Hey everyone my name is Anthony and I guess I should describe myself to you

I am 19 years old and I have black hair and blue eyes I guess you could call me a typical geek but I do have a six pack and a muscular arm from lifting heavy objects

Computers are my lifetime and when I was growing up been a victim of many bullying attacks

But I have a confession to make I love men and I love being dominated by a muscular jock

Anyways time to tell you my first experience that I had with a jock it all started at lunchtime in the canteen...

I was happily tucking into my favourite meal from the canteen when this stud walked in

His name was Richard and he had to be the sexiest guy in the college. 

He had short brown hair with brown eyes and a top which revealed an 8 pack with thick arms and thick legs

He then stops at our table and flashes a White smile at me

"any room on this table?" he asks

"sure right by me" I reply. Secretly hoping that he will tie me up and have his way with me.

"what class you got next nerd" he says aggressively

"science why what do you have?" I reply sarcastically with a snort.

"science also wanna do my work for me?" he asked without the faintest bit of interest

So after that conversation I got up and headed for science when Richard was 5 minutes late to class

"had to go for a smoke cause it's what I do now" he said to the teacher

"ok Richard don't need to hear your life story" the teacher said in a dull tone.

"right class pay attention your objectives for today are to react chemicals together and record your observations in your notebooks" the teacher explained whilst drinking their cup of coffee

So after class I brought Richards and mine notebooks back from class as I filled in the notebooks

I was on my laptop listening to some cascada when my mobile vibrated

I fished it out of my pocket and read the message I received from Richard:

"forgot about chemistry why not let me come over to teach you some biology"

Getting aroused by that comment I simply text back sure and as soon as I sent it I heard knocking on my door

I rush downstairs to answer it and there stood Richard dressed in his running gear of a tank top and shorts with sandals (it was summer)

I invited him in and lead him into my bedroom

He closes the door and sits on my bed looking on my laptop

I stay as still as I could completely forgetting to delete my browsing history as he randomly clicked on a page of a guy getting tied up and fucked

"you like this type of homo shit then" he grinned at me.

"yeah what's it to you about my private life if I am attracted to men" I reply

"well maybe I can help you out with your fantasy?" he questions me with a horny look on his face

"well go on then and show me" I reply

He pulls me on the bed but never forgetting to move my laptop away before doing so.

He then rips my shirt off and rubs my abs as he pulls his shoes and socks off

I then unzip his shorts using my teeth as he continues to rip and remove my remaining clothes

I then get flipped on my back and he handcuffs me to the bed

Richard stands up and removes his tank top and pulls his jockstrap off

I look at him as he puts his foot on my face and pushes his toe into my mouth as I suck on it like I would with his dick

He pulls his toe out of my mouth and rubs his cock all over my face as I try to suck on it which I manage to do and deepthroat it as he moans out loud

I then start to suck on his balls as he moans out and rubs his foot all over my dick making me even more harder

He takes his balls out of my mouth as he lifts my legs over his shoulder and he starts rubbing his finger against my prostate and making me squirm in pure pleasure

He takes his long and thick fingers out and makes me suck on them as he shoves his dick deep inside me

I moan in intense pain as I watch this stud take control of my ass as he slams his dick in and out of me

I moan even louder as he talks dirty to me

"I am going to give you a lesson in being my slave and you are going to fucking love it" he moans

" oh oh oh oh oh yeah give it to me" I moan whilst my eyes are rolling around

He gives it a few more thrusts in me as he starts to flood my ass with his juicy thick sperm.

He then unties me from the bedpost and lays on top of me sticking his tongue down my throat

Hope you enjoy being my slave from now on Hun





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