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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a New Year, and were now back to reality, more school work and exams, which is 'great'.

This story im gonna tell you is a true story, this happened when i was in Year9. Back then, i havent really though of my bisexuality, i thought it was one of those 'confusing' moments of your life, but I was wrong.This story im gonna tell doesnt have any cock sucking scenes or fucking, its one of those first time passionate kiss and hug from a person who you thought to be a complete jerk.

The year was 2008, and it was September, everyone was walking to school and it was a bright sunny day, but rather cold. I was excited to see everyone since i didnt go out much during the summer vication, I had other things going on which was a total bummer for me. As i got to school, everyone was hugging their friends, glad to see their friends i suppose. My school buddies are waiting for me outside the cafeteria, and i ran straight to them and gave them all hugs and high fives (And yes, its normal to give hugs to boys, people who think who doesnt..well, they have problems) This particular person im gonna talk about is called George, well lets see, lemme describe him:

*Hes very handsome

*Great Body

*Manly voice

*very tall

*good sense of humour

To me, this was the perfect package. But since i dont get along with him that much, we dont really speak and hang-around with each other. Hes more interested playing football with the other guys around the school campus. As the months go by, his behaviour started to change, he acted more like a jerk to everyone, he became so arrogant and he thinks that every single girl should have sex with him. I too was treated by him really bad, got nasty comments which made me really upset and almost to the point of crying, he started calling me names such as FAG,Homo etc. At that point, i realised he was a total jerk, first i thought he was only acting like that since hes got new friends.

Then again, it was New Year 2009, my friend has invited me to come to his New Years party at his Auntie's Hotel. By 8pm everyone started turning up and the drinking sessions began, I noticed a guy near the bar counter and to my shock, it was George, he stood there wearing a tight tank top and dark blue jeans. He looked great and he had his hair done too. I walked to the bar counter to get some drinks for my friends and as soon as i walked passed him, i gave him a very faint smile, i didnt wanna act like a jerk, and it was New Year so i was trying to be nice despite the things that he did to me. He also smiled back to me, which made me melt inside but i refrained myself from reacting back.

I got the drinks and i walked back to my friend's table. The time was 12:00, to welcome the new year, my other friends went outside to see the fireworks display which was arranged by my friend's auntie. I didnt go out since i was too cold and kinda dizzy at the same time, As i looked across the room, theres this one guy staring at me, yep you guessed it right, its George. He walked up to my table and started talking to me. He was asking if i needed company and i told him im alright. But he insisted of staying, so i just let him. After that, there was a long silence, but he then started speaking. First, he apologised to me because he was acting like a jerk, he told me that he didnt mean to say those harsh words. I told him its ok and its all in the past now.

Now, the next thing he did was he leaned forward against me (which made me very confuse, not knowing what hell do next) and then he kissed my lips slowly and gently. I was very shocked about what he did, so i ran out of the hotel. As i walk out, he chased after me and said sorry. He finally confested that he treated me badly because he had feelings for me and he wanted to get rid of it. I was very touched and he was crying at the same time.

We both hugged each other really tight, sharing the warmth of our body. (and i must say, i felt his awesome abs LOL!). That night, he asked me if i wanna spend the night with him at his house and welcome the new year together. We walked home that night holding hands, hugging and kissing. I said he had a good sense of humor right? We continued walking and he hugged me again and said 'Well you can finally touch my bulge now! Hehe! i know that you've been staring at it every P.E lesson!' i told him to dream on and laughed at the same time.

Guys, i hope you enjoyed this story, i know it wasnt about fucking and sucking, but for me, it was one of those rare passionate moments, one which i will treasure forever.

Thank You for reading, and George, if you're reading this, It's me, Han, your old friend, i miss you..




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