It was a hot and sunny summer day. I woke up with the sun pouring into the bedroom as I slowly got up and made some coffee and read the paper. Luckily, my balcony gets lots of sun while blocking most of the wind. It's not huge, but I can move a small table out of the way and put two chairs side by side with some cushions and it makes a fairly comfortable place to sunbathe. I put on a tight swimsuit, lathered myself up with slightly coconut flavoured suntan lotion, and grabbed my laptop and a good book. While soaking up the rays, I went online to check out the action. I live in a West Coast city which is great except that there aren't many black guys, and I have a huge turn-on for black guys. Top or bottom, it's all good, but gotta be black. After logging in I saw some of the usual suspects including one guy I'd seen on and off for a while. His profile name was EbonyTop38. He was a bit taller than me at 5'11, muscled at 195lbs, and had a 9'cut cock. I'd messaged him a couple of times in the past, but likely he got a ton of messages every time he logged in so my messages may have gotten lost in the crowd. What the hell, I thought. I'll try again and see what happens.

-This weather is doing something to my sex drive. Do you think putting your cock in my mouth would help?

To my surprise he responded back in a few moments. -We could definitely do that if you plan on doing it for a while.

Fuck! I had the attention of the hottest black stud in town! We messaged and it turns out he was waiting for a friend to drop off something and then would be meeting others to head out of town for a few days of camping. He said he'd let me know once his friend arrived and may be to squeeze into me before leaving.

-Boy you have a nice bum. Are you just into oral?

-I do like to get it on occasion... I might be persuaded ;)

-Meeting with a friend at 12:30 for 20-30 minutes. You'll have to text me before coming by. I may be done sooner if that's cool. I'll text you when the coast is clear. I'm Colin.

We exchanged phone numbers and my head was spinning in anticipation. I turned over and wriggled my ass in anticipation for a moment. Then I got up, brought my things inside, and took a hot shower. I lubed myself up with some silicon-based lube and fingered myself. Hell, I was ready to go! I needed something a lot bigger than fingers up there.

After getting dressed in a tight tank-top, Ed Hardy briefs, and shorts, I grabbed my bike and headed along the beach towards his building, texting him along the way to see where he was with his friends. They's left early so I was to come on over.

I locked up my bike near a park beach kiosk and crossed the street to his building. After punching in the number, he buzzed me in directly. With growing anticipation I took the elevator to his floor and knocked on the door.

The door pulled back and there was possibly the sexiest black stud I'd ever seen. He was careful to stand behind the door so the neighbours couldn't see him. He was standing in blue rugby shorts and nothing else. -Hey Michael, come on in.-

I stepped in and he closed the door and started kissing me furiously. He towered over me like some kind of African god. He looked even better than his profile pics. Colin pulled up my shirt which we then dropped on a chair as we moved into the bedroom. He was like a machine with intense sexual energy as he continued to kiss me and feel me up, his hands moving lower to my ass. I bent down and sucked on his right nipple, which was huge and erect, the size of the tip of my pointer finger. As I sucked it his whole body sank down for a moment in pleasure before he composed himself and stood up. I felt his tenting pole under the shorts. Fuck but it was big! I slowly pulled his cock out of his shorts and fell to my knees to give it my full attention. His cock was huge with a nice big juicy rounded head, just the way I like. The shaft was thick with an upward curve and got really big at the shaft. With my right hand I cupped his heavy balls while I lightly traced my fingers up and down the shaft. Within a few seconds I plunged my mouth down on that huge dick. As his head went into my mouth I started tonguing around it and slid my tongue down the shaft as it continued in. As my nose got closer to his pubic hair and stomach, I smelled a deep clean musky man scent. There was no way I could fit that monster all the way in my mouth. After a few minutes of oral ecstasy I made my way up his stomach to the other nipple, then past his chin to the lips. As I moved my way up Colin's hand grabbed my ass cheeks and his middle finger found my hole and slipped in to the first knuckle.

-Bend over.

I did as I was told. He slipped on a condom and grabbed some Swiss Navy that he liberally applied with a couple of thrusts of his finger into my ass. He then pushed his big knob at my hole. It was too big. I turned around and asked if we could start on my back as that was usually easier for me. -No problem, but it is going in.- Colin moved forward on his knees grabbing and moving my legs over his shoulders. With one hand he guided his sheathed sword at my hold where it rapidly slid in about an inch. His thighs were at my ass and lower back and were like tree trunks, heavily muscled like the rest of him. The shaft slowly slid in another few inches. God I wanted this cock! I willed myself to open and pushed my ass up along his cock till the rest of it was in my and his pubes were rubbing against my smooth white ass.

-Ooh yeah! Nice tight ass.

Colin quickly started pumping my ass. As he thrust in it felt like I was going to explode and as soon as he pulled out I wanted it back. My ass was convulsing around his cock.

-Yeah. We are so doing this again. - he moaned as he kept pumping in and out. I snaked out my hands and squeezed and played with his big nips which made him go wild and really start fucking my ass. The sweat was dripping down my neck.

Colin pulled my left leg over to his other shoulder and twisted me onto my side while keeping his dick up my ass. Pretty soon I was flipped onto me stomach and he grabbed my hips and pulled my up onto my knees and continued fucking me. I later learned that doggy was his favorite position. My dick was rock-hard as his thrusts made it swing wildly back and forth. I held myself up with my arms straight down and enjoyed the sensation of rocking forward and back again while this piston rammed into me again and again. I couldn't believe my ass had opened up this much - he was thrustin and bustin me up!

I glanced back over my shoulder to see Colin thrusting his black cock in and out of my white ass. I would see my tan line separating my tan with my paler ass and his dark ebony skin. His hands were both up playing with his nipples and his eyes were closed as his concentration was on what his big dick was doing to my butt. After a few minutes of getting my ass tore up my arms collapsed and I laid my head on the bed while my ass was high and exposed to the dark battering ram pumping rhythmically through me. I could hear each thump as his pubes and stomach smacked against my ass. I looked down and back and could see his massive black thighs past my legs moving back and forth. I lost track of time as I took in the sensation of being filled and fucked.

Eventually, my knees gave out under this pressure and I had to turn around. I pulled forward and felt his cock pop out of my ass. I turned around and laid back.

-I wasn't sure if you'd be able to take that. I was hoping, but you did much better than I was expecting.

He reached down and sucked my dick for a minute then brought his face over to mine and kissed me again, his tongue probing inside my mouth. While I couldn't see, he reached down and pushed me at an angle from him and then started finger-fucking me again. His tongue disengaged and was quickly replaced with his cock which I hungrily ate up. I used my hand to pump his shaft while the head and upper shaft pumped my mouth. After a few thrusts his cock swelled up and got even harder. Suddenly my mouth was full of his warm cum as he grunted and groaned. He came so much it dripped onto my chest. I quickly swallowed what I could and continued lapping at his cock, polishing it clean. Finally he laid down next to me and put his arm around my neck behind me pulling up tight next to me. I could feel his body heat and muscles against me. His still fat cock laid across my thigh and his other hand continued finger-fucking my ass. I started stroking myself and within a minute erupted over my stomach.

We laid together for a couple of minutes before I got up and took a shower. After I got out I kissed him and got dressed, knowing he had to hurry to meet his friends who were coming by to pick him up to go camping. At the door, he kissed me.

-That was good. I so enjoy your extra tight ASS. Keep it out of trouble, it's mine now.

As I left I saw his upper chest glisten with my cum. As I was waiting for the elevator, I saw someone head towards his apartment and knock on the door. Guess his friends had arrived!

I walked from his building towards the beach, actually the gay beach, where I laid down for some more sunbathing and recuperated from my ass-pounding workout. I hoped noone else would notice I was freshly fucked.




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