We had somebody from the head office in poking around, so that was the day the system chose to go down. I mean really go down, too. It took us the better part of a day and a half to fix it. Finally, stressed and exhausted, we all stared at each other in what could have been triumph. Also could have been insanity. The guy from the head office cleared his throat, and looked at me. 'Roger,' he said slowly and quietly, 'if I don't get a shower and a bed, I will die. Can someone drive me to my hotel?' He'd been cool, and worked as hard as anyone else, so I nodded. 'Sure,' I said. 'I can. Which hotel?' He stared at me, an 'I should know that' expression fixed on his face. After a few minutes of that, I took him home with me.

I was as ready for company as I was ever going to be. The odd housekeeper person had floated in that day and dusted a few things. What I laughingly called my 'guest room' had clean sheets on the foldout couch. There were plenty of clean towels and hot water, and two nice bottles of Cabernet and some cheeses. Alan kept making helpless little mewls of pleasure as I showed him around. I got him set up in the bathroom and left him alone. I think he fell asleep standing in the shower. When he finally emerged, he was scrubbed pink and wrapped in a robe, and didn't look nearly as intimidating as he had arriving in his three-piece power suit. In fact, he looked positively adorable. I beat a hasty retreat into the bathroom for my shower, having a bit of a talk with my cock that picked that moment to pop up and say hello. Jacking off and getting it out of my system would have been the smart thing to do, but since when was that ever relevant?

When I got out of the shower, I went straight to the kitchen to arrange wine, cheese and crackers on a tray. I carried it into the living room and nearly dropped the damn thing. I managed to get it down on the coffee table. Alan had drifted to sleep, sprawled on the couch. And I mean sprawled. One leg was on the couch along the back; the other was hanging off onto the floor. One arm was above his head; the other was palm flat on his stomach. The robe had decided not to cover very much of his body. His body was slim, but muscular, stomach flat, thighs tight, legs long. And...between those legs, standing at attention, was a gorgeous erect cock. About 8 inches long, very thick, sprouting out of a thick nest of pubic hair. His balls looked heavy and full. I looked down at myself. My sweatpants had a nice tent in the front with a wet spot at the top of the pole. Great, I thought. And thus my career ends. I decided to just drape a blanket over him and hope for the best. I shook out the blanket and laid it carefully over him. His eyes opened and he smiled.

'I can understand not wanting it,' he said softly, 'but is it so heinous you have to hide it?'

The blanket took off like a large bat, and I hit my knees. I sucked his cock into my mouth hard and fast, with a lot of hunger and very little style. I figured I'd try impressing him some other time. There was a pulse in my brain pounding 'cock, cock, cock'. Suck it. Taste it. Feed from it. A man. I need a man. I need a man so fucking bad I'm going to die if I don't get a cock in my mouth. I sucked him like a starving calf going after a teat, making desperately needy sounds I couldn't control. My hands were all over him, feeling his chest, his stomach, his thighs, those incredibly tight, heavy balls full of cum. My mouth slid up and down his shaft, the suction so powerful I swear I could have lifted him off the couch just with my mouth.

'Holy Mother Fucking Shit!' he said clearly. I slid my eyes to look at his face. He'd lifted his head and stared at me in total disbelief, eyes huge, mouth dropped open. He looked like he had more to say, but he never got it out. The howl he got out. The plea for mercy he got out. The 'son-of-a-fucking-bitch-I'm-cumming!' he got out. And, conservatively speaking, about a quart of cum he got out. I swallowed like crazy but there was no way I could get it all. It poured back out of my mouth, down my chin, then slid in rivers down my neck to my chest. Finally after an eternity, he indicated his cock was way too sensitive to be sucked further by popping me in the head with his fist.

He came up off the couch like the Mummy bouncing out of the tomb and fastened his mouth to mine, licking and slurping his cum from my lips, sucking my tongue, then licking his way down my chin, my neck, my chest and getting sidetracked completely by my left nipple. He sucked it dreamily as I poured a couple of glasses of wine. 'Wine?' I inquired politely. He murmured something at me, and wiggled his eyebrows. He could have said anything. I was debating the most likely options when he reached up a finger and tilted the glass so that it poured down my chest. Ah. Pour it on yourself. I hadn't thought of that one. He lapped it off me enthusiastically. I struggled out of my robe, laid on the floor, and turned into a human buffet. He laid out cheese cubes and crackers on me. He ate his without hands, and fed me mine with his tongue. He poured wine in my navel and sucked it out. (I got to use a glass.) When he frosted the head of my cock with cream cheese I decided I'd sucked something lose in the man, but he looked so damned happy. Decadent, sensuous and silly in equal parts. Finally, he crawled up my body and knelt over me, staring down into my face. 'Roger,' he intoned. 'I want to fuck you. A lot.'

I smiled at him. 'And, Alan, if you could fuck me any way you wanted to, what would that be?' He closed one eye to keep me in focus. 'Any way?' he said faintly. What the hell, I thought. 'Yea,' I said. 'Any way. Any fantasy. Anything.' He closed the other eye, realized he couldn't see me at all, and popped them both open. 'Rope?' he asked, clearly a question. I didn't know whether it was a 'do you have it?' or 'may I use it?' kind of question, but the answer to both was yes, so I nodded. He closed one eye again and murmured 'oh, boy' like a kid given candy. I found plenty of rope in the garage.

He stared around the living room until he decided on the overstuffed ottoman. He laid me across it, ass in the air on one side, mouth ready on the other, and lashed me to it. I don't know whether doms traditionally whistle happily as the tie up their subs, but this one did. He got me fastened down, unable to move, then knelt before my face. He fed his cock into my mouth and had me suck it again. He'd grown hard playing with his rope. He held my head and fucked my mouth gently and thoroughly. 'Mine,' he whispered. 'Mine.' I looked up at him as he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt like his. I had submitted completely to his desire...and liked the feeling. He smiled at me and rubbed his thumbs along my cheekbones. 'Mine,' he said, a little louder. I sucked and licked at his cock as he fed it to me, tasting his precum and wanting more. Suddenly the cock was withdrawn and I whimpered.

He was behind me, suddenly, his palms moving over my ass. He massaged me, gently at first, then with a gradual increase in the pressure of his fingers. When his palm connected with my ass, he'd cupped his hand to give maximum sound and minimum force. I jumped, startled, and moaned for effect. 'Tell me you're my bitch,' he growled at me. 'Tell me.' He continued to spank, and I informed every hearing person for blocks that I was Alan's bitch. He was so aroused he was shaking, and I was delighted to discover that so was I. My cock was twitching and oozing precum. I felt Alan's tongue on my ass and nearly lost my mind. He slid his tongue between my cheeks and thrust into my hole. I wanted him so damn bad. Being tied up liberated me in some odd way I didn't understand and didn't care to question. 'Fuck me,' I begged hoarsely. 'I want you to fuck me so much.' He growled against my hole as his tongue continued its relentless thrusting.

When his tongue was withdrawn I howled in despair, fighting against the ropes that held me fastened down like a bitch in heat. I felt his lubricated finger slide around my hole and it calmed me. 'Yes,' I breathed. 'Yes. Do it.' Alan spanked me again. 'My bitch,' he said. 'I'm going to fuck your asspussy with every inch of my meat. I'm going to fuck you until you pour cum out of your big cock. I'm going to use this sweet ass like a toy. My toy. I'm going to slam my cock up you and fuck the hell out of you. You're my bitch, Roger. My fucktoy.' The words were harsh, but the finger fucking my ass was gentle, getting my hole ready for his cock. When he had two fingers inside me and was sure I was ready, he slid his swollen cockhead up my crack and teased my hole with it. 'You want it, don't you, Roger?' he whispered. 'You want my cock up your ass.' I begged him to fuck my ass, to fuck it hard, to pour his cum in me. I promised to be his bitch, his whore, his slut, anything, if he would just let me have his cock in my ass.

He worked the head of his cock into my ass, then forcefully slammed it all the way in. I felt impaled, taken by his cock and I loved it. 'Fuck me!' I screamed. 'Fuck my ass hard!' He obliged, pounding his cock in, his balls slamming into me, the power of his hips driving me forward. His cock felt huge. I'd never felt my ass opened so much, or penetrated so deeply. I felt...I felt...like a virgin again, being ravished by a man lost in his own lust. I realized that each time Alan slammed his cock home, he snarled 'Mine!' The sound was incredible. His voice was almost guttural. His hands gripped my ass, the thumbs placed to pull my cheeks apart. I realized he was watching his cock penetrate my ass, and I got dizzy with the thought. That huge, beautiful cock completely possessing my ass. He owned me. I was his. I started to pump my cum all over the ottoman in an orgasm that began and just kept on going. I felt the hot flood in my ass as Alan poured his seed into me. We were fused together, howling like animals.

I think it was the thump of the newspaper hitting the front door that made me open my eyes. We were on the floor, a sweaty sticky mess covered with the blanket. Alan was spooned behind me, one arm thrown over my shoulder, one leg over my hip. He nuzzled the back of my neck as he realized I was awake. 'Morning. Almost,' he mumbled. I cuddled against him, wanting to tell him so many things. Instead, what I said was 'when do you leave?' My internal organs felt mashed.

Alan yawned. 'I don't. I've been transferred down here. Did I forget to tell you that?'

I guess doms do whistle happily when they tie up their subs. I did.


Morgan Grayson

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