'Come on over to my house,' my best

friend said with a

twinkle in his eyes. At 20 years old Bud always looked like he

needed a shave. Girls considered him very good looking and I

usually picked up a few that didn't interest him, which is one

reason we were best friends even though he was two years older

than me, simple economics.

'What now, are you going to set your

brother on fire again,'

I asked, knowing it wasn't fair, the fire thing had been an


'Come on, asshole, I have a surprise for


I followed him, like he knew I would. We

had shared a lot of

fun and I had once even borrowed his mother, but thanks to him we

were usually one step ahead of the law. The fact that we were

going to his house was a good sign, it ruled out armed robbery

and high speed chases at least. The door opened to a smoke-

filled room and the smell of alcohol. I looked outside for his

mother's car and found it missing.

'Hey Bud, if your mother see's this

she'll kick your ass


'My mother is in Ohio for the week.

She's visiting my

grandmother. The house is all ours,' he said proudly, waving his

hand around the smoke-filled room.

'Where's your brother?'

'He went with her. You know Ted

already,' he said, stepping

into the room and pointing at an old man. I knew him, he was the

old man who live down our street and parents warned their kids to

stay away from. He was a dirty old man and had been known to

have sex with the girls and boys in the neighborhood in exchange

for cigarettes and booze. His bloodshot eyes went to me and

immediately dropped to my crotch. He licked his lips then looked

back up with a smile. I felt my dick getting hard despite my

inner revulsion.

'And that's Pete, his friend,' Bud said,

striding into the

room and grabbing a glass. He handed me one and I watched as he

poured it half full of gin. 'Gin's good for you, it keeps you

hard,' Bud said with a grin. 'I figured the next best thing to a

girl is a good drink and a blowjob,' he said, still grinning.

'Ted want's to taste your cock. You mind?' he asked as he poured

his own glass half full. I drank several swallows of gin and

looked back at Ted. I was about to say 'forget it' and leave

the room, when I felt my prick beginning to burn and rise to

stiff attention. This was my first experience with gin and it's

effects on a male erection. I gasped as my cock tried to

puncture my pants.

'Whoa, you are ready!' Bud said, looking

down at my cock.

Ted giggled and waved me forward. In a confused daze I went over

to sit by Ted on the couch. His hands went to the snap on my

jeans, then fumbled at the zipper. I leaned back to make it

easier. Bud passed me and moved over to Pete. I watched as Bud

unsnapped his own pants and let them fall, then sat by Pete.

Ted's hand was inside my underwear now, grabbing my stiff rod in

a firm grip, then he pulled it from the slit in my shorts. It

stood there proud and vulnerable. I quickly swallowed another

drink and found my glass empty. I reached over Ted and set it on

the table then looked down. Ted was milking my prick in his

hand, several drops of dew had gathered on the head of my prick.

Ted licked his lips and leaned down until he could catch the

drops of dew on his tongue. He licked experimentally, then his

lips encircled my prick.

I groaned loudly and slid down to lean

against the back of

the couch. I watched Ted's mouth slide down over the entire

length of my prick, slowly and with a firm pressure that made my

head feel like it would explode. One part of me was still

revolted, I certainly wasn't gay, but like any teen I would do

almost anything when my cock was hard. Ted had been smart enough

to know this and he didn't push things by trying to kiss me or

something. That would have been just a little too much.

Ted's slightly balding head was bobbing

up and down now, his

firm lips were pressed around my cock. I had only done this with

one other person on earth, Sharon, my best friend and first

sexual experience. She had made me so proud when she used to

come to the house and ask for me. We ended up making love the

first time in front of her TV set while watching the Monkee's.

I'm afraid that Sharon wasn't half as good as Ted.

'That feels so good,' I moaned despite

myself. The feeling

was just so good I couldn't keep it to myself.

'Guys know how to suck guys,' Bud said

from bedside me on the

couch, 'just like girls know how to suck girls. You can't be a

good cocksucker if you don't have a cock, right Pete.'

'Absolutely,' Pete said with a rather

disgusting grin, then

he sealed his mouth over Bud's prick again and began bobbing up

and down.

Ted had changed his attack on my prick.

He let my prick

slide out of his mouth and began sucking and licking the side of

the head. Shear fire shot through my cock and ass as his tongue

and teeth worked just below the head of my cock on the right

side. Doing it on the right side was important, stimulating the

right side of my cock caused fire and excitement, the left side

would have been so strong that my cock had wilted. Rather by

design or accident, Ted was mouthing just the right area to make

me wither on the couch in absolutely pleasure.

'Oh god, I can't stand it,' I moaned,

withering on the couch.

'Roll over,' Ted said, pushing firmly

with his hands until my

ass faced him. Before I could ask what he was doing, I suddenly

felt his hand milking my cock, and his tongue entered my ass. I

was totally disgusted, but my prick throbbed, about to explode in

his milking hand. The force of his probing tongue and eager face

were pushing me forward against the back of the couch. I grunted

and groaned with my mouth muffled by the rear couch cushions as

his hand and mouth worked on my behind.

In alarm I felt his hand and mouth

retreat. In a moment a

finger entered my ass. I felt heat spreading throughout my ass

as a large probing finger entered my ass and began wiggling

inside my rectum. His mouth suddenly made contact with my

dangling cock, sliding up to take over half of it's length. His

right hand grabbed the base of my cock and began milking, while

some finger on his left hand stopped moving and there were

suddenly two fingers entering my ass. In a moment they were

wiggling inside my ass, or occasionally making an attempt to

slide in and out, although I knew immediately it was a very

awkward position for Ted. The intense pleasure in my ass

detracted slightly for the immense pleasure I felt in my cock.

This was good, it would extend my cum for a while and make it


'I heard Bud moaning and looked over to

see cum gushing out

of Pete's mouth. It was so disgusting, and erotic. Bud laid

back with a sated grin, while Pete jumped to his feet and hurried

over behind me, unbuckling his pants as he left my field of

vision. Pete yanked my underwear down, causing Ted to stop

sucking for a moment. With a thrill I knew what Pete had in

mind, and I loved the idea. It was only a moment before the

fingers left my ass and a monstrous prick was positioned at the

entrance to my ass. My eyes opened wide expectantly and I bit my

lip waiting for that huge monster to enter my ass. It took only

a moment. With a slow, steady pressure he pressed against my ass

and it slid easily inside me. I groaned in pleasure, trying to

force more of him inside my eager ass. He held my hips firm and

entered slowly. The cock seemed to go on forever before I felt

it come up against something hard, and it began hurting. I let

out a slight, 'ouch' and he stopped, grabbing his own prick to

mark the length he would send up my hot ass. With no further

interruptions he began pumping against my ass. Fire shot through

my loins, my ass was on fire and felt so full. I loved this part

of it, even though I would be completely revolted when it was


Ted's mouth was now on my penis, but his

right hand was

gently milking my balls. The feeling was so great I didn't think

my legs could support me any more, but when I started to sway

Pete held me firmly in place. I suddenly realized that they were

going to finish whether I liked it or not. Of course I did, I

didn't want anything to interfere with the pleasure I was feeling

now. The sounds of Pete's thighs slapping against mine, and Ted

slurping beneath my cock, were loud and erotic. I slid my hands

down to twist my nipples while my face and elbows held me in

place. Pete's thrusting cock was now going all the way in and I

wasn't feeling any pain. Both hands were on my back pulling me

forward to meet his huge throbbing cock.

I felt the fire building between my legs,

it was the

strongest I have ever felt in my entire life. Suddenly my legs

were shaking uncontrollably as my orgasm grew closer and closer.

Then it hit and I groaned with animal grunts as wave after wave

struck me. I felt my cum spurting into Ted's eager mouth. His

hot sucking lips were milking me dry, eagerly seeking and

swallowing my thick, hot, load. I continued to grunt and quiver

while Ted's hot mouth drained me.

'Oh shit, I'm cumming,' Pete yelled and

began slamming into

my ass uncontrollably. With a smack, smack, smack, he finally

groaned and leaned hard against my ass. I felt his hot cum

spurting into my ass and realized that it felt good. It added

even more heat to my already throbbing ass. I waited, wondering

if my ass would somehow have an orgasm, but I was disappointed.

One orgasm was all I got. Pete wilted against my back for a

moment, then slowly pulled out of my ass. I clenched my ass

tight and headed for the bathroom. When I was done and clean

again, I returned to find Ron, Ted's boyfriend, standing in the

middle of the room shouting at the top of his lungs. Bud looked

over and me and shook his head slightly, so I quickly retreated

to the bathroom again. In a few minutes Bud knocked and handed

me my clothes.

'Are they gone?' I asked through the

crack as I pulled on my


'Yeah. What a night, huh?'

'That was really something,' I said

honestly. I knew the

revulsion would set in again later, but right now I just felt


'Did Ron beat the hell out of Ted?' I


'No, they went home still arguing. Ted

and Pete will be back

again tomorrow, it's Ron's bowling night.

I moaned and grabbed my throbbing cock

which had jumped to

attention almost immediately.

'Ok,' I said lamely.


Michael Shuler

[email protected]


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