Gay and married 4 It was already close to midnight when we went out to a late dinner.

He brought me to a fancy restaurant called Flemings. With fancy I mean expensive. Filet mignon for 79 dollar. And that is without anything. I looked at him and asked if he's really sure to eat in such a expensive place. He smiled at me. The waiter brought us to our table and we sat down in very comfortable chairs. Sven ordered champagne. I was surprised nobody asked for ID. "Wow ", I raised my eye brow."How can you afford a bottle for over 400 bucks?" I asked. He reached over the table and held my hand. "We have something to celebrate. And there is something else I want to discuss with you". I wanted to know what I had missed. "What do we celebrate?" I asked. "He still smiled at me." We are getting married, I hope you still want to?" He stood up,came around the table and bowed down to kiss me. I think I flashed a bid. It was something new for me to show my feelings in public. But I can get used to it. And now Sven kneeled down in front of me and held my right hand with both of his. "V do you give me the honor to be my husband?" And he reached in his pants pockets and removed a box with Kay on it. He opened it and removed a ring. It looked simple but later i found out it was made out of platinum. I was shocked. Happily shocked but shocked never less. I saw other customers at a few table looking at us. My hart made some crazy jumps and I was red as a lobster. But I managed to get up my chair with shaky knees and pulled him up. " yes I will" I said and kissed him. A few guest started applauding and the waiter poured the champagne into the two glasses on the table. He smiled at us and nodded his head. I felt so unbelievable high. I think it's called love,I thought. After we sat down again I couldn't hold on any longer and I asked " Sean told me once, you have rich grand parents. Is that true, are you rich?" He held my hand and squeezed it lightly. "Well, it's true. My grandparents owned over 350 trailer parks in SoCal. That means a hell of land. My grandpa died 7 years ago. And grandma past away not long ago. They left everything to me." I opened my eyes and was about to asked but he continued. " I am their only real grandson. Sven was adopted by my parents shortly before i was born". My brain was spinning. Now it made sense. They don't look alike and they have totally different personalities. He kept going. "The parks are under a holding group. I have nothing to do with it. I only get the money on my bank account. And we sold some parks for quite a dime. " He rolled his eyes by saying that." So don't worry about our future , yes we are kinda rich" he whispered and held up his glass." I took my glass and smiled but was not sure if I was comfortable with that thought. And what else do I don't know about him? The encounter with Steven made me aware that he don't know everything about me either. " V by the way I have to go to a travel agency tomorrow to book my flight. I want to fly home with you in the same air plane, so would you please come with me and bring your ticket, please". "Of course I'm coming with you. But do you really think its the right decision to come with me. I could come back after I finished my degree. It only would take another half a year". I told him. " half a year, no way I don't want to be without you even one more day. V,I will come with you no matter what". Again I felt a deep feeling in my chest. " and V I will see mom and dad before I leave. So if you also want to come with me to say good by to my folk...." I cut him of. "Of course I want to come. I said back and squeezed his hand.

The steak was delicious and after our dessert " creme brûlée " we went back to the hotel. He paid for one night so why not?

Back in the hotel room we both were so exhausted that we went right to bed. We kissed for a while and I could feel his little Sven coming to live. " you are a horn dog you know that?" I laughed. " no it's only you." But I was so tiered and I was glad that he understood.

A few hours later I woke up with the sound of a man snoring next to me. I hoped that would be my future. Waking up next to somebody who makes me feel alive only listening to his snoring. Watching his chest raising and falling with every breath ,he took made me horny and little V was expecting some attention. I started striking his bare chest with one finger. The touch of my finger must have woken him up. I didn't heard the snoring anymore. I didn't looked in his face when I started to kiss his chest and his nipples. " who is the horn dog now?" I heard him whispering. I smiled without him seeing it. " since you are awake I want to tell you about how I met Steven on my way to the USA.

During my confession I had laid my head on his gorgeous chest. His steady breathing and his warm body made even more horny. His finger played with my hair for a little while and with his left hand he stroke my back. It felt so good to trust somebody so deeply to tell him everything. He only pulled me up and kissed the back of my head. We were quiet for a while and I thought he felt as sleep again. I was stroking the muscles at his six pack. I had a very good few at his resting dick head. It was dark, almost black but his piss hole was more like dark pink. It looked so delicious. My hand stroke around and I widened the circles until I touched intendedly "accidentally" his dick head. He stopped inhaling for a few seconds. After he started again I touched his dick again this time deeper on his shaft. I felt his penis getting harder. He moaned softly. And with his hand in my hair he pushed softly on the back of my head. We both didn't said one word. I didn't looked at his face but I was sure he wanted me to go down on him. Inch by inch I came closer to that marvelous man candy. Finally I was so close that I could smell his delicious scent. With the tip of my tongue I licked over his pee hole. He moaned deeply. He pushed me further down and I opened my mouth so I could welcome his beautiful hard dick. I tasted the precum and he pressed out a few more drops . He pushed and pushed until his mushroom head was deep in my throat. His moaning became more intense. I thought he gonna shoot his load way to early. I let go of his dick and changed position so I was kneeing right between his muscle packed legs. Diving down I neglected his pulsating cock and dived further do his ball sac. I touched the skin of it with just the tip of my tongue. Living some saliva on both of his marvelous balls. Further down I licked the beginning of his butt crack. Not to far so I wouldn't touch his entrance to his butt hole. That I saved for later. Going up I blew some air at his sac. With the saliva on top of it it made him shiver in excitement . Going upward I licked his dark brown shaft with his pulsating Veins. I didn't go high enough to touch his head yet. I turned my head to engulf his shaft with my mouth. With my teeth I scratched over his hard stick. He moaned and pulled my hair with his fists. "Turn around" he moaned. I know what he wanted and I did him the favor. As soon as he could reach my dick he sucked it in. I moaned out loud. I think nothing is more intensive than a 69 blow job. I took his cock as deep into my throat as possible. And he tried too. Five, ten minutes went by like nothing. When he started to fuck my ass with his finger I didn't wanted to wait any longer and let go of his dick. I warned him that I will blow but he only growled. Jet by jet went inside his mouth. And with the first load i spit out of my rod,he came too.His white sperm hit me in the face and on my chest. I tried to catch a few drops but most of it hit my nose and my eyes." Oh my good I want that every day" he said with a grin on his face. "Wait till we in Germany than you will be lucky if you have it once a week". I gave back also with a smile. He crawled of the bed and I admired his perfect body. One hand grabbed my arm and he pulled me up. " let's take a shower and than we can go home"

That day he finished his report and we went to the travel agency. Sven booked one seat on the same airplane but it was only first class available. He took it and simple upgraded my seat to first class to. "Thank you my love" i was flattered. The rest of the day we just played with Greg and Andrew pro bowling on the wii. We went early to bed. I could tell that Sven had a lot on his mind. Saying good by to his parents seemed to affect him more than he want to admit. I didn't asked. I know he would have said something if he wanted, but he wasn't ready yet. I just held him tight that night. He didn't tried to have sex and that was the proof for my assumption. He probably had bad dream that night. He twisted in his sleep and sometimes he moaned. Not the moan while having sex. More the noise you make while crying. I laid awake a long time and thought about what it mean to me that he wanted to come with me, but on the other hand what it meant to him.

The next morning I woke up because he kissed me. "Wake up my love, it's time to rise and shine."I opened my sleepy eyes and looked straight at a mug with steaming coffee in it. "Good morning, how are you today ' mein schatz'? I said. It means my treasure if you translated correctly. But in German it's more my sweet heart. "Please when you pack your cloth take enough for one night" he said. I didn't expected that but said nothing.

We started our trip many one hour later. First he joked around with me in the car, but the closer we came to our destination the quieter he became. The last few miles he drove without saying anything. I only asked once. "Are you ok?" He just pressed a smile on his face. But that smile didn't assured me, it worried me.

We arrived at the trailer park around noon. I never had seen a manufactured home like his parents. It was huge. And it looked like a real house. Sven knocked on the door and opened it. His dad came our way. He held out both arms to hug his son." You should have called, so I could have prepared some lunch" he said. When he let go of Sven he came towards me and shock my hand. "Nice seeing you again. Ah...Victor right." I nodded my head. " yes sir, nice seeing you too." I really was glad to see him again. He smelled like those mince drops you will get after dining in sizzlers. "Really dad it's not even noon and you are drinking?" Sven asked. I saw a bottle of brandy on the table and one half full glass. " I needed a sip so what?" His dad answered.

Sven dropped the subject and explained that he wanted to see mom. And he told his dad that he will leave the USA with me and live in Germany. But he will be back whenever he was needed." I thought you gonna stay for Christmas?" His das asked. "No sorry our flight goes out the day before Christmas Eve". He was very sad when he told his dad that he will be gone for the holidays. "Victor" he said. I was curios, he never calls me Victor. He took my hand and let me to the kitchen." Would you do me a favor and stay with him while I see mom? He is down and I'm scared that he will drink more. I promise I'm back in a few hours. The clinic is only 15 min away" he asked." Of course if its what you want. But I cannot stop him drinking if he don't want to". I said and he nodded his head." I know but you can keep an eye on him please". He pleaded. I sensed that it was important for him. He kissed me and his dad came in. He smiled at us. Sven broke the kiss as soon as he saw his dad. Something told me that he didn't wanted his dad to see that he was kissing me. Shortly after he asked his dad to stop drinking he left. And I stayed with a weird feeling inside my guts.

"First of all my name is Dwight. Please don't call me sir, makes me old" he said and laughed. " of course sir, ah Dwight I mean" I said back. He asked me to sit down and if I wanted something to drink. I declined the brandy but I accepted a beer. We sat down in the large living room. Modern style furnitsher, a fire place and big 55 flat screen TV on the wall. Everything in here surprised me." So Victor I thought you and Sean had something going on in Germany? And now you here with Sven. How come?" I was ashamed . But I answered truthfully. "Yes I was in love with Sean. I think he felt the same way but it didn't worked out. After a few unhappy ending relationships I found out that I had feelings for your son". He looked at me." Sven told you that Sean is adopted?" He asked and I nodded.

We talked about Sven and Sean for a while. He was emptying one glass after another. I felt so uncomfortable. Sven put me in charge to watch over his dad but how could I stop him drinking? " I saw Sean not long ago. I visit him in jail" I said. Dwight's eyes showed a sad glance speaking of Sean. I thought he was about to cry. I changed the subject right away." I love your son more than my live. I want you to know that". He looked up from his empty glass and gave back." He loves you more than his live. I know for sure. He never told me he's gay. I knew it from the beginning. The day you left our house in Torrance he changed. He was sad. I knew that he loved you from the first moment. I wish he would tell me things you know but he is cautious what he let out in my present. "When he looked sorrowful before he was sad now. "I deserve that, I should have done something when it happens the first time". He said and started crying. Sven told me about the first fight they had when Sven was 14. I didn't wanted to go further so I said nothing. "We loved them both you know. For us, there was no our son and adopt son they both were ours. And when Sean raped Sven the first time we thought...." The color left my face and I jumped of the couch. "He did what?" I yelled. Dwight was drunk but he knew I didn't know. " he didn't told you. Oh my good please don't tell him. Oh my god I'm so sorry. "He grabbed his glass, but I took it out of his hand and drained it. I took the bottle and poured me another one." Now you tell me everything,I want to know the truth" I yelled at him. And he started talking." I can only tell us what Sven told us that evening. He never admitted that he was sexually abused by his brother. We were already in Germany. Sean came home one night drunk. Beth, my wife and I were at a military ball. When we came home we found Sven crying in the bathroom. He must have showered there for hours. We asked him what happened but he didn't said anything. Sean was snoring in Sven's bed, naked. And there was blood on the bed sheets.i know what happened but I didn't had the guts to kick Sean out. He was our son" Dwight said and cried.



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