It was that time of year again, when the wife Barbara packs up the kids and goes to grandma's house for a week. I usually stay behind and entertain myself by renting about a dozen porn movies with any title that catches my eye. 

After two days of watching porn and jacking off I realized that it just wasn't working for me, that I needed more attention. I needed some human contact.  I remembered stopping at one of the adult bookstores and getting a quickie blowjob earlier in the year. 

Because I'd never touched another man's cock I consider myself straight and the blowjob was just something I received. As long as I was receiving the blowjob and not giving or touching the other man I was still straight. 

When I got to the bookstore I walked in I could smell the disinfectant odor that permeated the building.  A smell that told him he was in the right place. Going to the cashier, I bought some tokens and went into the backroom. 

There were several guys just standing around and eyeing me as I walked pasted. In my mind I could see one of these guys giving me my blowjob in a few minutes. I picked a booth in the back corner, walked in the first thing I noticed was the smell of cigarettes, sweat, cum and piss. I some tokens in the slot. 

When the movie started, I kept switching channels until I found one with two guys sucking each other's cocks. 

As I'd expected, it wasn't long before someone I heard the door open and close as someone entered the booth next to me. They dropped his tokens in the slot and started watching his movie. 

I waited for about 2-minutes for him to come to the hole in the wall but he never came over. 

Getting impatient, I bent over and looked through the hole to see what was keeping him. 

He was standing there with his pants down around his knees and stroking his cock. 

I guess I must have been down there so long that he misunderstood my intentions because he turned and stuck his hard cock through the hole into my booth. He did it so fast that I almost got hit in the eye by his cockhead. 

There it was, an inch away from my face and hard as a rock. 

My face was so close to his cock that I could smelled his musky.  Even though I’d seen hundreds of naked men in the gym, I’d never been this close to another guy’s cock before so I was intrigued. 

Wanting to see if it was real, I nervously reached out and touched the head. My touch made it twitch. Bolder, I wrapped my fingers around it. It was defiantly real. It was warm, and soft to touch, yet hard in my grip.       

It was the first time that I’d ever really seen, much less touched a cock that wasn’t mine. I sat there, with my fingers wrapped around it and just   stared. Not really thinking of anything, just seeing what it looked like. It was a little larger than my own, circumcised, and definitely needing some release. 

Almost in a slight daze, I went back to watching my video as I continued to stroke mine and started stroking the cock in my hand at the same time.

When I heard the guy on the other side of the wall say ‘suck it,’ I slipped off the chair and down to my knees. I felt the sweat, cum and piss soak through the knees of my Levis. Oblivious to everything else, I did the unthinkable. I opened my mouth and slowly took his soft cock in my mouth.  This was my first taste of cock and I knew immediately that I loved it. 

When I closed my lips around it, it started to quickly grow in my mouth. The anonymous stranger let out an, “Ahhhhhh.” 

As his cock was growing. I started to slowly lick the head and tongued around the head of his cock and flicking the corona as his cock danced and flexed with each flick of my tongue. I then encircled the head with my lips and slowly took inch by inch of his approximately seven cut inches into my mouth down to his balls. 

As I sucked like I would like to be sucked, he let out another, “ahhhhhhhhh.”

I backed off to the head and then again lowered my mouth, taking more and more inch by inch back into my mouth as I got harder and harder myself. Without taking this tasteful cock out of my mouth, I unzipped my pants and started jacking-off.

All of a sudden the stranger pulled his cock out of my mouth and back to his side of the booth. 

I looked through the hole in time to see him exit the booth and close the door behind him. 

As I was starting to zip up there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, I could tell by his pants that it was the guy from the next booth. As I stood there looking like a fool, he walked in, closing and locking the door behind him. 

Without a word he pushed me back down on my knees.

Suddenly I wanted to release his cock from the confines of its pants again.

So with shaking fingers, I unbutton and unzipped his pants. 

When I pulled them down his cock still rock hard almost slapped me in the face. Grabbing the back of my head he unceremoniously rammed it into my mouth. 

Then working his hips, he started fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. 

As he fucked me faster and faster I knew he was going to cum.  So I kept sucking waiting for my reward. 

He suddenly stiffened all over and moaned, “Oh shit, I’m cumming,” then his cock started to spit. 

The first blast hit the back of my throat and slid down my throat like a salty raw oyster. 

The rest hit at intervals, soaking and coating the inside of my mouth with slimy cum. I swallowed his entire load and sucked hard on his semi-erect cock drawing every last drop from his spent cock. 

When I looked shyly up at him, he said, “Thanks, that was great,” then zipped up and left the booth. 

As I sat there still a little dazed over what had just happened I noticed someone looking through the hole. Apparently I’d been so occupied I hadn’t heard the door open and close.

He called me, so I leaned over to hear what he had to say. 

He said, “That was a good show. Are you still hungry for some more cock?”

I told him that, “Yes, I’m cock hungry and I need you to feed me your cock.”

He stuck his cock through the hole and I almost passed out from shock at seeing his monster black cock coming through the hole. I’ve seen a lot of videos with monster cocks but it was quite different in person. 

I opened wide and started taking in as much as I could but I could only suck about a third of his black monster into my mouth. I was so excited that I was cumming without even touching my cock. 

My anonymous black lover just kept getting harder and harder as I sucked the head and jacked the remaining body of this beautiful cock. 

When he started pulling his cock back through the hole I thought this was going to be a repeat of the earlier episode. But instead he passed a tube of anal ease through the hole and told me to lube my asshole. 

I quickly lubed myself and passed the tube back to him to lube his cock. 

Then I backed my ass up to the hole and waited for the attack of his monster cock, but instead he stuck one of his fingers in my ass and worked it in and out and around until I was open. 

When I was loose enough, he inserted two fingers in my ass and started finger fucking it. I was so excited that every time he pushed his fingers in, my hard cock would jump and I was close to passing out from pleasure. 

Then he put the head of his monster against my asshole and started pushing in as I was pushing back. 

Even with the lube it still hurt. 

I thought he was going to split me in two. But I refuse to stop. I wanted the entire monster in my ass. I gave one big push back onto his cock and it was in.

Then he started pumping in and out, working the monster deeper and deeper. All the while driving me into total ecstasy. 

When I felt his cock swelling up and then cum started pouring into my ass, pushed over the edge, I started cumming and cumming. 

When we both finally stopped moving, we paused to catch my breath. 

He slipped his cock out of my ass and I fell onto the bench. 

I heard him zip up and then he came to the hole. 

“If you’re not doing anything tomorrow,” he said, “come on back around 5:00 and let’s do it again.”

“Ok, I’ll definitely be back tomorrow,” I assured him, “for some more sucking and fucking.”

Then he asked, “Can I bring a friend or two to enjoy your mouth and ass?”

I told him, “Give me your cell phone number and we can meet at a motel and I’ll service you and as many of your buddies as you can bring.”

He said, “It’s a deal,” and wrote down his phone number and passed it through the hole to me. 

I think after today I’m a gay, black cock loving slut and loving it. 

The end…



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