Once upon a time there was a poor widower who lived in a tiny cottage along with his 18 year old son jack. Jack was a very handsome young lad who only loves to work hard and because of that he had a beautiful body.

Even though he was hard working there was still so much more work to do even before they would get little cash he and his poor old father worked day and night for some money.

One day his father called him

Jack 'we are all out, I can't work anymore I sold all my belongings

And still we are so poor I have tried my best now I am giving up please go and sell this cow for the best rate and bring me the cash. He said in a very sad tone.

'But dad that's the only thing we have left now what are we going to do after that' ask jack

His father just sighed and left.

The very next morning jack got up and left with that cow. He walked all the way down to the market and waited long for the best rate , Everyone came and ask a different price but nothing pleased jack he waited and waited till the market closed still there wasn't any good price.

Sadly he walked back home he wanted to take the longer route back home while walking he felt the urge to urine, he just stopped and started urinating in the near by bush. 'Aahh so good to let it out ' He moaned. WOW!! Someone said .

Jack freaked out and screamed you saw my 'wee wee'.

That weird hot guy came closer and said 'Hmmm hot farm boy, I said wow to the cow over there not to your wee wee he said with a grin on his face. Jack quickly put his dick back in and asked him what's the best price you can give for this cow .' Hmm well I exactly cant give you money but I can give you some magical beans if you plant them you would be the richest guy in this town' he said.

Well are you sure about it jack was doubtful. The guy just started to walk away, jack ran behind him 'ok ok I am sorry '. Can I have that beans he asked.

Well yes of course in exchange of the cow, But there is a problem you will have to do something else he said 'Huh what u mean , You want me to sing Hannah Montana songs' Jack asked curiously . 'ha-ha' he started laughing no the magical beans is somewhere in my body and he have to search it out yourself.

Jack said well ok , that hot weird guy moved really close to jack as Jack was a typical farm boy he never knew anything about sex or gay sex you wont believe it but I swear he don't even know how to masturbate. So jack slid his hands in that weird guys shirt and start to press his nipples hard and ask that guy 'hey is this the magical beans??' Well if you want to know press it harder I can't tell you. Hmm I guess not said the weird hot guy he ask jack to press his other nipples to find out whether the magic beans is there. Jack was pressing and squeezing that weird hot guy's nipple. And that guy was moaning away happily. Jack stop pressing and asked moan what that sounds. That man said well its nothing If u want I can give you a Hint try going lower.

'Hmm this low' jack had his hands over that weird guys dick , He started moaning ' ooohhh yeaaa its somewhere around there u have to find It out your self why not you try squeezing it first. That weird hot man was really enjoying this his dick was growing big in his pants, jack cupped his balls and started to play with it and ask him well is it here?. Still moaning with pleasure that weird guy told jack to open up and see what's in there. Jack unzipped his pants and that weird guys sprang right on jacks face, Jack didn't know what was happening to him his dick was growing big too. Jack still holding the weird guys dick he asked him ' come on man where is the beans I am getting a felling that you are cheating me' 'oh no I am not, ok fine I will get to the point if u suck on that thing as hard as u can and you will be able to fine the magic beans'.

Without saying another word jack started sucking it hard while sucking he cant resist it his hands automatically went down to his pants and started took his cock out and started shaking it hard. The weird hot guy loved all this he started fucking jacks face real fast , jack loved that guys dick in his mouth he wanted more and more so he kept on sucking hard. That weird guy was getting close he was moaning loudly he asked jack 'baby do you want to have something hot and sweet in your mouth now ?' . Jack nod his head and started sucking faster the weird hot guys dick grew bigger and he moaned even louder and something short in jacks mouth , 'HMMM I love it I want more jack started moaning and sucked the still cumming dick '. That hot weird guys dick was getting soft jack wasn't gonna let it out he was still sucking on it hard . That hot weird guy pulled him up and hugged him tightly jack didn't know what was happening to him but he loved all this very intense feeling he just wanted more when something weird happen the hot guy started to kiss jack. After a few seconds jack started to kiss him back both their tongues playing around in each others mouth. That weird hot man saw jacks still hard dick , he hugged jack from his back and started jerking jacks hard dick , jack loved it he was getting close the weird hot guy was jerking him off from the back and was kissing all over his neck.

Jack let out a loud moan and started cumming everywhere , the weird man was still jerking him off hard. Some cum was on that guys hand he quickly started to lick his hands and said ' wow baby your cum taste like heaven'. Jack was trying to recover from his first and best orgasm . They got dressed and the weird hot man handed a few magic beans to jack and left. Jack run home happily to inform his father what happen.

The end of part 1



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