It was the longest night I had ever had. Hour after hour of continuously pulsing in my ass from the plug, a continual sucking and stimulation from the milking machine, and my helpless mouth, filled again and again with my own semen. At the beginning of this torture I thought I could deal with it. I'd let the machines do their dirty work and I'd lay back and enjoy. When the cum made it to my mouth I would just force it out of the side of the mouth restraint. How very wrong I was. This contraption was good. It seemed to seal it self so that my load wasn't going anywhere. Only until all the cum was forced into my open and helpless mouth was air passed in for me to breath. I had to drink it all or there would only be oxygen coming in through my nose. This was only half of it. My cock was so sore. But it betrayed me. Painfully and almost fearfully it would succumb again and again. I think by the time the owner had come in I had forced at least 12 loads into my own mouth. This alone would have been enough but I have an extremely active ball sack. Not only are my loads unnaturally large but I can precum the equivalent of a full load of semen in between.

The owner watched as I screamed into my gag and lucky number 13 in the orgasm nightmare came over me. He watched me as my load of hot and agonizing cum was filtered into my helpless waiting mouth. I could hear him silently laughing to him self all the while. Once it was clear that I could once again breath, which meant I had been forced to swallow my load again, the machine was turned off. It was like heaven and hell were meeting in my cock. I was, on one side, extremely releaved to have my cock released from captivity. But on the other side, my cock was now truly feeling the effects of being forced through a night like no other. The slight breeze that happens in any space seemed to jar my cock into spasms. I was in agony. The butt plug was removed too which only left a space of emptiness and tenderness in my hole along with my cock. But he did not remove my feeding device.

With a sadistic smile, he attached the hose that had once been connected to my milking machine to another hose that was lying next to my side. He then turned on the tv that was above me and revealed 10 men all tied down and getting strapped into the same milking machine I had been in. I shook my head in digust but he said, "Now you see that our club isn't really closed down at all! These subs were told not to touch themselves for one week. They have been edged and edged ensuring that this first wave will be something to be remembered by you and these men. I began to instantly fight my restraints again. It was bad enough that I was forced all night to drink my own semen but now to be force fed the load of ten seemingly verial men was something that horrified me more than just disgusted me. The men were strapped in and I could see that they weren't too sure of what was going to happen to them either. They had each been given the blindfold that I was given initially given and other than the description the owner had given me I don't think they even knew what they were in for.

But as soon as the hum began they all sprang to attention just as I had. Cocks firm and full and their body suddenly started to sweat. The mental feeling of anal stimulation and, even though my cock was super soar, my mental memory of my cock being milked again and again it was to much for me. My cock raged to full mast once again. I was harder than ever and nothing was happening to release my cock from it's agony. But the agony of longing to cum was nothing to the agony that was quickly arriving.

White and thick, the hose attached to my mouth began to release the combined loads of ten men. It was so much. I was thirsty mere moments before, but gulp after gulp of thick hot cum was now traveling down my helpless throat. I was quenched. There was a moment where I thought I might actually drown in cum when the cum was cut off and stopped flowing. The owner came out and began to laugh as I tried to finish the cum left in my mouth so I could breath once again. I was full of cum, my cock was raging, and there seemed to be a lot more cum to be had.

The owner was not a man to waste anything. He pulled out another contraption that looked penis like and attached the hose that pumped the cum to it. Then he released a valve for a minute and the cum spilled out over the end of the attachment. He quickly turned it off but I could tell in an instant what this new sensation would be. He immediately inserted the newly lubed penis shaped attachment into my helpless ass hole. Then he opened the valve once more. It was hard to describe. On one hand it was the most vile feeling ever. Load after load of hot cum was being dumped into my ass but on the other hand it was turning me on.....alot. My cock was raging at an all time high. Now this device while streaming with cum was attached to another machine.

This machine had a dildo ending. As my ass leaked cum from my hole the dildo was foced into my butt filling the gaping space that was left after the butt plug had been removed. And the cum acted like a lube. Once the dildo was in place a switch was turned and then it began. The machine began fucking me slowly with a steady rhythem. And then with an added bit of fun, it would build up speed and then blow a load into my ass. The cum the men were being milked of was now being used to power this fucking machine. Each time the fake cock would reach what assuredly would be an amazing orgasm, load after load would be emptied into my already filled ass. It was glorious. Then without the slightest bit of warning my cock gave way. A hands free orgasm that I had never experienced before over took me. I blew load after load. And the machine ran on. It seemed this would go on till the cock was sufficiently out of cum. Oh lord help me.

I'm sure there I have set some kind of record with how many times I have blown a load in the last night or so but this was just too much. Sweat was dripping down my body as my muscles contracted and stiffened again and again. Cum was now pouring out of my asshole and a pool of sweat and cum was now building under my ass and back. I think the last thing I remember before I fainted with one last screaming gruntfilled orgasm, was the owner coming in and laughing.

When I woke up, I was in agony. My entire body was sore and tender as the beatings, milking, and fuckings had left me almost infantile in strength. As my eyes opened and I came to the next thing I realized, besides how badly my body ached, was the fact that I was now dressed in my clothes again. I had been dressed and placed in my car. The sun was shining and the club looked closed. I was so tired and so sore but I was free! I quickly started the car and drove home. It was such relief to be free of such a terrible situation. I knew there was no way I would ever go back to that club again. I had learned my lesson. I would never treat anyone like my own personal toys again. I was truly submissive in thought. As soon as I got home I hobbled to my door, unlocked it, and went towards my bed. It was the moment I got into my house that I could smell myself. I smelled like piss, cum, and sweat. So I decided to take a long hot bath to wash the horrible stench and sticky nightmarish ooze from my body. As I undressed I saw now the last punishment the men of the clubs had done on me. They had drawn all over me in marker, slut, whore, bitch, etc, even putting penises on my face and such. It was such a juvenile trick and something I was a little shocked they would do. After everything I had gone through, you'd think it would have been a much more interesting finish. It was as I painfully removed my jeans that the soar tiredness was replaced with a gut dropping fear. I hadn't even felt anything was different with my cock. After all the attention it had gotten I was just relieved it wasn't being forced to perform anymore. But as I saw the bulge in my white briefs, the realization of their true final trick was revealed. I stripped the briefs to find my cock was locked in a device of some sort. My shaft and head were in a metal tube that formed perfectly to my shape and then the device was locked around my balls and attached around my waist. There was no getting this thing off. There wasn't even a place for a key that I could find, so my hope of just having a friend remove it was lost! There was a piss slit in the head of the device so I was able to piss but after my first attempt I realized that if I didn't sit on the toilet my device caused me to spray my piss all over myself.

I was trapped....and the only way to be free of this thing would be to return to the bath house...a place I swore I would never return too!



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