Hi my name is Bryan and this is a story that i fantasize about, im 18 year old im tall brunette, got a tight bubble butt, kinda of athletic, and most of all i love getting gangbanged. (Story) I was driving my car, when i reached a red light and a black muscluar, stinky looking guy reached my window asking for money. I totally ignored him and continued my traveling as the light turned green. I was heading towards work, i run a financial old people buisness, where i take care of the rest of their lives. So they can live happily ever after. But coming back to the story. Coming the next day i was coming back from work at about 7 p.m. and my car sort of had this annoying noise coming from the engine. So i stopped at a street that looked pretty ghetto to me, but i wanted to get my car fixed and get home to my 2 loving kids and my annoying 'wife'. So planning on fixing my car this dude from yesturday 'stinky black dude', was walking by kind of tired. But as he saw me he rushed towards me and told me he could fix that problem. I turned into my wallet and was empty; i wasnt gonna give him my credit cards, so i went along waiting for something else. He told me that i had to help him push my car 1 street into the alley, where he had his gear to work on my car. After we pushed and pushed i was kind of tired so i decided to take off my shirt. I was so sweety , and i could stop catching the black dude staring at my butt and my body. We reached the 'alley', and 4 more guys appered and rush to grab me. At that time i felt back stabbed by the black guy but, what was i going to do. They started calling me names and tauting me, until the 'stinky guy', which i later found out name was Robert told me they were going to teach me a lesson. I was scared, and all of a sudden one of the guys stripped and started jerking off in my face. I felt annoyed and fighted back but they were holding me, all of them (5 were really strong) I could fell them holding me and touching me as i started to struggle. Then they told me that if i fighted back it really was gonna hurt. So i decided to let it go, after all inside of me that was my fantasy. So i started sucking on the first guys cock, and Robert started to grab and spread my arse throgh the clothes. I felt slutty as they removed my clothes and started too touch me (all 5 of them) i felt violated, but at the same time turned on. I started to choke on a guys dick, while i could just feel a hand raming my face to the base of his dick. I gagged on about 15 dicks didnt had count, but Roberts dick was the stinkiest, dirtiest. biggest and fattest. He made me choke everytime. My gaggin reflex couldnt take his big cock. Then after 25 mins of simply giving bjs to the 5 of them. They lifted me up and decided to take turns fucking me (mouth and arse). At this moment i taught damm if i would be a girl i would have another dick up my pussy =(, but anyways i took what i was given, and eveytime they went deeper and faster. Then as i was being fucked and felt a finger inside with that cock that was ramming me. He was streching my arse farther, hoping that another guy could get inside. I felt scared that if 2 guys got in my arse i could walk the next day. So i started to refuse but the bitch slapped me and started fucking me harder. They were all tauting me and calling me white boy. 'Hey white boy, cant take my cock, u dirty whore, u dirty man slut'. U like that cock dont u (spank and grabbing arse) i was loving this domination, so i started to opose more, hoping to get treated like the inner-man whore that i relly was. So i did and they kept on going; but after 20 minutes of being manhandled they noticed, and startd to react to it. I was loving the dirty dicks taking turns inside of me. We were fucking for 1 hour now and 3 guys had cummed in my face by now. I was just taking 2 dicks, but what was so amazing was that they both were in 1 hole. In the ass, i was being dped (double penetration) and was loving itm 2 stinky dirty black cocks deep down my arse. I loved those dicks, and after riding them cowboy style they cummed in my face and made me drink that stinky loads or they told me i was gonna get fucked again, until they cummed again. And the 2nd time is about twice the fucking. As i got back into my car i spotted the problem and knew it was only batteries. But im never gonna forget the ramming i recieved from this 5 black guys...





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