Giving Oral

Through my tears I watched the neon of the bar get brighter. Sandra had dumped me, for good this time. I'm not angry with her, but with myself. All my attention had been focused on other things, including porn and everything but her. Maybe a few tequila shots will make me forget. This was the perfect place for alcoholic amnesia. The whole bar was filled with men who wanted to be alone and forget. No one looked at you and don't even look at them. Everyone comes and goes after drinking away that someone special.

Tonight it was tequila, straight up. About 7 shots and 3 Corona chasers made me feel happy and buzzed, but were just barely enough.

I got in my car and started driving home. Just like any other drinking night, I was horny and ready for action.

I detoured by my favorite Adult Bookstore to find a really dirty movie that I haven't seen a gazillion times. Maybe some F2M strap-on movie action. They had always made me wonder and masturbate. 

Half buzzed and not sure what I wanted, I browsed a lot of different titles. When I finally made a decision, I reached into my pocket and pull out... Woops! Tequila left me very little to spend on porn. Again disappointed, I head for the door. As I leave, the guy behind the counter told me, "Hey buddy. You can borrow any DVD on the rack and watch it in one of the viewing boots."

"What? How do I do that?" I asked.

"It's easy enough. You take the movie you'd like to see into one of the viewing booths, stick it in the slot, drop in some tokens and watch the movie. Each token gets you three minutes of viewing time."
"Wow!" I said almost like a kid on Christmas morning. "I'll take five dollars' worth of tokens and this Boss Bitches strap-on DVD."

He rolled his eyes as if to say 'Another horny man into the dirty stuff.' He's seen it all before his body language says.

I took the DVD back to the arcade area and into one of the viewing booths. I shut the door and then insert the DVD into the slot and drop in a dollar in tokens. The screen jumped to life and the opening credits eats up one tokens worth of time.

Then I was greeted by a woman stroking a long and thin real looking strap on and telling me how she'll make her bitch love it. My cock twitched as I leaned forward to watch more closely.

As I watch this woman's 'cock' disappearing and reappearing from her bitch's asshole, my cock grew and my mouth watered.

I drop my pants and rubbed my cock through my off shot of my former relationship. If Sandra wore pantyhose for me, I had to return the favor. It felt so good I kept it up. I push her memory down as I keep rubbing my growing cock.

Suddenly a knock on the wall startled me and drew my attention away from the screen. My heart pounding from the surprise, I quickly looked all around and there was a cock sticking through a hole in the wall. I must be drunker than I thought not to have noticed the hole when I first entered the booth. My heart was slowing back down, until I heard a muffled, "How about some help," from the other side of the wall.

Am I dreaming? An alcoholic mirage? No, I tell myself, the cock was still there.

Then came another knock but this time.

My mind was racing almost as fast as my heart. I was confused by the cock and the anonymous orders being barked from the other side of the wall. I was still hot and hard from my movie still playing with myself.

I try to ignore the cock but he persisted, "Come on," he said, "You help me out and I'll help you out. Let's go."

I stare down at it. It's pointing at me, beckoning, calling...

Tentatively, I reached out, wanting to see if it's real or a figment of my drunken imagination and my hand brushed the head and to my surprised it was hot. Really hot. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft to see if it's all hot and it was. And soft to touch, yet hard in my grip. It was the first time I'd ever touched a cock that wasn't mine. I sat there, staring at the cock in my hand, not really thinking of anything but seeing what it looked like. It was a little larger than mine, circumcised and definitely needing some release. Almost in a slight daze, I went back to watching my video, continuing to stroke myself and beginning to stroke the cock in my hand at the same time.

I heard a moaned, "That's it," from close by breaking me out of my daze. My eyes jumped back to the movie as the scene changed and another woman was holding an even longer, thicker strap on cock than the first. She's stroking the shaft of the monster and pointing out in front of her.

Slowly, I matched my strokes to hers on her mystery cock, and my own.

To my surprise, I'm moaning very low also.

The cock was harder now. As hard as the wall I was leaning against. My mind was racing so fast. Inhibited by the alcohol and the feelings shooting from my cock up my spine.

"Mmmmmmmmm Now use your mouth," said my anonymous friend hidden from me by the wall. I jumped. My heart pounding as my hand continued stroking. My chest was tight and my eyes were opened wide.

Before I know it my pants are all the way off and I'm kneeling with my pantyhose covered knees up against the wall. I'm still stroking as I stare at the eye of this cock that I can't seem to let go of.

I licked it and its salty, bitter-sweet taste took over my tongue as another, "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh," escaped my new friend's lips.

I stared at the shaft and then closed my eye as I moved my mouth to the head to lick some more. He thrusted his hips forward and the head across my tongue, between my lips and into my mouth. It felt warm and firm when I reflexively tighten my lips.

I let go of his cock with my left hand and braced it against the wall. My right hand was still rubbing my now rock hard cock through my pantyhose.

I think, 'This isn't bad. I wonder why everyone say it is.'

I leaned forward and I felt the velvety head glide across my tongue.

His cock moved along an invisible track that I never knew my mouth had. It got a little fatter with every inch my mouth went down the shaft.

His cock wasn't especially big, only a little bigger than my own 6-inches. When I felt myself choke and back off, it was met by a whimper from the wall.

I couldn't believe it. I was sucking a cock. I' was just like the bitch in the movie. I was a cocksucker. And what was worse, liked it.

The thought made my cock jump and throb. The front of my pantyhose caught every gob of cum that spurted out, making a big wet cum area.

I moan, "Ummmmm," as best I can with a cock in my mouth and the vibrations sent him over the edge. I started to pull off his cock but he thrust his hips forward again and stayed just inside my dirty lips. I felt something hot and thick spew across my tongue and hit my throat, just barely missing that choke zone.

"Oh my god, he's cumming in my mouth," my mind screamed as each shot that spewed out, got steadily weaker. My mind still racing, I wanted to pull off. I wanted to get up and run away. Then I heard the last part of my movie before it clicked off..."Suck it like a real whore," said the Boss Bitch.

I stayed down on my knees and held the anonymous stranger's cock in my mouth and let each hot, thick, salty shot drop spew into my mouth until he stopped and went soft.

As I pull back, some of his cum dribbled onto my chin and down on my pantyhose.

My cock is still aching as I look down at the droplet of cum of fresh cum

It had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue. But I gulped and I'm suddenly choking down his big mouthful of cum anyway.

"For the first time in my life I'd just swallowed a load of another man's creamy cum," my mind screamed at me. My cock twitched again and more cum collected inside my pantyhose. I'd cummed again. Sucking this cock and swallowing cum gave me my first multiple orgasm.

"Give me that cock," the anonymous voice from the other side of the wall demanded.

"No thanks," I reply. "I'm done already."


My heart had been racing was now stopped and jumped into my throat. My cock went soft in my pantyhose.

The door opened and my co-worker Paul stared at me. His pants were half opened and his semi-flaccid cock was still hanging out.

"Holy shit Jason. That was amazing. We share an office. How did I not know about you?" as his eyes scanned the room. "What's with the pantyhose?"

I stood and put my pants back on. Then Paul and I walked out to the parking lot together.

"What are you going to tell your girl Sandra?" he asked.

"Nothing, we broke up tonight," I answered.

He smiled and said, "I'm glad I snapped you out of it." Then cupping his balls suggestively, "Let's go to my place and talk about what's-her-name."

What's-her-name indeed. I never thought of Sandra again. But now Paul thanks her for my pantyhose fetish and my new eager mouth.

The end...



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