I am almost too embarrassed to write this story about what can go wrong if you are looking for anonymous sex. I was in my twenties, married about five years with a beautiful wife who would not suck my cock. I had many girlfriends in high school that made it a hobby and passion to learn the finer tricks of giving a good blow job.

We all make dumb decisions, and one afternoon I decided to drive by the local adult bookstore and adult theater. I know that men would go there to suck cock and get their cock sucked. The information on the Internet about this particular adult bookstore and theater, there was a glory hole in the public restroom. The idea of sticking your cock in a hole in the wall and having a human mouth suck it was very erotic made me hard and horny. I read about the rules of the glory holes. The person wanted to be sucked would take his cock out and stroke it. The cock sucker on the other side would look through the hole in the wall, and if he liked what he saw would put two fingers into the hole signaling his desire to suck your cock. That is about it except you should have a clean cock for the cock sucker to suck.

When I arrived, I went to the bathroom. There was one urinal, and two stalls, between the stalls were a partition in the partition was a hole about 4 inches in diameter, just large enough to slip my average-size cock and balls. Hard I am over five inches and my balls average size. I paid my five bucks to enter the theater and sat in the dark until my eyes adjusted. I watched the straight porn on the screen, and all would notice was the bad acting and the hot sex. After about 15 minutes, I decided to check out the glory hole.

I enter the restroom, seeing the two stalls and noticing someone in one stall and the second one empty. Now was my chance to get a good blowjob. I entered the stall, unzipped my fly, reached in order to grab my semi hard cock. I held my cock in my hand and stood in front of the glory hole where the person on the other side could see. I read on the Internet if I exposed myself to a glory hole, and if the stranger likes he what he sees, two fingers are shown. It did not take but a second when two fingers appeared. I walked close enough so the two fingers could touch my cock. They did, and the response was immediate. I went from semi hard to erect. The fingers felt good, always love someone touching my cock.

The fingers disappeared from the hole. My cock followed closely behind the retreating fingers. Within seconds, I felt my cock being touched. I could not believe how exciting this was much better than being fondled by girlfriends in high school. I had a stranger fondling my cock and balls. It felt good, but I wanted my cock to be sucked then I would be in heaven. It was a bit uncomfortable with my cock and balls through the smallish hole. The touching continued to fondling of my balls then I felt as something was being placed around them. I could feel something tight fixed to my cock and balls and being pulled closer to the partition. Before I could react, I was caught, tied, restrained, bounded over the partition wall. When I tried to withdraw, there was a sharp pain. I was not going to get my cock and balls out of the hole, unless I want to experience real pain or if whoever did this let me go.

I said in a demanding voice, "What the fuck, what are you doing?"

The voice from the other side responded, "Calm down; everything is going to be fine. Just do not shout; you do not want anyone coming in order to see you in this position. The door from the other stall opens a footstep to my stall. A knife is inserted between the door and stall, and the latched is open. The door opens, and a young kid enters and shuts the stall door. He says, "Shuush, be quite, it would be embarrassing for you to be caught this way."

I had to agree and said, "What the hell do you want." When I said that, all sort of visions flashed through my mind, none of them good.

The stranger reaches in my back pocket and removes my wallet. He reaches in my shirt pocket and removes my smart phone. Looking at my driver license, he whispers in my ear, "Doug Middleton, I have handcuffs around your cock and balls. The handcuffs are bigger than the glory hole; you cannot get free without doing terrible damage. Do you understand?"

I wiggled, pulled back but felt pain, I stopped. I understood the position I was in, responding, "Yes; I understand. What do you want?"

The stranger is looking at my smart phone, pushed a few buttons and said, "I just sent your address to my cell phone, if you think you are going to get back at me; you can forget that. I have your name, your address and all of your contact, family, co-workers, everyone." "If I think you are looking for me, I will hit the send button and let everyone know you were at an adult theater getting your cock sucked at a glory hole."

The stranger takes cash out of my wallet, about $150. He removes my credit cards and tells me, "I am going to use your credit cards, do not report them stolen for three days. You will not have to pay for the charges, but the bank will." I begin to relax that his is just a robbery.

The stranger reached around my chest, unbutton my shirt and removes the shirt with my tee shirt. I am naked from the waist up.

The stranger said, "Looks like you came in here to have a little fun. Did you think someone would suck your cock? I bet you enjoy abusing others, fucking their face with your cock? Do you get off coming down their throat?"

So many questions I just looked down at the floor, dreading what was going to happen next. He reached around and undid my pants pulling them to my ankles leaving my boxes around my waist. The stranger shows me the knife that he unlocked the stall door, and I had visions of a bloody crime scene photos. He let the blade slide down my back to my boxers cutting the material on each side exposing my ass. He takes a marking pen out of his pocket and starts writing on my back and ass. The pen smelled like the ones that are indelible. The stranger holds up his cell phone takes a picture of me, what he has written on my back. He then shows me, and I realize what is going to happen. What I saw in the cell phone, 'I am a cum slut, fuck me bare'.

He says, "I am going out shopping for a couple of hours. You are to remain here. Guys will come in see you and then will use you. You will let them, understand. No one will be able to remove the handcuff without the key, so you are stuck." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small camera, the type that takes a Sim card and can take one or two hours of HD video. He clips it to the water pipe on the wall aiming it to my location. He continues, "This is a video camera that will record the action. I want to see your ass taken by strangers and how many times. I have another camera in the other stall and to watch guy suck you off again and again."

Do not worry, I will return to retrieve the cameras, and if you have been good I will un-cuff you. Just remember you cannot do me any harm, or I will send out picture of you to your contact list. The Stanger pats me on my ass and leaves.

I am in an uncomfortable and embarrassing position, naked and bound to the partition on a bathroom stall with my ass and cock exposed. I will not tell you if anyone took advantage of me, but they did, several of them. I never know how many men would fuck a guy who was helpless to resist.

The stranger returned saying he would remove the cameras. He showed me that a picture of me was ready to send to my address book with a push of a button. He then unlocked my cock and balls. I was free, but after standing for almost three hours my legs bucked, my ass was dripping with cum, I collapsed on the toilet. The stranger whistled as he was leaving.

The next day I get a text message. It was from the stranger and had a video attached. The video clearly showed me against the partition with a man shoving his cock up my ass, my face visible. The text said, "Dougie, do not report the credit card stolen for two more days." "Call me about the videos, they are really hot."



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