Hey guys! This story is actually a true story from high school and I hope you like it. If you guys want a sequel please shoot me an email!

It was a cold Tuesday in January and I was trying to hurry through a lab before the bell rang to signal the end of the day. My partner, John, was not as interested in finishing on time as I was, and was taking his time.

“Jackson, calm down, we can finish it. If you keep moving so fast we’ll run out of time,” he said in a calming, reassuring voice.

“But if I slow down, I’ll run out of time,” I responded. He gave me a stare with his green eyes, but I just ignored him. I was so tired I just wanted to go home.

I didn’t know John that well, but we had been lab partners since the beginning of the semester. To be honest, I didn’t even know he existed until I saw him on the first day of class. He was a really nice, incredibly cute baseball player. He was average build, with brown, well-styled hair, and beautiful dark green eyes. Unlike most baseball players who act like they're hot shit, John was an incredibly chilled out person who always was incredibly nice and calming, but he was still a jock. I could tell that he could definitely be a little bit more aggressive when he needed to.

The bell suddenly rang, just as I finished the last page of the lab procedure. As my classmates feverishly packed up their stuff, John and I continued to work on the lab.

“I see you boys haven’t finished,” my Physics teacher Mr. Lanehart said.

“We made a mistake earlier in the lab, so we had to go back and start over again,” John explained.

“Well, we are going to be in the computer lab for the next week doing lab related things. If you guys want, you can keep working in here until you are done. There isn’t anything that could potentially kill you in here since it’s only a physics lab, so you should be fine. I’ll lock the door when I leave so just keep the door propped open if you want to get back in,” he said.

“Sure, that sounds fine,” I said, slightly annoyed. At least I get to spend more time near John.

“Alright, good luck,” said Mr. Lanehart, gathering his personal belongs and walking out of the lab. I admired his bubble butt as he walked away. Lanehart was an incredibly chill science teacher. I liked him so much I had him write my college recommendation letter.

“Okay, I guess we should get back to work then,” said John, turning back to our experiment, “Unless you want to take a break,” he added.

“I need one. It will help me clear my head,” I said.

“Me too,” he agreed. We walked over and stood at some desks. He stood really close to me. We talked for a long time about random bullshit, like what classes we were taking, and etc.

I kept getting distracted by his looks. He kept staring at me and discreetly eyeing me up and down, and giving me little smirks. I, on the other hand, was falling into his deep green eyes.

“I feel like we’ve been lab partners for the whole semester, but I know nothing about you,” I said.

“Yeah! You seem like a pretty cool guy. And with your looks you must be getting all the girls,” he said, looking at my entire body openly. He smiled.

“If by girls you mean guys, then yeah I get a few,” I said, smiling back.

“Wait, I didn’t know you’re gay,” he said, his face beaming. “I’m actually bisexual!”

“Oh cool!” I said. I suddenly had a newfound interest in him.

“Yeah, I only figured it out recently, but it’s really cool. I feel like I’m so much happier now. I haven’t really told anyone though. Can you keep it a secret? The baseball team isn’t really good at like… accepting stuff,” he said, with a look of concern on his face.

“Yeah sure, it’s not a problem,” I said.

“Cool, thanks,” he said.

“So I guess that means you’re getting all the girls and the guys with your looks,” I said, looking him up and down, admiring his nice soft ass, “Which are way better than mine.”

“Well…” he said, “It had been mostly girls recently… but I really want to do stuff with guys,” he said, slowly moving over.

“Have you done stuff with guys before?” I asked.

“Yeah. I’ve only had sex with a guy once, but I’ve given head a couple times. I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it,” he said. We were slowly inching together. “What about you?”

“I’ve done… a lot,” I said, trying not to sound like a total slut.

“Really? That’s cool,” he said, “What type of guys are you into?”

I looked away from him for a brief moment to think about it. I looked back at him with a serious look on my face.

“Well I guess I like a lot of different types of guys, but mostly jocks, or athletic guys. And I guess also guys like you, in a way,” I said.

“Oh really?” he said, putting his hand on my left arm.

“Yeah,” I said, turning towards him and doing the same. He leaned in towards me and kissed me powerfully. I moaned and grabbed him and pulled him towards me. We interlocked and passionately kissed for about 5 minutes. I put my hands on his butt and felt how amazing it was. He did the same and moaned. I slowly tried to put my hand on his pants to feel his cock, but he pulled my hand away quickly.

He removed himself from me. “Wait,” he said. He looked concerned.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“That,” he said, turning around and pointing at the floor to ceiling glass window that faced outwards to the other wings of my school. Even though the science labs were in a brand new building on a second floor, you could completely see right through them. If I started blowing John right there anyone who was still in the building could just look out one of the other windows and see us.

“Oh,” I said.

I looked at him and it clicked. “Storage closet!” we said in unison. We laughed and I pulled him into the big windowless storage closet at the back of the room. There was nothing in it for some odd reason.

I closed the door, making sure we could get out if we needed to, and then we resumed our kissing. I then tried making a move towards John, and he approved, moving my right hand outside his shorts to his dick, which was hard. He was 6.5 inches, and not incredibly thick, but still effective. He seemed to be the exact same length and thickness as me.

I grabbed it and he moaned. He grabbed my dick, which was kept tucked away inside my jeans. He only grabbed it for a short while though, before he suddenly dropped down to his knees and began removing my jeans. My dick popped out, and he carefully used his tongue to start licking the head. I moaned and he grabbed my ass cheeks for support, as he placed the head of my cock into his mouth, absorbing the heat and moisture. I moaned as he slowly made his way down my cock. He started moving back and forth taking as much as he possibly could.

“Holy shit, you are good at giving head,” I said, barely able to speak. He looked up at me and laughed. He continued sucking me and playing with my balls for a several minutes before I needed a break. I slowly removed him from my cock and pulled him up from the floor using his armpits. I then traded positions with him and slid his shorts down to his ankles. I repeat the same actions that he did and he moaned even louder.

“Oh my fucking god, yes! That feels so good,” he said. I grabbed his ass like he did to me, and slowly swallowed his cock. Since I had much more experience I was able to go further down than he was. He placed his hand on my head for support and I started sucking him. He moaned and groaned. A lot of salty precum started leaking out and I ate it up quickly. He tasted so good.

After a couple minutes, he lifted me off his dick and lifted me up off the floor. To my surprise, he tucked his dick back into his pants and opened the door to the storage closet and walked out. The door closed and I stood there dumbfounded. Did he seriously just walk out in the middle of a fucking blowjob? Did I not do good enough?

My questions immediately disappeared when he quickly returned holding some condoms and a bottle of lube.

“I want to fuck you,” he said, smiling the kindest and most powerful smile I’ve ever seen. I was so shocked I couldn’t move. So instead I said:

“Who the fuck just carries condoms and lube around in their backpack?” I ask, laughing.

“Well they were in my car but I took them out for this,” he said. I finally understood it. He was working slower so we could stay after class and do this.

“Huh. Okay…” I said, returning to him and passionately kissing him again. “Let’s do this,” I said.

I grabbed a condom and ripped it open, then removed it from the pouch. I slowly rolled it down John’s throbbing cock, then grabbed the lube and slathered some on. He shuddered.

I then bent over the spare desk that was present in the closet and spread my legs. John squirted some lube onto his fingers and applied some to my asshole. He slowly pushed one finger in and was surprised at how easily it slipped in.

“Wow, looks like someone’s been busy,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said laughing.

“Are you ready?” he said.

“Go for it,” I said, eagerly. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into my asshole and I groaned. He easily pushed his cock into me and moaned as he did it. When his thighs were touching my asscheeks he stopped pushing in and then began slowly humping into me, grunting every time. I moaned loudly in pure pleasure.
As he increased his pumping speed he asked moaned “Oh yeah baby, you like it?”.

“Yes! Yes! Oh my god!” I yelled. He moaned even louder and slammed into me harder. He put his hands on my ass and moved me up and down his cock for him. He fucked viciously like a straight boy.

He then pulled me off the desk and stood me up and humped up into me. We both moaned louder. He then carefully pulled me off his cock and flipped me over. He put my back onto the desk then separated my legs into spread eagle. He reinserted his cock inside me and started fucking me missionary.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as he hit my G-Spot. He pumped into me harder. “Oh yeah, take it!” he said. His balls slapped against my ass as he humped into me. He grabbed my cock and started jerking it.

“I’m cumming!” I shouted. “Me too!” he screamed. With one thrust inside me, it was over. We both screamed and emptied our ballsacks loudly. We sighed and breathed heavily, dripping with sweat.

He pulled himself out of me.

“Oh shit,” I said.

“What?” he asked.

“I just realized we still have to do the lab,” I said. We both laughed and then kissed. It was a good day.

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