Glen took a shower and walked back naked into the hotel bedroom. The man, who had showered earlier, was ready for him. He stood erect, shoulders thrust back, legs apart and his hands on his hips. He exuded authority. He wore nothing but a black, silky thong which, far from hiding, actually accentuated the impressive equipment it enclosed.

The room had been changed. It was a big enough to take the two single beds end on. They were now together, foot to foot.

'Been doing some furniture moving?' quipped Glen.

The man said nothing. He beckoned and then pointed at his thong. Glen obeyed. They had often met for mutual pleasure, but this was the first time they had been away together.

As he crossed the room, he studied his companion. Significantly older, athletic and tanned. The old desire rose within him.

He put one arm round the man's shoulders and kissed him fully on the lips. His other gently massaged the bulk inside the thong.

'Take it off and worship my dick.' He spoke in a strangely matter of fact way. He knew he would be obeyed.

Glen knelt, grasped the sides of the thong and pulled it to the ground in one swift movement. Greedily he grasped the man's full equipment and took several inches of impressive dick into his mouth. He licked it up and down. He caressed it. He sucked the bell hard so that his cheeks were drawn in. Then he slid the shaft slowly in to its full length. He glanced up into the man's face. His reward was an approving smile and a sigh of pure pleasure.

At length the man spoke again. 'Lie down on the bed. Face down.'

He obeyed.

His wrists and ankles were bound and he was stretched out, attached starwise to the bed heads. There had been times when they had played at bondage before, but this felt different. It was for real. A tingling doubt flowed from his navel and burst in his head as he realised he was a prisoner with very little room for manoeuvre. He felt scared, but excited. They were exploring new realms. He would follow the road to its conclusion.

He felt the palm of a hand between his shoulder blades and smelt the heady aroma of massaging oils. He relaxed as every part of his available flesh was anointed, pleasured and massaged. Special attention was paid to his pelvic region. He felt lips as well as fingers on his skin on numerous occasions. He relaxed and enjoyed.

Now legs were forcing their way under his. The man was sitting between his legs, his knees under Glen's hips, having the effect of raising his buttocks and with his legs already quite wide apart his orifice was mercilessly exposed to the world at large.

It is well known that this is the last stage of surrender. A man will expose his buttocks if he has to. He will cover his genitals to the end, but never will he want anyone to gaze on his anus. That position was maintained for some time. Glen's senses had sharpened dramatically. Even now, he could still be embarrassed at a prolonged examination of his dark hole.

He felt the lightness of a finger touch, gently exploring, making acquaintance. It felt good. He cried out with sudden surprise and pleasure when he felt the unique sensation of a tongue tip at his very gates. The man did not hurry. Slowly with fingers, but increasingly with his tongue and lips, the area was pleasured to the full.

'Thank you, thank you, oh yes please. I want to be your slave,' Glen moaned. His reward was more oils and further oral exploration.

Suddenly, there was a sharp slap on his rump. He jumped, but relaxed to enjoy half a dozen more blows. The man wriggled from under Glen and stood beside him. There was some movement he couldn't see, but very soon heard the 'swish' and felt the 'thwack' of a leather belt making contact with his defenceless buttocks. It was not unpleasant, but more intense than the hand. A thought crossed his mind. 'What happens if I don't want what's coming next? How much can I take? How far will he go? If I ask him to stop, will he?'

Before he could ponder these questions further another blow was planted in the same region. It was a little harder and followed by two more, each more serious than the one before. The last one really stung.

'Please sir, please sir,' he called out. 'Don't hurt me!'

The reply was another blow - the hardest yet. Then one that crashed down with a force that made him yelp with pain.

Almost immediately, he felt soothing oils poured onto and massaged into his glowing flesh. That felt so good! The whole experience was new and a bit frightening, but what a switch on!

'My slave obeys me at all times without question.' He spoke quietly, but with great authority. 'I do whatever I choose and he will submit.'

This was clearly not a democratic relationship. But the beating stopped.

The caressing resumed, all over his back and legs, but with special attention to the point of potential invasion. The man lay down, full length on top of him, sliding around over his lubricated body. He played for a long time, sometimes embracing him, sometimes turning his head to kiss him, now fingering his hole, now two fingers, fondling, stretching, preparing.

At length Glen felt his buttocks being pulled wide apart and the warm firmness of a large knob probing his anus. He sighed with anticipation. This was bliss. The man still didn't hurry, he teased for a while, but then Glen felt him tense slightly. Two hands gripped his hips. The knob thrust through the portal. It was big and the initial entrance hurt. It always did, but the pain very quickly passed. The man relaxed with no more than his bell inside Glen. In his excitement it would have been only too easy for him to ejaculate there and then. But he wanted a lot more.

Glen surrendered to the advance. That lovely knob felt soooo good inside him. He closed his eyes, relaxed and concentrated on his feelings.

The generous application of oils and ointments meant there was no resistance to the invading force. He glided in smoothly. He did not immediately take full possession however, but begun slow, short piston strokes, each bringing his knob to tug at the back door without quite going back outside. Each stroke probed a little deeper until Glen felt the rough rasp of pubic hair against his own smoothness.

The man paused. He slid his hands under Glen's body. One travelled north to his throat and grasped, safely but firmly. The other took the hippy trail south and arrested the treasure to be found there, also with considerable firmness.

He was now held in a vice, four limbs stretched out to the four bedposts; four limbs wrapped round him like a straightjacket and one member, although the smallest, ruling him and forcing him into total subjection by pinning him to the bed beneath.

He felt teeth grasp the nape of his neck and embraced the moment of his total surrender. He was physically imprisoned and barely able to move, but most of all it was a deeply spiritual experience. He surrendered his independence to another and felt the thrill of possession. The king was ruling and he was an absolute monarch. He would do what he chose and Glen would have no choice but to obey.

For some time he just groaned and sighed. He felt so wonderfully fulfilled. In this man's firm grip there was so much satisfaction and both were savouring the moment to the full. He understood the term 'one flesh'. They had merged into each other.

His captor spoke again. This time, little more than a whisper, but with the same unchallengeable authority. 'I'm going to fuck you. No, this isn't fucking yet. I'm going to drive it hard all the way. Then I'm going to plant my seed inside you. That will be my mark of ownership. It is how I shall brand you, claim you and possess you. I am conquering you and making you my property. My cock is further inside you than anyone has ever been before and I shall make sure he will go further still, to a depth that no-one will ever reach again. Then I shall fill you with my seed.'

Glen replied, not with words, but with an upward thrust of his hips, so that maximum penetration could be achieved.

'Good boy' the man spoke softly and affectionately. 'I know you like to take it in your mouth, but this time it's going deep inside you. It's the way I shall brand you, my mark of ownership.'

'Yes, please, please fuck me, please take it deep into me, please,' Glen prattled in reply. 'Oh fuck me, fuck me.' He wanted it. He was begging for it. And he got it.

Prompted by Glen's willing response, the man stuffed a couple of pillows under his stomach to maximize the potential penetration. The restraining cords were now very taut, leaving Glen even less possibility of movement. Before he continued the man's hands slipped back to their previous duties.

Now he began to thrust deeply and pushed as hard as he could. Glen wondered if the bed would take it. There followed long, strong strokes, slowly and deliberately at first, but soon working to a frenzy. They were both grunting, groaning and wailing with pleasure. They were united in the bliss of one flesh.

At last he stopped. Then, with one last thrust, he crashed down harder than ever, deep into Glen's body. Glen felt the tensing of a hundred muscles and heard the gasping that told him he was receiving his branding. With great gushes the man's fluid pumped into him, truly where none had been before, nor would ever likely be able to achieve in the future.

After a couple of minutes of panting and sweating, the man relaxed, using Glen as a mattress. He even dozed off for a few minutes. When he woke his member was small and peaceful still inside his servant's body but, as he stretched, it finally slipped out.

The man stood up and went for another shower.

When he returned, fully clothed, he laughed at Glen still totally and nakedly immobile. 'You do look a walley,' he said, slapped his buttocks and untied him.


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