Not long after high school, I started working for a nicer department store here in Dallas. I was running a floral department and did permanent floral designs. If you’ve been reading my stories you know I was well versed in sucking cock and getting fucked in high school so by this time, I’m a full fledged cock hound, letting most anyone with a big cock do me up the ass. 

So, I’m about 21-22 when I started working there and it wasn’t long before I met Tim. Tim caught my eye on site. He was the visual director and was in charge of the look and design of the store. He worked in this basement space that was crammed with all kinds of stuff to decorate the store and it looked like one wrong move and you would be trapped under a total disaster area. 

It was a bit scary looking down there but thats where he worked so I sucked it up and hung around so I could be near him. Tim was way taller and thinner than me with dark hair and eyes and he had freckles, LOT of freckles and I loved them. I was all but throwing myself at him, he was just sweet to me and acted like he didn’t notice but I had it bad and would beat off all the time thinking about him. 

After about a year, I was transferred to the downtown store and didn’t get to work with him anymore but I didn’t forget him. Every once in a while I would see him out at the bars and I’d bee line up to him to say hello. But still I hadn’t seen anything more than his arms when he wore a short sleeve shirt. So time go’s on and I don’t see much of him and I start forgetting about my lust for him. O

ne night, I’m just fucking horny as hell so I head over to Club Dallas, I needed fucking and nothing get’s cock up my ass faster than a trip to a bath house. I get a room and strip off and wrap a towel around me and head out for some cock. My favorite hang out at the tubs is the dry sauna so in I go. The front side of the sauna has a bench that faced the windows but the prime area for action happens around behind that in the back part. It had a high shelf and a lower one for seating and as I walked back I see this guy that I see almost every time I go. 

This guy was ripped, hung and handsome and I’d sucked his cock many time but had never gotten fucked by him. His thing was being watched as guys sucked his cock I guess because I’d never seen him do anything but get sucked. So he’s sitting on the top shelf leaning against the wall legs spread and jacking that big cock so I go over and start servicing him as usual. 

I love to suck cock almost as much as I like it up my ass so I’m really going to town on him, he’s even holding my head and face fucking me and then I feel a hand on my ass. I try to pull off and and see who is working my ass but he won’t let me so I just keep sucking him. The other guy is working my asshole with his fingers and as I’m sweaty, my ass is slick. My hunky face fucker whispered to the other guy,

“Give it to him. He’ll let anyone fuck him. You don’t need that, I’ve seen him take it raw many times”

With that said, I see a condom pack hit the bench below me between his legs and then he starts pushing his raw cock up my ass. I reach back and grab his cock and to my surprise, the guy was long, average thickness but long. It just kept slipping deeper inside me, filling me full. I was loving this. He never said a word but my the guy I was sucking was really getting off on this, saying all kinds of shit. All I could tell about my fucker was that he was hung and skinny with big feet. I could get a glimpse of his legs when he put on foot up on the bench beside me and slammed his cock deeper up my ass but it didn’t last. 

We had a crowd forming around us and I guess that freaked him out so he pulled out of me and slipped away into the group guys. Some other guy came up and tried to fuck me but my hunky guy ran him off. I guess he didn’t like the look of him. My knees were starting to hurt and I was really needing to cool off so I pulled off him and  left the sauna. I’d been sucking that guy for  a long time, he like my mouth so I’d get it again so I was fine with that but I need to chill out a bit. 

I showered off and decided to go lay down and relax. I went back to my room and I’m on my bed leaning against the wall when shock of the world, Tim walks past my door. I’m so blown away seeing him here, he always seem so wholesome and I knew he had a long time boyfriend but I called his name and he came back and looked in to see me. 

“Hi! What are you doing here?” I said

“I could ask you the same thing” he smiled and walked in and closed the door. All of a sudden I’m embarrassed to be caught here, naked in front of this guy I had such a crush on. He sits down and I pull my legs up to give him some room. I had my towel across my lap and when I pulled my legs up he can see my ass and cock on display. I reach to cover myself but he stops me. 

“I’m just so surprised to see you. I haven’t seen you in so long”

“Yes, it’s been a while” he says as he’s playing with my cock in his soft hands. I can’t believe Tim is sitting here holding my cock! I still haven’t seen his because he has a towel on but I’m seeing his slim freckled body that I was so in heat over for so long. He is still so quite and not really saying anything, just looking at me with those big brown eyes smiling down at me. 

“Tim, I had such a huge crush on you when we worked together”

“I know, it was hard to miss”

“I wanted you so bad, I kept coming down to your work room hoping something would happen. I wanted you to fuck me so bad, I still do”

With that he slipped his finger covered in my own pre-cum up in my ass and started finger fucking me. He twisted himself up onto the bed with me. Never removing his finger from my ass, dropped the towel and I finally get to see his cock. He crawled up between my wide open legs and pulled me down flat onto the bed and worked my legs up onto his shoulders and started slipping his cock up into my ass.

“I’ve wanted this for so long. Your cock deep inside me. I knew you would be a fantastic fuck, I can’t believe this is finally happening”

He  leans down close to my face, we are nose to nose. I’m bent in half filled with his cock deep inside and he said.

“Babe, it already happened, I’ve already been deep inside your ass”

He rammed me hard when he said that last part and took my breath away. I grown as I take his hard fuck.

“I’ve never even see you naked until just now. What are you talking about?”

“That was me in the sauna fucking you. I saw you go in and I followed to see what you were doing. When I saw you ass up sucking that guy, I knew what you wanted”

“Why didn’t you cum in me then?

“I wanted to look you in the eyes when I fill you with my load. I wanted you to know it was me that gave it to you. You needed to know it was me fucking you full. I knew how much you wanted my cock and now I know how much you want my cum. Don’t you?”

“Oh god please, Tim. Please cum inside me”

He’s slowly fucking me, making love to me. Giving me just what I’d always wanted from him and soon he gave it to me. He started moving a little faster but never really hard, it felt so good.

“I’m cumming!” He drew in a sharp breath and exhaled and the I could feel his long cock swell inside me and start shooting, filling me full of his load. The one thing I’d wanted so bad but had given up ever getting. He was breeding me, and for a little time I was his to do with as he wanted. I was in a euphoria, Tim was over me looking deep into my eyes, his cock is deep in my ass and he has flooded my ass with his seed. I could die and go to heaven and he knew it. 

He pulled my legs off his shoulders but kept his cock in my ass as he lay on top of me and he kissed me. Finally he slipped from my ass and rolled over on the little bed beside me. We just lay there, my mind is going 90 miles an hour and he’s got what he needed, a willing ass to breed. We talked for a while, he told me he would have fucked me back then but he was a department manager and he wasn’t risking his job to fuck me no matter how much he wanted to. 

He still had a that boyfriend but they had an understanding so they could fuck around.  He said when he saw me go in that sauna, he grabbed a condom because he knew he was gonna fuck me but when that guy told him to bareback me he knew this was gonna be a great time. 

I would run into him and he boy friend a few time and had to act like I was just a friend from work but he did fuck me a few time after that, another time at the baths and once in a restroom in a bar. Good times, I wonder what ever happened to Tim…

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