A disoriented Andy Roddick slept on the floor of the men's locker room at the Crandon Park tennis center in Miami. For a moment his eyes opened to half slits, then he fell back into a blissful slumber.

* * * Andy * * *

Two reoccurring thoughts kept entering the back of my mind as I moved in and out of consciousness. Where was I? And what had happened?

I knew that I had somehow blacked out so I tried to piece the last couple of hours together. My brain wasn't cooperating just yet and neither were my eyes as I failed to keep them open a second time. For the moment, I decided to rely on what I felt rather than what I could not yet see. Mentally, I felt completely satisfied and rather elated. Physically, I felt exhausted and a bit uncomfortable as I soon realized I was pressed down hard against a cold tile floor. As the numbness started to fade, I became aware that I was completely naked, if only for the socks on still my feet. I tried to move, but could not. And then it hit me. The body of a man, mostly clothed, had me pinned down!

It all came rushing back to me at once. The cockiness of my attitude regarding last night's huge win. The cheering crowd at center court. The heavy scent from my body that led to the need for pent-up release.

In an instant, I recalled everything that had happened. Being escorted to the locker room by the hottest man I'd seen in months. Followed by his forceful seduction in front of locker room mirrors where, in the end, he ate my ass inside out and fucked me deep to likes I had never known.

Taking a big breath in, my head started to spin again as the scent from our dirty, sweaty man sex clouded my brain. The scent of my body along with his had started it all. I couldn't help myself from wanting or having sex with this handsome, unshowered security guard. Some straight tennis star I was. Ha! I knew I was a total sucker for cops and any man in uniform and my willingness to submit to his pounding proved it.

With a bit of effort, I managed to wedge my hand down between my legs. Straining to reach with just fingertips, I felt his large, hairy nuts and the semi-hard cock that was parked up my ass. Yeah, I was in heaven. A puddle of his cum surrounded my aching hole. He had cum dumped his load inside of me and the excess was spilling out. "That's just classic", I thought. If only my ans and wife could see me like this. Lacoste would drop my endorsement deal in a heartbeat. Lust always got the better of me so what did I care at this moment.

Acknowledging his cum was running out my freshly seeded hole, I had recovered enough and was starting to crave sex once more. I twisted my way out from under the handsome stud, rolling him off my back. Finally, I was pinned no longer. However, it had been a bit of a disappointment as his fat cock came unglued from my stretched out hole. I gazed into his beautiful face, hoping he would wake up and look me in the eyes, but the guard only sighed and fell back into a deep snooze.

I observed him quietly as he slept. His hair was dark brown, almost black, and cut short, sort of military like, but not buzzed. He wasn't clean-shaven either, although his facial hair was tightly trimmed with the perfect amount of stubble. He was taller and more muscular than I. In fact, he reminded me of Djokovic, another of my tennis rivals. But Djokovic wasn't as built as this dude although both had very little body fat. This security guard was bigger and certainly American, probably of Italian decent. Not Serbian. In thinking about it, he could pass as Djokovic's bigger brother. No wonder I felt at ease letting him have sex with me earlier, it was the predisposition to a familiar face.

I shifted my gaze downward. The guard wore a tight fitting navy blue uniform like a cop but he wore a lighter blue shirt. His chest and biceps were straining to get free from the fabric that held them back. Dark perspiration stains circled both armpits. His large, uncut cock protruded obscenely from his open fly. I remembered groaning earlier about its horse-hung size. And that was the truth. Even when it wasn't hard as was the case now, you could tell it grew to an impressive size. Geez, was there anything about this guy I didn't like?

In addition to the official patches that appeared on each shirtsleeve, a nametag came attached to the front of his shirt above the pocket. Finally, I had a name to call this big, badass. "Nick Pinetti", it read.

"Well, Mr. Pinetti", I said in a whisper, "You, my friend, are one handsome fuck".

I had a laugh to myself, as he looked ready for duty aside from a few major, major flaws. Obviously, as beautiful and uncut as it was, his cock exposed out from his uniform was one thing. But for another he looked like he had one hell of a night. However, the icing on the cake was definitively all the white gobs and streaks of dried-up cum that stained up his navy blue pants. The most concentrated area located around his upper thighs.

I focused back to his cock. Having a cut cock myself, by contrast, I've always been curious about uncut men. The way it looks and the way it smells when you pull the foreskin back it sometimes reveals smegma or cock-cheese. While Nick continued to sleep, I positioned my face over his member. I gently pulled back his unwashed foreskin and, to my delight, a ring of white sticky substance appeared in several places underneath. Was this newly created cock-cheese from our recent fuck session or was this old baked-in cock-cheese from before this night? I forced my nose closer and took a deep whiff. Whatever the case may be, its potency was a hundred times stronger than any armpit smell I ever encountered. It's scent nearly knocked me out. Just like a narcotic drug, I knew I had to have it. I wanted to eat the smegma from Nick's cock right from the source. I dove right in with my mouth and tongue not even hesitating one bit. My right hand drifted toward my throbbing cock and I began to fist my meat. As strong and repugnant as his cock-cheese was, its sight and smell made me hornier than hell.

Instead of getting home to my wife and celebrating with Campaign and then getting the much need rest for tennis practice the next day; here I was, Andy Roddick tennis pro, jerking my meat once again and gagging on the stench and taste of another man's uncut cheese factory. How pathetic was that?

The sticky white properties of Nick's thick, nasty cheese lingered in my mouth and coated my tongue and teeth. I nearly gagged, but swallowed anyway and then burped it back out loud. I wanted to cum just from the smell protruding out my mouth. I was repulsed yet so much in love with its strong stench. The same could be said of my sexual actions of late. I was getting deeper into all aspects of man sex and couldn't help myself or find a way out. Why would I even want to at this point?

My persistent efforts to Nick's cock out, apparently woke him. He began stroking the back of my head encouraging me to suck his dick. I could taste and smell my own ass as I began going down on him. His cock began to swell, filling my mouth and throat. The smegma I just ate mixed and combined with my ass juices I slurped down on Nick's cock. I pulled off for a second and looked up at the Italian version of a Djokovic look-a-like. I had the sudden urge to kiss him and brought my lips to his face. But Nick wouldn't have any of it.

"Christ, you smell like a fucking old goat", he spat back at me. "Get your fucking rank mouth back down on my dick." Followed by, "Andy, bud, you need to brush your dirty teeth."

Oh man, was I humiliated. All I wanted to do was please this dude and get pleasure in return. I guess he had limits and yet so far I found I had none. What a horny little bastard I was turning out to be.

Nick must have sensed my despair. He pulled me off his dick for a moment. I was left hanging there a bit confused. My fist still wrapped around my cock as I wanted to get off a second time. But Nick pushed my hand away.

"Don't touch yourself, until I say that you can Andy", he command. "Just open your fucking mouth." "Ok, but..." was all I could get out before what followed.

With one hand, he pulled and tugged back at his foreskin and then suddenly he was pissing straight inside my mouth and down my throat. With his other hand, he found my ass and quickly inserted his middle and ring fingers into my hole. I could definitely feel his wedding band up inside my hole. What a fucking turn-on this night was becoming.

"Holy fuck", I gasped. Gulping at the stream of piss running down my throat and out my mouth as I garbled those two words. I started to jerk and convulse in delight.

"Let my urine wash your nasty mouth out", he stated over my grunts and groans.

"It will have to do over a toothbrush", he joked, laughing at me.

Never in my whole life could I have imagined this ever happening to me let alone the perverted limits he was taking me to. On the tennis court, I was in command. But off the court, I clearly was out of control.

Not only was I getting my first taste of another man's piss but simultaneously, my prostrate was getting violated by two thick fingers. The gold metal from his wedding ring scraped up inside me. I didn't know why, but this turned me on even more. He was married with two kids. I was married just the same. Somehow, I wanted to squeeze my ass round his wedding ring and remove it from his finger. I wanted to keep it as a trophy. If this occurred, I knew that within seconds, I would cum uncontrollably.

Without touching myself, I bounced around on his fingers some more. As my hole relaxed at its opening, Nick inserted more digits inside. I could take four of his thick fingers in all and at that point began to shoot another huge, uncontrollable load. My cock was spinning and cum was flying in every possible direction. A huge grin came over Nick's face as he watched the spectacle. Not once did he stop drenching my face with piss or stop from banging my used prostrate with his thick fingers.

I worked hard with my ass clenching tighter around his fingers and eventually the gold wedding ring fell lose into my asshole. I took it as a trophy. It would be mine now forever. I climax again having obtained my prize. Cum landed on my face and on my lips. His piss ensured that I tasted and washed down every last drop. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head as my lust for all things involving man sex built up to my climax. Piss and cum were the last things I remembered before happily blacking out for the second time tonight.

To be continued...



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