It was 1975, I was 18, 5’6”, 120 pounds, and lived in a small mid-western town.  I had drunk a couple of beers and smoked a joint of some really good weed. I decided to stop by my friend Paul’s house to see what he was up too.  I knocked on the door and his dad Howard came to the door.  He explained that Paul was out, but I was welcome to come in and relax with him.  Once we were in the living room I saw a projector was set up to show a movie. Howard explained that he had been watching some stag movies he borrowed and then he asked if I wanted to watch too.  Howard pressed a few buttons on the projector and a porn flick came on the wall. It took a few minutes for me to realize it was gay porn. As I watched, my cock started to harden even though I wasn't "into that." I glanced over and saw that Howard had his hand inside his waistband and he was slowly stroking his cock. I tried to keep my eyes on the wall, but I kept glancing at Howard as he stroked his hard on. I was getting excited in spite of myself. He asked me if I liked the movie.  When I responded “yes” he asked me if I wanted to try those things in the movie. I didn't know what to say, so I just kept silent.

After a few minutes, Howard reached over and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. At 18, no one had ever touched me before.  He ran his fingers over my cock and I humped his hand a bit, scared but excited.  After a few minutes he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. His cock felt big through his tennis shorts as I rubbed it. He didn’t have any underwear on so it was easy to feel the contour of his cock and balls.  I played with my friend’s 43 year old dad on the couch in their living room.  I couldn’t keep my hands off of his big cock; I had never felt anyone’s cock but mine, but now I was holding an adult cock and it felt big.  I slipped my hand under his waistband and grabbed his bare cock in my hand. It felt even bigger and harder now with my hand wrapped round it. I stroked his hot cock as he rubbed mine through my pants. I was so buzzed and so turned on I didn't seem to have any more inhibitions.  I could feel his pre-cum dripping from his cock head and I used my thumb to smear it around.  I ran my fingers through his pubic hair as I grasped the base of his big cock.  Sliding my hand down further I took his balls and rolled and lightly tugged them in my hand.  Howard arched his back as I played with his cock and balls there in the living room.

As I stroked Howard’s hard cock I recalled seeing Howard naked a couple of times when I was younger when we were camping.  He had gone to the shower house at the same time as me; I remember him standing there under the water, naked and semi-erect, half facing toward me.  Most likely he wanted to show me his cock, but I am sure he also wanted to see my young hairless body.  I remember looking at his big cock then, a bit fascinated at seeing a nude man.  His hairy body was a turn on to me even then; now I was hot for his body.

Now my hands were on the cock that only a few years before I had seen in the shower.  I stroked his pubic hair as I reached down and held his balls; they felt so big in my hand.  I lifted my arm up a bit so I could see his cock in his shorts.  I could see his hard cock with a huge mushroom head, the tip was dripping pre-cum, and when I squeezed his balls more pre-cum leaked from the slit.

After a few minutes, we took each other's cocks out. We stroked each other while the porn played. His cock felt so hard and big in my hand. Even though I'm not gay, it was turning me on something fierce!  I started getting into the sensation of his stroking on my cock. It was driving me nuts!! Then, when I wasn't expecting it, he suddenly started kissing me! We kissed hard and fast like long lost lovers, tongues darting into each other's mouths. I was so turned on it wasn't even funny! After a few minutes, he said, "Let's go into the bedroom."

Howard and I quickly stripped off. I was undressed first and sat down on the side of the bed. I looked at Howard as he stood in front of me while he finished stripping. He had a hairy body with a mix of grey and brown across his chest and stomach.  As he stood in front of me he pulled down his tennis shorts.  I noticed that his cock was uncircumcised. I had never seen one like that before. Howard stood right in front of me, his massive 7 inch thick cock swaying out in front of his belly with just the tip of his knob pushing out from his foreskin. "Suck it," he told me. I didn't respond; I just sat there thinking how big his cock looked right in front of my face. I was mesmerized by the sight of his cock so close up.  I could see veins running the length; it was a good 1 ½ inches across and curved slightly upward.  I could see a few grey hairs speckled in my friend’s 43 year old dad’s pubic hair.

He took his cock in his hand and moved forward, placing the head of his cock right against my lips. "Suck it" he said again and this time I obeyed. I stuck my tongue out and tasted the precum dripping from his piss slit; it was a little tangy but not too bad so I opened my mouth more as he slipped his cock head into my 18 year old mouth.  My hand wrapped around his cock as I started sliding my mouth up and down on his cock head; my tongue was running around the whole head and especially tonguing his foreskin and piss slit to get more precum.  I sucked his big cock and I must have done it right because he was moaning and stroking the top of my head as I gave him head.

Howard kept moaning, “Oh Johnny, that is so good.”  “That’s it, tongue my hard cock, suck up my sweet cum” I peeled back the foreskin around the head and licked all over.  My lips were tightly wrapped around his cock head and my hand was pumping his shaft when I felt his cock swell in my mouth and hand.  Howard had a hand on the back of my head as he fucked my mouth.  I kept stroking the long shaft as I bobbed on the upper 3-4 inches of his cock.  I dropped a hand down to hold his balls, as I grasped and tugged on them Howard tensed up, his cock swelled in my mouth, the head was huge as I suddenly felt volleys of cum jetting into my mouth coating my tongue and throat; I swallowed as I sucked voraciously.  I slid my mouth further down so the head of his cock was at the back of my throat; more cum jetted into my mouth as I kept pumping and sucking.  Finally he stopped cumming but I kept sucking, pulling off I kept tonguing the head and shaft; after a few minutes he stepped back.  Cum leaked from the corners of my mouth and coated the inside of my mouth with a sticky creamy coating.

I looked at him with my mouth open; Howard’s cum dripped from the corners of my mouth. I lay down on the bed, expecting Howard to lie down next to me. Instead, he laid his naked body down right on top of mine and started kissing me again, this time even more passionately. I was so stoned and turned on it was incredible! I ran my hands all over his body as we made out, then he moved his lips from my mouth to my neck and started sucking. I realized he was giving me a hickey. This was just so far out it was unbelievable. But I was so stoned and so horny I didn't care. I just kept feeling all over his hard muscular body while he sucked so passionately on my neck.  As we kissed Howard rubbed his hard wet cock across my smaller cock and balls leaving a trail of his sticky cum.  I held his hips as we pumped and rubbed our crotches; Howard French-kissed me as we rubbed our cocks together.

I reached out and held Howard's erect prick. It was so thick I could barely get my hand around the shaft. I pulled the foreskin down the shaft. A large, angry looking, purplish knob eased out and seemed to swell up even larger.

I pulled Howard on top of me. He swung one leg over my torso and started sliding down my body. As his cock came toward me, I arched my back to give him access to my ass. We started making out and wrapped our arms around each other. Howard rubbed his bare cock at the entrance of my ass and tried to work it in. I was desperate to get fucked and panted, "Come on Howard, stick it in me."

Howard just kept moving his dick round my asshole, pushing the tip at the tight hole to open it for his cock. I wanted him in me so badly; I arched my ass up as high as I could so that it would help his cock to enter me.

I reached up and slipped my fingers beside his cock and opened my ass for him. Still, Howard kept sliding his dick up and down, teasing me. I didn't appreciate being teased.

"Please Howard, put it in me," I pleaded.

Kneeling between my spread legs, my knees held back by my own hands, Howard leaned in and placed the big mushroom head against my 18-year-old virgin asshole.  As I pushed up to him Howard pushed his cock in. I watched the tip of the great purple head disappear up inside me. Howard just lay still and leaned into me to apply gentle pressure. I could still see the flared rim of his cock's head. Finally my ass opened up a little more and the head sank in. I had the first two inches in me. He had five more to go. I took my hand away from my ass and watched the huge shaft slowly easing in a little more. I cried out with pleasure. Howard pulled out a little and then slowly pushed his cock back in. With each thrust of his body, his cock would sink in a little deeper. I was mesmerized, and I was squealing.  My best friend’s father was fucking my ass; I was excited as I felt his big cock sliding in and out of my ass.  “Oh Johnny” he moaned as he pushed deep into my ass; I responded by opening my legs even more allowing him to slip a half inch deeper.  He was completely in me and grinding his cock in my ass; I couldn’t believe the sensation of being taken so completely by my friend’s father.  Howard held himself above me with his arms extended as he pumped and ground into my ass.

Howard pushed most of his cock in my ass and then he pulled my legs over his shoulders and really started to fuck me. I was crying out with pleasure, my hands were gripping the flesh of his ass. How I took all of him, I'll never know, but I did. His hairy balls were now slapping my bottom. He kept pulling his prick almost out of me until just part of the head was in and then rammed it in hard. I was now thrusting with him and really enjoying a superior fucking. I grunted and came with a loud moan.  Cum squirted onto my stomach and chest as he pumped my ass; each stroke of his cock head against my prostrate caused a squirt of cum out until 6-7 squirts covered my stomach.

My lips were parted and I was sucking in air and whimpering. My half-closed eyes were wildly rolling around. I was coming again. I gripped Howard's shoulders crying out "Howard, oh Howard keep on fucking me." He leaned toward me to kiss me as I shot 2-3 more small squirts of hot white cum.

I was crying and heaving my hips up to meet his every thrust. Howard was moving faster now with short sharp stokes. His balls had sunk up into his body. He was about to cum. You could see it with every jerk of his body. My legs were locked around his back. I was shouting out: "Fuck me Howard, fuck me - keep fucking me! I love it!"

This continued for a quite a while. Damn, I was sure Howard would cum soon, but he never did. All the while, I continued shouting for him to keep fucking me and cheering him on with a statement about how good he was and how good his dick felt in me.

Finally, Howard plowed into me with one final thrust and spurted his cum deep into my ass. We lay together for a while with his prick still up inside me. We kept kissing each other while I tried to catch my breath. I was having a hard time breathing deeply with Howard on top of me, so he slowly leaned to his side. As he did so, his cock slowly came out of my ass. It was so long it took a while to slide all the way out. When it finally did, it made a loud plop, which caused both of us to giggle. I let out a long sigh. Howard's cock was all slimy with my juices. My ass was gaping open red and swollen.

I ran down the hall and retrieved a wet wash cloth.  I cleaned up Howard’s cock tenderly cleaning the shaft and full balls hanging below.  After cleaning him I took his semi-hard cock back in my mouth and started sucking deeply.  Now I was an experienced cock sucker and knew how to please.  I kept licking and sucking Howard’s hard cock, peeling back the foreskin and licking the smooth slick head, tonguing the piss slit for more precum, and taking each ball into my mouth and gently sucking.  I buried my face into his pubes to smell the scent of a man.  Howard had another hard-on and wanted to fuck me again. Howard moved off the bed and began to reposition himself between my legs, nudging me out of his way. He drove his cock back up into my ass with no trouble this time. My legs were spread wide apart and my ass was a tight "O" around his massive erection. He was ramming into me, giving me another really superior fucking. I came again as he pumped my ass, my own cum squirting out with each push of his cock into my ass until finally it just dribbled out.  I was wasted, but kept my ass in the air until he finally came with a loud groan and pumped another load of spunk up into me. Then he collapsed on top of me.

That’s when I heard movement at the door way.  There stood Paul and Jim staring at Howard and I coupled on the bed, Howard’s cock still deep in my ass.  I could see that Paul and Jim had erections.  Looking into their eyes I said, “Come to me and let me suck you too.”  Without saying a word Paul and Jim started unbuttoning their jeans.  I watched my friends strip in front of Howard as they prepared to let me suck their cocks.  When they got to their white briefs I could see their huge hard cocks bulging out.  They pulled them down exposing their thick hard cocks.  Paul was almost as long as his dad, but his cock was thicker, about 7 inches long, with brown pubes covering his crotch.  Jim was easily 7.5 inches and thick; I wanted that cock badly.

Paul climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to me laid out on my back, his father still prone over my body with a growing hard on again filling my ass.  I reached out and grasped Paul’s hard cock; he too was uncut and the foreskin covered his cockhead with crinkled skin at the tip dripping precum.  I pulled Paul to me as I rolled a bit to one side to reach him, never letting Howard slip from my ass.  Howard pulled out and stood up while Jim quickly took his place.  Even though Howard had just fucked me twice, when Jim slid his fat cock in me I let out a deep moan, partly in pain but mainly in desire.  Jim started to pump my ass as he watched me take Paul’s hard cock into my mouth.  My open mouth slid two inches over Paul’s thick cock before I let my tongue run all around his dripping foreskin.  I sucked the foreskin into my mouth as my lips clamped around the head of his cock.  Paul grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock in until he hit the back of my throat.  Straddling me, he leaned against the head board and started fucking my mouth; his dangling balls bounced off my chin has he pumped my mouth with his fat cock.  This was going to be quick; suddenly Paul tensed up and pushed forward.  I grabbed the base of his cock as it swelled in my hand and then his cum started squirting out filling my mouth.  Jim, watching Paul cumming in my mouth, slammed his cock deep into my ass and released a load of cum.  Paul was still shooting a huge amount of cum, at least 6-7 big squirts unloaded into my mouth as I Jim released deep in my ass.  Jim’s big cock swelled even bigger stretching my ass; he pushed fully in as his cock pulsed shot after shot of searing hot cum into my ass.

I continued to nurse Paul’s cock with my mouth as Jim slowly fucked my ass; he was getting soft.  Once he pulled out he climbed off the bed and left the bedroom, off to the bathroom I assumed.  Meanwhile Paul had started to get hard again having never gone completely soft.  When he was fully hard again I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked up to Paul.  “Paul,” I asked, “Will you fuck me too?  I felt his cock surge in my mouth, swelling at the thought.  Paul smiled and looked down at me nursing his cock head.  “Sure Johnny,” he said, “I have never fucked before and want to try it too.  I was going to get a 3 man tag team up my ass!

Paul pulled away from my mouth, his fat cock dangled in my face.  The hair around his cock was full and crept down his inner thighs a bit, but otherwise he was hairless still.  Paul slid down and positioned himself between my legs.  I pulled my legs back to my chest which exposed my asshole to Paul.  I could feel Howard’s and Jim’s cum dripping from my ass as Paul positioned himself over me.  Taking his cock in my hand I positioned it at my asshole.  Paul pushed his hips forward and I felt his cock head slide up against my asshole; having just gotten fucked by his father and friend so my hole had loosened up. 

I felt the fat head slip into my ass stretching me a bit more than his dad did; it felt so good as Paul started to pump his cock into my ass slowly feeding more and more in until I felt his crotch against mine.  Paul had buried his cock completely in my ass; his thick cock felt amazing.  I had seen Paul naked before and knew he had a nice cock, but now I had the chance to see and feel his hard cock.  Now he was fucking his friend in his father’s bed.  Paul started rocking into me, pushing in all the way and then pulling out leaving just the fat head.  He was pumping my ass and picking up speed.  I wrapped my legs around him as he started pumping me deeply; I was thrusting my ass up to him as Howard walked back into the bedroom.  He smiled at seeing his son fucking me on the bed.  As Howard watched and jacked his semi-erect cock I felt Paul tense up and then push his cock deep into my ass; a second later I felt his cock swell and then hot thick cum started flooding my ass.  I could feel each squirt as he ground into my asshole; I tightened my ass grip on his cock as he started pumping to get all of his cum dumped into my ass.


James Stone

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