking. His voice was deep, and his manner was straightforward. None of his friends or parents could have possibly believed that he was gay. He had hidden his true nature so well during his young life. He’d known he was attracted to boys as long as he could remember. Over the summer, he journeyed several times from his family’s Upper Fifth Avenue Manhattan apartment to Times Square. In the gay sections of sleazy porno stores, he discovered the joy of gay sex in the buddy booths with a variety of men. The day before he left for Danton, Rick’s father who had gone there, told him that the bathrooms in the senior building were a good place to let off steam. Mr. Marshall grinned and winked at his son when he said this. Rick grinned and winked back, “Gee, thanks for the tip, Dad!” Mr. Marshall had of course assumed that his son would be going there to get relief, not give it.

Rick was on his knees, staring in anticipation at the gloryhole. He heard a zipper being unzipped, a belt undone and the whoosh of khakis falling to the floor. His eyes widened as he saw the big, beautiful head of a young cock being shoved through the gloryhole, the slit of the carved head was dripping with precum, half the seven-inch shaft was on view, as were a pair of delectable hairy balls. Rick excitedly stroked his unseen fellow student’s dick and cupped his warm balls. Rick opened his mouth, curved his lips over his lips and took the dick in his mouth. Rick had learned the art of cocksucking in those Times Square buddy booths. He licked the stranger’s dickhead and shaft and tongued the hanging balls. He heard moaning through the stall due to his pleasuring. Rick began deepthroating the cock through the gloryhole. YES! There it was! The stranger’s dick spasmed, there was a gush of thick, hot salty boy juice blasting in his throat, he swallowed it all. Rick’s cock was on fire in his khakis from the thrill of giving head for the first time in a bathroom stall. He heard the unseen stud’s khakis rising, the zipper being zipper and belt redone. The door of the other stall opened, there were footsteps.

On his knees, Rick saw another big, beautiful young cock and balls making its way through the gloryhole for servicing. Rick stroked, fondled, sucked and deepthroated it with gusto. He was rewarded with another cumload to chug down. There were the sounds of departure and arrival, another hot cock was on view in the gloryhole for Rick to take care of, he did.

It was now Chuck’s turn; he excitedly entered the stall. There it was, the gloryhole. Chuck unzipped his khakis, undid his belt, his pants fell to the fall, he pulled down his white jockey shorts. He put his dick and balls through the gloryhole. He was about to get his first blow job!

“OH MY GOD!” Thought Rick to himself when he saw the new cock in the gloryhole. It was unbelievable, it was so thick and had to be eight inches, it was among the biggest he had scene, the balls were like that of a stallion’s. Rick ardently began working on this exceptional manhood with his mouth.

“AHHHH!” moaned Chuck as he experienced the profound and sensation of getting his duck sucked. Whoever that mouth belong to it was amazing and took him to the heights of ecstasy. 

Rick was overcome with lust and couldn’t help himself as he sucked this hidden stud’s cock. He unzipped his khakis, fished out his throbbing seven-inch dick and began jerking it as he sucked the stranger’s dick.

Chuck was in the stratosphere as he had the most earthshattering orgasm of his young life. He big, hard slicked up with a stranger’s saliva dick began blasting a huge load of his ropey cum down the throat of the cocksucker in the next stall.

Rick’s jerked dick shot a large load of his cum as he guzzled up the next-stall stud’s.

Chuck was beaming, now he really knew about getting a blowjob! He fixed himself up and left the stall.

The flushed Rick rose from his knees, redid his khakis. He saw the puddle of his cum on the floor of the stall as he left. 

“I am Mr. Harris” said Philip as he introduced himself to his first period class, standing in the front of the classroom by the blackboard. He looked at the 12 young men at their desks. His students were all good looking, lively and at ease; they were the WASP sons of grandees and moguls. Philp’s father was a mechanic, and his mother was a bank teller who rose to manager. Philip knew his place was to educate his bettors to the best of his abilities. Philip was struck by his students’ beauty, pedigree and the fact that he knew they were sucking each other off at the bathroom gloryholes. Philip saw his students’ glowing faces; this was no doubt the afterglow of having just had their balls drained or the bliss of having just sucked cock. He looked out at his students, imagining what their dicks were like Chuck Gallagher and Rick Marshall were the most stunning of his students.

As he lectured on T.S. Eliot, Philip fantasized about his students having sex. He pictured who was getting sucked and who was sucking, his dick strained in his gray trousers from these vivid thoughts. Then there was the honest truth coursing through his mind, that HE wanted to be on his knees in the bathroom stall sucking these stud’s cocks through the gloryhole.. Philip had always known that he was gay, but he hid that for the sake of his family and his career. In college, he was closeted around friends and classmates, he snuck off to Times Square porno stores where he learned to suck cock and even got fucked a few times. 

“The Waste Land” lecture was cut off by the sound the class bell. Philip’s students filed out, and the next batch filed into the classroom. Rick was the first one out the door, he rushed to the nearest bathroom and went into the last stall and got on his knees. Though he had recently sucked off four cocks, he wanted more, and figured he could do another and still get to class on time. Sure enough, someone else had the same idea; another big beautiful young dick and a pair of heavy balls appeared in the gloryhole. Rick joyously got to work on it with his mouth, in minutes he was chugging down another hot load of boy juice. He got up and raced through the hallways and made it to physics class with seconds to spare. 

Philip’s day passed in a daze. He taught his classes, had lunch in the student cafeteria and then later dinner in the faculty lounge with his colleagues. In his room alone he was nude, he poured whiskey, sipped, and smoked a Marlboro Red. Then he furiously jerked his seven-inch dick with one hand, while ramming his Vaseline-smeared ass with an eight-inch flesh colored dildo. He sobbed from self-pleasure as he thought of the boys he had been around all day, his orgasm was intense, his dick blasted its load onto a small towel. He drank more whiskey and passed out. On the weekend, he drove to Manhattan and went to Times Square porno stores and satisfied his urges with a variety of men. It wasn’t the same, he lusted for his students. 

The next week passed in the same way. Rick’s routine was to get to a bathroom at 8:00 AM to catch those of his schoolmates seeking servicing before classes began. However, a fellow cocksucker was already in the last stall of this bathroom as the door was closed and locked. No worries, there were other bathrooms, and Rick set out for one.

Philip was on his knees in that locked last stall. He couldn’t take the torture anymore, being around these gorgeous boys, knowing what they were doing, what he craved to do. He figured if he got there early and slipped out when the bathroom was empty, he could get away with it. He didn’t dare think of the consequences if he was caught, the scandal, humiliation and termination of his employment. All he thought of was young dick. Within minutes, there IT was! A big beautiful young dick and a pair of virile balls appeared in the gloryhole. Philip took hold of the warm thick column of boy flesh, he cupped those meaty balls, then he opened his mouth and took in the unseen teenager’s manhood. The young buck in the next stall was quite aggressive and began fucking Philip’s mouth. He got into the rhythm of being force fed dick and tightened his throat to give it maximum pleasure. The dick blasted off a large load of cum which Philip gobbled down. The dick and balls were gone from the gloryhole. The stall door opened and quickly was closed and locked. There was another exceptional cock and balls visible in the gloryhole. This time Philip was allowed to savor lavish the exquisite rod with his lips and tongue, it soon spasmed, releasing a pungent gush of cum which Philip was delighted to swallow. Philip sucked off two more grand young cocks. There was a lull and silence, he opened the stall door and rushed out of the empty bathroom.

Philip was exhilarated while yammering on about Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises in his class. He looked at the boys’ sexy contented faces, imagining which ones he had just fellated. He taught his classes, had lunch and dinner and then was nude in his room for another drunken jerk off and dildo session. So, the days passed with Philip on his knees in the bathroom stall every morning sucking off young dick after young dick through the gloryhole. He was able to be what he was in secret with no inhibitions. 

Striding into a bathroom as usual at 8:00 AM, Philip opened the door of the last stall and was shocked. Crouched on his knees was 18-year-old Ross Daniels, one of his students. The adorable Ross was medium height, thin, had curly blond hair and blue eyes. Philip was furious that Ross had forgotten to lock the door! They looked at each other, there was the instant recognition that they were brother cocksuckers. Philip turned to leave but there was the sound of the bathroom door opening, several students were now in the bathroom, it was too late for Philip to escape undetected, he locked the stall door. Shortly, a big beautiful young cock and a pair of enticing balls was shoved the gloryhole. 

Philip watched in amazement as Ross took the stranger’s dick in his mouth and began licking it. Philip hadn’t previously taken Ross for a cocksucker, but there he was on his knees eagerly giving head, his deepthroating was awesome and his gobbling of those balls was expert. Ross had the dick back in his mouth, there was moaning in the next stall, Ross was clearly now swallowing a load of cum. Ross stood up, as the adjacent stall door opened. The bathroom door closed and opened again; the next stall’s door opened. Philip dropped to his knees, soon new prime dick appeared, Philip began sucking it. He was so aroused and turned on at Ross witnessing him suck cock, from the corner of his eye, he saw that Ross unzipped his khakis was jerking his exceptional dick. Philip unzipped his trousers and started jerking off as he sucked cock through the gloryhole and as Ross was jerking himself. As the dick in his mouth spasmed, Philip began ejaculating, causing a puddle of cum on the floor. Ross winced as his dick gushed like a fountain, his load splattering on the floor. Philip stood, the boy in the next stall left and was replaced by another. Ross sucked that one off, Philip did the next, the bathroom was now empty. They separately left the stall and the bathroom, after taking turns with their mouths on four superb dicks. Later that day, Philip was in class lecturing on The Grapes of Wrath; Ross was attentively listening, they subtly stared at each other.

One morning, Philip sucked his fifth and last dick, it had been a magnificent dark one framed by a pair of spectacular smooth balls; he heard the bathroom door close. He exited the stall.

“Good morning, Mr. Harris” said the grinning Vincent Alfieri, an 18-year-old Italian American fox, who had pretended to leave. He was close to six feet tall, muscular; he was stunning. His feathery hair was black, his piercing eyes were brown, his olive complexion colored his chiseled masculine though boyish facial features. His powerful physique was encased in his khakis and blue blazer. He was the son of the New Jersey tycoon, Joseph Alfieri; he was in construction. Mr. Alfieri’s offer to fund and build a new swimming pool for the school ensured his son’s admission to Danton despite his ethnicity and lack of pedigree. 

“Don’t look so shocked Mr. Harris, your secret is safe with me. I know this is supposed to be anonymous, but I like to know who sucked my dick” said the cocky Vincent, “You’re a fantastic cocksucker Mr. Harris! You’re not the only teacher into this either, it’s been fun to find out which tough guys are really fags. I’ll see you around, Mr. Harris.” Vincent left. In the mirror, Philip saw his face was red from embarrassment, he collected himself and went to teach The Great Gatsby. After lunch he was teaching in his classroom, there was the grinning Vincent. Philip was distracted looking at him, recalling his massive manhood which he sucked in the morning, Philip soldiered on lecturing as Vincent kept his legs spread, showcasing his impressive basket visible in his khakis. The class bell rang, the boys filed out, all except Vincent. He strutted to Philip’s desk, the mound in the crotch of his khakis jiggled. 

“Mr. Harris, it would be a good idea if you met me in the basement third storage room after last class” said Vincent in his melodious deep tough voice as he left. Philip was taken aback, of course he would do as Vincent commanded. The next two classes saw Philip trying to contain his excitement and trepidation as he lectured. The last class was done. He locked the classroom and made his way down the stairs to the basement and entered the third storage room. 

“Lock the door, Phil” said the unseen Vincent from afar. Philip walked through an aisle configured by large carton boxes of cleaning supplies and paper products; he smelled marijuana. There at the end of the aisle was the naked Vincent sitting in a wheelie chair smoking a joint. His athletic physique was defined, his biceps were pronounced, his chest and pecs were impressive, he was slightly hairy. His prize hard dick and meaty balls were even more enticing when he was nude.

“Don’t worry Phil, we won’t be disturbed. I paid off the custodian for the use of this space, have a hit” said Vincent, offering Philip the joint. Not being a regular partaker, Philip felt a rush as he inhaled the high-quality weed.

“Make yourself comfortable, Phil.”

Philip began taking off his clothes, Vincent whistled when he was totally nude.

“You have a very nice ass, Phil, now get to work.”

Philip dropped to his knees between Vincent’s legs, he stroked that fabulous eight-inch sausage with its flared cut head, then took it in his mouth. Philip was electrified at having Vincent’s cock without the barrier of a bathroom stall wall. He licked it all over, then deepthroated it.

“Oh, fuck Phil, you really are the best cocksucker I’ve come across! That’s it, use your tongue right there!”

Vincent moaned as Philip gobbled and tongued his balls. 

“I had that brought in” said Vincent indicating a mattress off to the side, “We’re going to break it in, get on your hands and knees, ass up.”

Philip stopped sucking Vincent’s now engorged dick and got into position. From a tub of Vaseline, Vincent greased up his pulsating dick, Philip felt his ass being greased up. Then he felt the tip of Vincent’s cock at his asshole. Philip was overwhelmed by the sensation of his insides parting to accommodate Vincent’s hog as he began penetration. Inch by inch, Philip’s chute was pierced by Vincent’s manhood. He moaned as IT was all the way in. Vincent withdrew and then rammed it all the way into the sobbing Philip. Vincent was a real stud with a powerful fuck rhythm which brought profound pleasure to him and Philip. This randy sly teenager gave Philip the best fuck of his life. That was evidenced by Philip’s fine seven-inch dick exploding with torrents of his cum splashing onto to the mattress. He was in tears; no man had ever brought him to a hand free orgasm, this boy did. Philip was startled as the grunting Vincent reached his climax; streams of hot cum were now flowing in his anal canal. There was a whoosh as Vincent pulled his sated organ from Philip’s chute. They cleaned themselves up with towels, Vincent lit up another joint.

“We both had a lot of steam to let off” chuckled Vincent, he was sitting in the chair and Philip was sitting at his feet. “My father set this school up for me, then Harvard. He wants me to go into politics.” The joint was passed between them, “Crime and Punishment is my favorite book…” Vincent and Philip discussed Dostoyevsky, as they came down from the high of their sensational fuck session and got high from the weed. They got dressed.

“Phil, we’ll keep this simple, be here every Thursday after last class.”

“I will Vincent…”

That evening, Philip was in room drinking whiskey and smoking Marlboro Reds. He didn’t need to jerk off or fuck himself with his dildo. Vincent had given him the real thing today; he was fulfilled and content. The next morning, Philip was in a bathroom stall before classes began. He sucked off three prime young cocks. While sucking the fourth, he stopped, stood up and took down his pants and underwear. He puts his lubed ass to the gloryhole, he needed to get fucked again. 

“Holy fuck!” thought Chuck Gallagher in the next stall. He’d gotten accustomed to getting his dick sucked off every morning. Now, some phantom fag wanted him to fuck him! Why the fuck not? Chuck spat a few times on his hard cock. 

There was a pause as Philip heard the sound of spitting. Then he felt his ass being penetrated by a slicked-up cock. The jazzed up and unseen Chuck in the next stall mercilessly fucked Philip through the gloryhole. Philip was in a frenzy jerking his cock, it shot off causing a puddle of cum on the bathroom stall floor. Philip’s chute was now drenched with Chuck’s steamy load. Chuck wiped his dick and left the bathroom exhilarated, he’d fucked his first ass, it felt great! Philip cleaned, collected and fixed himself up, he was glowing and was inspired to give dynamic lectures. He was especially kinetic when Vincent was in his class.

So, Philip’s routine developed. His morning gloryhole session concluded with an anonymous fuck; he was the happiest he had ever been due to the power of taking young dick in his mouth and up his ass. Thursday was another glorious bout of being ravaged by Vincent in the storage room. The next Thursday was remarkable.

“I thought we’d spice things up” said Vincent when Philip arrived, he was nude in the wheelie chair getting his dick sucked by a young guy.

“You know Rick, Phil.” Indeed, Rick Marshall was nude on his knees between Vincent’s outstretched legs sucking his dick.

“Uh, yes.”

“Cool. You don’t mind sharing my cock, do you Phil?”

“No, Vincent” said Phil, stripping out of his clothes. He got on his knees across from Rick. Philip was surprised as he didn’t take Rick for a fellow cocksucker, which he clearly was from the oral skills he exhibited in on Vincent’s joint. Philip joined Rick in sucking Vincent’s dick. They mutually lavished that ramrod with their tongues and took turns deepthroating Vincent, while the other serviced his balls. Vincent sat back in the wheelie chair as if he were a king on a throne being worshipped by his subjects. 

“On the mattress, hands and knees, ass up” commanded Vincent.

Rick and Philip took their positions. Vincent took turns fucking their asses, bringing each to a shuddering hands-free orgasm, he climaxed in Rick. They cleaned themselves up, shared a joint, discussed Edger Allan Poe, got dressed and went their separate ways. 

Philip drove to Long Island on Thanksgiving for dinner with his family. It was a pleasant gathering, his uncle, retired 62-year-old Danton English teacher, Leonard Grant was there with his wife. Mr. Grant was lean from playing tennis all his life, he had a weathered handsome face and gray hair. After dinner, the men were in the living room smoking and drinking whiskey watching the football game, the women were cleaning up, and the kids were around the house playing.

Philip and his uncle were sitting next to each other in wing chairs.

“Headmaster Mike Jarvis tells me you’ve gotten on well on Danton! I knew you’d fit right in!” said Grant.

“Thanks! Glad to hear I’m doing a good job; I appreciate your help” said Philip.

“Certainly! I always knew you had the makings of a fine teacher. I’m sure you’re enjoying the fringe benefits the school offers for ‘those like yourself” chuckled Grant.

“Uh, yes I have” said the blushing Philip.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy your years at Danton, as I did…”

Philip drove to Manhattan after the family event. He reached the West Side Highway and parked his car by the piers, the area was packed with other parked cars. There were boys walking around selling themselves to drivers. A procession of boys walked by Philip’s car. Finally, there was one who was what he was looking for. An 18-year-old Italian American hunk, wearing tattered tight button-fly jeans, a white T-shirt, black boots and a black leather biker jacket. His back left jeans pocket had a brass key ring attached, the front of his jeans demonstrated that he wasn’t wearing underwear, his long thick sausage snaked down the right leg of his jeans, there was the outline of his bull balls. Philip rolled down the window.

“Want this?” said the grinning hunk in his charming Brooklyn accent as he tugged on his crotch, a lit Marlboro Red dangled from his sensuous lips.

“Yeah, I do” said Philip.

“40, to go all the way.”


The hunk let his cigarette fall to the ground, he crushed it with his black leather boot, he opened the back door and got in. Philip left the driver’s seat and got in the backseat next to the hunk. Philip handed the hunk two $20 bills, he put it in his biker jacket pocket, he undid his fly buttons and black leather belt. His eight-inch-thick cut veiny rod jutted up; his bulky balls flopped on the car seat. Philip bent his head down, opened his mouth and took the hunks joint. Philip ardently licked, sucked and deepthroated the hunk’s piece and did his balls. The hunk sat back enjoying Philip’s expert head while gazing at his Timex wristwatch. 

When 10 minutes were up, the hunk pulled Philip’s head off his cock, and exited the car. Philip knew the drill, he pulled down his trousers and underwear and got on his hands and knees on the backseat, baring his spread twitching ass. The hunk opened the other door, grabbed the nearby tub of Vaseline, greased up his hard cock and slathered Philip’s quivering hole. The hunk slapped Philip’s ass hard, and brutally rammed his cock deep into Philip’s chute. He grabbed Philip’s hips and began fucking him rough. The overjoyed Philip jerked his cock as the hunk fucked him at a steady pace. Soon, Philip’s dick was shooting of his load onto the backseat. The hunk kept fucking him until ten minutes were up, he pulled his hard cock out of Phillip’s ass, wiped it with a nearby towel, hauled up his jeans, redid his fly buttons and belt, and left, slamming the car door. The panting Philip fixed himself up, got in the driver’s seat, smoked a Marlboro Red and sipped some whiskey from a small bottle. After unwinding from this sweaty brusque fuck session, he drove back to his place in Connecticut. 

With no boys around during Christmas break while Danton was closed for two weeks, Philip spent the time enjoying the warmth of Miami Beach. He stayed at a small musty Collins Avenue Art Deco hotel. The bed saw a lot of action, Philip was in overdrive scoring hot young dick from rough trade teenaged Cubans. Back at Danton, Philip engaged in his gloryhole pursuits every morning. Then there were his weekly marijuana-fueled trysts with Vincent in the basement storage room. Vincent was a wild earthy libertine. He often had another gay student servicing him along with Philip. Philip was most excited when Vincent shared him with another stud student. Most fulfilling was a three way with Chuck Gallagher; getting spit roasted by those two campus chieftains left Philip totally spent, he limped away from the storage room. 

It was June, the term was ending. There was a charged atmosphere in the storage room with Vincent and Philip, their last session was just them; Philip happily degraded himself for the pleasure of the privilege of being allowed to take Vincent’s mighty cock.

“You were the best Phil, I’m going to miss you, but life goes on” said Vincent to Philip who was sitting on the floor next to him, they were nude, fucked out and sharing a joint. “Here’s the address for a special farewell party I’m throwing the night before graduation” said Vincent handing Philip a business card, “I hope you can make it…” 

Philip drove to the address on Vincent’s business card a few nights later. He arrived at the gated complex of the Allied Construction Corporation in Lodi, New Jersey at 9:00 PM. The security guard admitted Philip in his car, he parked near a warehouse and went in the front door.

“Glad you could make it, Phil” said Vincent, who was wearing a light blue mechanic’s jumpsuit, his chest hair was visible as was the outline of his familiar cock and balls, “Come with me,” Vincent led Philip to a room. Philip was taken aback; there was Rick Marshall, Ross Daniels and chemistry teacher Calvin Matthews. The handsome Calvin was 26 years old, medium height, thin, and had brown hair and brown eyes; he was the other teacher Vincent had referred to as a gloryhole cocksucker. The three cocksuckers were all nude except for a red jockstrap and red kneepads. “Put these on” said Vincent to Philip, handing him a red jockstrap and red kneepads. Philip undressed and put on the red jockstrap. Vincent unzipped his jumpsuit and tossed it; he was now nude in all his athletic and hung glory. he opened the door; the cocksuckers followed him.

The main area of the warehouse was set up like a nightclub. There was a hot young nude Puerto Rican DJ spinning disco and rock records in a booth. A muscular nude young white guy was tending bar. Then there were 11 Danton high quality seniors, including sexy Chuck Gallagher who were nude, sitting around on chairs in circular configuration chatting, drinking and smoking weed. All were hung, some were stroking their erections.  

“Let’s get this party started!” roared Vincent as he sat on a chair. 

Philip, Rick, Ross and Calvin were side by side in the center of the circle, they all dropped to their knees. They commenced sucking the first four seniors’ cocks.

“Hey cocksuckers, when a song ends, you all move onto the next cock, everybody gets a turn, and you all get to suck every cock!” barked Vincent. 

Philip was thrilled beyond belief to be so degraded. He was excited upon recognizing the young men’s cocks he had anonymously sucked over the last nine months. Round and round from hard big young dick, Philip and his three fellow cocksuckers crawled on their padded knees, sucking the cocks of the dozen elite Danton seniors. Philip was excited upon recognizing the young men’s cocks he had anonymously sucked over the last nine months. Now up close he could see which senior he was sucking, and they could see him. It felt like a blissful eternity as Philip rotated his mouth on 12 mighty cocks. A long the way, Philip received and swallowed three thick loads of boy juice. Eventually all 12 seniors ejaculated into the eager mouths of the four cocksuckers.

The 12 champions rose and went to the bar to drink, fraternize and bask in the camaraderie of having been communally serviced to completion. Philip, Rick, Ross and Calvin stood around in silence. The 12 All American boys returned to their seats; the passive quartet sunk to their knees again.

“Let the fluffing begin!” hollered Vincent.

Philip and colleagues now crawled around to take turns kneading, stroking and fondling the semi-hard dicks and lighter balls. The randy studs soon all had raging boners due to the efforts of their worshippers. The studs rose, the group moved to another area of the warehouse. Philip, Rick, Ross and Calvin took went to the four separate raised padded rectangular platforms; they got in position on their hands and knees.

There ensued a carnal spectacle of staggering proportions. The four submissives submitted totally to their superiors. Vincent, Chuck and the rest of the best and brightest euphorically fucked the four willing asses and mouths during a lusty free for all. Philip was in a daze as he took cock after cock up his ass while sucking on a rotation of others. He powerfully came three times in his jock from the welcome assaults, his ass was seeded with several loads. Above the din of the rock music was an earthy symphony of collective grunts, moans, and orgasmic wails. Visually it was a stunning series of erotic tableaus of 16 magnetic young men engaging in sex to the highest level of pleasure. Everyone experienced several mind-blowing orgasms. The 12 sated future masters of the universe adjourned to bar for drinks, they returned to their seats. They raucously watched as the DJ and the bartender took their turns ravaging Philip, Rick, Ross and Calvin with their big hard cocks. After they each climaxed, the party was over.

The next sunny morning the Danton Academy Class of 1979 graduation ceremony took place on the great lawn attended by a crowd of happy parents and relatives. The upstanding graduates were called up to the podium to receive their diplomas from Headmaster Jarvis. Philip watched as those who he bitched out for the night before were lauded, they were all headed to Ivy League universities fall after grand summer vacation. Philip looked at other students with satisfaction, he had no doubt sucked them off or had been fucked by them anonymously at gloryholes.

Philip attended a faculty reception, his fellow teacher Calvin was there as well, they exchanged knowing small talk.

“I was surprised Philip” said Headmaster Jarvis, “I would have thought a young man like yourself would be spending the summer traveling. Instead, you put in to teach summer school. Well, the money will come in handy, and I imagine there are other benefits as well” chuckled Headmaster Jarvis as he went off to mingle.

A week later on the first morning of summer school, Philip was on his knees in the last stall of the bathroom. He heard a commotion of footsteps and murmuring. Soon, a new big beautiful young hard cock and a pair of enticing balls were shoved through the gloryhole. Philip ardently sucked this prime dick and licked those balls, his deepthroating elicited bursts of thick hot boy juice which he joyously swallowed. The cock and balls were removed, another fine specimen took its place. Philip couldn’t believe his good fortune, one extraordinary dick and a pair of expectational balls appeared through the gloryhole, seven in all! Philip’s mouth got a pleasurable workout of sucking off and swallowing cum. He heard that the bathroom was empty, he raced and got to his classroom at two minutes before the 9:00 AM bell rang.

“I am Mr. Harris” Philip said looking from near the blackboard, out at his class. They were seven sexy seniors who had recently turned 18; all were rambunctious incorrigibles who had flunked junior English. Now their faces were beaming from just having gotten fantastic blowjobs through the bathroom gloryhole. Philip’s ass twitched in anticipation of eventually getting covertly fucked by them. He knew he had made the right decision to teach summer school, besides he would still have time for two weeks in Puerto Rico in mid August.

“In Romeo and Juliet…” 

by Holden

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