This story took place recently the first weekend of the opening of the NFL football season in 2015 as told by Cousin Ryan.

As a 29-year-old over-sexed promiscuous active gay slut, I'd had steamy sexual encounters with many hot and horny guys ever since I'd turned 18. My sex partners were men of all types including blonde, brown, black and red haired dudes of all sizes, shapes and races. These rendezvous or one night stands had featured guys hung like horses to those with much smaller cocks but they all had one thing in common and that was they were sluts who loved to fuck and get fucked. Some of the guys were smooth and almost hairless compared to those that looked like bears. The guys ranged in size from twinks of 145 pounds to studs weighing over 240 pounds. I'd become a real pro when it came to fucking and getting fucked by hot men, yea I know a slut who loved cum---that was me.

My past lovers have told me that I'm very handsome and hot and that I'm an awesome lay. I stand 5' and 11" tall; weigh a slim 165 pounds; very curly blonde well-kept hair reaching down to my shoulder blades; light blue eyes; ribbed body from daily workouts and my semi-pro tennis career; an outgoing personality with a constant smile with prominent dimples; impressive biceps; hard thighs; and blessed with an 8-inch cock, a big beer can sized cock shaft and over sized nuts that produce an unusually large pool of cum ever time I climax.

Drew, my sweet and really hot 21-year-old cousin, has opposite physical features than me that are from the other side of the family. Our mothers are sisters. Drew has very black natural wavy short hair; dark brown eyes; stands 6-feet tall; weighs a solid hard 185 pounds developed as he is a junior on his college rugby team; very cool natural Italian tan; the most rock hard hot thighs I've ever seen that drive me wild; almost hairless chest with a light trail of dark hair from his belly button to a nice patch of trimmed black pubic hair; light fuzz like hair on his legs and a bubble pink as that for some reason is hairless. He too has a big 8-inch cock with a thick shaft and average sized balls.

Drew, being 8 years younger than me, has always looked up to me as his older cousin. From the time he was about 10 years old and I was 18, he and his parents would come to watch my tennis matches and cheer me on. Also my three brothers and I would spend time taking him to his sport events as well as I spent time with his coaches helping Drew develop his sporting skills especially his love of playing rugby. Drew is an only child.

Drew has a different personality than me. He is very shy, very quite and introverted. He has never dated but has asked me on several occasions since he was about 18 how to approach girls for a date. He has tried to gather the nerve to ask out some of the hot co-eds at his college but has not done so.

During his sophomore year in college, he asked me to come and watch his rugby games which I did. As he became the outstanding player on his rugby team and as I looked at his incredible strong legs and hot thighs as he made those athletic moves on the field, I found myself doing the unthinkable thoughts. I began to lust after my cousin, the hot hunk, for the first time in my life. I was wanting the forbidden fruit of my cousin. Fuck I got a stiff cock at each game and was dreaming of getting into his pants and devouring his cock and ass.

For the next year, I resisted my urges to come on to my hot cousin and I often dreamed of his body as I fucked one of those sluts. I had often seen Drew naked in the gym shower when we worked out over the past year. Man how I wanted to breed my hot cousin. I avoided the temptation until that Sunday evening at my lake house when I decided to make my move. All my resistance was gone and I had to make my move at the risk of of loosing my dear cousin for ever. My libido, my raging hormones and my independent minded dick took control. I desired what I thought was the hottest man on the planet. It just so happened he was my cousin.

Drew arrived at my house for dinner around 4:30 PM. I'd prepared a seven course meal that featured steak and a hot chocolate cake. After dinner, we adjourned to the den to watch the football game on my theater sized TV screen as we drank several beers. When the game ended and our team had won, I felt the time had come to make my move with my heart in my throat, my heart running wild and very sweaty hands, I asked Drew: "Cousin Drew, how about a relaxing time in my Jacuzzi with a glass of wine after this long football game so we can celebrate the victory."

"Cousin Ryan, I don't have a pair of swim trunks with me."

"No worry Drew, we can go in in our birthday suits as no one is here but us."

"OK Ryan, I've seen you naked many times at the gym."

With my Jacuzzi in the backyard alongside my beautiful flower garden with a sky filled that night with the bright stars and a warm late summer evening, I turned on some romantic music that I piped from my living room to the backyard, lit some nice smelling candles on the side of the Jacuzzi, turned on the jets as Drew and I waded in and sat down just a short distances from each other causing my cock to began stiffening. I decided to bring up Drew's ongoing curiosity about sex with females to make my move.

"Hey Cousin Drew, since we last talked, have you had a date with one of those hot college co-eds?"

"No Cousin, I don't think I'll ever get the nerve to ask a female for a date. I'm just hopeless when it comes to asking a woman for a date."

Drew had given me my opportunity to make my move.

"Well Drew, how do you satisfy that big libido and that awesome huge cock of yours? How do you empty those nuts of all that semen?"

Drew turned crimson, dropped his head and replied: "Cousin, if I tell you, will you not tell anyone else. I'd die if you told someone."

"Hell yea, you know I won't tell anyone. It will be our secret and you will feel so much better to share that secret with your favorite cousin."

"Cousin Ryan, I'm horny all the time. I masturbate at least twice a day while looking at naked women in my magazines. Sometimes my cock gets almost raw from all that jerking I do for hours before I come. I'd love to feel the real thing from the hot body of a woman."

This made me so hot as I moved very close to Drew until our legs touched. I took one of my feet and began to dive it up inside his hot thighs until I touched his what seemed like growing cock with my foot.

As he looked shocked and instantly moved away from me, he said with what looked like anger in his face: "Hey Cousin Ryan, what in the hell are you trying to do, man I'm not gay like you. I'm not a slut trying to fuck ever breathing person in sight. I'm just going to dress and go home. Man I'm upset."

I felt almost like fainting. Had I made the ultimate mistake. But I'd better not just give in. This was the crucial moment. I moved close again to Drew and said: "Cousin Drew, relax, I know you aren't gay but do you not know that lots of heterosexual men jerk off one another when they aren't getting any from women such as when they are in the military stationed away from civilization. That doesn't make them gay. I just want you to get some experience so when you are with a woman you will know what to do. That is all I'm trying to do to help you buddy. Let me show you how it feels to have another guy jerk that manhood of yours and then you will relax when that chick takes hold of that big dick of yours. Trust me buddy. This will be our secret. I'll never tell anyone. This is our secret. Just trying to help my shy cousin."

"Really Ryan, do they do that and that does not make them gay? Gee maybe you have a good point. OK I'll let you show me how it feels and how to do it. But I'm not gay, OK."

I grabbed Drew and lifted him out of the water setting his bubble butt on the side of the tub with his feet hanging over the water. I got between his hot legs and thighs that had made me crazy with lust as I stood in the shallow water. I slowly took his cock that was now at full erection in my hand and began to slide my hand up and down his hard shaft. Soon his face got very drawn with what looked like pleasure, his breathing became rapid and then he began to moan. It had worked. I had him where I wanted and it was obvious that he was in pure lust from the touch of another human hand on his manhood for the first time.

After jerking that awesome big cock for some time and the forming of lots of precum on his cock head, without any warning, I grabbed the base of his hot and sweaty cock and went down on that cock swallowing it in my very experienced slut mouth. Soon his entire boner was deep in my throat. At first he tried to pull his cock out but I grabbed his butt, pushed it forward as I began to go up and down on that wonderful tasting leaking cock that was stone hard. I used my tongue to lick the underside of his big shaft.

Drew was at that point so aroused that he gave in and became like putty in my hands or one might say in my mouth. Drew began to push his hips forward, moaned, took his hands, grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my wet mouth. He cried out: "OH HELL, OH SHIT, OH FUCK, OH COUSIN RYAN, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!! Suck my cock, this feels so great. Oh suck my cock, yea that is it. Don't stop. Keep sucking my cock. Man I love having my cock sucked. Yea man."

I'd never enjoyed sucking cock this much, his cock was big, smooth and the taste was awesome. I lost all control and went wild sucking my cousin's cock first fast and then slow and then fast rotating between slow and fast for the longest time. Drew helped by thrusting his butt forward. Man my mouth was getting a real hard fuck. After a long sucking session, I felt Drew's cock head swell, his breathing became very rapid, his nuts drew up close to his body and my chin, and I knew he was about to beyond no point of return. All at once Drew began to yell at the top of his lungs as he cried out: "OH Cousin, don't stop, suck me AHHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMMM, YEEAAAA, FUUUCCCCKKKK YEEEEAAA, FFFUUUUUCCCKKKK, SSSHHHIIIITTTT, I' going to come."

I felt shots and bursts of his thick ropey white cum blast to the back of my hot throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but at least half of his jizz ran out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my chest. It must be the DNA in our male family to have huge cum loads.

When I felt his hard cock began to soften, I took my mouth off that remarkable cock, reached down on my chest and gathered up that cum in my hand, licked my hand clean of his juicy sweet semen and then began to kiss my cousin so he could enjoy his first taste of cum. I French kissed Drew as we savored his seed.

When I finally stopped kissing those sexy lips, Drew said: "Cousin Ryan, man thanks. I had no idea how great a blowjob would be from you and especially since you are a man. I guess guys are best at cock sucking as they have a cock and know how it feels. And yea my cum tasted so great. I guess I'm going to love to eat cum. Man, I'm still horny. Do you think I'm like you Cousin Ryan but just did not know that I was a fucking gay man? You have me so turned on."

"Cousin Drew, lets go up to my bedroom and let me show you what real sex feels like---real hot gay sex."

"Hell yea Cousin Ryan, I'm now eager to learn more about how gay sex can be so good. How could it get better than what just happened?"

"Let me show you Cousin what hot sex can do."

I placed my gorgeous cousin naked body on my bed on his back, put a pillow under his pink round ass, put his legs up on his hot sexy chest, I got down between his sexy legs and hot rugby thighs that I had lusted after over the last year and began to suck and lick on that pulsating puckering asshole. I was so turned on that I used my many years of slut experience to use my lips and tongue to devour his beautiful good smelling asshole. I thrust my tongue as deep as I could inside that hot pussy. Soon I knew that drew was in a state of pure nirvana as he began to moan, grunt and scream from ultimate pleasure. Drew was gong to be a screamer during man sex. He could certainly be heard outside of my home--what lungs he had. He thrust his ass and hips forward as I rimmed that hot ass for at least 10 minutes. At times I jerked my cock while rimming that man pussy of his as I dreamed of banging his ass with my overheated cock.

After sometime, it was music to my ears when Cousin Drew begged: "Oh Cousin Ryan, please fuck me and put that BIG cock up my ass. Give me that hot cock. I want you to come inside me. Please fuck me now. I now know I'm a fucking gay whore. Let me be your bitch."

That begging made my cock the hardest it had ever been. I lubed his hot ass and my stone hard cock and moved my cock over his ass crack as he thrust forward. His ass was puckering in anticipation of receiving my tool. I heard a big pop as my cock passed his ass rings and soon I felt my cock all inside that soft juicy pussy. I began to fuck the hell out of Drew's virgin ass. The feel of flesh against flesh was so hot. I used the tip of my cock to massage his prostate that drove him wild with lust. I knew from the feel and the smell of my cousin that I would not last long. Drew's whole body was so sweet smelling.


I felt my cum gather and began to rush up my cock and out my piss slit deep inside my cousin's ass. I'd never had a more intense and huge load of cum. It seemed to last for at least a minute. The feel of my cock swimming in all that large pool of cum kept my cock stone hard for the longest time. When finally finished, I pulled my cock out of that pussy with my cock still very hard. I shoved my cock down Drew's throat and ordered him to suck me dry of the last few drops of my seed. We kissed and the I laid down beside of my hot cousin's body. My bed sheets were stained with all that sweat, lube and the cum running out of Drew's ass.

Finally able to talk, Cousin Drew asked: "Cousin Ryan, this was awesome. Can I spend the night and lets fuck and suck more and more. Let me become your bitch."

"Yea Fuck Yea Cousin Drew, do you know how much I've wanted your cock and ass over the last year. Man I want you to be my one and only bitch. Lets get something to drink and then go at it again. How about a marathon of sex and see how many times we can come in one night. Your gorgeous body and awesome cock have me wild with lust for you. Maybe you will suck my cock and do you want to fuck my big ass?

"Hell Yea Cousin Ryan, I'd love to fuck that hot ass of yours."


Naughty Eric


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