All the way back to the house I was oozing cum from my ass from our first romp in the barn. I could feel his warm jizz running down my legs. He must of left a gallon of the sticky shit in me cause it was still running out of me when we got into the kitchen. I was still dizzy with lust and could not wait for Sam to put that huge fat cock back into my ass. I couldn't think of anything else and my cock was evidence of my complete loss of control. I turned around and dropped to my knees. For the first time since Sam had picked me up by the road I was going to taste his cock. It was already half hard and was already looking like an evil monster. How had my ass taken all of this fucking monster? How was my mouth going to be able to take any of it? I like challenges, especially when there is a juicy fat man cock involved but this one was sure to be my biggest yet.

I started teasing just the head of his cock. Running my tongue around the gland and making Sam shiver and moan. He gently put his big hand on the back of my head and with a gentle push forward let me know he wanted more than to be teased. He wanted his massive cock to slide down my throat like it had slid up my tight ass a few minutes earlier. I gagged almost immediately on his thick cock but he kept the pressure on the back of my head forcing more of his shaft down my throat. I could not breathe he was so big, but God what a cock. I could not get enough of it, and the fact I could not breathe just added to the excitement. His hips were rocking forward and back now fucking my throat and I was feeling dizzy from lack of oxygen, but I did not want to pull off it, like I was afraid to lose it forever.

Never had I been so wildly out of control with a man before, his strength was overpowering yet gentle. I felt completely safe yet completely at his whim. As if my entire reason for existing was to provide him satisfaction I submitted to his every move and desire. As much as I was out of control from his power he was completely involved with me submitting to him.

With each thrust of his hips forward my throat was opening up to allow even more of his shaft to slide into me. With every thrust I felt myself give into this beautiful man's desires and needs. I was falling into a trance, only wanting to please him more than anybody had ever done before, to fulfill his every need, to complete him as no man had ever done before. My hands were squeezing his ass cheeks and pulling them apart so that I could feel his hairy crack and more importantly his hot moist fuck hole. I am normally a total bottom but I needed to taste him, to taste the deep musk odor of his hot fuck hole. I wanted to eat him until he was grinding his asshole on my face and from the reaction of my finger touching his pucker he wanted it too. He pulled his cock from my mouth with a loud pop and turned bending over the counter. He barked for me to eat him and without a moment's hesitation I leaned forward and slid my tongue as deep as I could into him. I had never rimmed a man before, had always thought it kind of nasty to be honest but nothing was normal anymore. No matter what Sam wanted me to do I would. I wanted; no, needed to please him to the utmost. He could never want anyone more than me. I had to make sure he would never ask me to leave.

He grabbed at his ass cheeks and spread them further apart, ordering me to go deeper into his hole, to clean it real good. I reached around him and started stroking his cock back to its full hardness and he knew immediately what I was readying his man weapon for. I needed to be split open again by his massive cock. With one hand stroking his cock and my face buried in his asshole, my other hand found my cum soaked ass. I slid two, then three, fingers into myself opening them when they were inside me, stretching myself open for what was to be another strong powerful ass fucking from a man that knew how to fuck long, hard and to hit every button I had.

I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand and knew that he needed to fuck me again. When I stopped eating him he looked back to see me madly fingering and stretching my ass open. 'You need this fat hog in ya again, dontcha ', he asked. All I could do is nod I was so close to getting off it took all of my concentration to keep from cumming. He pulled me to him, kissed me hard and deep, and then proceeded to bend me over his kitchen counter. He came close behind me and again, just as the first time, slammed all of his throbbing man meat into me with a single thrust. There was no pain this time, just pure ecstasy as his cock beat against my prostate. With every thrust I could feel myself getting closer to the edge of coming. I begged for him to slow down so that we could cum together but he was ploughing into me like a man possessed. He was grunting and bucking like a mad man but yet so gentle with his hands that were sliding over my chest and belly. He would pinch and pull at my erect nipples with just enough force to make me gasp in pleasure. I had never been with a man like Sam. Some were hard and forceful, some were gentle and passionate, but none had ever been everything at once.

No matter how I tried and begged I could not hold off anymore. With a couple of lurches by my throbbing cock, my cum started boiling out, spraying over the counter and running to a puddle on the floor. With each blast of cum, my ass muscles would tighten around Sam's cock and within a couple of thrusts I could feel his cum spraying my insides once again. The cum hit my fuck walls with more force than the first time and his body was quivering to the point of feeling like a seizure. His cock slamming into me so deep I swear I could feel him in my throat I was not sure I would stay conscious through it all, but I did. Finally, spent from his orgasm, he lay forward, slumping over me and gently caressing me with his big but gentle hands. I stood and turned around so that I could face him. I was still amazed at how powerful he could be one minute and so incredibly gentle and passionate the next. He kissed me so gently and whispered thank you to me. I thanked him back and then suggested that we should go find our clothes before someone else did.

Naked and fulfilled we walked hand in hand to the front yard, gathered up our clothes and headed back into the house for a much needed shower. In the shower, the hot water running over our bodies was so relaxing and yet so sensual. I could not stop looking at Sam. His amazing handsome looks mixed with an almost shy side were so contrasting that I was lost in him, so lost he asked if I was sorry for what we had done. I hugged him strongly and assured him that I would never be sorry for making love to him. 'You just amaze me Sam, you are so strong and powerful, so overwhelming to me, yet I feel so safe and sensuous. Look at me, I met you two hours ago and already I feel like I have known you forever, and already I feel I am in love. Sam I don't know how this is happening but I am so glad it was raining and so glad I broke down.' With that said I kissed him again and started kissing his chest, nibbling his nipples, which became hard immediately. He put his hand on the back of my head and gently guided me to his already growing cock. I was as full of lust for his cock as I had been two hours ago, my need for him even more intense.

With his cock still soft I could hold it all in my warm mouth, swirling my tongue around it and making him moan from the pleasure. His hand was applying constant pressure to the back of my head and his muscular hips began rocking forward again. He was moaning deeply, his hands alternating between caressing my back and reaching for my ass and pinching and tweaking his own nipples. He would squeeze his own ass cheeks and pull at his balls, which had dumped more cum in two hours than any other man I had ever been with. I could feel his cock becoming completely hard again and my breath being cut off from it size. I increased the pressure and suction I was applying, as I wanted to make him cum from the blowjob I was giving him. Again it was everything to me to please him, even though he was being so gentle with me this time. For what seemed like hours, but was really only about ten minutes, I sucked on his cock, licked the head, deep throated his massiveness and licked and tickled his balls. I could hear his breathing increase and his moans become more urgent. I could feel his cock throbbing more insistently and knew that he was close to cumming. He announced his impending orgasm, probably as a warning, but I locked onto him hard so that no matter how hard he bucked I would be able to drink down every last drop. I needed his cum, I needed to taste it and have it remain in my mouth even after he would remove his spent cock. As with the two previous times his orgasm was rugged, shooting with incredible force. His body bucked and thrashed and his moans became guttural and deep. Sam was all man and so much a part of me now I looked forward to being with him forever.

Completely spent, he led me to his bedroom and there we collapsed, falling into a deep sleep tightly in each other's arms. My dreams were of him, his body, his power and how I wanted him to possess me forever. Thank god for a piss poor car and a pair of white shorts that became see through when they got soaked from the rain. After years of looking, and a chance meeting with a stranger offering a helping hand, I had found the lover I had been longing to meet for so long. I was Sam's now, in body and in emotion. He owned every aspect of me and I had no desire to be set free.


Tony Davis

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