Yesterday I went to a medical clinic to receive my HIV and STIs results. Everything was negative so I went on to celebrate with a complete stranger.

I sat there bored out of my mind in the clinic’s waiting room waiting for my name to be called. A little after a guy got up and came over to sit right next to me. I found that extremely odd. The waiting room had plenty of seats open. “Why did he come sit right next to me?” I thought.  

The guy had his right foot on his left knee and was filling out some papers using his right hand and rubbing his crouch with his left hand. When I turned to take a look I saw the outline of his penis and quickly turned away. I wasn’t interest. I simply went for my results and not for any fun. The guy would glance over at me every now and then and would make some light cough sounds, I guess he was trying to get my attention.

Everything changed when another guy walked into the room. Fuck he was soo cute and what caught my eyes were his thick muscular legs and a nice firm looking butt. His face was everything for me at the time. He casually walked into the room and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and kept my eyes on him until he took a seat. Throughout the wait until I got called, we would catch each other looking at one another. I was sure it was going to be one of those encounters where nothing happens but I still wanted to look at him.

Well I finally got called in and received the good news and began to walk out towards the waiting room to get a last glance at the super cute guy.

He was no longer there so I left a little disappointed.  The clinic is next to a Smart & Final, a Kohl’s and a CVS pharmacy. I decided to go buy lotion at the CVS. Thank god I did because as soon as I walked out I saw the really cute guy stepping out of car and walking towards the Smart & Final. I stared at him and admired his thick legs. Right before he entered the store he turned to me and smiled once again. I saw him walk in and simply turned away, “I am not going to follow him” I thought. I really wanted to get his number but I didn’t want him to thick I was some creep. So I decided to not follow him and just walked the opposite way of the Smart & Final.

After a while I decided to turn back and actually try to talk to him. At this point I didn’t care if he thought I was a creep. “I may not see him again” I said to myself, “I should just go for it”.

I walked into the Smart & Final and turned right and there he was. He was holding a lettuce and just looked at me. I felt soo embarrassed. I walked around aisle and noticed that he kept passing by me. We both appeared to be in the same isle and both looked at each other. After 3 seconds of just staring at each other he began to look up and down at me. I slowly started walking towards him and the super cute part is that he got so nervous. He didn’t know where to look anymore.

I approached him and asked “Hey, are you single?”

“Yes” he replies nervously, “um give me your number and I will text you sometime”

We exchanged numbers and just went our ways.

I walked out of the store and after a while he texted me.


“Hey! Sorry for coming out creepy but you are really good looking ;)” I replied.

 “It’s cool”

“Where are you?” he asked.

“I walked in to look around Kohl’s” I replied.

“Come give me a hang job in the bathroom at Smart and Final”

“Are you serious?” I asked


“Alright I am heading back” I said.

I wasn’t even sure where the restrooms were but luckily I saw him right away. When he saw me he signaled for me to follow him and headed to the restroom. I waiting a while until I headed in with him. It was a single restroom so we locked the door. He quickly grabbed my hand and started rubbing it on his crouch. He was wearing basketball shorts so I was able to feel his cock slowly growing. When flaccid his cock felt average but got really hard.

I took it out and saw his perfect sized dick just hanging there. It was about 7 inched and very thick. I wrapped my hand around it and began to masturbate it. Slowly rubbing his foreskin back and forth reviling the head. I wanted to suck on his cock but simply giving him the hand job felt good for me. His skin was amazingly soft so rubbing it was easy. After a while he began shooting out a huge load of cum. It honestly went everywhere and it was just amazing to see his big thick dick shooting long streams of cum. I was so turned on and wanted to do more. Maybe we will meet up again soon. 



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