As a long-time active horny gay man, I'd used my fame, wealth and charm to bag several of my hot male models over the years as well as many male members of the communities where I worked around the world. I guess I could be described as a gay whore with an insatiable appetite for young hot and gorgeous male models, jocks and blue-collar construction workers ranging in age from 19 to 25 years-of-age. In my work, I have featured guys who are professional clothing and magazine models, college jocks and young men in the construction business.

I'd had steamy sex with a great variety of dudes from twinks to the most handsome pumped muscular dudes. These fucking guys have ranged in cock size from 5-inches to over 11-inches when stone hard with varied features from smooth hairless guys to those hairy daddies. I've sampled guys from red heads, to blonds, to brown and even coal black hair---and blue, brown, green and black sexy eyes. My stable guys have involved guys that have produced monstrous cum loads to those with a small teaspoon of semen but they all knew hot to fuck the hell out of my ass and take my big cock up their pussies.

This brings me to the most recent story involving what can be described only as a Greek god, a model named Caleb. I not only became determined to fuck this incredible hot stud but I knew that he would turnout to be my Rembrandt stone statue, as a sculptor.

I'd been commissioned by a city in one of my favorite countries in western Europe to find a young male model to carve a stone statue image of the young sexy male to be erected in their new sprawling park. I searched for over two weeks in the city before I found Caleb.


I flew from my home in New York City to Europe, inked a seven figure contract with the city, prepared my studio and began visiting several sites looking for the perfect young model to be my subject for the stone statue. I became somewhat discouraged until I decided to attend a major fashion show where designers were hosting models in swim suits, bikini Speedo wear and underwear fashions. I watched the show for a couple of hours until one famous designer's swim bikini suits hit the runway.

The fifth young model to take the runway in a bright pink swim bikini took my breath away and caused my 8-inch dick to become stiff as a stone. Fuck, he stood about five-feet and 11-inches; weighed around a slim 150 pounds; wavy short blond hair; sky blue eyes; sexy smile showing perfect white teeth; piercing dimples; olive sun tanned body; six pack abs; a swimmers body; smooth sexy sensuous pink lips; tight hard calves; washboard stomach; hard chest and big nipples; well developed arms and strong biceps; and an impressive bulge in those swim bikinis. Fuck, shit, I'd found my Greek god that I'd been searching for some 25 years. Yea, here was the perfect model for my master piece .

At the end of the show with my sweaty palms and totally nervous, I approached this perfect male specimen and said: "Hi, my name is Troy, an American sculptor of male statues. I'm in this city to hire my next model to create a male statue for the new city park. You're the perfect model. Would you be interested? The pay is very good and you would only have to pose about 4 hours a day for a seven week period."

I held my breath waiting for his response that seemed to last for a long time. He gave me a sexy smile and replied with what I later learned was a sexy Swedish accent: "Hi, my name is Caleb. WOW, what a compliment. You're a world renowned sculptor and you think I fit the criteria for such an honor. I'm blown away. Gee, I accept."

I failed to mask my delight and fuck I had sprouted a huge hard-on. We agreed that he would be paid $1,000 a day and he would have a room that I'd reserved at my five star hotel.

The next Monday morning I took Caleb to my studio and explained the details. I had him undress and get up on the platform and he began to pose in the nude. Holy fuck, his naked almost hairless smooth body was beyond description in beauty. In addition to what I'd already seen on the runway, he had the most smooth light thick long cock that was at least six-inches soft, a very thin well-trimmed blond pubic hair, average sized tight balls and sac and the most sexy perfect bubble hairless pink ass. I could hardly began my work. I could only think about grabbing him, throwing him on the floor, passionately kissing those red lips, deep-throating that huge cock and ram my big cock deep in that awesome male pussy.

But I had a job to do and a deadline for finishing the project plus if I made a move that offended him I would forfeit the perfect model I'd sought for more than 25 years. I knew I had to be strong but I went home ever night and masturbated like hell looking at all those photos I'd taken of Caleb's perfect naked body. With all my models, I took lots of photos so I could study the shapes of those models at night that would help me when I returned to the studio the next morning to continue my work with the model and my total dedication to each detail of his body.

I posted dozens of Caleb's nude photos on my bedroom walls. Each night I undressed, looked at his amazing frame and that perfect cock, lubed my stiff cock, lubed my sex toy (a dildo), spread my body out on my bed and got ready for a long night of pure pleasure as I masturbated. I stroked my cock for hours, fingered my wet pulsating ass, humped a pillow driving my cock deep into the pillow and fucked my ass with that huge black dildo fantasying it was sexy hot Caleb's big cock up my ass. I'd never been hornier and more lustful for a man's cock. I had amazing orgasms and record breaking cum shots.

This routine went on for about four weeks as I made great progress on the statue and I was ahead of schedule. But I was getting more and more desperate to proposition the hottest man on the planet. 

Each day as I starred at that Greek god's body while working on the sculpture, I became more familiar with Caleb's ever muscle, vein, curve of his manly body, ever twitch, ever move of his cock and balls, his seductive smile, the move of those dimples, the movement of his body as he got up and down off that platform, the incredible perfume like odors of his hot Swedish body and I often became light headed when I noticed that big wide open piss slit imagining what it would look like and smell seeing that thick cum shoot from that piss slit.

As we began our six week of the project, I decided to approach the subject of sex. On that Tuesday, I took Caleb to lunch at a nearby sidewalk cafe that I enjoyed at least twice a week. It was a hot day so Caleb was dressed only in a pair of flip flops, a tight pair of shorts and a sleeveless top that showed off his incredible body.

About half way through lunch, I took my chance and said: "Caleb, I bet back home you have the ladies falling all over that hot sexy body of yours. Do you have a steady girlfriend?"

Caleb appeared very nervous and uncomfortable. Shit, had I just blown it?

He slowly gave me a wide smile and said: "Troy, I guess I'm very shy when it comes to the subject of sex but after six weeks, I feel rather comfortable with you especially since you've spent hours looking at my naked body. You have been kind and so generous with me as to money. I hope I can talk in confidence with you?"

With a glee in my eye, I responded: "Sure Caleb, I've come to admire you. You're hell of a nice guy. You can tell me whatever you wish and it is our secret."

"Well Troy, it is rather embarrassing. I've never had sex with a woman or man. I freeze up just thinking about such a move. What would I do and would the person like my moves? Could I perform in a way to please the other person? Yea, I admit I'm a virgin. Maybe you could give my some pointers? Have you had lots of lady friends, what do I say, pussy?"

I became rock hard and so excited. The thought of fucking another male virgin and also the hottest guy I'd ever seen. He was inviting me to give him so tips. Fuck, was I about to have sex with this hunk? Yea, I'd give him lots of pointers. Man, I was about to shoot my load just thinking of what might happen.

This was my opening. "Well Caleb, I hope I do not offend you but you see, I'm gay and yes I've known a few hot guys and we have fucked and sucked cock. (Wow, I had just lied, what if Caleb knew what a fucking whore I was?) I'd love to show you some moves. Would you like to see how two guys get it on? Even if you are not gay, I still could show you some techniques such as how a woman should suck your cock."

Caleb paused and looked directly into my eyes. I thought I saw a very curious interest. His face became red and I noticed a distinct movement in his shorts as a bulge began to grow. He took a long sip of his wine, pulled his chair back and used his hand to attempt to adjust his stiffening cock in those shorts.

Is there a chance that Caleb is gay and will he let me fuck him? TO BE CONTINUED!!!!


Naughty Eric


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