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Lastly, this story has unsafe sex which is allowed in the fake world. As for you, don't be stupid.

Rob Bass

Getting In out of The Rain

I hadn't paid attention to the weather, all part of that tough biker code I guess, more likely I hadn't been thinking about it and I was paying for it. Right now I was fairly dry tucked underneath an overpass as the deluge pounded down. This was clearly an all nighter and I was in farming country which meant I could find a place a half mile down the road or the nearest place could be forty or fifty miles away. I had a GPS that could have guided me to the nearest motel but it was broke and I knew I wouldn't need it since my ride was a straight shot. Smooth move, dumbshit.

I had rain gear, but it was coming down so bad it would be moronic for me on the road. I could drive slow through it, then have a truck barrel up my ass not able to see me so this overpass was going to be my home for awhile. I had stripped off my wet shirt and jacket, but was still in my chaps and jeans which were soggy when a pickup flashed past.

It was kind of a cool affect since you couldn't see anything coming and then a truck appears from a wall of rain on one side, barrels past under the dry bridge then disappears through the other wall into the gloomy night.

About twenty minutes later, another beat up pickup appeared pulling up in front of my bike. I was higher up on the cement slope so I made my way down.

A big strapping farm boy in a ball cap, jeans and a denim jacket stepped out holding his hand to shake.

'Hi I'm Kyle.'

'Gil.' 'I don't know if you're aware but it's going to get worse tonight. There's also a threat of tornadoes in the area.'

'Crap.' Which get a smile from the big farm boy.

'If you're up for it, my step-dad's farm is a little off the next exit about a mile down the road. Sorry I can't invite you in the house, but our barn is pretty dry and you and your motorcycle can ride this storm out in there.'

'Wow, that's more than generous. You sure it's okay?' getting a shrug from the big shoulders. To seal the deal, the rain started to let up a bit, which didn't mean much since it was now only pouring down instead of being a deluge. Kyle told me to follow him giving directions in case we separated and I suited up with my light weight rain gear on top and followed behind going about twenty miles an hour working hard to keep control with all the winds bucking about soon losing the kid, but I certain the dude rocked when I saw his emergencies flashing at the top of the next exit.

Kyle pulled back out in front and we drove about a mile to a farm where he jumped out opening a barn door so I could ride in with the big boy closing the door behind me blocking the stormy night out It was filled with heavy farm machinery and smaller equipment, tools and other gear to the sides. Pointing out an area about half way in Kyle told me it provided to summer help which consisted of a fairly open space with a raised mattress, table and a bench including a bathroom housing a toilet, sink and the largest prefab shower stall I've ever seen.

'I'll get some food and other stuff you'll need from the house.'

I made it clear he didn't have to since this sure as he'll beat the overpass, but the stud was all Midwestern hospitality and I admit I was pretty hungry.

I stripped down since by now I was totally wet finding only a pair of socks and a jock that were dry in my saddlebags. They're thick leather, but the rain still got in so I hung everything out hoping by morning some of my gear will be dry or at least only moist although damn I hate climbing into soggy gear.

Using an already moist t shirt to wipe down my bike, I poured out the water which had accumulated at the bottom of any of my bags out hearing an 'oh shit' behind me looking back to see Kyle staring in my direction.

I started to chuckle since I'm sure it had been a sight since I'd been bent over, muscled ass pointed in his direction wearing only the jock and boots. I'm well built and have close to zero percent body fat which means deep trenches between my pecs as well as my abs. But Kyle was seeing a butt bent over with spread legs which meant my pink round rosebud was on display and while I have hairy legs, everything else is fairly hairless especially my ass with a small bit of hair over my big dick.

'Uh, sorry about that Kyle; Was just cleaning up my ride.' Swallowing and looking a little lost, he regained his composure coming over to show me what he had brought, which were sheets, a towel, a couple of sandwiches he had quickly put together along with a couple of beers and bottles of water.

'This is too much, man let me repay you or something;' with the stud objecting.

Some of the sandwiches were for him since he hadn't eaten, so we made it to the table in the alcove which was going to be my home for the night.

'Sorry hope you don't mind the jock, it was the only thing dry.' It was also dirty and stained, the way I like it. I normally commando, occasionally wearing it when I work out to build up some sweat in the fabric, but it has more dried cum and even a little piss staining and stiffening it up. This also happens to be my favorite jock since the waistband is about half way between the swimmers and regular jock, the material is so thin its almost transparent and there's a few small holes in it and I enjoy walking around some bathhouse as I check out the possibilities.

Another swallow, 'Ah, no problem, it is kind of warm in here.'

Nodding, 'Hey dude, you want to take anything off, I mean its your barn after all,' bringing his attention back to my jock, 'I certainly can't get on my high horse.'

Getting a chuckle and another swallow, Kyle decided to at least strip off his jacket and t shirt displaying an incredible body.


'Wrestling. I'll be a senior in the fall.' Which set him off on college life, how his team might make it to the finals this year. He was hoping to get into law wanting to practice in a smaller town. 'I'm not made for the big cities.'

I grinned thinking of this good looking hunk walking down Halsted Street in Chicago shirtless and on display like he was now. He'd be welcomed with open arms, well on Halsted, arms and open legs as well. We talked some more about the farm, he and his stepdad didn't get along too well, getting defensive even though I didn't comment, letting me know it was just the two of them since his mom died five years ago and his step dad did everything for Kyle even paying for college, but was gruff and distant. The area we were in now, his stepdad had set up as a gym for Kyle when he was wrestling in high school. We had polished off the sandwiches, working on our second beer.

'Can I uh, ask you a personal question?' I nodded.

'Are, uh those natural?' pointing at my chest. I grinned since he was asking about my nipples. I have big areolas, but what was attracting Kyle were the nubs sticking out from my big round nips. My previous partner had used and abused them often with clamps and suction cups for over a decade making them the fat, puffy bullets they are today.

In the couple of years I've been back in the mansex game I seemed to attract dudes that love to carry on the tradition of abusing them which I enthusiastically encourage. Even a gentle doctor friend who I play with has a crave to lick and chew these suckers, although he's pretty easy on me, compared to many of the others. My areolas are low and wide slightly curving around the shelf of my pecs giving my nips about a forty-five degree angle downward and being highly sensitive, they're usually the first thing erect, so Kyle was seeing some fairly hard bullets sticking out right now.

'No,' answering his question about there being natural.

Staring, 'Wow, I mean...' he swallowed again.

In a soft voice, 'Want to touch them?'

'What? I...No...' but he couldn't stop staring.

Finally a hand came up and his thumb rubbed my tip causing me to gasp and jerk my body which had Kyle's hand pulling back.

'Sorry, they're sensitive and the hand you used had been holding a cold beer.'

'Oh man, sorry, I didn't mean....'

'Kyle..dude..' trying to get his attention which got him finally looking at my face as I cracked into a smile.

'Trust me when I tell you, it didn't hurt. In fact it felt pretty good. I've had dudes work my tits hard enough to make me cum without me even touching myself.' There it was all on the table, now it was up to Kyle,

'Seriously?' Returning his gaze back at my chest.

'What do you think?' His hand come back up first brushing across my chest, then a flick with his thumbnail, which got another jerk from me, but he saw my smile so he stayed on board giving me a light pinch where I did my best to suppress a moan.

'Maaan' Sliding closer both hands were now rubbing my nubs as I leaned back with my eyes closed. I had a hot three way last night, but the guys spent the night spreading their legs for the big muscle dude in their bed and while I did get some good licks on my body and tits, Kyle's hands were doing a good number on me. Eyes closed I didn't realize he was leaning in until a sandpapery tongue took a long lick over my left tit.

'Geezus stud!' as I reflexedly grabbed the back of his head getting a look up and a grin from the hot man as he dived back down now creating a hard vacuum around my tits. Fuck he's going to make me cum. Trying to stall him, I pulled his head away from my chest.

'Please tell me this isn't your first time.' Kyle laughed moving his body closer. 'A couple of the other wrestlers and I get together, some of us are gay, a few maybe bi, one or two just want to get off,' grinning, 'so no you're not my first, but damn stud,' reaching up to give a rough twist on a nub, 'nobody has anything like these.'

Kyle dived back down now chewing with his teeth. I was rubbing the back of the stud's head moaning like crazy. Feeling a hand rub my jock, Kyle came up startled, 'I thought you said the jock was the only dry thing you had?'

I looked at him confused,

'It's soaking wet,' making made me laugh.

'Probably due to the fact that a hot college stud is chewing on my tits making me leak like crazy.'


I nodded grinning, 'Taste it if you don't believe me.' Kyle smiled as he lunged down licking the fabric pushing me to my back to get easier access as his mouth opened around the head of my rod beneath the fabric hearing a 'Mmmmmm' vibrating through my body.

Coming up with a smirk, 'Yep tastes like cum to me. Well this sucks.'

'Why's that?'

'Man I want your tits, now I want your juicy cock too.'

Laughing I looked at the hot wrestler, 'As long as its storming out I'm not going anywhere. Show me what you have stud.'

Kyle got up unbuttoning his pants. He had sneakers on which came off as he yanked his jeans down showing a big, fat juicy piece of prime meat.

'Man that must be a sight in your wrestling singlet.' He laughed, a little embarrassed. 'Yeah I sometimes have to wear two jocks, I'm just so fucking horny all the time.' I stood up coming closer, one thing we haven't done is kiss and I love doing it especially with a hot man just like what was in front of me. Getting closer I was about three inches from his face rubbing his cheek with my hand.

'So do you usually do with your buddies?'

'Well since I'm one of the few out about liking men I'm normally the bottom.'

'And?' Kyle shrugged his wide shoulders.

'It's just sometimes I want....'

Grinning, 'a hot piece of ass?' which earned a smile back, 'Yeah.'

'I'll make you a deal stud.'

Kyle stared in my eyes.

'You can have my ass tonight.' The stud started licking his lips, thinking even though he thought he knew what the payment was.

'But the price is you can't cum and run. You have to drop a couple loads in me with that big dick of yours tonight.' His groan got louder.

Another swallow, 'You mean you're not going to insist....?'

Laughing I slapped his ass holding on to his sexy beefy butt, 'You wanna give it to me, I sure as hell won't complain, but buddy, how we play tonight is up to you.' Leaning back so he could see me flick my hard nipples, 'It should be obvious by now pretty much anything goes with me as long as there's plenty of it.'

It was now or never, grabbing the back of his head, I moved our faces to about an inch away, letting him come the final inch, which he did as we locked lips getting into a full blown tongue orgy making up for lost time. Our bodies were rubbing against each other and I felt jizz leaking on my belly from the fat pole wedged between us.

Suddenly pushed away, 'Dude we have to...'

Smiling I said, 'Not quite.' Dropping to my knees I took his big meat in one swallow.

'Son of a bitch!' as hands pushed my head down as a powerful shot slammed into the back of my throat quickly followed by heated streams of liquid pouring in my mouth almost incessantly as the stud gave me his cream. Holding his legs they were at first firm, then shaking as he continued firing more rounds down my throat as I heard whimpering above me. Kyle forcibly pulled his shaft out staggering over to the mattress and falling on his back, his arm over his head as his body continued to convulse with a few drops still dribbling out. It was an impressive orgasm by any standard and he tasted pretty damn good as well.

Coming over I licked his belly which had his final remnants clean lying beside him as his chest heaved.

'Been awhile?' getting a giggle from the big guy.

'Not counting the hand? Yeah, couldn't you tell?' Kyle flopped his arm away like it was an effort so he could look at me.

'Kind of had the suspicion when you collapsed,' making us both chuckle.

'Come here,' wrapping my arms around him going in for a kiss. I know he was tasting some of his own jizz which after a moments surprise Kyle dived his tongue in my mouth taking all he could as he rubbed my back.

'Man this is nice;' Responding to the hugs and kisses between the two of us.

'Don't get that with your buddies?'

'I have one guy, Bret, who I think would like to, but he freaks every time it looks like more than just sex.'

'Sorry to hear it.'

'Me too. Bret's a cool guy and I wish we could get more serious, however....' Kyle pulled up looking at me with an evil grin.


'If I had a boyfriend I wouldn't have the opportunity to ravage a certain muscle biker sex god.'

I grinned, 'Anybody I know?'

'No, but you'll do for now.' Which got me good, so I started laughing along with the big stud.

Kyle was still out of it, so I had him scoot up on the mattress to work over his big body. Kissing was big as I tongued my way down his body now coated in his sweat from the overheated barn which was turning me on big time. I tongued his wet pits, over to his sweaty chest, giving his little nubs a workout although they weren't anywhere near as sensitive as mine. By the time I made it to his big dick and heavy hanging nuts the college boy was hard again. Damn I love young guys!

I started to suck when Kyle pulled me off. 'Not yet, it's your turn,'

He used a wrestling move to toss me on my back straddling my body.

'First.' Scampering off, the stud yanked my jock off and you heard an audible 'thwap' as my wet dick slapped against my stomach and I wasn't sure which of us moaned louder.

Kyle hopped back over me getting in my face looking like a kid in the candy store.

'Really? Anything goes?' I chuckled.

'I do have some limits stud, but they're pretty far out there, so it's a safe bet hot man that we'll be able to do anything you want.' Getting another helpless groan from the wrestler, then a quick grin, he lowered for another hot kiss moving over to do a number on my right armpit licking up my sweat eliciting a helpless groan from me, making the big stud giggle in delight as he rubbed my arms.

Pulling up, 'Damn man, do you know how hot these bad boys are to a wrestler?' Kyle was referring to my Bi's and Tri's. At six foot, two hundred, all muscle I wasn't small by any means, but my arms were out of proportion to the rest of my muscled body where my good friend Rick calls me Popeye due to the massive guns Kyle was now admiring.

'Show me how much a certain wrestler likes them.' Laughing,

'Flex,' so I pulled up my forearm pumping my big bi up getting a groan as the stud dive back down to lick and suck on my arm coming in for another kiss.

Giggling, he pulled back a little, 'It's not all about your arms you know,' I grunted since he had reached down and yanked my nips hard.

'Oh yeah.'

Seeing a shit eating grin as he headed down, 'Anything goes he said;' talking to himself as teeth started nibbling then biting finally bearing down and pulling my nubs to a threshold of pleasure/pain.

I had no intention of giving the kid the satisfaction of knowing how good that was making me feel, however whimpers kept escaping spurring the stud on. Finally releasing my now swollen, abused nipples, Kyle moved down to lap up the rivers of sweat buried in my abdominal trenches. Normally I have a nice six pak, but a few days of low food consumption like the last couple of days gives me deep trenches in my abs as well as a veritable canyon between my pecs and Kyle was having fun with those especially since it was both sweat and about a gallon of pre-cum which has been leaking out of my piss slit.

A quick lick of the underside of my tool, he sucked in my low hangers getting another moan pushing my ass up for a long tongue scrap down my perineum as he began an attack on my round, pink rosebud. Kyle was frantic as he would give a long lick over my hole then try to push in with his fleshy spear of a tongue.

His workover on my tits had been sending shockwaves through my body especially my hole so I opened up to his insistent tongue without too much effort.

Dropping my ass back to the mattress, Kyle leapt off the bed fumbling with a bag he had brought returning with a small bottle of lube.

'I'm sorry Gil, man I need it now.'

Grinning, 'You're a useless, limp pussy if you don't give it to me now.'

Kyle laughed at my trash talk, lubing his large farm boy meat as he walked back over, yanking up my legs to his broad shoulders and shoving his big hard rod in slamming it to the hilt without a moments hesitation.

Geezus! Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to double dare a big stud with that big of a dick, I was thinking as I saw stars.

'You okay?' I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding,

'Give me a minute stud.' Staying firmly inside he repositioned my legs to his hips coming down for a kiss.

'I need the break too. Otherwise I'll be shooting right now if I move. Man it feels like a glove is wrapped around my whole dick.' Grinning I rolled my back slightly up and down moving my butt on his rod.

'So you're saying you like this man's butt?'

Kyle started to laugh, straightening up on his knees, remaining inside me, still laughing.

'You are fucking outrageous.'

'Give it to me Kyle.' Grabbing my legs to spread them in a wide V, the stud started to rock back and forth as we both groaned. Throwing his head up with his eyes closed he picked up speed displaying for me his big muscled body coated with sweat as he fucked my ass.

Enjoying this big farmers meat plowing my hole, I reached down to pull on my nips rubbing them between my thumb and forefinger looking up when I heard another loud groan from the big stud who was now staring at my personal mauling of my bloated stubs.

Still looking at Kyle, I released one tit slowly moving my hand down to rub my fingers on my sweaty, cum soaked abs finally bringing the soaked hand up to shove a couple fingers in my mouth making it clear to the stud I was licking the tasty junk off getting a louder more helpless groan as his continued pounding my hole which took on a new frenzy.

Eyes back closed, Kyle started to whimper as his thrusts turned into long, deep drives down my chute where I could feel his dick getting thicker as a final slam down my chute had him almost painfully growling as he shot thick spurts of cream inside me setting me off by first clamping down on his long pole as his eyes flew open and his wrestlers body jerked with renewed orgasm pumping even more juice down my hungry hole.

Once again after cumming the sex stud crumbled, this time on top of my muscled body, head resting to the side and sucking in deep breaths as I wrapped my legs and arms around his overheated body making sure he doesn't pull out quite yet.

Breathing heavy we could feel both our torsos were soaked with sweat as well as the river of jizz I recently emptied out on my chest and stomach.

Giggling in my ear, 'You going to release me?'

'You going to give me at least one more load up my ass?'

Kyle shook with laughter, 'Man, how fucking old are you? You're hornier than my college buddies.'

I laughed, 'That's cause they're all a bunch of wimps;' which made him laugh even more as he pictured his big strong athlete buddies and wimp probably wasn't a word he normally would have used to describe any of them.

I had been transformed by a mystery guy about two years ago on a Caribbean tropical island which gave me this big hard body, killer metabolism and a crazy sex drive. I also went from looking like a mid-forties rather tired dude to this sexy stud now underneath the big college wrestler, looking maybe thirty if that old. I'm certainly not complaining and if you look at my license it will tell you I was born twenty-nine years ago, all part of the 'belonging to a gay secret organization basic package' deal that I received with the body.

Once accepting the promise for my hole to get more of his meat, I unwrapped around the stud and we both got up grabbing some bottled waters he brought over earlier.

It was really howling outside the building and you could almost imagine a tornado nearby, but it was totally dry although humid and warm here in the barn. I laughed at the noise since deep in our sex I think we were louder inside then what was going on outside which cracked Kyle up too not denying it.

Kyle sat down on the bench and as I was standing nearby pulled me in between his legs drinking from his water then taking a lick of my heated sticky abdominals.

'Man you taste good.'

Laughing, 'Well as long as its tongue and not teeth.'

'Except on those nasty nipples of yours of course.'

Smiling down, 'Yeah stud, except those nasty nips;' Getting a chuckle.

Kyle stood up for another kiss although this one ended up being a knock down, deep erotic wonder. Kyle looked at me a little helpless and I had a pretty good idea what was gong through his head.

'You're having play sex with your buddies right now stud. And yeah tonight you're doing it with somebody who is a little more well traveled. Some day sexy man you'll have mind blowing sex with a stud and one of them will end up being a life time partner. Don't worry it will happen.' 'Think so?'

There was a lot of hope in his voice and I decided to be honest with him.

'No guarantees in life dude. But even with what little I've seen so far it's obvious you're a stand up guy with..' and I grabbed his big dick, 'plenty of assets which doesn't hurt.'

Getting a grin and a slight hardening in his meat from the farm boy.

'There will be opportunity and yeah, you may have to work through some guys to get it right, but I'm pretty confident it will happen for you some day.'

Kyle was a good guy, the type if he didn't find the right one; he'd have legions of friends searching to make it happen.

'And until you do stud, practice, practice....'


Grinning, 'never hurts.'

'Beginning tonight?'

'Continuing tonight. I figure you owe me at least two more loads from that cannon of yours to prove you're not a wimp;' Getting a groan from the wrestler which made me laugh.

'You'll survive.'

'I'm not so sure;' Which brought us in to another long hard sexy kiss

I ended up on my hands and knees for another load from his fat long cannon, when afterward Kyle gave me his hot wrestler's ass.

Instead of powerfucking the stud, I made love to his butt as well as his body showing him what he could have sometime in the future, holding off bringing him to orgasm making him whimper for half an hour before letting him cum which he did in buckets over the both of us without even touching himself, another first he told me when he was finally ably to put two words together.

I did get my second load, or by that time fourth in the shower where the dude really did take me up on the 'anything goes' pissing up my butt. He kept apologizing until I made out with the hot man making it clear I sure as hell was objecting. Still in the shower stall the big dude sank to his knees and my wrestler slut got watered down by me.

The winds had let up but the rains were still coming down hard when Kyle headed back to the house while I threw a sheet over the cum stained mattress and dropped down.



Startled awake my head was grabbed and a rag put over my face and breathing in I blacked out.


I was wakened by a slap on my cheek and smelling salts under my nose to find my arms were killing me as I processed I was now hanging with my arms and legs spread. Now awake, I could stand up and touch the ground so I did my best to get my footing to take my weight off my arms.

There was a light overhead lighting me and a small circle around me, but pitch black outside the circle.

I had noticed an awful lot of hooks and chains around the stall earlier, even the mattress height made me wonder if it had served as a dungeon, but I thought it was just my perverted imagination as well as having been distracted by a big dicked horny college stud.

'What the fuck?' as a whip cracked across my gut.

'I'll ask the questions.'

'Then ask them moron so you can let me down from here.' Another crack from the whip. Damn it hurts, but the fact is I've played harder then I'm getting so far.

'Is that your motorcycle?'

'Anybody else in the goddamn barn?' getting another hit, this one harder. Damn.

'Why are you here?'

'Tornado warnings, torrential rain, hello? What kind of idiot are you?' That got me three whips in quick succession. Okay maybe the smartass thing wasn't working too well.

'You just drove right in and I'm warning you...' getting a whack before I said anything.

I may have had it harder, however the fact is getting lots of them is cumulative, so the bastard was getting my attention.

I took a guess who was my attacker, 'Your stepson Kyle found me huddled in an underpass and let me stay here until the storm passes.'

A grizzled lean dude came into the circle of light coming about six inches from my face.

'You telling the truth?'

Keeping my smartass down...'Look at the sheet, towel and food old man. He brought it over. Ask him yourself.'

He stood there for a second, 'He's sleeping right now.'

Hell yeah, he's sleeping I just fucked loads of his college cum from him.

He left the circle coming back with a cat o'nine tails. Uh oh.

Shoving the hilt in my chin, 'Did you have sex with my boy?'

I snorted, 'Fuck you old man.' I don't talk about my sex life normally and I sure as hell wasn't going to say anything to step dad. I watched the look on his face turn into an evil grin as he ran a calloused hand down my body savagely yanking one of my bloated already sore nips.

'Well you're not a stranger to discipline are you? But you clearly haven't learned proper respect.'

Moving behind me a hand went down my back with a thick finger tracing my crack which made my damn traitor dick plump up a bit.

His hand disappeared and I got a whip on my ass then as he got into the rhythm of the damn thing I got blows which traced slowly up my back then back down to my ass finally ending.

Fuck this was rough.

After a few moments, he came back around slapping my hard dick that was leaking.

'Yes, you're quite the whore aren't you?' sinking down on a nipple chewing and pulling rougher then Kyle had been doing earlier. He pulled off returning to put a weighted nipple clamp on the heavily chewed and suffering nub making me grunt and squirm on the chains.

My torturer started chewing my other swollen tit when I saw a flash of something at the entrance of the stall shaking my head no. Barely seeing Kyle, I shook my head no again giving him a wink like it was all play. It wasn't but I didn't want him involved letting out a loud groan as the second clamp slammed on my tit. Fuck, I wasn't paying attention.

More whippings on the back twisting his hand so the strokes were constant with the occasional one a hard stroke, then a return to the front getting my balls and dick slapped then a jiggling of the clamps on my nips as he dropped them getting a another grunt from me.

'' Speaking slowly brushing the whip against my abs which he had been feeling up at the same time.

'If you want to know, eat my ass out old man.'

He looked angry then speculative. Disappearing, a few seconds later the whip landed on my ass then hands reached down spreading my cheeks and a tongue dived in my hole.

I had cleaned myself thoroughly when I showered earlier and since my transformation I absorb man cum, but he would still be getting some after affects especially since the stud pissed up my ass, but the guy was taking his time investigating since his tongue had been working my rosebud for some time before he pulled away from my ass. Much longer and I would have been begging him to fuck me any way he wanted to.

Back in front, he casually played with the clamps as I did my best to avoid making any sounds from the pleasure/pain I was experiencing.

'I couldn't tell. You could have been fucked.'

'Of course I've been fucked. Down the road I made it with a few studs.'

'So you didn't have sex with my son?'

I smiled, 'Taste my dick and see old man.'

His eyes widened then he groaned, giving me a nasty look as he sank to his knees swallowing my cock. I was beginning to wonder who was normally chained up here as he showed me what a true cocksucker he was.

After a good while, I commanded, 'Bitch get up here.'

He jumped up looking angry whipping my torso every so often catching on the tit clamps and pulling on them which hurt like a son of a bitch.

'Who's the bitch now?'

Taking a breath, 'It doesn't matter since you are now going to strip and slide back on my pole.'

I got another eye widening in shock.

'Look at me. I'm the closest you'll get to your son.

I'm young, hung and muscles for days. This is your last chance to'

Staring at me, letting out an angry growl, he pulled out of the circle and I could tell he was ripping his clothes off as fast as possible, coming back into the circle of light naked, showing a hard body with a good sized dick hard as a rock.

Another growl and he turned around backing his ass on my shaft taking it all in with one push. Chained up I was still able to buck my hips getting to pound his ass until I was furiously jackhammering his hole as I heard whimpering coming from his bent over frame.

I came in his ass and kept hammering his begging chute as the loud fucking sounds became squishier as my rod sunk into his cum filled hole. The damn farmer had to know I spooged in his ass yet he wan't moving as I continued to batter his butt into submission.

My chute pounding wasn't doing well on my chained up wrists and ankles, nor my tits which had the weighted clamps swaying and thumping my torso maybe bruising them. Right then, I didn't care since I was determined this whore daddy was going to get the screwing of a lifetime.

After a second load, I yanked out ordering him to release me.

He looked over uncertain, 'I've got another load for your whore ass, but if you want it you'll let me go so I can fuck you like you deserve.'

Eyes widened again and a groan as he scrambled to undo my chains.

'On the table.' As he bent over I shoved it in forcing his back to arch up as I pounded him there, shoving him over to the bench, then the bed finally standing him against a wall hands braced, as I fucked him silly until finally dropping a last load in his ass reaching under feeling a slicked up dick.

Pulling out sounding angry, 'Did you cum?'

'Twice.' I smirked which he couldn't see in the dark.

I crashed on the bed falling on my back while he shuffled around taking down the chains and returning all his toys in an inconspicuous box in the corner returning the space back to a normal look if you didn't notice the overwhelming sex smell permeating the space.

The center light went out and a flashlight took a long journey up my sweat and cum spattered body.

'I want you gone early morning. The rain is suppose to be over by then.'

My arm was over my face and I raised it enough to look at him.

'No problem. I appreciate you letting me stay here.'

I could see a nod in the dim light as he walked away. Bets were the dude would never admit what happened tonight or probably any other night for that matter.

Three minutes later the mattress moved. I knew who it was, but damn, even I deserved a rest about now.

'Gil, my God are you okay?'

'Are you dressed?'

'What? I uh have pajama bottoms on; I came out when I heard the door slam earlier.'

'Take 'em off.'

'What, are you crazy?'

'Take them off please.'

'Geezus.' He left the mattress and I heard the sliding of material off his body.

'Now come here.' Crawling on the bed, he came into an outstretched arm moving his big body on his side against me. Grabbing his head I pulled him down for a long kiss which he first resisted, surrendered to, moaning. I felt a big stiff dick pressing against my leg.

Releasing the stud, he came off to a couple of inches away from our faces, 'The answer now is yes I'm okay.'

Which after taking a second to digest, started Kyle chuckling where he reached over and twisted a nipple.


'Oops, sorry.' Although I wasn't clear he was sincere by the tone of his voice, however between the two of these guys tonight my tits had one of the longest and roughest jobs done on them I've ever had. They were very swollen and sore, and fuck he was rubbing them feeling how much bigger they were after the abuse.

'Damn I gotta' and he dived down for some licks and suction and thank God, light nips still getting growls from me. Fuck they hurt so good as his play worked them over.

Coming up for air, he went back to looking concerned.

'Did I not tell you anything goes?' getting a surprised bark of laughter.

'Yes but..'

'Look stud, I can't tell you how to relate to you step dad after what you've seen what happened tonight, but as for me this was another hot night of man sex for me.'

'Really, just like any other night?' Ah, I hit a sensitive twenty year olds nerve.

Grinning, 'Not quite.' Pulling him in for a long kiss rubbing his hard body.

'Although if you want to make it really special...'

Kyle looked at me as I spread my legs putting his hand near my hole which had wakened up again thanks to his nipple play.

'Damn man.' It didn't stop him though and this time he showed me what he learned from me earlier when I made love to his ass as well as the rest of his body by making love to mine. The hot stud had a bit more to learn, but the big farm boy did a fine job for his first attempt at slow and erotic love making and I came hard that one last time as my athlete dumped his final load in me for the night.

I didn't even shower stretching out after the stud came off my body. After he pulled on his bottoms, I got a sweet kiss on the cheek than a hand on my cheek where he had kissed me with a soft, 'Just so you know, tonight will never be considered 'just another night' by me. Thank you stud.' And Kyle was gone.

Morning came and there were a couple of muffins on the table and some OJ and I bet it wasn't Kyle who brought them. I didn't bother with a shower leaving the sex smell on me, dressing in mostly dry clothes, but the sky was clear so I was hoping the wind would finish drying them as I rode.

Closing the barn door behind me I glanced over to see Kyle's dad in the doorway watching me leave.

Kyle and I had exchanged email addresses and I heard from him about once a month dropping down to a couple times a year.

He and his step dad never spoke a word about that night; Kyle went on to law school returning back to a nearby small town like he always wanted.

And as I predicted the town once they found out he was gay, didn't much care and did what they could to hook him up with the right man which turned out to be a history teacher another town over.

For some reason although we've never saw each other again I've turned into Kyle's 'Dear Abby' where he writes to for advice. Last email they were talking about adopting and I told him I had no doubt he'd be a great dad.


Rob Bass

[email protected]


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