Every weekend I like going out to this State Park that's 8 miles away from city limits. Very peaceful. My cousin, sometimes shows up, to walk his dogs. He has No idea, that I'm Gay. It's funny he starts talking about his grandson, who is a teen, and is heavy into the young gay seen, and he just can't stand it! The more he screams and cusses about the gay people, the hornier I got! Never had an anti-gay conversation, turn me on so much. Doug my cousin, took off and walked his dogs. I had to call a great friend of mine, and tell him where I was, and to let him know, I needed some good lovin' right now!! But, he ended up being busy. So I decided to go up to the restrooms, and take care of myself. When I got up there, there was a nice looking Young man, standing not to far away, from the restrooms. I stared at him as I walked towards him, and he smiled. I kinda motioned him to join me. And hoped he would! I went for a stall, and waited, with Meat in hand, it was spewing clear pre-cum, and I was taking my finger, and wiping it off, and licking it. YUMMM! Then, I got lucky, Here he came. He says 'you here'? I said, in here! He's rock hard! I can see it thru his pants! I'm siting on the toilet, with my pants down to my ankles, and I offer to releave the pressure that's boiling deep inside his manly member. He steps into my stall, un-zips his pants, I un-button and pull his pants down, to get a great view, and better access to what I'm after. ( this park is not very busy at anytime, so I'm not worried about anyone screwing this up). I kiss, lick the head of John's cock, slowly insert it into my mouth, my tongue is encircling it's head! John starts moaning. I look up at him, and he's in total transe! My head is bobbing up and down his nice shaft, his pre-cum is flowing like a river. I'm swallowing, and sucking, tongue is working, my hands are rubbing his balls, and I feel the head swell, and it finally holds in a Large swell, and I know he's about to CUM. I pull down with one hand, the foreskin, to stretch his cock head, and tongue torment the underside. He starts yelling, 'I'm BLOWING, I'm Blowing'! and fires a massive load down my throat! I'm swallowing fast and hard, hard to catch it all. some of his cum spews for the corner of my mouth. I clean him up, well, and pull away from him. After he gets his composier, I ask, 'Will you take care of me?' He bends over and kisses me, and says trade me places. He sits on toilet, and I sit on him! I ride him, and ride him! We change positions, and my legs are spread wide, I'm bent over, and he's hammering away. Our bodies slap together, he's hitting me in the right spot! I start cummming, and slamming into him with each in stroke. He keeps right on hammering!!! And then He cumms again! We are both weak now. And can't move. I can't wait to do it again, and again!! CUMMMMM get me!



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