GayDayz part 2

At first I had thought the massive size of Dave's cock was going to be the main attraction. It had to be a good 8.5" probably closer to a real 9"er, with perfectly straight shaft, round bulging head. And the veins. I could literally feel the blood coursing through them as he flexed deep in my smooth round ass. Dave's body was sleek, ripped and lean, more like a race horse with rippling muscles but what became apparent was that this young buck could fuck and obviously he liked to fuck for hours on end.

We had been in his room for about an hour now, and that is only 1 hour after he picked me out of the crowd of men by the pool. 50 minutes of it have been with him fucking me all over the hotel room like a machine. After he got me to shoot, damn near hands free and he landed what felt like a gallon of hot cum deep in my gut, he is still rock hard laying across my sweaty back. I can still feel him flex his giant cock and reaching into corners that most guys can't find.

"This has got to be the best view in Florida right here" his left hand swats my smooth ass, "your hard round ass, your massive back and lats spread out like a buffet table of muscles all rippling and covered in sweat"

Raising up to my knees and arching my back I lean back deeper onto his cock, my intelligent response, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

He leans in closer to my ear, "and that is exactly what I intend to do with you." He uses one hand to press my face back down, then grabs both of my hips in his large hands "whatcha got left in you muscle man" with every clipped word he jabs as deep into my bowels as his big cock can reach.

"I got whatever you are man enough to give me" I bravely brag. Hoping my ass can handle what my mouth just challenged, and flex every muscle in my ass tight around his cock to let him know I mean it.

He places one foot onto the bed beside me while leaving one foot on the floor with a wide balanced stance he really starts to plow. I can feel his knees bending and his entire torso being used to pound me like few others have done before. About the time he is in full stride, I hear the door to the room open.

Dave doesn't break his rhythm "hey baby, look what I got" I feel his fingers lace through my hair he lifts my face up and turns it toward the young man who just walked in. "Say hello to Jason, my boyfriend". I say hey to Jason, "My name is Jack" I introduce myself as best I can with a huge cock ramming me like a jack hammer, a little surprised but I go with it.

Jason chuckles and steps closer to the bed "Dam- Dave, you got yourself one prime piece of meat didn't you baby." Running his hands over my body, "good job". He runs his hand across my back and then up under and cups the pec muscle with a good squeeze. "Do me a favor would ya Jack. Wear my other half out so I can get some sleep tonight". He adds with a wink.

Jason lets us know he and a few buddies are off to the dance later, and was going to see if Dave wanted to head out with them, but seeing that his partner is kind of busy he gives him a quick kiss, "save a little for me if he is still around later" then heads out the door with a wave.

As the door closes, Dave says good bye, and he will be sure and save some of my ass for him when he gets back, that is if I can handle what he is giving me now. And with that his rhythm is taken to an entire new level of fucking. The whole bed is shaking, I can hear the frame moan and feel his sweat dripping off his smooth body onto my wet back. I rise up to my hands, getting into all fours position and slam back to meet him stroke for stroke. The collision of our two bodies is loud and about as hot as I could ever imagine. Although he is lean, he has massive strong legs and used them for every ounce of leverage he can muster out of them.

"You are a cock hound aren't you" he says through gritted teeth, "I may have met my match with you"

Again, words escape me but I manage to spit out "just fuck me man. Fuck my ass all night long"

For the next two or three hours, he had me on the bed, in the chair facing the window overlooking the pool. He would sit back in the chair and I would face him straddling his cock, raising up and down and impaling myself while he ran his hands over every muscle he could reach on my body. He had me in the shower and a few times we rolled off of the bed and fucked like dogs across the carpeted floor of his room.

We rinsed off and decided to take a break, we both fell asleep with him behind me cuddled up tight and holding on. I am not sure how long we were out, but when I woke I could feel something being dragged over my face. Sort of groggy I opened my eyes to see Jason had returned and his very impressive cock dangling in front of my mouth. "I could not stop thinking about you up here naked on the end of Dave's big dick," he was whispering while his other half was sound asleep nestled behind me. "I had to get a piece of you for myself." I opened my mouth wide to invite him in. He needed no invitation. His semi flaccid cock slid all the way down my throat in one motion. He may not have been porn cock size like his lover but his heavy thick cock felt great wedged deep.

I startled sucking and milking his fat dick while it started to grow and harden deep down my gullet. His balls and pubes were mashed into my face. I reached up to cup what felt like a massive set of nuts, and damn near gagged. They were much more than a handful. Full heavy sac hanging lower than my chin swinging like a set of balls on a bull. As best I could I gurgled "fuck, dude- those are massive" around his dick.

He pulled his cock out, "you like?"

I slipped out of partner's arms and scooted to the edge of the bed opened wide and lapped those big nuts like a starving mad man. His now rock hard cock laying across my face and the huge balls bouncing and dancing in a shaved smooth sac of the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen. I rolled over onto my back with my head off the edge of the bed I wanted to see if I could get those monsters in my mouth. He knew exactly what I was aiming for- "most can't," he stated "but you can damn sure try." And dropped them on my face and mouth.

I used both hands wrapped around them and filled my mouth with one of the huge orbs. Grabbing the other I tried to stuff it in to join its other half. I could feel my spit dripping off his nuts back onto my face, my lips and mouth were stretched to the max, and with one final shove I got both of them in there but they were so large I could not move my tongue or take a breath. I spit them both out gagging and spewing spittle all over my face.

"That was hot." Jason runs his hands over my pecs and nipples, "and damn you look good down there". Both of his hands land on each nipple and I feel him start to pinch and squeeze them. A loud moan escapes my mouth and I arch my back and flex my pecs for his roaming hands. "Oh Hell yea man! That feels good." I wrap my hands around the back of his thighs, wedging my face up under his nuts and heavy dick and start lapping sucking and slurping whatever my tongue can reach while he plays my nips and makes them dance.

My cock is so hard it is jerking and leaking a huge pool of precum all over my smooth abs.

"Somebody likes hit tits worked I see" as he tugs the nips and gives them a good pinch. "No wonder Dave scooped you up and drug you up here. You are one hot fucker for sure."

"I want to feel those huge nuts slap my ass while you fuck me" I tell him. "I bet those heavy fuckers will leave a mark on my ass as big as they are."

"And they are full to the brim too".

I scoot up to my knees facing him, he is very handsome, and I kiss him softly and deeply. "What will Dave say if he wakes and sees you fucking my hot ass?"

"Dave says what are you waiting for" we break our kiss, look over to see him kicked back, with his arms over his head and his massive cock rock hard against his lean belly, watching me maul his boyfriend. "I can't wait for you to feel that hot ass Jason" I smile with a little pride, "that is pretty fine compliment coming from the biggest cock I have had in a long time". We all chuckle, and settle in for another round of marathon fucking only this time with Jason joining in the fun too.

Jason positions me on my back, and scoots me to the middle of the bed. My head is resting on Dave's lap and big hard dick like a pillow. "I like to see all this while I fuck" he motions over my body and muscles.

"Yea", Dave adds, "flex for him and he goes nuts while fucking." He rubs his hands over my shoulders and biceps. "Jason has an even bigger muscle fetish than I do." He laughs "hell he is all bottom until some slab of beef like you comes along then he thinks he is a top".

By the time Dave is through telling me about his other half's passion, Jason has both of my legs over his shoulders and is filling my already fucked hole with his big dick. He slides in balls deep easily. "How many loads did you lay in here"? He asks Dave. "Damn it feels good fucking into your cum loads."

His pace is more controlled and easy than his partners, I can tell he is more passionate with his cock and it feels good after the assault I had the last few hours. I raise my arms over my head and lace my fingers, this causes my biceps to knot up. I look into his eyes "give it to me buddy" I egg him on, "this is all for you" and I flex every muscle in my torso causing my pecs to bounce and the guns to peak to the max.

"Oh Fuck--------- You are good man" I feel his cock flex and jerk deep in me. "You are fucking hot" His pace does not pick up, and much as I feel him rotate and grind his hips in a motion that really punches my prostate.

My eyes roll back in my head, "Fuck Me" I groan "You are better than good" I manage to verbalize. My entire body is on fire with his dick doing tricks in my hole.

He lifts both of my legs by the ankles and spreads my legs wider into a V. The angles he can attack with me split open in this position is pure bottom heaven. Even the bigger cock of his buddy did not hit some of these spots. My cock starts to jerk and spasm. "I am about to cum". My voice is hoarse and raspy.

"Shoot baby" Dave coaches me "let him fuck the cum right out of your nuts"

I reach my ankles around Jason's waist and use every ounce of power in me to pull him as deep as he can get, my entire body jerks in one huge spasm and every muscle fires and flexes. The sound that escapes my throat is more of a roar, than a moan. I feel the first volley of cum travel the length of my cock and eject with such force it lands on my cheek. I flex both arms to the max, crunch my core, and use the power of a full body contraction to fire the next few rounds of hot sperm all over my torso. Before I am finished I am soaking wet with sweat and covered in my own hot load.

"Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Jason grinds into me fully and freezes. "fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" and at the last second he pulls out and his cock fires huge wads of cum all over my body mixing with mine already there. He grabs his big dick fisting it like he is on a mission to choke it. His massive balls are bouncing hard on my swollen cock and it the weight of them feel awesome.

When the last few drops of cum dripple out of his flared cock, I lift up and kiss him deep and wet. "Fuck man. That was the hottest thing I have seen in a long time. That load was massive."

"Me"? He chuckles. "What about you shooting hands free and hitting your face?"

"When you two lovebirds are done" Dave interrupts us, "I got a hard cock over here that needs some attention." We look over and see his massive cock is pulsing and angry red is it so hard. "Who wants it?" he shakes it at both of us teasingly.

"I want to see you use that on Jack" Jason is the first to speak.

"I won't argue with that" I pipe in, "where do you want me big guy"?

For the next few hours until the wee hours of the morning, these two horny studs took turns using my entire body as a personal fuck toy. I knew I would be sore for a few days, but getting a royal fucking like this happens so seldom that I was not about to stop or complain. At some point we must have fallen asleep.

I wake to feel hands roaming all over my bare torso. I am on my back completely nude with the slightest brushing of hands stroking my pecs, my arms and my abs. When I slowly open my eyes, the bright golden Florida sun shine is sparkling through the windows and I see Jason sitting cross legged beside me and both of his hands rubbing me gently.


The rest of the day was sort of a blur. I could not have gotten more than a couple hours of sleep and I was beat. I made it back to my room for a much needed nap then I hit the gym for a quick pick me up before heading out to the pool to catch some sun and hopefully another nap in the lounger.

By the end of the afternoon, more than a few guys had stopped by and called me by name and said hello. At first I was caught off guard until one of the guys mentioned they were down here with Dave and Jason. Ah! It dawned on me, they must be bragging about their conquest and sharing the details. I was flattered but thought nothing of it. For now...........



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