Brad just got a call from a prominent gay porn company that he was in for an interview. The handsome American hunk who just celebrated his 23rd birthday could not believe his luck. 'Yeah, I'm gonna be a famous gay porn star! I will have many opportunities to fuck with handsome muscular guys,' he said to himself excitedly as soon as he hung up the phone. Just thinking that he would have gay sex with other famous gay porn stars had kept his dick hard. That six inch cut dick started to gain erection, throbbing inside the tight briefs he wore. Reaching down, Brad was scratching the bulge. His dick throbbed harder, responding to the touch. Instinctively, Brad wanted to take it out and jack off but the man on the phone warned him not to cum for it would reduce his sexual performance.

An hour later, Brad arrived at the directed address. As he stepped inside, he was awed to see the interior which was filled with posters of bare-chested men. Brad's dick got hard instantly. Scanning the posters, he found Frank Rock posing in one of them. Frank was his most favorite gay porn star. Like a child getting a new toy, Brad was very excited. The jeans that he wore could not conceal the lewd outline of his erection. A handsome young man, who seemed to be a male secretary, greeted Brad warmly. As the secretary contacted his boss, Brad continued to browse the other hot posters. The longer he looked at them, the harder his erection became. 'Fuck! I'm so into Frank. I wonder if I'll be in the same scene with him or not,' he thought, picturing himself standing naked next to his porn idol. The bulge in his jeans grew larger. Brad remembered. 'Man, Frank is so hot! I remember all the horny jack-off sessions I had when I watched his movies. He always makes me cum more than once. I'll never forget the movie where he got fucked by his own brother, Josh.'

'Follow me, please,' the handsome male secretary said after hanging up the phone. His voice seemed to surprise Brad, pulling him out from the dirty fantasy. Noticing how horny Brad was, that guy gave Brad a lewd smile. Naughtily, he brushed his hand against Brad's bulging biceps as he stood up and walked around the receptionist desk. 'Proceed to that room for your interview,' he said, winking his eye. Over all, that male secretary was quite hot and he did not have any feminine attribute at all. But compared to Brad's athletic body, the secretary was rather slimmer. With his hand, he patted Brad's ass. At the same time, he sued that chance to grope it. 'Wow, you have such a nice ass, handsome,' he commented. 'Good luck, baby,' he added, pointing at the door which was located down the hall.

'Thanks,' Brad replied, grabbing the male secretary's ass. He was indeed a horny guy whom would never leave an attractive gay guy alone. 'Your ass is nice, too,' he added, walking away. Brad did not forget to wink back at him. But as he was closer to the interview room, Brad could not stop getting worried. A thousand of questions were whirling inside his mind. But when he stood in front of the door, he told himself, 'Go for it, Brad. Impress them with your body. They will love you.' Then with a sudden determination, Brad turned the knob and stepped in. The room turned out to be an ordinary office room. A man in his late thirties was sitting at his desk, flashing a nice smile. Walking in, Brad began to spread his charm, hoping that he would get the offer to be the new gay porn star. A minute later, bard found himself sitting at the desk before that man who later introduced himself as William.

'OK, let's get down to business,' William started the conversation. 'I love the photos you sent to us. And I do think you have everything that's needed to survive in gay porn industry. But nowadays photos can be manipulated digitally. Thus, I want to see the real you.' That man threw a lewd grin. 'Why don't you stand up and move over here so that I can get a better view of you.' William, at that time, was wearing a white shirt, complete with a tie. The shirt that he wore revealed the athletic outline of his body. Obviously, the fabric was so thin that it could not conceal his shadowy nipples. Two quarter-size brown nipples were hiding under the shirt. William realized that Brad's eyes were fixed to his torso. 'You like it?' he asked, winking naughtily. 'I do train a lot in gym to keep me in shape and also to ensure that I can always attract any men that I want.' Although William was dressed formally, the air conditioner kept him cool. 'Come here and let me see you,' William said, reaching out a hand.

Brad took William's hand and stood up. Walking around the desk, he approached William who was still sitting on a chair. Lust had started to flow in Brad's veins as he realized the horny prospect of the interview. Brad, indeed, was attracted to William. As a gay man, he found that it was impossible to resist the sexual charm exuded from William's body. All of a sudden, Brad felt very hot, despite the cool air around him. Slowly, he moved his hands to grab the lower part of his T-shirt. Actually, the outline of Brad's body was quite visible for the T-shirt could not conceal it. Yet, as requested, Brad wanted to take the T-shirt off so that William could get a better look at his athletic body. Lifting the T-shirt up, Brad revealed his body. The muscles in his body contracted as he flexed them. A gasp of admiration escaped William's lips.

'Wow, you look even better in person,' William commented, reaching out his hand to touch Brad's bare chest. 'Oh, this is truly amazing. Your chest is so strong and so muscular. You'll make all gay men's cock leak,' he added, fixing his eyes on Brad's bulging torso. 'Yeah I really like your chest. It shows great strength and masculinity.' Carefully, he was squeezing one of Brad's chest mounds and felt its hardness. 'You have ample amount of muscles. Oh, you've just got me hard.' With a wink, he glanced down at his own bulging crotch. The other hand was used to massage the bulge, trying to release some sexual tension that was building there. William continued to roam Brad's torso, feeling up every inch of it. From the look of his face, William seemed very content. 'I can't find any flaw on your body. You're perfect, Brad,' he said, looking up at Brad's face. 'A handsome muscular guy like you will always have a place in porn industry.'

Brad's body shuddered as William's fingers were dancing on its bare skin. It felt somewhat good to be touched like that. Each touch brought a wavelet of pleasure that immediately coursed down Brad's body. 'Oh,' Brad gasped, his body shuddering again. Looking down, he watched William's fingers explore his bare chest. 'I'm getting horny, William,' he gasped. The bulge inside his jeans stirred. He touched William's arm. It felt hard with muscles. 'William is a hot man,' Brad thought. 'I won't mind having sex with him.' For some minutes, he let William check upon his body. William's callused palm was brushing over Brad's skin. Brad's body quickly reacted to it. A moan resounded when William's fingers caressed Brad's one of the nipples. 'Oh, touch my nipple, William. Ah yeah, I like it.'

The reaction that William gave to Brad's statement was only a lewd grin. 'I like touching your nipple, too,' he replied, continuing what he was doing. 'Your chest is perfect. It looks big and hard, but is not as scary as bodybuilder's. Not all gay men like bodybuilders, you know. Anyway, you also have two enticing brown nipples. I can't wait to suck them.' Right after saying that, he winked at Brad naughtily. 'Yeah, your nipples are so sexy. They're brown and their size is “Gingerly, he used his thumb to brush one of them. At then, Brad's nipples were still flaccid. But slowly, they reacted to William's thumb. 'It's getting hard. Oh, I love your nipples, Brad. And they're completely hairless.' Turning to the other one, he gave the same rubbing treatment. Soon, both heads of the nipples were erect.

'Oh!' Brad groaned, his body shuddering. His dick, inside the jeans, was straining against the briefs. Apparently, it could not wait to get out. 'My dick is hard. I'm gonna go nuts if I don't release it,' he gasped, fumbling with his jeans. The sound of a zipper being unzipped followed. 'Oh yeah,' Brad groaned again, letting his jeans fall down. Clothed by white tight briefs, a large lump of meat appeared and tried to push out from within. The outline of Brad's cut dick and his balls was very visible, intriguing those who laid eyes on it. 'Do you want to see my cock? It's much bigger than the one in the photo. You'll love it.' Brad did not have to wait for William's approval because he knew for sure that William would definitely want to see it. Slipping both hands into the briefs, Brad slid them off. Standing proudly before William, Brad wore absolutely nothing. 'This is me,' Brad said, showing his shaved genitalia. Somehow, his voice was very sensual.

'Wow! You're right. Your dick sure looks bigger here. And it's shaved. I think that it's very sexy,' William commented, almost losing the right words to describe his amazement. 'This dick is beautiful,' he gasped, being enthralled by what he was looking at. The hand, that was busily groping Brad's chest, slid down to meet Brad's throbbing dick. 'Although it's not the biggest dick I've ever seen, it sure captures my attention. Oh, your dick feels so good in my hand. It's throbbing warmly. And, oh, it's getting wet.' As William was stroking the shaft a couple of times, Brad's dick throbbed and suddenly exuded a pearly drop of precum. Without asking for Brad's permission, William dove down and flicked his tongue over the leaking dick head. The precum was soon licked off. Brad responded it by letting out a low moan. 'The taste is excellent,' William stated, looking up at the prospective porn star. 'I'm sure the other gay porn stars will love to suck your dick. Oh, I can imagine how great the movies are going to be. But before I can say yes or no, I must examine your dick first. Size is not everything. But I do need to check upon your dick and balls.' Without any hesitation, William left his chair to kneel in front of Brad. His eyes were fixed to the pulsating manhood.

'I hope he'll say yes,' Brad thought, anxious to get hired. 'Oh,' he gasped involuntarily as William's fingers accidentally touched Brad's knob. The dick head had already been dampened by precum. 'Ah!' Another gasp escaped from his mouth. His body flinched a bit when William's callused palm brushed against the sensitive cock head. 'Yeah, touch my dick, William. You like it, don't you? Oh, my dick is so hard. Grope it. Stroke it. Ah yes!' Brad did not know how the interview was supposed to go, but he was really turned on. His dick grew harder. 'William, you've made me so horny. Oh, I want to jack off, unless you want to suck me off.' Both of his hands were reached out to grab William's head. The hair was rather damp with sweat. 'Oh, William! Suck my dick. Come on. Do you want to suck it? Do you want it, huh?' he asked, his voice trembling with lust.

'Yeah, I like your horniness, Brad. That's how a good porn actor should be. Horny.' Grabbing the length of that dick, William was testing its hardness. 'Oh yeah, your dick is so fucking hard. I can't feel any limp part in it. I like rock hard dick.' His hand then was stroking Brad's man meat back and forth. Its owner could only groan out as William continued to manipulate it. 'Yeah, you like being stroked, don't you? Am I making you horny? Let it out, Brad. I want to see you cum.' As he was talking, William observed the outline of Brad's dick. Using his free hand, that man cupped Brad's balls. 'Nice big balls. You must have lots of cum in them,' he commented while pinching the scrotum lightly. Several long strands of pubic hair grew on the balls. Gently, William moved his hand to Brad's shaved crotch. Brushing his fingers on that area, William could feel the prickly short pubic hair that hadn't been properly shaved.

'I'm glad you like me,' Brad replied, throwing his best smile. He tired not to smile too much, afraid that he might look silly. Sensually, he leaned over and ran his hands on William's shoulders. 'You look rather hot, William. Maybe I should help you take your shirt off?' he asked, following his gay instinct. Brad definitely did not think that being a good boy would land him on that job. Thus, he used his seduction to impress his interviewer. Seeing that William did not protest, Brad got braver. Adeptly, his fingers were fumbling with the buttons of William's shirt. Lust was churning inside Bard's body, desperately wanting to have sex as soon as possible. 'Your body is nice, too, William,' Brad gasped at the sight of that gorgeous body. The white shirt dropped to the floor, leaving William bare-chested.

'You're a horny gay man, aren't you? Do you want to see my cock, huh?' William asked, his voice turning husky. That was a rhetorical question, for he knew that the answer would be yes. Clearing his throat, he got rid of the excessive saliva that was pooling in his mouth. Then, William let Brad's dick go. With both of his hands, William quickly unzipped his own trousers. Under the stare of Brad's lusty eyes, William undressed himself. William did have the privilege to have sex with any gay applicants that he desired. After all, he worked in gay sex industry. Sex was a crucial part of his job. As the trousers dropped down, William displayed his dick proudly. A hard circumcised dick was throbbing before Brad's eyes. Apparently, William had been hard for quite some time for the dick head was wet with precum. Grinning lasciviously, that man stood up. Intentionally, he brought his body as closely as he could to Brad's naked body. Both of their dicks were hitting each other.

Grunting, Brad tried to restrain himself, but lust had taken over his mind. That naked stud showed his aggressiveness by suddenly embracing William's body. His lips were smacking William's neck. The pulsating meat of his was squeezed against William's. Precum was staining each other's crotch. Possessively, Brad wrapped his strong arms around William's nude body. He acted as if he hadn't had sex for months. Warm breaths were blown into William's ear as Brad tried to lick William's ear lobe. Occasionally, he would bite the ear gently. Brad's tongue was lapping it up like a tunneling snake. William did not want to waste the chance to make out with the hottest hunk in town. That man, too, showed equal passion as he hugged Brad's body. Their hands were rubbing each other's body lustfully. Blunt nails dug into the flesh as they could barely restrain their raging desire.

'I want to have sex with you, William,' Brad gasped, feverishly licking William's face. 'I'm so horny that I can fuck anything alive in front of me. Oh, you're the sexiest man I've ever seen.' Burying his blunt nails into William's fleshy back, Brad was scratching it up and down. 'Can you feel it? Can you feel how horny I am? Oh, I want to fuck your as now, William,' he breathed in William's ear. Grunting, Brad was enjoying William's hands rubbing his body. When Brad's certain areas on his body were touched, that young stud would flinch and let out a guttural groan. Throwing back his head, Brad let William do anything he wanted to his body. Brad's body was shuddering as William's tongue was sweeping across Brad's neck and shoulders. The warmth of William's body had also turned Brad on. 'Oh yeah, lick my body, William. I like it,' Brad groaned, holding William's head.

'Yeah, I like it, too, Brad,' William gasped, looking up. At then, he was half way down Brad's body. He used his tongue to lick Brad's torso, making sure that he had coated the torso well with saliva. As he was doing that, his nose picked up some faint scent of Brad's cologne. The scent infiltrated William's nostrils and headed for his brain. Nice aroma could be such an aphrodisiac. William's dick was getting harder. The knob oozed out more precum. William's tongue continued to lick Brad's broad torso. 'Your chest is so smooth. I can hardly find any body hair that grows on your torso. Oh, this is so sexy,' William commented, between his lickings. Slowly, William lowered his body down by bending his knees. His tongue was aimed at Brad's nipple! As son as the tongue swept the nipple head, Brad groaned.

'Ah! Yeah! My nipple! Oh, lick it, William! Lick my nipple. I like it when guys worship my nipple. Yeah, taste it with your tongue,' Brad moaned. Possessively, he took hold of William's head and pressed it against his torso. As the result, William accidentally scraped Brad's torso with his teeth. But it only added to Brad's pleasure. 'Ah fuck! Suck my nipple. Make me horny, oh!' Brad ran his fingers through William's hair. Beads of sweat started to dampen William's head. Some sweat was accumulated under Brad's nails as Brad combed William's hair with his fingers. 'Oh!' Brad groaned again, his muscles stiffening. Apparently, William's hungry tongue just touched the erogenous zone around Brad's chest. Bard's dick responded by oozing its precum. The slippery liquid was smeared against William's crotch. Some of the droplets hung onto William's pubic hair.

William was indeed attracted to Brad's nipples because they looked very irresistible. When he was licking one nipple, his hand moved to the other nipple to finger it. Slowly, William twisted the brownish head of Brad's pointy nipple. Immediately, Brad let out a deep guttural groan. Brad's body also reacted by shuddering. Blinded by his lust, William kept stimulating Brad's nipple. With his tongue, he forced the nipple head to grow pointy. The other nipple which was being fingered had also grown erect. After soaking one nipple wet with drool, William moved to the other one. Groans filled the room, resounding through the ceiling. William was not worried at all if others knew that he was having sex for that was a part of his job. Minutes passed by. William still focused himself on Brad's torso. Smiling contently, he backed away and watched what he had done to Brad's torso. It was slick with a film of drool.

To Brad's disappointment, William stood up. He thought that William was going to suck him off. 'Hey, don't you want to suck my dick? I thought you liked it?' he asked, confused. But William only gave him a smile as the answer. The bewildered stud only stood there, watching William taking something out of the drawers. 'Dildo? Why do you need a dildo?' Curiously, Brad was observing what William was going to do with that sex toy. But William still chose to be silent. Brad was getting uneasy as he saw William took out a bottle of lube. Curious guesses started to fill Brad's mind as he tried to read William's mind. Nervously, he saw William lube up the dildo. 'William, what are you going to do with me? You're not thinking of using that thing to me, right?' William's silence only made Brad more nervous. It was true that Brad was gay and that he liked to have sex with other men. But he considered himself as a pure macho top. Never in his life had he bottomed for anyone. 'William, I'm a top. I can't have that thing up my ass.'

'Brad, unfortunately we're looking for new bottom star. We have had plenty of top fuckers. A handsome muscular young man like you is very suitable to be our new gay star. But you have to be a bottom. Or else, you're out,' William explained. His voice was very calm. But at the same time, it sounded threatening. Sensually, William was caressing the lubed dildo. 'This is your opportunity to be a major gay star. And also, you can have sex with lots of hunky men whom you can only fantasize. I suggest that you try to be a bottom. It's fun. I know you are still virgin. That's why I've prepared this dildo, to help you break your ass. When you really have sex in front of the camera, you won't be in much pain.' Without waiting for Brad's answer, William reached out his hand and took Brad's arm. 'Don't worry, Brad. I'll never hurt you. You'll love being a bottom, you'll see.'

Like a meek lamb, Brad let William guide him to the desk. Without being told to, Brad laid his body on top of it. The wooden desk felt really cold as his bare chest made contact with it. Involuntarily, Brad's body shivered. Despite the uncomfortable tension that he felt, his dick did not lose its erection. That hard man meat was still throbbing. 'Fuck! I'm gonna be a bottom. I wonder if I can do it or not,' Brad thought. As a top who had never got fucked, Brad was worried about the pain that he was about to receive. Both of his legs were spread as he stood by the desk. His rock-hard dick was hanging by the edge of the desk. A rather gooey drop of precum was stretched down from his cock head, hanging freely. But seconds later, it dropped onto the floor. 'Oh,' Brad gasped, realizing how horny he was. 'Be careful, ok? Go slowly,' he added, staring helplessly to the front.

'Don't worry, gorgeous. I'm gonna make you feel so good,' William said, squeezing more lube onto his palm. Gently, he smeared it into Brad's ass crack. 'Your ass sure feels tight. It'll need lots of work to break it in,' William commented after feeling how tight the ass hole was. 'Your ass is going to look good in the camera. Oh, yeah, it is.' Squatting down, William gave himself a better look at Brad's twitching virgin ass hole. Using both of his hands, William was pulling the ass cheeks apart to reveal the hole. 'It looks very delicious. Actually, I like tight ass hole but yours is too tight. Fucking your ass now will be troublesome.' Reaching out, William took the dildo that was lying next to Brad's body. 'Do you feel this dick, huh? It's gonna help you stretch,' he said, poking the tip of the dildo into the crack of Brad's ass.

'Oh,' Brad moaned, bracing himself for the penetration. Clasping his hands, he forced himself to act like a real man who was not afraid of anything, including being fucked. When the tip of the slick dildo head touched his twitching ass hole, Brad moaned. It felt cold and slippery. Instinctively, the sphincter contracted, blocking the way in. 'Be careful, ah,' brad moaned. The pressure at his anal entrance increased as the dildo was gently pushed in. 'Oh!' Brad groaned again. Ever so gently, the slick dildo head shoved itself in. The excessive lube aided the penetration and made everything much easier. 'Ah! I can't believe it! I'm getting fucked by a dildo! Oh!' Although the dildo had not officially broken him in, Brad had already groaned loudly.

'Relax, Brad. It won't hurt if you just give in. Don't fight it. Let the dildo in. Embrace the pleasure. Feel it enter your ass. Oh yeah,' William gasped, gingerly aiming the dildo at Brad's ass. Firmly, he grasped the base of the dildo and guided it in. His eyes almost did not blink at all as they watched how the dildo stretched Bard's virgin ass hole. Although William had selected a modest-sized dildo, the dildo still brought much pain to Brad. Groans of pain were escaping Brad's lips when William pushed the dildo further in. Wicked grin flitted across William's handsome face as he witnessed Brad's ordeal. 'Keep pushing. Pretend you're taking a dump. And try to relax. Push it, come on. Let the dildo in,' William said, watching the dildo slowly slipped in. Suddenly, the head of the dildo was in! 'You did it! The dildo is in!' William announced, slapping Brad's ass.

'Oh yeah,' Brad sighed with great relief. Cold sweat beaded up his handsome youthful face. After having that experience, he realized that being a bottom was not easy. Yet, he was determined to turn into one. He would not let his dream to become a porn star escaped from his hand. And he still kept his dream to fuck his favorite gay porn star, Frank Rock. Suddenly, the hardcore scenes about how Frank took up big cocks were played inside Brad's mind. They somehow taught Brad to be a good bottom. 'Ah, push it in, William. Give me all of it. I can take it,' Brad groaned, wincing in pain. 'I want to be like Frank Rock. He's my idol. I'm sure I can be like him. Ah! Push it in. Come on, William.'

'I'm sure you can be the next Frank Rock, Brad. He is indeed such a good bottom,' William replied as he was pushing the dildo all the way in. 'Yeah, do you feel the dildo, huh? It's sliding in. Oh yes, you're taking it up your ass. Fuck! This is very horny.' Obviously, William's dick did not stop drooling out its precum. That limp liquid was dropping onto the floor, creating small pools. 'Ah! I have to jerk off. You're way too hot, Brad. I'm sure all top men will appreciate your ass.' While talking, he pushed the dildo more into the hole but he found that the dildo could go no where. It seemed that the dildo had been buried to the hilt. 'Yeah, you have it all inside you, Brad. I'm so proud of you. You're gonna be the next famous bottom star.' Right after saying that, he grabbed the base of his own dick and slapped it against Brad’s ass cheeks. Precum was splattered across Brad's smooth ass buns. 'Oh, I wish I could fuck your ass now, Brad. You're gonna love my dick,' William whispered, leaning over Brad's body. William's throbbing dick was pressed against the base of the dildo. Thus, the dildo was pushed in harder. Since there was no more space of that thing to move inward, it could only press against Brad's insides.

'Oh! My ass!' Brad groaned, still wincing in pain. Without touching his ass hole, Brad could imagine how it looked. His tender ass lips were forced to accommodate the girth of the dildo. To most experienced bottom gay men, the dildo would be too small for them. But Brad was having hard time to adapt to it. 'Yeah, the dildo is in. I can feel it. Oh, I feel so full. My ass is cramped with that thing. Ah!' Breathing heavily, he tried to squeeze the invading object. 'Oh!' he groaned as his abused ass lips were squeezed against the dildo. 'My ass hurts. Oh!' For several minutes, the dildo was left there so that Brad' ass could grow accustomed to it. Slowly, the anal pain faded. Brad forced his brain to convert the pain into pleasure. He wanted to be like his porn idol, the mighty bottom Frank Rock.

'You seem to like the dildo,' William commented, caressing Brad's sweaty back. The rippled muscles that hid under the skin were simply amazing and sexy. Lustfully, William was rubbing his hand, feeling Brad's back. 'Get ready, coz I'm gonna move the dildo in and out. Relax your ass hole and enjoy the ride,' he whispered, grabbing the dildo. Gently, he pulled the dildo out. Brad's ass hole was unwilling to let it go. But the slickness of the lube helped the dildo escape Brad's clenching as hole. Just as the head almost popped out, William pushed the dildo back. Without any problem, it sank back. When the dildo hit something inside the ass, William pulled it out again. The fucking rhythm was established, slowly prying brad's ass open. 'Groan for me. Don't be shy. Just let it out. Let me hear you moan over the dildo. Yeah, I want to hear it,' William encouraged, reaching his hand to grab Brad's shoulder.

Even if William did not order him to groan, Brad would have still groaned out the mixture of pain and pleasure which he felt. His body was rocking from the fucking. The excessive lube had somehow soothed the pain. Slowly, the anal pain faded away. And Brad could only feel the pleasure from being fucked. Holding onto the desk, Brad used it to support his body for his legs could barely sustain his body weight. 'Oh! Fuck! Yeah! It starts to feel good! Oh yes! Fuck my ass! Oh yes! Make me scream, William. Oh yes!' Brad groaned, his body writhing. Sweat had not stopped flowing. Brad's body was covered with a thin sheen of sweat. As William rubbed Brad's back, he managed to get rid most of the sweat. Again, Brad groaned, 'Ah! It feels good. Oh! Now I know why some guys like to get fucked, oh! Yeah, keep drilling my ass, William. Break my ass open. Stretch my ass hole. Oh! Turn me into a horny bottom. Fuck yes!'

'Yeah, you're a talented bottom,' William commented, increasing the speed of the dildo. His hand, not showing any tiredness, kept pushing the dildo in and out. 'I know that you're gonna enjoy this. Yeah, even your dick shows a clear sign of that,' he chuckled, running his hand down to Brad's swinging dick. 'Your dick is so hard. Oh, I bet you're ready to spurt out your cum, huh? Oh yes, you're gonna spurt it out for me. I want to know how much you can cum.' Roughly, he was stroking Brad's erect dick. His callused palm was brushing against Brad's sensitive knob. No matter how hard Brad tried to avoid that hand, William always got a firm grip on Brad's dick.

'Your hand, ah! It feels rough. Oh!' Brad groaned, flinching. Although he was not pinned down onto the desk, he still could not escape William's stroking hand. Another groan resounded from Brad's quivering mouth as William kept caressing Brad's leaking dick. 'Oh! I'm so fucking wet. Ah! I can't keep it. I have to cum. Oh! Fuck!' Never in his life had he experienced such horny moment like that. He only knew the joy of fucking men's ass, but he had not known how pleasurable it could be to get fucked. The dildo in his ass sent thrusts which drove him over the edge. The stroking coming from William's hand added to the stimulation. Brad really did not know how long he could last. 'Oh! Fuck! You hit something in my ass! Oh! Is it the prostate that every one was talking about? Oh! It has to be! Shit! I can't believe that it feels that good! Ah!' The dildo seemed to hit all the right spots. Shaken by orgasmic wavelets, Brad's legs were trembling.

'Yeah, I've found it, huh? I'm gonna make you scream until you cum in the beaker glass,' William said, taking out an empty beaker glass from the drawer. The other hand was still used to pump Brad's ass with the dildo. 'I have to measure how much cum you can produce. Audiences love to see messy cum shots,' he added while bringing the end of the beaker glass to Brad's leaking dick. 'Whenever you want to cum, just cum. Let me have it. Oh yeah, let yourself loose, boy. Cum for me. Yes, you can do it.' To enhance the stimulation that Brad was receiving, William added more pressure on the dildo. Thus, that sex toy sank deeper and hit the spot harder. 'Ah, fuck! This is too hot for me. I want to cum so much. You're just too hot to look at,' William gasped, noticing his own leaking dick.

Being impaled by a dildo, Brad was groaning on top of the desk. Sweat was flowing profusely, drenching his naked body. The muscles in his body, especially the biceps, seemed to grow slightly larger as they kept contracting. 'Ah! Keep fucking my ass. Yeah, I can feel that I'm so close. Oh!' At then, Brad had embraced his bottom side. He did think that he could accept being a bottom since the sexual pleasure was so incredible. 'Oh! My cock leaks more and more precum. I haven't cummed in a week. I'm gonna fill the beaker up to the brim, William! Oh fuck!' Rocking back and forth, Brad's sweaty body was brushed against the desk. He could not think clearly. All he wanted was to cum for the cum had been churning inside his heavy balls.

Precum was dripping into the beaker glass. Brad's erect dick was pulsating above the glass, desperately wanting to explode. At the same time, William's dick was drooling out its precum down onto the floor. From the looks of William's face, it was obvious that William wanted to milk his own dick but he had to focus his attention on Brad first. The erotic groans resounded repeatedly through that room. Somehow, Brad was getting hornier. His body had been showing tell-tale signs of impending ejaculation. William's eyes were watching Brad very closely. He knew that the sexy hot stud would seen expel his manly seeds into the beaker glass. His strong hand was still milking Brad's manhood, as if he was milking a cow. Precum had coated William's hand, making it slippery. Although William could not grab Brad's dick as tightly as he wanted to, at least he brought much pleasure to Brad's dick. The temperature was getting hotter. Sweat dripped down from both of their naked bodies. Suddenly the door was swung open. A man then walked in. Brad was very shocked for he was facing at the door, lying naked on the desk. But after seeing who that man was, Brad was rather calmer.

'It's ok, Brad. That's Jon, my male secretary. I'm sure you've met him,' William responded, not wanting Brad to freak out. William, himself, seemed fine to show his own naked body to Jon. William showed no embarrassment at all. Obviously, William and Jon had seen each other's naked body. 'Come here, Jon, and join the fun. I'm trying to break his virgin ass. So far so good. I'm trying to get him to cum in the beaker glass.' Throwing his attention back to Brad, William coaxed him again to shoot his loads. 'Focus yourself, Brad. It should be easy for you cum. Now that you have two hot men in the room.' With his eyes, William gestured Jon to strip himself. 'Yeah, Brad, look at my hot male secretary. Isn't he looked hot to you?' William asked, pressing Brad's prostate harder with the dildo. 'Come on, boy. Let me see your cock shoot out that gooey mess. I want you to cum now.'

Without any hesitation, Jon undressed himself. The shirt and the trousers that he wore dropped to the floor, leaving him absolutely naked. Jon gave Brad a lewd smile. Looking down at his own crotch, Jon said, 'I'm so horny now. My cock is hard.' True to his words, an erect dick stood out from the bushes of his pubic hair. The dick looked delicious, although there was nothing spectacular about its dimensions. The naked hunky male secretary then walked closer to Brad until his dick was an inch away from Brad's face. 'Do you smell it? My dick smells good, doesn't it?' In front of Brad was a circumcised dick which had been coated by a handsome amount of precum. The dick head looked rather shiny. Physically, Jon looked marvelous despite the fact that he was not as athletic as Brad was. 'Do you want my cock?' Jon asked rhetorically, bringing his dick close to Brad's mouth. At close distance like that, Jon could even feel Brad's warm breath.

'Oh! Yeah! I want your cock. Let me suck it,' brad groaned, sticking out his tongue. Immediately, the tongue was flicking away on that shiny dick head. Hungrily, Brad was slurping Jon's precum, taking it into his throat. Actually, Brad seldom gave blow jobs to other gay men whom he fucked. But he figured that if he wanted to be a good bottom, he should have mastered the technique of sucking dicks. Saliva was spurted out as he desperately trying to seal Jon's dick head in his mouth. Apparently, he did it quite well for Jon started to groan. With a dick in his mouth, Brad could no longer talk. All he could do was to produce muffled moan. 'Oh!' Brad groaned, at the same time as his prostate responded to William's dildo thrust. Brad knew that it was the time for him to let his cum go. Jon's dick did taste very good but Brad had to release it for a while in order to groan out his orgasm. 'Ah! I'm gonna cum, William! Ah yeah! It's cumming! Oh! I'm gonna explode. Yes! Oh!'

'Shoot it for me, slut! Cum now!' William groaned, excited to see Brad's ejaculation. The grip on Brad's manhood grew tighter. William could definitely feel the change in that dick as the head grew slightly larger. It happened very fast. Soon afterwards, Brad's dick erupted. 'Shit! You're really cumming! Oh yeah! That's it. Unload your loads. Let it squirt. Oh yeah, fuck! Keep cumming! Yes!' William groaned, encouraging Brad. Aiming the spurting dick into the beaker glass, William made sure that every drop of Brad's cum would fall into the glass. Gasping, he could clearly feel the strong power of the ejaculation. Brad's dick did not stop pulsating in his hand. Fresh gooey cock juice was shot into the glass, quickly filling it. It emanated strong aroma of cum. There was nothing more erotic to William than to watch a sexy handsome man shoot out his cum. 'Yeah, keep cumming. Let it squirt. Oh yes, fill the glass. Oh yes!' William whispered, not slowing down his dildo thrust.

Wincing, Brad abandoned his body to the orgasm. Like a fish out of water, he was convulsing wildly on the desk. 'Oh! Milk my dick! Yes! I'm fucking cumming! Ah!' Brad groaned. Convulsing, his body grew taut. It seemed that every single muscle in it was flexing. Brad's eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets as he widened his eyes. The orgasm was very overwhelming. 'Ah yes! I'm cumming for you, William. Stroke my dick. Oh! I have much cum to squirt. Oh! Fuck yes!' For several seconds, Brad continued to buck his body. Sweat did not seem to stop oozing from his body pores. His dick in William's hand still spewed out ropey strings of thick cum. Definitely, Brad was having the best orgasm ever for his groans were louder. Seconds seemed like hours to Brad. But in the end, the orgasm was over. Tired, Brad was lying on the desk. His chest was heaving up and down, pumping air. His cummy dick in William's hand was deflating.

'Great!' William said, standing up with the cum-filled beaker in his hand. Raising it up, he inspected the amount of cum that had been shot. 'Wow, you shot a lot of cum. That's amazing,' William gasped, placing the beaker on the desk. Turning to Brad's tired body, William leaned over and whispered to Brad's ear, 'You've done a great job, Brad. But you have left both of us horny. Jon and I haven't cummed. Are you ready for the second session? Well, I do need to test your sexual performance. So, how about that? Are you up?' Lewdly, William held his own erection and rubbed it over Brad's ass. After standing up, William groped Brad's ass and took hold of the dildo. With one hard yank, he pulled it out. Brad's ass lips were forced to stretch as the dildo head escaped. At the same time, William's ears were entertained by Brad's loud growl of pain. 'Yeah, you're still horny, aren't you? Come on, Brad. Show us what you've got. Prove to me that you're worth the job,' William said, challenging him.

Although he was tired, Brad was determined to get the job. His dick was still aching but he was sure that he could do it again. Rolling over, Brad lay on his back. His chest was slick with a thin layer of sweat. It was heaving up and down. 'Yeah, I'm ready, William. I can take both of you at once,' Brad replied. His tone of voice sounded tired but he looked really enthusiastic. 'Should I lie down on the desk or what?' he asked, gaining back his strength slowly. The slimy dick of his was resting lazily on the stomach, coated with cum. Using his hand, Brad wiped the sweat off his torso. But as his hand made contact with the nipples, he could not help flinching. It always happened every time his nipple was touched either by himself or by somebody else. 'Ah!' he gasped, his body shuddering.

'I want to fuck your ass. But before that, show me how good you are at sucking dick,' William said, holding his erect dick. 'I have been dripping precum for some time now. Lick my dick clean. Suck me.' Standing, he spread his legs. His dick was towering above his crotch. Precum was still dripping down from the knob. That liquid slowly flowed down the shaft, leaving glistening trails. 'Come on, what are you waiting for? Come and suck my dick,' William said, spreading his arms. William's dick indeed looked very inviting. As it throbbed, another pearly drop of precum rolled down its length. 'Look at my dick. It's dripping so much precum for you to lick. Don't you want some, huh? Now, be a good boy. Get down on your knees and start sucking me off.' Turning to Jon, he asked him to join him. 'Stand by my side, Jon. Let this porn-star-to-be do the job.'

Giving a lascivious smile, Jon walked over. His hard dick was swaying about as he walked. Jon's dick head was coated with precum, too. But the amount was not as much as William's. 'I can't wait to get sucked. You didn't really suck me at then coz you're cumming. Now, I want you to suck my dick and to make me horny,' Jon said, taking place next to his boss. Turning to face William, Jon leaned over and stuck out his tongue. Apparently, that was not the first time that both of them had intimate moment together at the office. 'Kiss me, William. I'm so horny for you,' Jon gasped, reaching out one hand to hug William's naked body. His kiss was not rejected. In fact, William seemed to enjoy it very much. 'Oh! Yeah,' Jon moaned between the kisses. As the kiss broke, Jon said to Brad, 'Suck my dick now. I want to feel your mouth.'

Being determined to be the next famous gay porn star, Brad woke up and quickly got down on his knees. In front of him were two horny men with throbbing hard-on. Feverishly, Brad reached for their hairy strong legs. Just by rubbing them, Brad got the lusty shivers all over his body. 'Yeah, you two are so hot. I would love to suck both of your dick,' Brad said, looking up at them. They both had their own sexiness. William was more athletic and had hot daddy-look, while Jon was rather slimmer and young looking. But each of them turned Brad on so much. 'I want to suck your dicks. They look yummy,' Brad added, holding the cocks with both hands. Yet, it was William's dick that he sucked first. After all, William held the decision about his future career. As soon as Brad encased that drooling dick inside his mouth, William let out a low guttural groan.

'Fuck! Your tongue feels so good! Ah yeah!' William moaned, letting his head fall back. Obviously, the initial pleasure was so great that his mouth gaped open. Another groan resounded as he grabbed Brad's head. Ruthlessly, his fingers got a firm hold of Brad's damp hair. 'Suck my dick, bitch. Suck it. You're gonna suck a lot of dicks, so you'd better do it right. Ah yes! Your mouth is so warm and wet. My dick was swimming in your drool. Yeah, use that tongue to touch my cock slit. Oh yes, it feels so good.' Shuddering, William's body grew tauter. The muscles in it were slightly contracting. 'You're natural, Brad. Oh! And you said that you were strictly top. Fuck! You can be a great bottom. Oh, keep sucking my dick. You've made me feel so good. I like your mouth. Keep doing that. Oh yes!'

Brad was sucking greedily. Loud slurping noises filled the room, coming out from his mouth. Since Jon had not got his turn yet, Brad only grabbed Jon's dick and gave it a few strokes. While sucking, Brad kept his eyes on William and Jon's handsome faces. That horny stud loved seeing handsome guys. They simply made him hard. Brad's dick started to regain its erection. The traces of cum still clung onto his dick. Throbbing, Brad's dick could only swing up and down as Brad was engaged with William's leaking dick. Salty precum was almost literally poured into Brad's mouth as he sucked it out from William's eager manhood. The more he sucked that dick, the more precum it gave out. A hand touched Brad's shoulder. It was Jon's. Apparently, that male secretary had a soft spot for Brad's muscular body. Jon's hand was rubbing up and down Bard's back, occasionally squeezing it.

'Oh! Your hand feels so good,' Jon commented, looking quite content. He did not care if Brad got the chance to suck him or not. Just by touching Brad's nude body, Jon had already been very happy. 'Ah, I love your sexy body. It looks so amazingly horny. I love squeezing your muscles. Oh, you must be great in bed.' Dirty words flowed out of Jon's mouth as he continued to massage Brad's back. That hand lingered on the back, before finally it moved forward to grab Brad's chiseled torso. 'Oh! Your nipples! They're so pointy. Ah, I love groping man's nipples. Yours are small and pointy. They're so arousing to me,' Jon added, breathing heavily.

'Oh! Keep sucking me,' William said, keeping Brad's head in control. Facing Jon, he gave a quick kiss on Jon's lips. William then turned his head back to Brad. His fingers kept pulling at Brad's hair. 'Shit! You do know how to suck a cock. Ah!' William yelped, his body flinching. Brad's tongue must have touched William's sensitive area. As the result, William's dick was pulsating in harder rhythm. The dick head seemed to expand, growing larger. From its slit, a drop of clear precum was exuded. 'Oh!' William growled, shuddering. The precum drop was soon licked up by Brad's sluttish tongue. During the licking process, William groaned more loudly. Sweat beads were forming up on his skin again. 'Fuck yeah! I'm so horny that I think I'm gonna cum now. Ah! But I can't cum yet before I get to fuck your ass, Brad.' Roughly, he pushed Brad back. William's dick was soon pulled out, dripping with the mixture of precum and saliva. 'Get to the desk. Lie on your back and spread your legs. You're gonna get fucked by a real dick,' William ordered, stroking his own dick.

Actually, Brad was hoping to suck William to ejaculation. But he also could not wait for the opportunity to get screwed by a real dick. Without complaining, that sexy stud stood up and positioned himself on the desk. The desk felt rather slippery for previously it was covered with his sweat. Lying there felt cold. Brad's chest was heaving out of nervousness. When he did not lift his head, he could only see the ceiling. Before being told to, he immediately raised his legs and spread them wide. It made his recently broken asshole was stretched a little. Wincing, he tried to bear the pain. 'Oh! I'm ready for you, William. Just stick your fuck pole in me. I want your cock,' Brad said, lifting his head up. Being horny, his dick was still hard.

William quickly came over and took hold of Brad's legs. 'Nice powerful legs, Brad,' William commented, rubbing those hairy legs. Then he lifted both of them and placed them on his broad shoulders. Thus, Brad's ass hole was exposed. 'I see that I have broken your ass really well. It's gaping open and it looks rather puffy. But I bet it's itching. And maybe my cock can help.' Holding his own erect dick, William guided it to meet Brad's fuck chute. 'Oh yeah, do you feel my dick head, huh? It's rubbing your swollen ass hole. Yeah, doesn't it feel so good?' William teased, rubbing his drooling dick against Brad's aching fuck hole. 'Yeah, do you want me to fuck you now, huh? Do you want it? Oh, I bet that you want it so bad, right?' And without wasting much time, William began pushing in his dick.

'Ah fuck!' Brad groaned, tightening the muscles within his body. To his surprise, the penetration ran easily. Brad's ass hole did not put up much fight. It simply opened up as William's dick pushed in. Aided by the leaking precum that kept coming out from William's dick head, that dick popped inside Brad's ass with no difficulty. 'Oh! Your dick is in! Oh, I can't believe that. A real dick is in my ass. Oh, it feels so great,' he groaned. Cold sweat flowed down Brad's chest, heading down for his navel. The rippled stomach contracted involuntarily. Turning to the side, Brad saw Jon come over with a leaking boner. 'I want to suck your dick, Jon.,' Brad said, reaching out for that delicious dick. As Jon stood by the desk, Brad managed to reach Jon's dick and brought it close to his mouth.

'Ah! Fuck!' Jon groaned, holding Brad's arm tight. Lustfully, he watched how Brad took in the whole dick head. 'Oh, you gulp my dick. Ah! It sure feels so good inside your warm mouth, Brad,' Jon moaned, squeezing Brad's biceps. 'You're so manly. Ah! I'm very horny for you, Brad.' His body shuddered when Brad sucked in the knob. The most sensitive parts of his dick were the slit and the underside. And it looked like that Brad had managed to find them because he kept licking those areas. 'Oh! Fuck! Yeah!' Jon groaned, his muscles stiffening. Thus his grip on Bard's upper arm grew tighter. 'I love to get sucked. Yeah, keep sucking my dick.' The grasping hand went higher and grabbed Brad's damp hair. Carelessly, Jon was pulling at Brad's short hair. 'Ah! I like your mouth, Brad! Keep sucking me! Oh!' the male secretary groaned.

Meanwhile William was shoving the whole length of his dick deep into Brad's insides. His dick slid in easily because Brad's bowels were still coated with excessive amount of lube. 'Oh! Do you feel that, Brad? That's my dick. You've taken all of it, ah! Doesn't it feel good to have me inside of you, huh?' William asked, looking into Brad's eyes. 'Oh yes, I can see lust in your eyes. You want me to fuck you now, huh? Then, I'm gonna fuck you now. Hold onto something.' And with that, lustily, William began riding Brad's ass. 'Oh! It's still tight!' he groaned as he withdrew his dick. Before the dick head got a chance to pop out, William immediately reinserted the whole length. 'Yes! Take it! Take my dick up your ass, Brad! Oh, I'm sure you're gonna look good on the camera. Ah yeah!' Pulsating, the dick was pounding Brad's ass in increased speed. Glistening precum drop oozed out of the slit. But as soon as it oozed out, it was rubbed off. Sloppy noises resounded from the fucked ass as William was drilling it mercilessly. 'Oh! I'm gonna fucking cum in your ass and you're gonna like it. Ah!'

Writhing on the desk, Brad could not express his pleasure in verbal expression. All he could produce was muffled groan. Yet, whenever he groaned, Jon got the pleasure for it vibrated through the length of his sucked dick. Jon's dick reacted to the sucking. Its head was pulsating as it discharged slippery drops of precum. Brad certainly did not want to waste it; he quickly licked it up. After tasting some precum, Brad felt that the walls of his throat had been coated by that liquid. It was getting harder for him to even swallow his own drool. But Brad could not deny that he was getting to like the sucking business. As Brad kept sucking the dick, he could not help remembering all men who had sucked his. He started to understand why they liked it, for he too had started to like sucking cock. 'Oh, Jon's dick tastes so good. If only I had sucked dicks earlier, I would have been a great bottom. But it's not too late coz now I'm enjoying being a bottom. I have a big cock up my ass and a yummy one in my mouth. I can't ask for more,' Brad thought, his Adam's apple bobbing.

Suddenly, the door was opened again. A man craned his head in. It seemed that he was one of William's subordinates because he gave William a respect gesture by nodding. Brad started to understand why that man was not surprised at all to see that the three of them were fucking inside the office room. That man simply said, 'Mr. Lawson, we need Jon's help to find a particular archive.' After that, he gave a stare to Jon who was still enjoying his horny movement. Clearing his throat, that man left the three of them and closed the door. But Brad did catch a glimpse of hard-on in that man's trousers.

'Fuck! I must finish it fast,' Jon complained, taking out his dick out of Brad's mouth. 'Don't worry, babe. You're gonna get my freshman milk,' he immediately added as he saw the disappointment on Brad's face. Holding his own dick, Jon was stroking that meat to ejaculation. But he did not take his manhood away from Brad. The tip of that cock was still close to Brad's mouth. 'Oh yeah! Lick my dick head. Oh fuck! Use your tongue to tongue my piss slit. Yes, that's it. Oh!' he moaned, stroking his fuck tool. Throbbing, Jon's dick drooled out more precum. But as Brad stuck out his tongue, that porn-star-to-be managed to lap the precum up. Looking down, Jon was heaving heavily. The speedy masturbation had taken lots of energy. He was stroking his dick so fast that the hand movement turned into a blur. Seeing how William was fucking Brad's hot ass increased Jon's lust. 'Yeah, fuck his ass, William. This slut seems to enjoy it. Yes, fuck him. Make him cry. Your dick was big and juicy. Flood his ass with your gooey cum. Oh yeah, I want to see you cum up his ass.'

'Yeah, I'm fucking his ass, Jon,' William commented, grunting. Profusely, sweat was flowing down his body. The soft chest hair growing on his torso became more visible as it was drenched by the sweat. William looked so much sexier. 'Oh! Do you like it, Brad? Do you want me to keep fucking your ass, huh?' he asked, turning his face back to Brad. It was a rhetorical question for he did not give Bard time to answer it. 'But, alas! I have to end this soon or else I won’t get my today's job done. Ah! I have to cum in your ass soon. I don't think I can hold it much longer, either.' Reaching out, William grabbed Bard's hard torso. Those rectangular-shaped chest mounds looked as if they were challenging William to grab them. Thus, he did. Mercilessly, he twisted Brad's pointy nipples by rotating his palms. 'Yeah, scream for me. I love to turn you on. Yeah, fuck!' he said as Brad let his groans out.

'Oh! If you both want to cum, then cum now. I'm ready, oh!' Brad groaned, eagerly waiting for the cum shots. Turning to Jon, he was hoping that Jon would cum first. Feverishly, Brad tried to reach for Jon's dick by tonguing it. Whenever he saw precum was going to ooze out, Brad immediately lapped the head with his tongue. 'Ah, I love your precum, Jon. I want more. Give it to me, Jon. Oh!' Lust had taken him over completely. Brad was so consumed that he even felt that he was going to cum for the second time, although no one was stroking his dick. Turning his eyes to William, Brad groaned, 'I want to cum, William. I can feel that my dick almost explodes. AH, this is too horny. Oh! I've never had sex so hot like this one. Yes!' During the whole conversation, Brad's voice sounded rather shaky because his body had been rocking back and forth. Precum did not stop flowing from his own dick, either. It was pooling on his stomach, dripping down from the shaky dick.

Suddenly, to Brad's expectation, Jon made a loud groan. It was the loudest of all. 'Oh! Fuck! Here I cum, Bard! Oh! Here! Drink my cum, oh! Open your mouth wide and take it all! Ah!' Holding his dick, Jon forced it into Brad's gaping mouth. And, at then, that dick erupted. 'Oh! Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck, yes!' Grabbing Brad's head, Jon was furiously fucking Bard's mouth with his spurting dick. The whole length of that cock went in and hit Bard's glottal stop. Automatically, Brad was coughing but he could not expel that dick. Jon kept holding his head and forced Brad to take up his cum. 'Drink it all! Oh! Don't spill my cum! Ah!' Arching his hips, Jon drove his dick deeper into Brad's throat. There, he was spilling the entire content of his ball sack. 'Oh! Fuck!' Jon cried. Although his muscles were not bulging, they were indeed flexing hard. Thick warm cum was spurted into Brad's mouth. As the orgasm was dying away, Jon smiled as he realized that Brad had gulped the cum down. 'Oh, you're great, Brad,' he praised, gently withdrawing his dick.

'Now, there are only you and me, Brad,' William reminded, relentlessly fucking him. 'And I'm quite near. I was quite turned on when I saw Jon cum in your mouth. Yeah, I, too, will soon fill your body with my cum, impregnating you. I'm gonna be the first man ever that spills cum up your ass. Ah!' Intentionally, he pinched one of Brad's nipples. As Brad let out a long groan, William focused his mind to cumming. Then, all of a sudden, William came to his orgasm. 'Oh shit! I'm fucking cumming! Oh! Yeah!' Furiously, he took hold of Brad's chest mound and squeezed it as hard as he could. His blunt nails sank into the flesh, leaving reddish marks. 'Ah! Fuck! Oh!' he groaned. His orgasmic yell was mixed with Brad's, echoing in that room. Gooey cum was splattering Brad's insides. Although the cum was rather warm, William was sure that Bard could not feel it. Grabbing Brad's chest, William resumed unloading his cummy loads. 'AH! Fuck you, Brad! Oh!' His hips were swinging to and fro, delivering hard thrusts. As orgasm washed over William, his body looked bigger, because the muscles were flexing. The aura of masculinity that he had seemed to give off much stronger emanation. Convulsing, William let all the cum that he had spurt into the depths of Brad's anal cavity. Orgasm was soon over in several seconds. Heaving, William slowly guided his tired dick out. Cum was coating his shrinking manhood. 'Yeah, you're every top man's dream, Brad,' he sighed, throwing a lewd smile.

Wiping the sweat on his forehead, Jon realized that Brad wanted to cum for the second time. 'Gee, you still want to cum? Stroke your dick, then. Let us see how you jack off. This can give you a bonus point if you can impress us.' Naughtily, he ran a finger between the mounds of Brad's chest. 'Grab your dick. Stroke yourself. Come on. We want to see you cum. Impress us,' Jon whispered, bending over to give Brad a lustful kiss. 'Oh yeah, I know you want to cum. I can feel it. Let it go. Cum for us.'

'Oh! I'm gonna cum!' Brad yelled, stroking his own dick furiously. The dick could not be grasped for it was bathed in cum. Staring aimlessly at the ceiling, Brad could sense that orgasm was near. Suddenly, he saw William lift the cum-filled beaker above his face. Before he knew what William was going to do, he found that his own cum was pouring down into his mouth. 'Ah! Oh!' Brad groaned, not giving nay resistance. Instead, he meekly opened his mouth and took all the cum down his throat. It was quite messy since some cum flowed out of the mouth. It was too overwhelming for Brad. He could not control himself. As he tried to clean up his mouth from the excessive cum with his tongue, he felt that his orgasm had come. 'Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh!' And that macho man started bucking on the desk. With no one who pinned his body down, Brad lifted his hips up and slammed them back down repeatedly. Flexing, his bulging muscles seemed as if they were about to blow up. Thick cum was spurted out of his aching dick. It flew up for several inches high and then dropped down onto Brad's contracting stomach. But the rest of the shots were mere dribbles. Groaning and moaning, Brad abandoned himself totally to the orgasm. He thought it would last forever but it eventually stopped. Tired, that naked hunk rested to regain his strength. The sweaty chest of his was heaving up and down. William's desk was in a complete mess, smeared with sweat and cum.

'Ok then, dress yourself up coz we're gonna make you sign the contract. Yes, Brad, you're hired. From now on, you'll get fucked in front of the camera. Welcome aboard, Brad,' William announced, leaning back to kiss Brad's lips passionately.





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