Silve left for home Friday morning, promising to return Saturday afternoon. I was to plan “something special” for her return.

Friday evening, I went through her closet picking out outfits to wear Saturday night. I found two similar dresses that had scoop necked fronts and low cut scooped backs. One was silver, the other a deep blue. Both came halfway down my thighs. The backs exposed to tops of my ass cheeks. They were both a little wide across the hips. I decide to take the blue to Jackie and have her alter it.

Saturday evening, I dressed at work. Jackie helped me with my hair and make-up. I was wearing stiletto heels. I caught a cab back to the apartment.

Rosa helped Silve dress and fix her hair. She wore slightly lower heels. Her dress just covered her nice bottom with a few inches to spare. We were both pleased at what we saw. Jackie thought she was too old for the dress. I told her she was hotter than most the women we would see tonight. With her shorter heels she barely stood taller than me. We were giggling excitedly as we entered the cab.

“We are going dancing,” I replied to her inquisitive look.

At the club, we turned heads all the way to the bar. We sat on the stools facing each other, enjoying our drinks. People would squeeze between us to pick up drinks. Occasionally, a hand would linger on our backs close to our bottoms. One man, about my age, chatted her up while slowing running his hand lower inside her dress to cup her bare bottom. She was enjoying the attention and was about to ask him to dance when he suddenly removed his hand. I spotted a woman who must have been his date coming towards the bar. 

Silve and I laughed, then hit the dance floor. We danced together, and sometimes with others. She was a hit with the younger men. The older men (and women) seemed drawn to me. We had been dancing for about 30 minutes when I noticed Silve had left the dance floor. She was standing off to one side talking to another woman. The woman pulled her close to kiss her while running a hand deep down inside Silve’s dress. Silve pulled her face close kissing her deeply. I must admit I was turned on, and a little jealous!

I danced a while with a couple of different men before Silve walked up. We sat at a booth and ordered drinks.

“I haven’t been dancing in years! This is great!” Silve said. “Jenna, the woman I was just with, wants to take me somewhere and eat me! Can you believe that? Should I let her? I’ve never done anything like this before! You’re the only other lover I’ve had!”

“Go ahead, if you like! I’ll be here when you get back,” I answered.

She approached Jenna and they went into the women’s restroom. A young man brought a drink to me and asked to join me. While he was sitting there, he told me Jenna was his date and would often go off like that.

“Well, two can play at that!” I seductively replied. “Why don’t you unzip?”

Since our booth was in the back and relatively dark, I slipped under the table and sucked him off. Afterwards, we sat and talked, waiting for the others to finish. Silve came out, hair mussed and looking a little flushed.

Jenna and her date visited a little and said they were going to another club. We bid each other goodnight. They gave us their numbers and suggested the four of us might want to “play” together sometime.

“Take me home, now. I’m a little drunk and I want you to fuck me all night!”

I called a cab and helped Silve up to the apartment. Rosa helped me get her to the bedroom.

“I want both of you to fuck me!” she said. Rosa looked shocked and fled the room. I helped Silve undress. By the time I undressed, she was fast asleep! Maybe tomorrow we’ll fuck.

 “Did I really tell Rosa I wanted her to fuck me?” Silve asked the next morning.

“Yep. She ran from the room swearing in Portuguese. I thinks she also said ‘Save me from drunk women!’” I laughed. “By the way, you promised me a fuck last night!”

“Did you….”

“Of course! You told me I should never waste a chance at your fine ass!”

Her eyes wide, she reached behind to feel her ass. I laughed, “No, I didn’t. You really were tired, and a little drunk.”

“Maybe you should have. I certainly deserved a good butt fucking, didn’t I?!” We laughed and hit the shower.

We put on our favorite shirts and went to breakfast. Silve, rather sheepishly, apologized to Rosa. Rosa muttered something about crazy old women, but smiled warmly before she left the room.

  In the bedroom, I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. I ran my hands under the shirt to cup her bare bottom. She lifted one leg to wrap around me. 

 “Now, about that fuck you owe me….”

She removed the shirt and lay on the bed. She looked surprised when I told her to turn over.

“I was so jealous of all those people with their hands all over your butt. I wanted to bend you over a table and kiss your bottom before shoving my cock up your ass! You are going to be very sore when I’m finished with you today!”

“Ooohh, I’m soooo scared,” she taunted.

She arched her bottom and wiggled suggestively, expecting me to kiss her cheeks. She didn’t notice I had lubed my cock. She gasped, and her eyes went wide as I pushed my cock all the way in. Miguel hadn’t butt-fucked her in many weeks, so she was tight again! I ground against her. Soon she was arching back to meet my thrusts! She reached between her legs and fondle her clit. She started coming. She is rather loud when she comes, so she buries her face in the pillow to muffle the sound. She had no sooner finished when she started coming again! She reaches orgasm so easily, I often thought she was faking! Miguel later told me she would have orgasms when he kissed her bottom!

I fucked her for about 10 minutes and emptied into her.  She turned around and started sucking me until I was hard again.

“Again?” she asked. When I nodded yes, she lay face down again and wiggled her bottom. 

Again I thrust deep. This time I fucked with fast strokes. I had been fucking almost 30 minutes this time when I felt the pressure building. I pulled her up to her knees and fucked doggy style. I was pulling the head all the way out and sliding in just past the head. The feel of her sphincter sliding across the head was just too much for me! I emptied another load into her. 

I walked around and stuck my still hard cock in her face. She took it and sucked me clean. I let her suck for nearly half hour before I pulled back. I put a strap around the base of my cock.

“With this, I can fuck you for another hour!” I said to her questioning look.

I could tell she really didn’t want to go again, but she nodded okay. I entered her doggy style again. I hammered her as for roughly a half hour and I could see she was starting to tremble, but she wasn’t going to complain. I released the strap and fucked a few more minutes dumping a significantly smaller load in her. We collapsed beside each other on the bed. I looked at the clock. We had been at it nearly 3 hours!

“Wow!” I said. “That was fantastic!”

“I really got butt-fucked good! Maybe a little less so next time,” she groaned. “I liked it, too! You can butt-fuck me anytime you want, but 3 times in a row is a little much for this old woman!”

“You’ll get a turn at me soon enough,” I replied cryptically. 


 I noticed she winced I pain when she moved. I found out later, she had arthritis in her hips. She didn’t tell me because she didn’t want me to treat her like a china cup. I got her to sit in the Jacuzzi with me. When I could tell she was relaxed, I dried her off and took her back to bed, laying her face down again.

She had a panicked look in her eyes. “Please, not my ass again! I’ll do anything else you want!”

“I’m just going to give you a massage. No more fucking today.”

I opened jar of warming, soothing body oil. I kissed her neck then started at her shoulders. I kneaded the muscles gently, eliciting pleased moans. 

“That feels wonderful! I wouldn’t mind if you did that all day,” she sighed.

“Maybe I will,” I laughed. “I like the feel of your body. I enjoy having a beautiful woman at my ‘mercy’”.

I kiss a portion of her back before I applied the oil and rubbed. As the warmth hit her muscles. She purred as the tension faded. I would work back to her shoulders and start over. 

I moved down to her bottom. While I kissed her cheeks, I ran my hand along her hips. She cried out suddenly! That’s when she told me about her arthritis. Taking her doggy style without letting her rest on pillows or an ottoman aggravated her condition. 

“You should have told me!” I scolded. 

She slowly rolled over to one side. I started gently rubbing her hip and the muscles on either side. She bit her lips, but I could see her tears of pain. I slowly worked the oil into her hip and gradually increased the pressure when I could tell she was relaxing. I massaged one hip for an hour and turned her over to massage the other.

She rolled over on her stomach again. “Would you kiss my bottom a while?” she asked. “I think I may be too old to be a good lover to you.”

“You’re ten times the lover than women my age,” I replied. “I’m not trading you in!”

I kissed her bottom while massaging her sides and her thighs. She went completely limp. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling.

I kissed her cheek. “Rest well, love,” I said, covering her and leaving her room.

 I was sitting on the couch, reading my school assignment, when she finally woke. She came in wearing Miguel’s shirt, unbuttoned. Even tired, she still looked hot! She sat on my lap leaning down to kiss me.

“I feel much better. Thank you! You are such a fantastic lover to take care of me like that,” she smiled.

She guided my hand to her breast. “You missed some spots, though!”

A mistresses’ work is never done!


Angie K


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