I like big cock. There, I said it. So sue me. It doesn't matter what man the cock is attached to either, well, within reason...but still, a big, long, fat cock will get me drooling ever time. It's not that I'll turn down medium hung guys, I'll do everything I can to get them off, it's just that I'd rather be worshipping a huge hung guy. Now I know that what I want doesn't really matter. I'm just a cocksucking whore with an ever-ready, hairy ass-pussy. Always have been and I suspect I always will be.

The weekend I'm gonna tell you about took place about a year ago. I was finally off of work for a three day weekend and rushed home to get myself cleaned up and out for a whore's holiday. I packed a small bag with the essentials, including the nasty essentials, and hit the road. I live in Atlanta and thought I'd head over towards Augusta. I like Augusta, working man's town, with lot's of dirty, black and redneck dick. Two of my favorite flavors. I planned to stay at a roadside motel I knew of along the way, right next door to a huge truckstop and right in the middle of a lowdown, black neighborhood. I drove down the freeway with the window open, smoking a blunt and riding the big buttplug I had shoved into my hole at home. I had plenty of chronic and was ready to party this weekend.

I was stacking the deck as I stopped for a carton of Newports, a bottle of Gin, a bottle of Jack and a case of Malt liquor. After about an hour and a half, I got to my first nights destination. The smell of diesel fuel got my fat dick hard. I'm 42 years old, burly, hairy and handsome, with a 6 inch superfat cock, a round hairy ass that loves to get pounded and a deep velvet throat. I pulled into the spot outside the motel lobby and got out of my pickup, stretched my legs and lit a smoke. It was a hot, humid Georgia day and I was loving the way my tee shirt clung to my body. I stood there sweating and smoking, grinding my ass against the back corner of the pickup grinding the plug into my hole. I tossed the smoke and headed into the office to get a room.

As soon as I opened the door, I was struck with the smell of black man. I smelled the sweet, oily, sexy smell of a certain kind of low south, sweaty, dark shiny skinned man. I turned the corner and I knew I was right. The nose knows. Behind the desk was a hot, fucking, Georgia negro. He was leaning back in his chair watching a football game on a TV hanging from the ceiling. He didn't look at me as I walked up to the desk. He made me wait until a commercial. I waited like a good bitch. He finally swung his chair around to confront me and my eyes dropped to his loose sweat shorts. His legs were spread wide and I could see what I was hoping for, an impressively thick cock snaking down his leg. I looked up into his eyes and he was grinning.

"Lemme guess, a room around the back on the ground floor." He stated as he grabbed the paperwork and started to fill it out with no confirmation from me. He had me pegged. I was just another hairy, masculine cunt looking to leave my door and curtains open while I lured any passing cock into my room for worship. he sneered at me as if he had seen a lot of whores like me. He lit a small cigar as he did and grunted, "license and credit card."

I handed him both and waited while he filled out the forms. I watched him. He was a thick man, jeri curled hair dripping in the heat. He had a rough, scarred face, and had a mustache just above his full lips that made me twitch on the plug in my ass and grab ahold of my hard cock just looking at them and wondering if I was going to be lucky enough to kiss this sexy, black man on the lips, feel his tongue against mine, get fed a little of that stogie spit he was building up as he chewed on the cigar. He pushed the form across for me to sign, then turned and stood to run the card. That's when I got to see his broad back and powerful ass and thighs. His back was covered in sweat. I wanted to lick my way down his back and bury my face into thick as fuck black ass cheeks. I was in fucking heat and he knew it. He handed me the credit slip and I signed it. He slid a key across the desk.

"I gave you a smoking room, and here's the internet code. Have all the visitors you want." He sneered at me again, but I could tell he thought I was fuckable. I licked my lips and winked at him. He grunted. "But you cause any trouble and you're out on you're ass." He blew smoke in my face. "Oh and it's a smoking room, cause you a smokin' ho." He laughed out loud reached across to stick a thick thumb in my mouth which I accepted without question. "Oh yeah, you a hungry bitch aint'cha?" He pulled his thumb out.

"Yes, Sir." I answered looking in his eyes. He held my gaze.

"Damn, man, you a nasty whitey. Well we got a full house. Have a good time. I'll let the word out that we got a cum dump, pussy white boy in da house." He swung his chair back around and started to watch the football game again. I noticed that his cock head was about to pop out of his shorts.

"Thank you, Sir." I said quietly as I turned to walk out.

"I'll be by when I get off at midnight." He called out without turning to look at me.

I left the office and drove my car around to the back. I noticed that most of the doors were open and most of the rooms were occupied. Good news. I parked and got out, lit another smoke and surveyed the scene. This motel has a perfect set up. Truckstop on one side, redneck bar on the other, and an adult bookstore down the street. The back of the motel faces out on the truckstop parking lot and from where I was standing, I could see all the cars in the bar parking lot too. I noticed two things that really got me ramped up and ready to party. Hell I was nearly dancing with cock slut joy as I unpacked the car. First, there were about 15 or 20 Harley's parked behind the bar and from the markings on them, rebel flags and such, I figured that they belonged to some redneck gang, drunk bikers are a definite favorite score for me. I love it when men take on a group mentality when fucking me, showing off for each other and proving their manhood while fucking my faggot hole. Hopefully those bikers where in there getting good and trashed, all the better for my purposes. The other thing that got me so horny was that there were a bunch of military trucks parked in the motel lot with me. Fuck yeah!

I unloaded the truck, stocked the fridge and situated the room for what I hoped would be a night of all out freaky, nasty fucking. I found a porn channel on the TV, it showed a horny, white cunt being gang raped by a group of mean black men. Perfect. I jumped in the shower and did a good clean and lube, getting my hole ready for the onslaught. I put on my special pair of cut off sweat shorts with, special cause they had a huge slit up the ass, threw on a wife beater, lit a blunt and walked outside, leaned my ass against the truck and puffed away.

"Hey, can I get a hit of that?" A deep voice asked from the shadows of the room next to mine. The door was open halfway and the room was dark, but I saw movement as a big guy stood from where he had been sitting on the bed.

"Hell yeah, man." I answered, taking another deep hit and exhaling as he opened the door wide and stepped out. He was huge white guy. I'd say 6'6 or 7. He was wearing a pair of loose basketball shorts and flip flops. He wasn't thin either, like a lot of tall guys are, this dude was pretty thick and though he had a belly on him, there was definitely lots of past muscle underneath. He looked Polish or something like that, big, hard forehead and square boned face. His hair was shaved close, as was his face, except for sideburns that came down low like mutton chops. I held the blunt out to him. "It's good shit."

"Thanks bro." He took the blunt and took a gargantuan hit. I watched his chest expand and was amazed at the size of it. I also took the chance to notice that there was something unusually large hanging in those loose shorts of his.

"I'm Frank." I said looking up at him through the cloud of smoke he blew in my direction. "Go ahead and have as much of that as you want. I have plenty more." In indicated to the blunt and he raised a thick eyebrow and grinned at me.

Thanks Frank. I'm Paul." He took another monster hit. I leaned against my truck and looked up at this huge man. Tall men are a real turn on for me. I'm 6'2" so when I find someone that much bigger than me, I just wanna drop to my knees and service them. "Just laying over here for the night. I drive that truck out there." He indicated a black Peterbilt across the parking lot. "You?"

"I'm just passing through on my way to Augusta. Thought I'd stop here for a little fun along the way." I said dropping my eyes to his swinging bulge and lit a smoke.

"Not much fun around here, looks like just a bar and truckstop pullover to me." He said, handing me the blunt. I took a deep toke and handed it back. I wanted this fucker high.

"Oh, you'd be surprised." I said, dropping my eyes again to that swinging meat. It looked long and thick and it was still soft.

"I don't know about that." He was looking over the landscape. Damn, this big fucker was dumb as shit, I was going to have to be more obvious. I had an idea.

"You wanna beer, Paul?" I asked casually, moving towards my room.

"Shit yeah, man, thanks!" He said and I knew I was gonna hook this Frankenstein looking fucker. He didn't have any pot or beer and he liked both. It was only a matter of time before I was choking on whatever he was hiding in those loose shorts.

I walked into my room, fully aware that the slit in my shorts was showing off my hairy cunt crack. When I bent over to open the little fridge he finally understood.

"Whoa" I heard him mutter in a stoned daze.

I stood and held out a beer to him. I noticed that his cock was no longer swinging as he stood facing me just outside the door of the room, now it was beginning to press up against the fabric of his shorts. I watch it as he walked towards me to get the beer, it lengthened down his leg and the head was nearing the opening just above his knee. He stepped really close to me to get the beer and his big, bulging cock touched my leg. I looked up into his bloodshot eyes as I reached down and grabbed ahold of that thick snake and moaned into his sweaty chest, nuzzling around until I found his pronounced nipple and started to suckle on it. I heard him open the beer and take a deep swallow.

"I knew there had to be a reason you were being so friendly." He muttered as his hand wrapped around my head and pulled my mouth hard onto his tit. "Yeah, suck it, hard and you'll make something else hard." He chuckled. His cock continued to grow harder. He suddenly pulled my sucking lips off of his nip and pushed me back. "Lemme lock up my room."

He went to shut his room door and right after he did I heard two voices outside. I walked over to the door and stood there smoking as two black dudes came out of the room a couple over and stood outside smoking themselves. They glanced over at me and then at Paul as he came back out of his room, locking it behind him. His cock was still at full mast and looked obscene in his shorts he didn't notice as he smiled at me and came back into the room. I looked over at the two mid-forties, black men as I shut the door and winked at them. They cracked up laughing and both grabbed at their crotches.

Paul was sitting down, drinking his beer and watching the gang bang movie. I shut the curtains, but left about four inches so guys could look in and see what was on offer. A little advertisement never hurts. I found the rest of the blunt in the ashtray and lit it, taking a big hit, then passed it to the first catch of the day, Paul, the giant man with the horny grin on his face. He took the joint from me and his other hand reached out and grabbed onto my ass, his extra long fingers poked through the slit into my lubed up hole.

"Oh hell yeah" He groaned, working a couple of fingers up into that wet, hairy pussy. "You all ready for big Paul, aintcha man?"

"Yes Sir." I responded, bending slightly to give him more access and grabbing ahold of his dick again as I did. He kicked of his flip flops, took a big hit of the blunt and leaned into my face, which was now inches from his. I met him half way and he started to slowly tongue fuck my mouth as he shot-gunned his huge hit slowly into my lungs, I couldn't take it all, but we continued to exhale the smoke together as it wrapped up and around us. I looked into his giants face and kissed him again before dropping to my knees before him, pulling his shorts down on the way.

I knelt before him and dropped my face into his low-hanging bull balls. Everything about this man was so big. He spread his legs even more and slid down to give me more access. I sniffed and licked as he moaned and played with my hair. I tongued his balls and underneath them, moving ever lower. I wanted that ass. I wanted to make out with this giants asshole, but I wanted that huge dick even more. So I started to move up again. His big hand tangled in my hair as he made a fist and pulled me up to just above the head of his throbbing cock. I looked up at him and smiled. He looked at me a little stunned at his luck, a little disgusted by my wantonness and a very horny. I pulled a bottle of poppers out my pocked and took a big hit in each nostril as I stared at him, then handed him the bottle. He took his hand off my head and I began licking the pulsing head of his vieny cock. I heard him take a couple of hits as the poppers started to take ahold of me, he set the bottle back down on the table, grabbed my hair again and started to slowly force my mouth down over his cockhead. I worked the head with my lips as I moved past it and felt it begin to press into my throat, I worked my throat in a swallowing motion and he was able to keep going. I continued to work my lips on his shaft as I could feel the head start its journey deep into my whore throat. His cock was thick, but I'd had thicker. He rivaled the longest I had ever had at about 11 inches. I was determined to take it in one deep lunge and he seemed to have the same idea.

"That's it, whore. Get that whole dick in your throat. Nobody ever took the whole thing all the way before. I think you can. I'm gonna make you." I readjusted my head a couple of times and he kept the pressure up. There was still about four inches to go when something gave out I felt the rest of that cock glide into my head. "Get that dick, boy." He pressed hard on my head grinding his hips and stretching me out good. I just made myself a rag doll. There was nothing else I could do. I was about to pass out. I went as limp as possible and let him grind away until he decided he was done. He started to slowly pull me off. About halfway, I could exhale and suck in some more air and then he pushed it down all the way again. He kept up this steady pace for a while. "Damn bitch, you blowing my mind right now. Aint nobody ever done this shit with my freak cock before. I had a lot of lot lizard whores and even a couple of faggots like yourself try and take this cock, but I aint never had head like this. I'ma blow my first load in this throat, cause I may never get a chance to have my whole dick swallowed while I shoot again." He told me continuing to ram his monster snake deep into my neck. I breathed when I could. "I been a trucker for 6 years now, since I gave up college ball. This dick been in thousands of mouths, but none like this, bitch." He was pounding my throat hard now, lifting his hips to meet the thrusts, he palmed my head like a basket ball. We were in perfect sync. I couldn't wait to get fucked by this freak of nature.

"You gonna get a nice thick load of polish trucker cream, baby" He babbled as he raped my face. "I know you want it. That slit in your shorts is there so everyone knows what a whore you are. You plan to take on this whole motel tonight don't you, bitch?" I just kept taking his fuck. It felt so good to let go, to be the whore that I am and service this hard man's meat. "Here you go, slut." He said and rammed that cock deep, shooting a wad so deep inside of me that I only knew he was coming because he told me and because his cock got even harder. He shot a couple of spurts and then pulled me up all the way to the tip, shot a spurt into my mouth and then shoved me all the way back down again. "Take it all, you hairy whore." He held me there and I took it all. When he released the pressure I started to work my way back up, suckling his cock for every drop. I ran my tongue up along the bottom of his cock to pull all of the cum out. I swallowed ever drop, then let the head plop out and looked up at him.

I kneeled there before this Cro-Magnon man, my tongue shoved up his tasty asshole while he moaned, palmed my head and ground my face into his crack. I felt his big snake coming back to life as it lifted off the side of my head. That's when I felt him running his hand down my back and into my crack. Hell, he was so big that he didn't even have to lean over. He ran that huge hand up and down over my pussy as I arched my back to give him better access. He dropped his legs and leaned forward, crushing my head between his strong thighs.

"Bitch, you got a hot fucking hole." He said as he rammed now three fingers into my cunt as I licked at the hairy trail between his ballsack and asshole. "Takin' my big fucking fingers like it's nothing. This fucking hole knows how to take a fucking pounding." I grunted and dug my head down again going for that tasty, trucker asshole.

He was twisting his fingers in and out of me relentlessly, when there was a soft knock at the door. We both froze for a second, then started up again. I pushed my head down through his vice-grip thighs and started to lick his toes. This lifted my ass up even more and he started to really pound at me with those fingers. Again, there was a soft knock at the door. I heard the sound of a few guys laughing. Paul pulled his fingers out of me all at once, making me moan in disappointment.

"Get up, slut." He said and slapped my ass hard, there more laughing at the door and I could see three or four guys standing at the window as I stood and faced them. Then Paul stood up and his massive form blocked my view of the crack in the curtains. I looked up at him. "You're a real, fuck whore. I can see in your eyes that you want to let in all those guys out there and let 'em rape you hard, all night. I'm glad I got you first, before that pussy's blown out." He reached around and shoved those three, long thick fingers deep into my lubed and ready slit. "I want you to unlock that door and then sit on my cock and greet your guests." I wanna watch you bitch out while I pump your pussy and then I'm gonna drink your liquor and smoke your dope while I watch you take cock like a back alley nympho." His face was close to mine now. I reach one of my hairy arms up around his neck and pulled him too me. He shoved his fingers hard into me as he forced his tongue deep into my throat. There was another, harder knock at the door.

"Yo! Time to share dat pussy!" I heard one of the guys on the other side of the door call out, followed by another round of rowdy laughter. I didn't know how many men were outside my door, but my pussy was pulsing around Paul's fingers in lust at the possibilities.

"I'm looking forward to sinking my pole into this sweet fucking hole, baby." Paul whispered into my mouth, then slowly withdrew his fingers from me and lifted them to my lips. I suckled on them and licked them clean. He then slapped me lightly across the face and pushed me away from him. "Let 'em in, cunt." He said and I turned towards the door as he swatted my ass with his massive hand.

I walked over and unlocked the door then turned to see him sitting there on the bed, his beautiful, nearly foot-long cock at full attention. I walked over to him, turned and bent forward. I felt the big head of that dick at my hole, he rubbed it up and down a couple of times to find the target, as I took a big hit on the poppers, and then we both moaned and he forced the head into the hole. I started to slide down on his cock slowly as I watched the doorknob turn and right as the door opened, my pussy swallowed the last inch of his cock. I sat on it, feeling my cunt get used the big invader.

The door opened to reveal four guys, all of them black. They all stopped in their tracks when they saw me sitting there on the giant Pole's prick. I started to ride up and down a couple of inches, eyeing these sexy dudes in the doorway and feeling the rigid cock in my guts jump and throb in response to the heat of my pussy. I was in heaven. Two of the guys were the ones that I had winked at before, the other two were obviously with them, cause they had on various camo clothes and dogtags.

"Looks like we found a slut that likes to put on a show." The oldest of the four said as he entered the room. He was in his early forties, solid muscle, bout 5'8". He had the look of a mean ass drill sergeant and I loved it.

"I do Sir." I said locking eyes with him and bending forward, I licked my lips still looking into his cold eyes. "You and your boys help yourself to a drink or whatever else looks good to you." My eyes roamed over the hot bodies on the the three black men behind him. It was then that I noticed there were a few other men standing in the doorway, all of them black, all of them soldiers. Shit. I had hit the fucking jackpot. I hoped my hole was up for it.

"You heard the whore, men." He called behind him as he stood there transfixed at the sight of my pussy swallowing Paul's impossibly big cock. The guys, let out a hoot and started to enter the room. I counted seven, horny black army men now in my room. The last one in shut the door behind him, but I noticed that he left it open a crack. "This here is free pussy. The best fucking kind." The older soldier said as he stepped towards me. He reached forward and grabbed my face shoving two fingers into my mouth in the process, which I suckled at hungrily. He pulled my face close to his. I could smell cigar, beer and sweat. "Me and my men are needing some release, and it looks like we found it." He inserted a third finger into my mouth and shoved them in hard making me gag before I wrapped my throat muscles around his thick, callused digits and massaged them like a cunt on a cock. "You own this ho?" He asked over my head to Paul who was holding me by the hips and slamming me up and down on his monster meat like I was a toy. I buried my head in Sarge's sweaty, chocolate neck and began to lick him subserviently, while I reached down and wrapped my hand around the fat snake in his pants.

"Naw, I'm staying in the room next door, he got me high and threw himself at me like a street walkin' slut." Paul replied, smacking my ass. "Already fed the bitch a load, and he got a deep, wet throat, you aughta try it on for size."

"Oh, don't you worry me and my boys gonna fuck this whore every way possible." Sarge chuckled, pushing my head down and pulling me forward. Paul stood up and really started to slam that freak cock into my hungry ass. I pulled down the sweats that Sarge was wearing and started to nuzzle and sniff at the crotch of his boxers. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see pants coming down and big, black dicks being freed. I could smell weed and tobacco as the soldiers helped them self to my goods. I could hear beers opening and drinks being made.

"Looks like we might have to shove two dicks at once into this sleazy cunt to get a tight fit after he finishes getting stretched out by that fat, freak of a white cock." I heard one of the soldiers say as I freed Sarge's hard, black dick from his army boxers. It sprung up and hit me in the face. It was a hard, veiny, gnarled fucking piece of black prick and I wanted it in my throat, now. I lunged on it and swallowed it whole.

"Whoa! Fuck! Look at that bitch take dick!" I heard the various soldiers exclaim. I massaged that master cock with my throat pussy until he pulled it out half-way and slammed it back home.

"Holy fuck this whore can suck a dick!" Sarge called out to his men. He grabbed the back of my head and started to deep fuck my throat. I was in slut heaven. I had arrived at this dump of a motel less than an hour ago and I was about to get gang fucked by a bunch of black soldiers. Sometimes, you're just in the right place at the right time.

Paul, the Pole and Sarge, got a good rhythm going. and they both fucked deep and hard. I could see around the room a bit, and there was a lot of beautiful black dick on display, hanging out as they all sat around drinking, smoking and waiting their turns. Sarge took a hit of poppers and held them under my nose too so I could get good hit. Then he grabbed my hair again and started to piston fuck my throat. Paul's giant rod started to pulse harder in my pussy and he smacked my ass a few times before he rammed deep and shot his huge trucker load into my hairy hole. I massaged his cock with my ass muscles and he groaned as I sucked the last of his cum into my pussy. Sarge was thrusting slow and deep into my throat now, I sensed he was getting close too. But as Paul's huge white snake slipped out of me, Sarge pulled his veiny black cock out of my mouth too. I was suddenly completely empty. I could feel the big Pole's cum dripping out of my stretched out cunt and the warm air hitting my hole made my cock harder than ever. There was a lull as I grabbed a beer off the table and took a deep swig. Man did that taste good.

Sarge moved around behind me as Paul got up and started to pull on his shorts. I felt the fat head of Sarge's slipping over my wide cunt lips and moaned deep. Paul took a seat, opened a beer and chuckled when I winked at him. He was a hot fucker. Kinda ugly, but that turned me on. He lit a smoke and a laughed as Sarge bent me forward and three of his soldiers stepped in front of me.

To be continued...



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