Since the first time I ejaculated sperm and tasted it, I have loved the feeling and taste of warm sperm in my mouth. I had always fantasized about sucking another guys penis to completion and getting my reward of a mouthful of cum.

When I was seventeen, on a warm summers day I decided to ride my bike to the park. As I arrived I saw that all of the baseball diamonds were full.

Some kind of tournament or something was going on.

I really needed to pee so I locked up my bike and went to the rest room. The urinals were all being used so I went to the second to last stall and closed the door. As I was having a piss I noticed a hole about waist high in the stall walls on either side of the toilet. When I finshed peeing I peeked through the hole and saw a guy in a baseball uniform standing on the toilet with his pants down and another guy bent over sucking his cock. I was shocked and excited, like a jolt of electricity went through me. I realised I was bent at the waist with my face pressed to the hole watching as the cock went in and out of the other guys mouth. I pulled my pants down and started to slowly stroke my cock. The guys switched positions and I heard one of them say dont come in my mouth. I heard myself say you can both cum in my mouth....please. They looked over and seemed embarrased to have been caught but recovered and quickly shoved both there cocks through the hole at once. They asked me to hurry because there game would be starting soon. Here it was the moment I was waiting for. I started sucking both cocks into my mouth then one at a time working the heads like I had always dreamed I would. The sensation was incredible and I just kept swirling my tounge and pumping my head up and down until I had them both moaning and thrusting against the wall. I felt a nice spurt of warm sperm shoot under my tounge and kept pumping and swirling for more until they were both ejaculating their warm cum in my mouth now and I was in ecstasy. Two cocks spraying ropes

of warm sperm in my mouth and coating my throat. Some leaked down my chin and fell on my balls and I reached down and rubbed it in. They pulled their cocks back thru the hole and left without a word. I sat there wiping the sperm off my chin and sucking it off my fingers. thinking about how lucky I was and wishing I had more cocks to suck when I heard from the hole behind me 'Hey that was some show' . I whirled around and saw a face disapear from the hole and it was replaced with a beautiful pink uncircumsized cock about eight inches long and balls the size of large lemons. I moved over and sat on the toilet facing this gorgeous feast. I could still feel the other guys sperm draining down the back of my throat as I licked the precum from this guys cock. I barely started sucking the head when he started gushing warm sperm over my tounge. I didnt mind I just softly fondeled his big balls while he spurted jet after jet of warm sperm into my mouth. I had to swallow a couple of mouthfulls of cum before he finally slowed down to a trickle, which I kept in my mouth to savor. He did not withdraw his cock from the hole and said he wanted to fuck my ass. I was so turned on I swallowed the rest and said 'uh ok'. I turned around and put my ass up to the hole and found his cock was still slippery from my saliva and the sperm so I gently slid my butthole over his cock head slid it in a little at a time and began pushing my butt down slowly. As soon as the head slipped past my sphincter it tried to close on his cock and I felt a sharp pain. I instinctivly tried to pull away but that hurt worse. I just stood there bent over and trying to let the pain pass when I felt some thing warm flowing into my ass. He was filling my ass with cum already. I could still taste his sperm from the first one and hes cumming my ass. the pain was subsiding now and I started pumping my ass up and down on his cock while he sprayed my colon with sperm. He was finished but I was not. I started stroking my cock and driving his cock as deep into me as I could until my ass was up against the wall and I could feel him thrusting. I heard some moaning in the farthest stall and then heard a guy say we heard you like to swallow cum. He passes a soft drink cup under the door and it is half full of warm sperm. I say thanks as I hear eight sets of cleats clacking out. I take a huge mouthfull of the still warm sperm from the cup and keep it in my mouth while I stroke my cock. The guy in my ass is thrusting faster and I speed up my stroking until we both cum. I feel his sperm shooting into my ass and spray my cum into the glass with the rest of the sperm from the baseball guys. I pull the guys cock out of my ass and he sprays the last few ropes into the glass. He pulls up his pants and leaves me sitting there with a half a glass of warm sperm and a sore ass.

I cleaned up and went out side to the snack bar and asked for a lid and straw for my cup and enjoyed my warm sperm until it was time for a refill.




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