OK. I’m old as fuck. This story is from the era when Gay.com was just starting to overtake AOL. Nobody had pictures on the internet. Gay.com had just broken Texas up into cities. Just weeks before, every horny Texan was lumped into one chat room. I was on a dial-up connection that was an early version of DSL, and I’m not talking about Dick Sucking Lips. This particular night, I had been stood up, which was sad because the guy I was supposed to hook up with was really cute. In anticipation, I had cleaned out my ass and shaved my balls. I was primed to get fucked, and shoving a dildo up my ass alone in my apartment was not a consolation prize I was willing to settle for. They say you can always hook up if you just lower your standards enough. Well this night, picky was not in my vocabulary. My ass wanted cock, and it was going to get it, one way or the other. After it was apparent my “date” was a no show, I logged on, went to Gay.com, and got busy hunting cock for my hungry ass.

Due to the anonymity of gay sites at that time, there was always the possibility that you might be talking to someone you knew in real life. In fact, this had happened to me a couple of times. It didn’t bother me because I was totally out, but it did have a chilling effect on those in the closet. Within my friend set, we talked about sex a lot. We all knew what turned each other on. My proclivities and what caught my eye were well known. I always said my perfect man was: 6’-4” tall, 215 pounds, blond, furry, 8.5” uncut thick dick, and an aggressive versatile top. You add these up, and you have the gay equivalent of a needle in a haystack. I had said it so many times, my friends could repeat it verbatim without even thinking about it.

A private message window popped up:
>>>TallnDallas: I like your stats.
<<<AustinGuy (narrator): Thanks. Your profile is rather scant. Care to elaborate?
>>>TallnDallas: GWM, single, visiting on business, looking for RT.

For all of you youngsters, “RT” meant “Real Time” which implied the desire to meet in real life. Think of it as the ancient version of “Netflix and Chill.”

<<<AustinGuy: Great. What do you look like?
>>>TallnDallas: 6-4, 215, blond, hairy chest.
<<<AustinGuy: Top or bottom? Dick size?
>>>TallnDallas: Mostly a top. 8 1/2 cut.

This was suspiciously close to my perfect man, and my first thought was that this was a friend of mine playing a sick joke on me pretending to be my perfect needle in the perverbial gay haystack that was Gay.com.

<<<AustinGuy: Sounds almost too perfect.
>>>TallnDallas: What do you mean?
<<<AustinGuy: With the exception of being cut, your stats are what I call my “Gay Weird Science” inputs.
>>>TallnDallas: Like the movie where the two teenage kids make a woman with their computer?
<<<AustinGuy: Precisely.
>>>TallnDallas: So I’m your perfect man?
<<<AustinGuy: Maybe. I think we need to find out.
>>>TallnDallas: I’m up for that, but I have to be at a meeting early in the morning, so if we are going to do this, it needs to happen fast.
<<<AustinGuy: It’s 10:30 at night. Traffic is not going to be a problem. Where are you at?
>>>TallnDallas: Courtyard Marriott Arboretum. Are you close by?
<<<AustinGuy: There in 15.

I lied. I was on the other side of town. But I wasn’t about to give him the ability to rule me out on a seven-minute technicality. We exchanged cell phone numbers, and I practically ran to my car and sped off like a bat outta hell. I had to use cruise control because my dick was putting pressure on my lead foot, and unless the cop was going to bend me over his squad car and fuck me as punishment for my excessive speed, I wasn’t interested in allowing a ticket to foil an evening with Mr. Perfect.

He opened the door and was exactly as he had described. This wasn’t always the case in the days before photographic evidence was standard fare in internet hook ups. I couldn’t wipe the shit-eating grin off my face, and he quickly urged me inside his hotel room.

Thom (narrator/AustinGuy): “By the way, I’m Thom. With an h.”
Jon (TallnDallas): “Pleased to meet you Thom, I’m Jon. Without an h.”
Thom: “Great. Now I know what to scream into the pillow.”
Jon: “You look kinda surprised.”
Thom: “Well, you are a very honest man. You are exactly what you said you were. There’s only one honesty test left.”

Jon pushed his fist into his shorts and flipped out a humongous cock. The only question about his honesty was if he had understated his dimensions for dramatic effect. It was already pretty hard, and I wasted no time getting it into my mouth. He leaned back on the desk, and I sat in the swivel office chair. With his height, his dick lined up perfectly with my mouth. Despite the perfection of the position and angle, sucking his dick was a total failure. While he was still partially flaccid, I managed to get a decent amount of it in my mouth, but it was so thick, none of it had any chance of actually getting down my throat. By the time he was totally hard, it was like trying to swallow a racquetball. I could engulf the head in my mouth, and I could jack the remaining inches with my hand, but despite my ample dick sucking skills, this particular cock was beyond my oral skill set. After giving it a respectable try, I finally relented.

Thom: “I’m sorry, but that dick is huge. There is no way I can suck the whole thing. However, I do have a hole that is the perfect size for that monster.”
Jon: “Oh really? Well let’s see it. You were in such a hurry to see my dick you haven’t even taken your clothes off.”

I was still dressed up for my date that never happened. But I managed to get naked in record time. This gave me time to look him over. And indeed, he was perfect. Yes, he matched his stats, but he also had a handsome face, no tattoos, and blond chest hair for days. He was sporting a bit of blond stubble that just drove me crazy. While I was taking my clothes off, he laid down on the bed face up. At six four, he filled the bed in a way that made him larger than life.

Jon: “Why don’t we start with you riding it so you can get used to it.”

I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by saying “It may be too big for my mouth, but this dick is just perfect for my ass, and I don’t need to be eased into it.” No, I just played along with his my-dick-is-so-big instructions and responded, “Good idea.” After lubing it up, I straddled him and slowly lowered myself down on it. Earlier in the evening I had cleaned everything out and sent my ass through a test run with one of my dildos to make sure all of the water had been extracted and that the cleaning process had been 100% successful. So my ass was already primed and ready. Within a minute, I was fucking myself with abandon clearly demonstrating that this was what my ass was put on this earth to do.

Jon: “Alright. I get it. You can take it. I want to drive. So what position do you want first?

Without a word, I flopped face down on the bed and just waited. He pushed my legs together and impaled me from behind. I think he was bitter about how easily I took his dick at first, and as punishment, he abandoned all pretense of being gentle. He threw his considerable weight into the situation and used the spring mattress to devastating effect on my ass. He leaned over, and I could feel his sweaty chest hair scratching my back. He got close to my ear and said:

Jon: “This is what you get for doubting my honesty. I’m going to make you take it till you are begging me to stop.”

Well that was a challenge I was certainly up for. It was like he was trying to murder me by stabbing me in the ass with his dick. Despite his cute, all-American looks, he was a brutal fuck. By this time, it was past 11:00 and the last thing I wanted was a knock on the door from security due to excessive noise. I was biting the pillow and doing everything possible to muffle my screams. It hurt like hell, but more in an intense way than a bad way. He stopped and commanded:

Jon: “Get up on your knees.”

I did as I was commanded. He grabbed my hips and the pounding resumed. Some bottoms don’t stay hard while they are getting fucked. Not me. I was hard as a rock, and the intensity of the fuck was making my erection throb. I was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. This new angle cranked up the intensity. His massive cock head was bashing my prostate like a crazed boxer. My screams into the now saliva-soaked pillow continued unabated. I held my ass perfectly still to avoid blunting the force of his blows. I clenched my ass as hard as I could to clamp down on his cock. Despite all the lube, the friction was merciless and the added pressure egged him on to even greater heights of brutality. Drops of hot sweat were landing in the small of my back and rolling off to either side. I could hear the air conditioner going, but it was downright tropical in the room. He stopped.

Jon: “Sorry, I was about to cum. And I’m not done with you yet. Just give me a minute.”

We both took a moment to catch our breath. I was hyperventilating from all the screaming, and he was exhausted due to the workout he was putting me through.

Jon: “Your ass is taking a beating. You sure you’re OK?”
Thom: “I’m more than OK. This is one of the best fucks of my life. I don’t want it to stop. If we were in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn’t have a pillow halfway down my throat. But that’s the price of hotel sex.”
Jon: “Well OK. Back to business. I’m going to fuck you on your back.”
Thom: “It’s your show.”

He pulled my feet back and placed them on his shoulders. I was excited about being able to watch him fuck me, but after a couple of thrusts I had to grab the pillow again to muffle my screams. Of course, this blocked my view, and I was back in the dark. Up to this point, the fuck was bearable, but this angle was more than I could take. Maybe he was right. I would end up begging him to stop. He wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and in fact, he was picking up the pace after his short break. But I am a competitive motherfucker, and giving in just wasn’t in the cards. This was either the first or second biggest dick I had ever taken, and this was by far the roughest fuck of my life. And the fact that this dick was attached to a man that was the physical embodiment of my ideal just made it all the more impossible to shut down the show. I made a decision to grit my teeth and take it no matter how wrecked my ass might be.

There is that point somewhere up in your ass where things take a turn. Most guys don’t ever get that far because their dicks simply aren’t long enough. Jon on the other hand was. In the previous positions from behind, the penetration didn’t hit that point, but with me on my back, the depth of the fuck was significantly extended, and it was like he was rearranging my insides. This was what was causing the unbearable pain. I was about at a point of either passing out or relenting to his prediction of begging. But somehow, my rectum managed to rearrange itself just enough to accommodate the entirety of his dick, and even though the intensity remained, I managed to catch a second wind, and there was no way I was giving up on this fuck anytime soon. And then, full-bore stop number two.

Jon: “Whoa, I am so close to cumming.”
Thom: “I can’t imagine why.”
Jon: “Shut up you little smartass.”
Thom: “Smart or not, you seem to like this ass.”
Jon: “Oh, I do. Most guys have trouble taking it, but you are a trooper.”
Thom: “Well, I practice with dildos. But it is rare that a guy has a real dick that rivals the size of my dildo collection.”
Jon: “You are too kind.”
Thom: “You ready to go again?”
Jon: “Not yet. If I go right now, I’m going to explode in just a couple of strokes. I need to reset the timer.”
Thom: “Unlike you, I don’t have a meeting in the morning, and even if I did, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck. As far as I’m concerned, you can keep this up all night.”
Jon: “No I can’t. The next time I put my dick in your ass, I am taking this to completion. You are wearing me out.”
Thom: “I thought I was going to have to beg you to stop?”

He grinned, and wordlessly balled up his right fist and pushed it through his cupped left hand pretending to struggle as he mashed his hairy arm all the way up to the elbow of the simulated asshole of his cupped hand. He raised an eyebrow, and I said:

Thom: “Don’t tempt me.”
Jon: “Oh really? You ever done that?”
Thom: “Yeah. A couple of times. But never with someone with hands the size of yours.”
Jon: “Well lucky you. I plan to finish you off with my dick. No fisting for you tonight.”
Thom: “So…..since we are on a break, would you mind if I ate out your ass while you recharged?”

I was being all polite. I had seen his dick up close, but not his ass. For the majority of the night, my face was buried in a pillow screaming into the darkness. I wanted to see that blond furry ass. He immediately flipped over on all fours and stuck his ass right in my face. It wasn’t just the hole that was furry. His entire ass was covered in blond hair. It was simply magnificent. I dove in and licked, sucked, and gnawed on that ass like my life depended on it. I wasn’t planning on it, but it was also doing quite a bit to recharge his battery. He was leaking pre-cum, and I could see a string of it suspended between the head of his dick and the bedspread. He was moaning like he was going to cum from the stimulation. Without warning, he lunged forward, spun around, flipped me on my back, grabbed my legs, and just impaled me with his dick.

There was no warm up. It was like he was on a test track, and he was trying to set a new record for a zero to sixty timing. I grabbed the pillow again and pulled it in tight to my face. There was something about licking his ass, because he was revved up and fucking me even more intensely than before. The rearrangement of my gut allowed me to move past the pain and languish in the pleasure of being filled so completely by this beautiful man’s gigantic dick. As my ass recovered from the shock, I was able to let go of the pillow and watch him fuck me without screaming. He had his eyes closed and didn’t know I was watching him for the first time. He was towering and massive. His body was the perfect complement to his cock. He was in another world; another plane altogether. I could tell he was getting close. The last time I clamped down on him with my ass he had to stop to keep from cumming, but he seemed to like the sensation. So I did it again. The moment I applied the sphincter vice grips to his dick, his eyes flew open and he looked down at me with pleasant surprise.

For the most part, he had been fucking me. It was a one-way street, and I was just taking what he was dishing out. But as my ass cinched down on him, it was clear we were fucking each other. This just drove him wild, and he started pumping me even more brutally. He knew the end was drawing near so he no longer cared about stopping in time. He rounded the corner and he was just sprinting to the victory tape. I grabbed my cock and for the first time all evening, I started jacking myself. This fuck had been all about my ass, and I had not paid my cock any attention. My prostate was being beaten to a bloody pulp, and my dick was swimming in pre-cum. My insides convulsed, and I shot out a long string of cum that hit the headboard loud enough to be heard over the mutual grunts of our sex. My orgasm milked the full length of his dick and it sent him over the edge. He stopped, and I could feel the spasming of his dick as it filled my ass with what felt like buckets of cum. It took a good long while for him to empty his load. And when he was done, he just collapsed on top of me.

I was being crushed by 215 pounds of hot, sweaty, hairy flesh, and I loved every bit of it. We were both heaving trying to catch our breath, which was a bit more difficult for me with him on top of me. Eventually, he pulled his dick out of my ass and rolled over on his back. I got on top of him, looked in his eyes, and kissed him for the first time that evening. The fuck was not a romantic one. But the mutual endurance of it had created a bond of respect and admiration. He kissed me back, and it was an OK kiss. But it wasn’t a kiss of passion. It was a kiss of gratitude for a fuck we knew we would both remember for the rest of our lives. On a night in which I would have lowered my standards to just about anything in order to satisfy my hungry ass, I ended up having sex with my perfect Gay Weird Science man.


Tradd St. Croix

[email protected]


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